The Signs of a Romney Victory

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In a short time, then, the Obama team’s message went from “Vote against Romney because he once had a dog carrier built that attaches to the roof of his family car,” to “Vote against Romney because fifty years ago he engaged in a high school prank” to “Vote against Romney because he’s a successful businessman (and therefore probably a felon)” and so on.  If this is all he’s got – and apparently it’s all he’s got – start making plans to attend Romney’s inaugural.

But it’s even worse for Mr. Obama because, not only did these ludicrous attacks utterly fail to move the needle even the slightest in his direction, each and every one of them totally backfired.  Some, disastrously so.

For example, while no one cared about Romney putting his dog in a carrier on the roof of his car, it allowed Obama to become a laughing stock for happily admitting that he had, at least once, put a dog on the roof of his mouth.  And, while no one cared about a childhood prank Romney helped pull off a half-century ago, it did lead to questions about Obama’s admission in Dreams From My Father that, at about that same age, he had shoved a young woman.  And while no one was up in arms about the fact that a wealthy man had investments in countries outside of America, it not only exposed the hypocrisy of the accusers when it turned out that virtually every Democratic senator and congressman had similar investments, but it raised questions about how so many supposed “public servants” had amassed the kind of money usually associated with titans of industry.

These failures all paled in comparison, however, to the utter fiasco that was Obama’s attempt to sell the message: “Vote against Romney because Republicans hate women.”  Given how audacious a statement this is — how horrible it would be if it were true and how despicable the accusation if it wasn’t — the people waited for the President of the United States to produce some evidence to support his claim.  When all Obama could produce was a woman named Sandra Fluke whose “proof” consisted of opposition to tax-payers picking up the tab for her condom use, the President’s credibility took a massive hit…and Fluke was soon jettisoned (anyone hear anything from or about her since?)

While the Obama camp quickly threw Ms. Fluke under the bus, they weren’t quite prepared to give up their effort to discredit Romney and all Republicans as “women haters.”  Soon – with great fanfare and (media-generated) publicity – they unveiled their masterpiece: an animated “everywoman” they named “Julia.”  The campaign soon became the stuff of pure mockery, doing nothing to help Obama’s chances in November.  In fact, while it did nothing to advance the phony narrative of Republicans as being “at war” against women, what it did was to expose the very real misogyny of the liberal movement.  While the storyline followed the feminist meme, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,” it also made clear that these liberals believe a woman desperately needs a nanny (state) to accomplish even the simplest of things in her life.

But even more telling about the state of the race than the ever-changing slanders that serve as Obama’s campaign themes, is who the messages are targeting.  The fact that, three-and-a-half years into his presidency, a Democrat is still desperately trying to scare single women into voting for him means that Obama’s internal polling must be telling him that he’d better take desperate measures just to shore up a constituency that should have been his from day one.

Similarly, this is the only possible explanation for Obama’s desperate ploy to suddenly end his “evolving” and embrace homosexual marriage.  It is hard to believe that after more than fifty years of life, twenty-five years in academia or as a professional speechifier and three-and-a-half years as president, he’d suddenly had an epiphany that couldn’t wait just a couple more weeks until after what some believe will be a very close election.  The only possible explanation for the timing of Obama’s announcement was that he needed to placate the LBGT community, and the only reason he’d need to placate them is because his polling showed he hadn’t even shored up their vote this late in the game.  If a liberal Democrat isn’t even sure of the support from the LGBT movement a few weeks before Election Day, chances are good he’ll be packing his bags come January.

Finally, more information can be gleaned from the choices the two camps are making in how they conduct their campaigns. While some aren’t thrilled with what they perceive to be Romney’s “play it safe” style, it does indicate that his internal information is telling him that he has a sizeable lead. Whether this “four-corner” approach is wise or not, time will tell.  Nonetheless, it does seem to be borne of the old adage, “Never kill a man who’s already committing suicide.”

Another indicator along those same lines is that, while Obama is spending every penny he takes in and then a full twenty percent more (in debt), Romney’s “burn rate” is about eighty percent, saving twenty cents of every dollar the way prudent people save for the possibility of a rainy day.  Obama’s spending every penny he can get his hands on as fast as he can get his hands on it seems to indicate his understanding that he needs to just survive July at any and all costs and deal with the future if he makes it.

And it’s not just Obama’s desperate attempts to buy his way back into contention that is telling, so too is just what his campaign is spending that money on.  Spending this much money on television ads in July shows a degree of desperation.  Spending this much money on paid staff seems to be an indication Obama is lacking for the support of volunteers and so on.

Finally, the most telling of all is how much Obama is spending on polling.  Polling to judge the state of the race in July is not much of an imperative, especially when there are so many free sources for this information (Rasmussen, Gallup, etc.)  Typically such polling is conducted at this time to test various campaign themes and messages.  Obama’s frantic spending on focus groups and other such polling indicates that he is desperately searching for a message that will work and that he hasn’t yet found one.

Believe it or not, there are many more clues pointing towards a Romney romp that I haven’t yet touched upon (the bounce he’ll receive from announcing his running mate, the fact that Obama won’t have his teleprompter if/when they debate, etc.)

But I’m already on page five and, well, no matter where I look, all I see is a Romney victory in November.  In fact, it looks like it might even be a romp.

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  • mah29001

    On the eve of November 6th, 2012, I am not holding my breath that Romney may win or lose. I don't care about either Romney or Obama. Romney pretty much supported all of Obama's policies that are ending in complete failure.

    And no, I am not supporting wRONg Paul for President.

  • Denny Crane

    I voted for Obama in 2008, but it will be a cold day in H&!! before I vote for him again! ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!

    • Steve Chavez

      Now my former Gov., Gary Johnson, a former bitter Republican and now Libertarian candidate for President, is saying that he hopes he takes votes away from Romney which would then guarantee a win for Obama.

      Why didn't the Republicans see this coming and supported Johnson to at least be included in the debates when many organizers didn't even include him due to his poll numbers? Now he could be the SPOILER!

      I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS DELUSIONAL MAN and hopes are that Ron Paul stands behind Romney or else he'll take more votes away from him. Every vote will count especially when there is so much voting fraud.

    • Jim_C

      Why, Denny? What exactly did you expect from him?

  • lazlo

    People still like Obama. Mitt is an oddball rich guy. People tend to go with their gut. Mitt won't win. The American sense of fair play dictates that Obama be given a chance to finish what he started, just as Bush won a second term he clearly did not "earn" through any successes.

    • Western Sspirit

      Obama is wrecking the country with his policies and the American people's sense of fair play will cause them to vote for him? Oh please.

      Giving him a chance to finish what he started is to give him a chance to finish wrecking the nation. This president hates the country and the country has to get rid of this boil on its arse. What does fair play have to do with anything?

      Also he isn't likable when he says what he thinks, that's one reason he leans on a teleprompter for support. Lest he says things like people had their businesses given to them, and thereby gives away his misreading and hatred of US and our achievements.

      • johnsnare

        Great common sense comment,Western Sspirit. How could America reelect, the most divisive,antiAmerican,anti Business, President in history. He and his wife, have made no secret for their personal hatred of America, and all we stand for. They shut up Rev.Wright, and that American, and White hater, should have been proof positive, of what Obama stood for. Get this guy out of here.

    • Rifleman

      Finish what, spending us into oblivion? And since when has fair play ever dictated anything to the left? Thanks for the laugh.

      Bush inherited a recession as well, but the GOP turned it around and hussein and the rest of the dp/left would dearly love to have Bush's economic numbers in '04.

    • jstan442

      fair play is not to have you make another inane post!

  • Robert Porter

    With your starting point, your baseline, being people assembled in the Ronald Reagan library listening to Mark Levin, you my fellow countryman, are selectively seeing only what you WANT to see. Romney may not even win the nomination of his own party.

    • Rifleman

      Yea, st. ronpaul is a shoo-in.

    • evan sayet

      Since Levin asked that question I have been asking it of just about everyone at my coffee shop in Los Angeles. Right, Left, very Left or very, very Left NO ONE I'VE ASKED KNOWS ANYONE who didn't vote for Obama in 2008 who plans on voting for him in 2012. Literally not a single person I've asked.

  • therightguy

    how much did the romney campaign pay your for this article

    • Rifleman

      how much did the dp pay you to post here?

    • jstan442

      at least they would pay with their own money and not the taxpayers like bammy

    • evan sayet

      Well, the accusation is cute…and typically liberal. A false accusation without a single bit of substantial challange to the arguments I laid out.

  • Joe Gordon

    Yeah, sure, I want to vote for the guy who thinks it is ok to carry a family pet on the roof
    of a car.

    No, actually I do not. Nor will I do so.

    Guys like Romney are part of how the US has been sold down the river. If you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company he might be your buddy but if you're just a middle class person he most certainly is not.

    • oldtimer

      Better than EATING the dog…..

    • davarino

      So you like doing the same thing over and over again just to get the same result. Mitt will bring you a job my friend, Obama will only bring more misery

    • Ivan

      Romney is so enamored by money that when a daughter of an employee went missing in NYC, he stopped everything & the Bain employees canvassed NYC to find her. /sarc off

      Now, that punches a hole in your argument that I could get a carrier group thru.

      Further Bain has something like an 80% track record of turning around distressed companies, which is better than Obama's record with green companies.

      Obama record with Detroit is one of law breaking & kicking the can down the road. GM is channel stuffing . Their sales are not good enough to save the country much less pay back the billions they owe.

      Obama the jet setter who has had everything given to him from being admitted to Harvard to a Nobel Peace Prize has the #3 Bain executive as a bundler & yet he decries Romney's time at Bain. Pure Hypocrisy.

      How much are you being paid to write your tripe?

  • Robin Soper

    The author travels in a very narrow slice of America. I did vote for Obama and will very definitely vote for him again. I have no intention of rewarding the bad behavior of the Party of No. I know many, many folks who voted for Obama and are voting for him again. It may be a close election but I will bet my bottom dollar on an Obama victory come November!! Any takers?!!

    • davarino


    • BS77

      You are a deck hand on the ship of fools.

    • Traveller

      I hope you are childless. That way you don't have to worry about any being drafted & used as cannon fodder by Dear Leader. You vote for Obama you vote for war. He set the Mideast on fire & now the chickens are coming home to roost.

      Taking out Gaddaffi at this point in time was sheer genius. Nothing like the Black Al Qaeda flag flying in Libya to make a person feel at ease.

      I know you don't believe a word I write. But I ask you, would you vacation in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria now or a few years form now? Nothing like the massacre at Karnak or Abu Simbel where they butchered dozens of tourists including 5 year olds.

      Well if not those countries how about Mali, Thailand or Bosnia.

    • pagegl

      The Party of No is led by Obama. Unless, you believe the MSM which ignored most of the various ideas the Republicans tried. If you doubt this, look who is stopping anything that isn't supported by Obama from getting through the Senate.

  • R lee

    You my friend, and I use the term loosely, are either a poor liar or a damn fool!

  • Raul Perez

    This was such a bias article, If Bush was able to get a second term so will Obama.

    • davarino

      Bush was sane

    • Raul Castro

      Yes I believe that. Gas prices are higher than under Bush.

      Gas & oil production is up. Obama's doing? No. the production is up on state & private land not federal.
      Obama has done everything to thwart oil production & ruin people working in the oil industry from Keystone to offshore oil production shutdown. Meanwhile the Chinese are pumping oil not far from the U.S. coast near Florida off Cuba's shore.

      During the 2004 campaign the editor in chief of Newsweek said the press was worth 15 points for democrats/Kerry. I believe that. It doesn't matter that the MSM is going broke. They have enough umph to lie & convince people of their lies. After the election they could go to a German subscription system where we are forced to pay the MSM to print their garbage.

      Beyond the usual Democrat vote theft & buying vites via taxpayer money, even a crazy person like Obama could win.

  • Sean Maddox

    This is clearly a partisan piece with a very narrow lens. Just google the authors name and the first few links clearly expose him profiting off pushing conservative hack writing.

    I voted for Obama and I will vote for him again. I don't know of anyone who voted for him who won't again. I admit, I also have a narrow view being from California and associating with a certain type of person. However, I do know life time conservatives in my family who are not going to even vote because they're fed up with their own party more than the democrats.

    • pagegl

      Here's hoping that all the folks I know who voted for him in 2008 and won't be voting for him in November outnumber your friends.

    • jstan442

      hahahaa-california?!? the state that is run by dhimicrats and going into bankruptcy?!?voting for the same party is ludicrous and a symptom of insanity (which all lib dhimmis have-)–go on and vote for the nanny state-i for one will vote for independence and freedom not for the dhimmi 'plantation'

    • evan sayet

      I love reading comments from Leftists because they're all the same, they attack the person's MOTIVES, invent lies about him ("How much did they pay you") but do not challenge a single point that was made.

  • PDX Someone

    To the writer, it is not the Democrat Party it is the Democratic Party. You are supposed to be a professional, behave as such, otherwise, some could say the Republicon Party, get it?

    • davarino

      Oh Touche, get him hehehe

    • Rifleman

      Nope, it's the democrat party, and I couldn't care less what you call the GOP.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Demonrats anyone?…………………….William

  • Kevin

    You are correct in your thinking. All those who did not vote for Obama in 2008 are not voting for him in 2012, which is to say he hasn't converted many or any. And he has lost a significant amount of support from those who took a chance on him in 2008, which is to say his policies have been purely partisan and political, and therefore alienating to many…as you mention support of gay marriage, 7oo billion giveaway..uh stimulus, health care mandates, etc…. Romney just needs to loosen up a bit and watch what he says and he can pull this off.

  • Mden

    Evan, You article is a rant, You can try and shape things up all you want, but at the end of the day it's about peaking at the right time. Romney is a stuffed suit, sure to self implode as the debates approach. Good luck in your theory of a Romney landslide. I think you'd better be prepared for an Obama landslide. I know this to be true because of the rights hubris before the Affordable Health Act decision. You conservative writers try very coyly to seem non-biased, but your point of perception always gives you away.You have to have substance to be a good politician, this is a genuine attribute that Romney surely lacks. Polls don't really matter until election day, and in today's environment they themselves serve the purpose of advancing a political agenda, as opposed to monitoring its popularity. Romney maybe up or tied in the polls right now, there is an eternity for him to exhibit more of his diplomatic efforts as he did in London the other day. His ability to gaffe is just now being realized by your own party. Face it, he's the sacrificial lamb of the Party. He is a male Sarah Palin, a buffoon, a stuffed suit and nothing more. Spend all you want, the economy needs it!

    • Éamonn Gavin

      "Mden" – You think Obama has"substance"? Sorry, with all respect to your good self, you are deluded. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

    • pagegl

      Obama is an empty suit, when has that denoted substance?

    • Rifleman

      Sounds like projection to me, with some wishful thinking thrown into the pot.

      Lol, yea, that's it, that's the ticket. Hussein just hasn't peaked yet, he's holding back and waiting for the right moment, see?

    • evan sayet

      I just keep reading the leftist comments and they're ALL the same. Not a bit of fact, just tons of name-calling. I laid out a pretty strong argument starting with the facts and then offering plausable interpretations. You don't dispute the facts, so offer alternative explanations. For example, it's indisputable that Obama has spent every penny he's taken in and his campaign is in debt while Romney is putting away money. It's undeniable that Obama is spendikng that money on polls and focus groups, so what's YOUR explanation? Come on, at least TRY to be a thinking person rather than someone who just spews hate and insults at anyone who questions Dear Leader.

  • SocialCritic

    As if Mitt had a shot,
    the guy is a Mormon zombie,

    his delightfully blundersom performance in London,
    Followed by "tough talk" as he panders to the current Israeli administration is disheartening and pathetic.
    Obama has continued far too many of "dubya's" policies, But Mitt would doubtlessly embroil us in another ill conceived war. And Joseph Smith knows, what other follies.

  • stuart wyman-cahall

    I live in Nevada. I watched Sharon Angle and her Tea Party Campaign. I re-registered from independent to Democrat. I will support Obama after watching the Tea Party infest the Republican Party.

    • Pat

      Tea party wants fiscal responsibility and a government that is accountable to the people, not one that is out-of-control.

  • perhapshowever

    You should ponder whether the enthusiastic spending support from union leadership will translate into rank and file votes.

    I suspect this group spends more than they will vote for the President.

  • John38

    Hey I am a republican. But so far Romney has not made an impression on me as a republican. There are little signs I look for in any candidate to figure out whether they are worth sitting in the oval office. Romney has this cringe factor. Every time he says something he doesn't mean or when he is made fun of by the British, you can see it on his face. It is as if he drank some castor oil.Just this smirk look with a little squinting of his eyes and the mouth slightly open. This mittens is not fit for the presidency. Not that I like Obama either, but given the options we have, we are doomed either way

    • pagegl

      I would rather take a chance with an unknown quantity that has had success in business than continue down the same destructive path Obama is on. Even if Romney turns out to be more liberal than he is putting on, he will not approach Obama's current left wing idiocy, which probably will pale in comparison to what he will inflict on us if reelected.

    • Rifleman

      Yea, and I'm the Pope.

  • Shade

    My friend while Jimmy Carter might have ultimately failed the test of politics in not being reelected he was a good man and a good Christian. As president he did more for this country than many will ever know. He brought honor to America and was probably the last American president respected by our friends and enemies alike. Please note I did not use the word feared. I think it is shameful and disgraceful in the highest sense of those words the way you have characterized him. I would sincerely urge you as an author in the public sphere to recognize the accomplishments of those who have tried and made the world better. While I ultimately appauld Regan for winning the Cold War, though many today have forgotten how it was done, by raising taxes 11 times even when times were hard to pay for the weapons we needed to convince the soviets to stay on the periphery, I would argue that Carter showed that the US still had honor and could live up to the idea of freedom for those living under tyrants as being more important than expediancy.

    • pagegl

      The notion of Carter's idea of freedom for those living under tyranny kind of took a stumble when he let a repressive regime in Iran be replaced by one even more repressive. Then cozying up to tyrants like Castro and Chavez pretty much killed it.

    • Rifleman

      Lol, you obviously don't know carter. A good man wouldn't have divulged stealth, or asked the soviets to help him win reelection. People trying not to make the world a better place have done more to make it better than carter.

      Your memory of the Reagan years is a bit foggy as well. He insisted on increasing defense spending by $100 billion dollars, while the dp controlled congress insisted on increasing domestic spending by $700 billion. And yes, he signed 11 democrat tax increases, but he didn't propose or support them.

    • evan sayet

      Jimmy Carter is and was a vile human being whose moral cowardice we're still paying for with an Islamic theocracy in Iran that threatens the next holocaust.

  • Jason S

    Good lord what a garbage article… I hope you aren't paid for your "insights". The Mitt may have had, three or four months ago, a decent chance of victory, but he has proven himself to be such a spectacular tool that many of his own party won't be out on election day to support him, much less a great number of independents. I myself did not vote for Obama in the last election, yet I WILL vote for him in the November election – not because I think he's such a great guy, or because I think he's done such a great job, but because Romney would be an unmitigated, abject disaster.

    • evan sayet

      Jason, please, try to be a smart person. A smart person doesn't just make random, unsupported and unsupportable statements. You might not agree with my conclusions, but every one of the facts I stated is true and I offered reason, not name calling, for each of the things I believe. If you can't do that, then maybe you need to question why you believe the things you believe. Hate for the other is not intellect.

  • RR

    This is the most biased non-researched piece of drivel ever. Nice try, Romney campaign.

  • Tom Jefferson

    Hilarious article. You’re forgetting just one or two little things. Willard Romney is a congenital liar who nobody likes, not even Republicans. Add to that the fact that he’s another rich daddy’s boy who enjoyed making his millions off of bankrupting companies and plundering their assets…leaving American taxpayers to pay to clean up his mess…and you’ve got yourself a turkey. Like Bob Dole…but a draft dodger who spent the Vietnam years in France…speaking French and eating soft cheese.

    Thanks for playing, though. Now trot on back to your Fox “News” Propaganda Channel like a good little poodle…before any reality enters what’s left of your brain.

    • gray man

      if you believe that you're stupid.

      • Jim_C

        You don't think Mitt Romney is a pandering mannequin who says whatever he needs to in whatever room he finds himself in? Really? When this campaign is done, you will literally be able to find video of him saying one thing at one time, and its opposite at another. Does anyone actually like him? Really?

  • Eugene White

    If obama wins in November Americans deserve what they will get. I dont think the country can withstand four more years of his constitution trashing, overspending big government ways. He is nothing but a sales pitch. has no real values, only what he thinks will get votes and increase his fame. I dont think he cares about this country or the blood thats been shed to keep it free. America is great because it has provided an OPPORTUNITY for a man with a dream, not a risk free, feed me and take care of me existence. Too many people working for the government or living off the system! If Obama wins its because of the many hired votes he has. Oh and lets not forget the self serving union members that vote democrat only. They are almost as bad as government trash.

    • Jim_C

      What do you mean, "the country can't withstand it?"

      Whenever someone says that, I can't help but think how little they care for their country.

  • ILIA

    Have an exam in a few hours and don’t have time to read everything, but I can give you one more clue that Obama will lose.

    Joe Biden. In 2008 Obama chose him to show everybody that he doesn’t need a vice president. It just didn’t go that way. Biden is a stone in Obama’s neck while Obama is fighting for his life in the middle of the vortex. Poetic justice. The choice of Biden was itself sign of how much arrogant Obama is.

    Obama declined public money in 2008. Will he do the same in 2012? He set the goal of $1 billion. He is desperate now. Whom will he blame his failure on? Bush? Racism?

  • Tyra

    Obama should lose but there are stupid people especially my parents sorry to say who are African american who wants to make it a racial election and the fact that my neighborhood all support him because they all have racial complex.

    But I’ve had it with Obama.. clearly he miss represents our Race if he doesn’t correct his presidency then it will over shadow all future African American’s or all other race presidential candidates.

    He had a chance to make it happen.. but all he does is blame Bush about his failure or whoever he could point fingers on. I feel like all he really want to be is a celebrity…………

    He should quit and just be one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially his wife Michelle Obama who happens to always be in some celebrity awards and such. Why don’t they just move to Hollywood and leave the white house!!

    Seriously!! Where’s the job Obama!!!! all jobs you created are for short-term minimum wage with no benefits!!!

    • Eamonn Gavin

      Great post Tyra! Absolutely on the button. Obama is doing no favours whatsoever for African Americans. In fact, he is doing them great harm. America will be able to look back at his so-called presidency (in which all he did was campaigned for 2012) and say "we elected the first African American president – and look at the way he treated the position". You, Tyra, have work to do, in your own community and also outside it. Say loudly and clearly what you said in your post and you can make an impression by letting the people know that not all African Americans support or agree with Obama. Good Luck and God Bless You! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • saltbeef_bagel

    AS a Brit watching watching US politics with great trepidation, voting for Obama is a vote for naked Marxism and crony Capitalism of the kind that we have in the UK.

    As an example the UK NHS (National Health Service):

    Everyone who works pays approx 10% of their salary employees contribution to the NHS. Their employer pays another 10%. Thats 20% in total. Wonderful! except they haven't got enough resources to treat everyone. So they ration them. The young are favoured against the old. Special interest groups are pitted against eachother. Everyone loses out.

    Everyone that is, except those who have never paid in to the system. The drug addled, the feckless, the uneployable tatooed morons………………and of course the 3rd world has got to hear of the wonderful system that was initiated in 1948 in the UK to be a Safety Net for UK Brits who had the misfortune to be ill..

    THE SAFETY NET HAS BECOME A FISHING NET. London is now a 3rd world swamp

    Obamacare is not going to be a FREE version of what you have now. It will be a version of WHAT WE HAVE NOW.

    It gets worse.

    In the UK you can still have private medical treatment, BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY YOUR NHS PAYMENTS AND SO DOES YOUR EMPLOYER. So now you are paying 3 times what you are paying now.

    Doctors have NO incentive to treat Older British and trying to make an appointment is like trying to get a persistant truant back to school. Evasive, telephones don't work, doctor on vacation, staff training etc etc.

    The reality is who wants to treat a 70 year old whinger, when they can treat some pretty little 5 year olds and their exotically pretty yummy Mummy.

    You lucky Americans have it all to come.

  • Eamonn Gavin

    Whatever one thinks about Romney, surely he is better than the present incumbent. I certainly don't want to see Obama getting the go-ahead to complete his turning of the United States of America into a communist type state. So, come on you guys, the rest of the world is depending on you. Nobama 2012. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • dave

    it is true that the US, under Obama is becoming much more like the UK and much of western Europe. The overall 'idea' is a noble one but in practice is completely naive. Under Tony Blair, the UK imported loads of people from the Islamic 3rd world and I have no idea why. Most of them have free housing and benefits and the more kids they have, the more money the get, which then makes it impossible for them to find work that will pay for it all, so they stay on benefits long term. The system is being so badly abused that something has to be done, but if you say anything, you are a bigot or uncaring etc etc. Danny Boyle's olympic ceremony has not helped, and just shows that many on the utopian left are refusing to admit they are wrong. In my opinion, it is these champagne socialists who are to blame, not the immigrants, who can blame them for applying for a load of free money?
    The healthcare system in the US seems a bit weird and I don't quite get it, also the fact that I will never be able to move there, despite being a hard working guy with a modest amount of money to bring with me, yet a bogus Somalian asylum seeker will be welcomed, is irritating, the US needs to take lessons from what is going on here.
    London has changed in the last 10 years beyond recognition and will continue to change, some areas now are completely Islamic and you feel out of place going there. The amount of kids they are having is staggering and it is not unusual for you to see Mums with 3-5 small kids walking down the street. In 100 years, the UK will be 50% muslim. Regarding the NHS, I needed a hernia operation a few years back and was advised by my GP to go private as I would be put on the waiting list for 6 months -1 year and then probably by seen by a junior Dr. I went private which cost me £2000 for the op which was done straight away, but my taxes still pay for the NHS. Anyway, I just hope the US can stay away from the influence of the Liberal European Utopians with all their post colonial guilt

    • Jim_C

      I happen to agree with everything you wrote here.

      You are right–our health care system is "weird." It is on the brink of collapse–costs had been projected to skyrocket for quite some time, and something needed to be done. Obama, and really, Romney as well, had "a" solution–hugely watered down by every special interest group in the country. I like the Swiss system–mandatory, but private companies allowed to compete for profit after a certain base level of care. People who have money will always be able to get premium care. But the elderly and poor will not be turned away for basic care. Civilized.

      Immigration–you have your problems, we have ours. As a nation of immigrants, we are a little more accepting of it (less so, recently, as you know)–and we plain have more room. I'm not sure what Western Europe is about with it's policies–a strange mix of hostility and misplaced political correctness.

  • Belfast

    I'm also Irish, but have lived in Australia nearly all my life. I have followed Us politics since John F.Kennedy. i can't understand how Obama was voted in in the first place. Pro-abortion, anti Israel, friend of Iran, socialist parrot talk, no experience, a bodgy autobiography which is one of the strangest anyone could read. At the time I bought he story that he had a great legal mind and being a lawyer myself researched and found nothing. Later I see he is clumsy, gauche, no orator as claimed, opportunistic, stunt managing, lazy, inattentive to his duty, weird early and middle mentors.
    I fear for the world if he gets elected again.

  • Tpartywarrior

    41 straight months of unemployment over 8%, THAT'S A FACT!
    Stagnant Economy, THAT'S A FACT!

    Gov. Mitt Romney becoming president? The American people will make that a fact as well.


  • Boxer

    All the bho voters in here are scarey at least. When BHO sat in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 yrs and listened to a nut minister call for the damnation of white people and jews and for the destruction of this once great nation and thought he might make a good president I was shocked. I have totally lost confidence in the american people.

  • IranAware

    This selection of comments shows all the NEW commenters, none of the regulars… Most of all it shows at least half the population is beyond stupid.. Entering full on retardation is more like it..

  • davarino

    Wow, the Obama trolls have really come out in droves. I wonder what brought them to the party?

    Its funny, Obama has over spend his campaign budget like he over spent the Federal budget. Shows he doesnt understand economics for one thing. Actually thats a really big thing. I predict the economy will take off next year and it wont have anything to do with what Obama did. Mitt will not have to blame anybody for the great economic conditions, except himself.

  • paul1149

    I agree with this article. But I don't put anything past obama and the dems. Their ace in the hole would be strong action against Iran in October. Look at how much mileage obama has tried to extract from Seal Team Six. Confronting an external enemy is the tool of choice for leaders who are failing on the domestic front.

    A completely politicized presidency, at the cost of the nation.

  • Asher

    The realization that Obama is anti-American and does not promote or defend American interests or values, has really angered people. Not only has he made the economy worse, and less jobs available, he has tried to decay us morally and spiritually with his gay marriage agenda, abortion, and persecuting religous freedoms. He goes overseas critisizing America, and treating our best Ally Israel with little respect and understanding of how many times a day Israel has rockets fired into their borders. (Israel has a terrorist problem too, there will never be peace, even with a 2 state solution which will make things worse and cramp Israel into a smaller space to defend herself. It seems as though Obama ignores everyone's woes except the Islamic regimes who he has totally supported in one way or another by helping the so called Rebels over throw regimes that are in place, (under the guise of Democracy) only to find out that the next regime to take over has more genocide in mind for its people, especially Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. The Writting is on the Wall for Obama.

  • Atikva

    From your mouth to God's ear!

  • Aisha

    The large number of Obama trolls commenting on this article is proof that Romney is winning.

  • Rifleman

    Lol, look at all the lefties squeeling, good work Mr. Sayet! It kinda reminds me of when the libertarians get their diapers in a bunch over an FPM article.

    They're still delusional, but deep down, they know hussein's got a poor track record and his bs isn't flying this time around. They'll be lucky if they can hang on to the Senate, and America will be lucky if they don't, because another budget won't be passed until they do.

  • Reason_For_Life

    The Tea Party was the first popular political uprising in 50 years. It came to prominence because of huge deficits, bank bailouts and ObamaCare. So someone explain how nominating a candidate whose deficit deduction plans are vague (although he's paid some lip service to Paul Ryan's plan), who's supported every bailout and is the "Godfather" of ObamaCare will defeat Obama?

    Romney has demonstrated a rare talent in his ability to turn around businesses that are going under. But as governor of Massachusetts he raised virtually every fee and increased the budget from 9.8% of GDP to 10.4%. He didn't cut the cost of government the way he cut costs in his business ventures. Clearly, his business acumen did not translate into fiscal restraint as governor.

    Romney's chief economic adviser is the uber Keynesian Greg Mankiw. Is this likely to result in another round of economic stimulus? Is the Pope Catholic?

    Romney has favored and opposed Cap and Trade legislation. He favored it in Massachusetts up to the day when he announced he would not run for re-election. Does this mean that he'll favor anything to get elected?

    A man whose principles wax and wain with polls is hardly one to inspire a nation. While it's true that Republicans are more enthusiastic than democrats this cycle it's not because of Romney. It's because of local candidates who damn ObamaCare and want drastic spending cuts.

    Romney cannot do anything to win without taking strong positions and making Americans believe that he will follow through. That just isn't Romney's style. A campaign based on "Look how terrible Obama is" offers little hope that Romney will do something different in kind, merely different in degree.

    By comparison, Obama has a solid racist core who will vote for him solely because he's not white. No one wants to talk about the racism of minorities against white people but it's there and it shows in the polls. Every person dependent upon a government check has to be willing to lose that check if Obama isn't reelected even though there is little evidence that Romney would cut back on these programs. Add to this that Obama exudes the leftist stink that permeates our universities and media and Romney's chances moving his residence to the White House fade to nothing.

    The only way that Romney can win is if Obama does something so outrageous and stupid that even the press couldn't cover his butt. Given Obama's record, that is a distinct possibility but it's not something to count on.

  • Jim_C

    Reason for Life is not delusional when it comes to politics. Whatever Mitt Romney says today, there will be ample footage of him saying the opposite a few years ago.

    It won’t be a disaster if Romney should win just as it won’t be if Obama should, but at the end of the day, many people still actually LIKE Obama. Who likes Mitt Romney? Nobody. And why on earth would anyone like him? What does he believe in? Are all his decisions as purely politically expedient? Whose dancing bear will he be today?

    I voted for Obama. I didn’t expect any miracles–with our financial system in chaos thanks to what used to be a banking system with boundaries becoming a casino, and a foreign policy only beginning to re-stabilize after Bush’s hapless advisors during the first 4 years? Nobody would want to have to deal with that mess up. You don’t just “bounce back” after your dollars disappear down a huge hole.

    Sure, I’m mildly disappointed he’s not quite the public leader I hoped he’d be. I wish he were out front more. And he made a couple bad calls on the economy (He should have spent WAY more on stimulus, and there, only to buy goods and services from domestic private sector).

    Other than that, if he had an “R” behind his name instead of a “D”, most of you would have been fine with his policies. Anyone who thinks his foreign policy has been poor is kidding themselves, since they supported it for eight years prior.

    But I know many would rather speculate about his “motives” like schoolgirls watching a soap opera, and make predictions about martial law, suspended elections, and 2nd Amendment rights being taken away. That’s how they get your jollies, after all.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama has been selling out Unions that supported him, can you guess who?…………William

  • dividendmachine

    This is an excellent well written piece on both candidates.Those who support BHO do not give reasons for doing so.Do they like 4 billion dollars a day deficits?The fact more people got disability than ajob.That NO DEmocrat backed his last 2 Budgets? Fast and Furious? Solyndra?His wifes 17 vacations after telling us shared sacrificeThe fact the jobs council hasnt met in over 190 days but there is time for golf and fundraisers? obamacare?

    • Jim_C

      I wrote some reasons on the previous page.

      I am not sure it would be a disaster if Romney were elected, but at least I "get" where Obama is going. Who is Romney? What does he really believe? He's been "for" nearly everything before being against it, now.

      Many people (who are far more "left" than me) were severely disappointed Obama turned out to be more Bill Clinton than FDR–in other words, they think he's a corporate democrat in progressive clothing. But they should have actually paid attention to the guy instead of projecting their wishes on him. He's been remarkably consistent on his stances–as consistent as anyone, at least, who gets elected and finds themselves actually governing.

      Will the Right project their hopes on Romney, who in a previous life not too long ago was a liberal Republican who made staunchly pro-choice speeches?

  • ebonystone

    "Not only is the pool of potential Obama supporters way down from 2008,…"

    What? Are not the cemetaries in Chicago still filled with anxious Obama voters? Have all the illegal aliens in Ohio, living 20 or 30 in one house, and all registered by ACORN, returned to Mexico? Have all of AG Holder's Black Panther buddies in Philadelphia decided not to bother this time around?

  • factotum666

    of course if the author really believed this, he would have told you how many shares of Rommey that he owned on intrade. Of course, since he does not believe his silly blather, he owns none. Being not as rich as him, I will still call him. I will put up $50.00 on Obama. I would rather bet him directly than on intrade, since there the odds are in favor of Obama , about 6 to 4 I belive, So I would have to put up $60.00 to win $100.00

    Do not hold your breath waiting for the author to accept

  • Dentalnetwork.Ning.Com

    He advised his co-worker that it was like performing 200 push-ups.