The Hammerman Jews

Once one gets beyond the self-serving sloganeering of the Democratic Party — the notion that they and only they are “compassionate” or that they and only they “like air and water” — and addresses the actual policies and values of the different parties, it becomes clear that there is absolutely nothing Jewish about the Democrat Party.  In fact, the Democratic Party is antithetical to Jewish moral beliefs.

Jewish values reside in the Republican Party, which is the reason that the more Jewish a person is by belief and practice, the less likely he is to support the Democrats.  Secular Jews are overwhelmingly likely, Reform Jews somewhat less likely, Conservative Jews less likely than that and Orthodox Jews not at all likely to put their faith in the party of faithlessness.

So why, then, do any Jews vote for a party that stands in total opposition to Jewish values?  The answer can be found, at least in part, in the writings of Rabbi Joshua Hammerman:

Emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants.

Many Jews – I’ll call them the “Hammerman Jews” — have made a Faustian bargain.  Fearful of what “emboldened” faithful might do, they have betrayed their own faith in exchange for the temporary safety they believe can be found in the arms of the faithless.

The attraction the Hammerman Jew has for the Democratic Party is found in its entirety in a rather shallow, objectively false and logically fallacious conviction that those with no religion are closer to Jewish belief than are those from a different religion. The idea is that Christians are, by being people of a faith not Jewish, more of a threat to Judaism than are those antipathetic to any and all faith equally.  It’s as illogical and self-destructive as it sounds.

But the Hammerman Jew has signed onto the non-Jewish, wholly liberal conceit that it is not what someone believes but the existence of any beliefs that is the threat to world peace in general and the safety of the Jews in particular.  Only those who have beliefs, the argument goes, can become so emboldened in those beliefs as to be willing to burn down a mosque or bash a gay or, by extension, start a pogrom or support a holocaust.

The way to prevent the next holocaust, then, isn’t to stand up for good and rightful values, it is to join with those with no values, allied with them in their war against belief.

How frightened of the faithful are these Hammerman Jews?  Consider the impetus for Hammerman having raised the alarm with his piece in the first place.  What had set Hammerman off to become fearful enough to warn the world was not a gathering of the Ku Klux Klan or a meeting of the Neo-Nazis, it was the possibility that Tim Tebow might lead his team to the Super Bowl.  I kid you not:

If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants…

When a man is so terrified of people of faith that he’s convinced the next holocaust is always just a field goal away, you can understand why he might chuck all of his values and blindly sign on with the enemy.

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To get the whole story on why leftist Jews side with those who plan to do them harm, read Jamie Glazov’s book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.


  • Larry

    Although burning mosques is not all that bad an idea…………

    • zionista

      they shouldn't be built in the first place as most are radical cesspools preaching hatred and death for infidels

    • Nakba1948

      You hypocrites always decry Muslim violence against the West, but a Kristallnacht-type comment gets an overwhelming thumbs-up. That tells you all you need to know about the prevailing mentality at FPM.

      • tanstaafl

        Now, if you can only get a high-ranking official in the Obama administration to censor Front Page Magazine………

        Allahu Ackbar!

        • Nakba1948

          Why would I want to censor FPM? These articles discredit themselves, and the majority of comments, like yours, showcase the insanity and hypocrisy of the neocon/Zionist worldview.

          • Ghostwriter

            And your Jew hatred is also on display for the world to see,Nakba1948.

          • KarshiKhanabad

            Nakba, or "Mr. Catastrophe" as your username in Arabic has it, my sincerest wish for you is that you feel just as safe walking American streets as a Coptic Christian feels safe walking down the street anywhere in the "new" Egypt.

          • tanstaafl

            Since the arguments made here "disprove themselves", I am concluding that you lack the ability to make a counter argument. Can you define "taquiyya"?

      • Ari L'Shuv

        HaShem said, "This is what you shall do to them…" basic instructions to settle the Land and save humanity include the absolute and total dismantling of "every false way": Hard work. It's much easier to pander squishy pacifist tripe to the 'enlightened' masses on MTV. I'd like to see you try it with Dovid HaMelech.

  • mrbean

    I can only dedicate a song to this guy, Tebow is a nice guy and a great athlete, The song speaks for this guy and all his friends. Listen and enjoy,

  • Alexander Gofen

    The hammerman syndrome (akin to Stockholm syndrome) exemplifies everything wrong – the real curse of Jewish people. In his cunning demagogy this "rabbi" attempts to deflect the thinking from the right and legitimate goals such as

    – ridding of mosques (legitimately);
    – bashing and confronting homosexual assault on the society;
    – banishing ALL illegal immigrants and businesses parasitizing on them.

    In fact, it is a mission of every person of faith to bring the light of God onto the country where we live, rather than to betray the country, the commandments of God, and to pave the way for the religious enemies.

    • davarino

      Alex, dont you think Christianity and Jewdaism is being infiltrated by those who seek to destroy religion. Is seems the heads of these religions and their sects are not acting in accordance with their faiths. Its as if they are trying to hamstring themselves and it seems that it is coming from some very devious leaders.

      • Alexander Gofen

        Thank you for posing a very good question Davarino.

        In my view, there is no need to look for anybody's conspiratorial efforts here – and for a very simple reason. You do not need any efforts in order to DESTROY anything highly spiritual (for everything good tends to get destroyed by itself). However you do need efforts (a lot of them!) to maintain spirituality.

        Yet rabbis and priests whose mission it exactly is, tend to serve their donors rather than to serve God. And the donors of the time happened to be exactly the so called liberasts, Marxists and similar scum.

        Surprisingly, here is some hope among rabbis:

        Something is happening, some spiritual awakening does take place.

  • guest

    There's a link to a Sayet's biography but there's no bio there. Same thing on his web site :(

  • Grantmann

    In fact, the Democratic Party is antithetical to Jewish moral beliefs.

    I would like to see this expanded and find out exactly the author is speaking of. I often have had that thought but have never had the specifics. My Jewish friends say exactly the opposite.

    • davarino

      I think the democratic party is antithetical but I also think there are a lot of democrats who are religious that do not know what the party stands for. I think people dont pay attention and take the time to really understand issues and who is representing them and they just go along. A case in point is my little old grandma who is very religious and democrat. As a young person the democratic party she supported, supported a lot of her ideals, but she hasnt been paying attention and thinks its still the good old democratic party. If she know what they really stand for and who it is that is running the democratic party and commies that have infiltrated the party, she would have left a long time ago.

  • oldtimer

    Rev 2:9

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    What does the Democratic party stand for?

    1-Redistribution of wealth–taking from those who work, and giving their just compensation to those who don't work, and don't deserve it;; and whose sole "value" is voting Dhimmicrat.

    2-Lack of faith and'/or strong belief-Its easier to fit the description of #1 if one lacks beliefs/faith; because having strong faith in a G-d that rewards individual responsibility and accountability tends to make people want to work and benefit from self-help, rather than depend on hand-outs from the government.

    3-Statism-anything that increases government power–the state–is good; anything that doesn't is suspect.

    The above is the philosophy of those who are afraid of hard work and success; those that aren't afraid of hard work and success threaten Hammerman and his ilk.

    • intrcptr2

      I would argue rather that it is not a lack of faith, but rather a faith that equates each and every other faith with its own.

      Where the Sages, and the Church Fathers, ALL proclaimed the truth, and by that definition alone the superiority of the revelations of God found in the Bible, today's faithful, be they Jewish or Christian have been convinced that the faith of Abraham is no different than the faith of Muhammad, Gautama, Joe Smith, or Obama.

      But then the Bible does speak to infiltration and subversion of the house of God, by wolves and false teachers, yes?

      • FriendofGaryCooper

        Mr. Intrcptr2: As far as secular Democrats go, yes; it is a lack of faith. With some of them, their politics substitutes for religion, other secular Democrats use their religion to promote their lefty politics. Your point that religions aren't equal is well taken; because they aren't. First any religion that encourages murder isn't a religion(Need I say which religion this is?). Second, I go so far as to say that no religion is exactly equal to any other, in a qualitative sense.

    • Evan Sayet

      If you'd like a full explanation of how the Modern Liberal thinks and why it is antithetical to judaism you can watch my lecture to the Heritage Foundation from 2007.

  • jacob

    That 80% of the Jewish vote going to OBAMA in the last election is exemplyfied by
    the Democrat New York lady words when she told me she would have voted even
    a monkey for President if it would be her party's choice…

    Knowing the stuff, I dare bet they would have mourned FDR's passing more than
    they would MOSES's would he have passed the same day… and then again, it is
    hard to fight an inborn trait….

    As to the HAMMERMAN JEWS, given the rise of Islam in good old USA, thanks to
    our accursed "Political Correctness" isn't it to believe that their ultimate goal is to
    heal themselves while still healthy ????
    I WONDER…..

  • Odmey Att

    Stupidity and even cowardice are forgiveable. But those JINOs who have chosen, of their own free will, to join with *malek, are not of my people. Shall we grieve for Soros?

    • johnnywoods

      I grieve because that Nazi bastard is still alive. He should have been hanged for war crimes many years ago.

  • kashaman

    In the real world, Mosques are burned by Moslems of other persuasions, homophiles are killed by AIDS contracted from other homophiles.

  • Ben

    Great number of the people of different races,ethnicity and religion vote for Obama against their real interests,but we justly blame the leftist Jews for this.Is it the double standard attitude? We believe that Jewish spirituality sharply contradict the policy of fear before the "united in hate" against them.Jewish leftism is the great fall from this spirituality.

  • Hikerdude1776

    From Anonymous ,"The problems we face today are there because the people who work
    for a living are now out numbered by the people who vote for a living".
    It can't get anymore succinct than that.

  • lavcadio

    Basically, you're saying that superstitious, fundamentalist lunatics — whether they are Christian or Jewish — tend to side with the Republican Party. So, that's news?

  • Rye

    Equating orthodoxy to Jewishness is his first problem. He goes downhill from there.
    Years ago, he used to post on a political discussion group in which I participated. He was an absolute wacko then, and he hasn't connected with reality since.