The Fate of Rimsha Masih

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According to a Compass Direct report on Friday, August 31, Rao Abdur Raheem, a lawyer for the man who has accused Rimsha of blasphemy against Islam declared in court that she was guilty and said, “If the state overrides the court, then God will get a person to do the job.” Naveed called this an “open threat” that was meant to intimidate the court into trying Rimsha as an adult. Raheem challenged the medical report that gave evidence of the girl’s young age and mental condition. He asked the court to annul the report because, “the doctors and the State were supporting the Christian girl.” At that point, rather than ruling on the case, the judge postponed the trial until Saturday.

Raheem made additional threats that day. He had been the attorney for Mumtaz Qadri, the man who, in January 2011, assassinated Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, a heroic reformer who called publicly for reform of the blasphemy laws. At Rimsha’s hearing, Raheem said, “Every person advocating (Rimsha’s) release should know that if she is allowed to walk free, there are many Mumtaz Qadris in this country.” He added that “if the court is not allowed to do its work, because the state is helping the accused, then the public has no other option except to take the law into their own hands.”

The irrationality of the charges against Rimsha Masih recall the charges against another Christian teenager, Salamat Masih. In 1993, when he was 12 years old, a local imam brought a blasphemy charge against Salamat, and his two uncles, Rehmat and Manzoor Masih, accusing them of writing insults against Mohammed on the wall of the mosque. Apart from the unlikely situation of Christians being foolish enough to write deliberately on the wall of a mosque, Salamat and both of the adult men were illiterate! But it didn’t matter to the mob. All three were imprisoned and charged with a crime punishable by death.

Manzoor Masih received his death sentence early, though, when he and the others were shot by members of an Islamic jihadist group on their way to court from the office of their defense counsel. Manzoor was killed instantly. Salamat his remaining uncle, along with a Christian advocate, John Joseph, were critically wounded, but survived. They were sentenced to death in February 1995, but the High Court overturned the sentence. The two Christians were settled in Germany since their lives were at risk in Pakistan. But as is now threatened by Islamist attorney Raheem regarding Rimsha’s case, the senior High Court judge who wrote the acquittal was murdered in his office by a religious extremist.

Naveed fears that Rimsha’s next court appearance is going to be “very volatile.” The Compass Direct story quoted him as saying, “Although the case is quite clear, it solely depends on the judge if he is willing to show courage and release the poor child on bail.” Naveed referred to another recent case in which a judge refused to give bail to a Christian man falsely accused of blasphemy on the pretext that he was safer inside the jail. He continued, “The judges are also under immense pressure, and since this case has already attracted immense media coverage and consequently attention of extremist elements, I can just hope and pray God works in this situation.”

Response from the U.S. State Department to this latest farcical case of blasphemy in Pakistan has been confined to a few statements. On August 20, State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland called the case “deeply disturbing” and urged the Pakistani government to protect her. The State Department commended Pakistan’s President, Asif Ali Zardari, for “his quick reaction,” but spoke in terms of the “misuse of the blasphemy law.” To his or her credit, a reporter challenged her, “Is there any correct use of the blasphemy law in Pakistan? You said “misuse.” What would be the correct use?” Nuland replied that she was in a position to “parse this law and how it might stand up to other laws around the world.” In other words, the State Department will not defend the concept of universal human rights that include freedom from such draconian laws if they may in any way challenge Islamic law.

As Nina Shea, human rights attorney and director of The Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, has pointed out, the U.S. must oppose the blasphemy laws, not their abuse. Others, like Governor Taseer, a Muslim, and Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian, have died opposing them. The least the U.S. government could do would be to denounce those laws that violate international standards of individual religious freedom and freedom of speech, and use the bully pulpit in opposition to them. (They could also penalize Pakistan’s government for failing to defend the minority populations by cutting – or at least threatening to cut – some of the billions of dollars in foreign aid we give them, but that’s another story.)

As for Rimsha’s family, they just want her back with them, and safe from harm. Of course if she is released, she and her family will have to flee to some other country for the rest of their lives. Her father, Misrek Masih, appealed to President Zardari, “We are afraid for her life… I’m asking President Asif Ali Zadari, who has already called for further attention into my daughter’s case, to pardon her and to prevent other people from being persecuted under these harsh laws like my daughter.” Allowing these harsh laws and the irrational people to use them and respond to them to thrive is allowing a climate that is ripe for terrorism and violence to thrive. The U.S. government should assist the Pakistani government to quash the Islamic extremists and provide protection and justice for vulnerable little girls like Rimsha and for all of Pakistan’s religious minorities.

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  • SKIP

    Blasphemy laws have NOTHING to do with anything, muslims in muslim countries can and will do violence agains non muslims until there are no non muslims in their country. WHY don't the Christians and other non muslims get weapons and start shooting at the first sight of crowds of muslims heading their way? If the non muslims know they are going to be murdered WTF not take out a bunch of muslims too.

    • Sameer

      the girl you are seeing my friend is to even ramsha masih, it something they want you to see

    • Huck Folder

      Where's Sclomotion?

  • Sunbeam

    Thus we see here the danger of man misusing and using religion to their advantage to serve their purpose. These religion sharia law have too many loopholes. It causes more harm than to protect. Where are their minds? Can't they think for themselves which is right or which is wrong? Where are their conscience? God has given each of us a conscience? Why don't they use it and think? What's the brain for? Or perhaps they do not have brains? What is the mob doing and calling for? They're easily played by incitement. Too bad!

    • warpmine

      Problem with these populations is the high concentration of inbreeding has greatly diminished their mental capacity.
      It's very unfortunate but a fact that everyone is living with. With that said don't expect logical thought processes from these barbarians.

    • sameer

      the girl you are seeing my friend is to even ramsha masih, it something they want you to see

  • Allah Ditta Khan

    Free Rishma and hand this bloody liar Mullah who made innocent girls life hell. Judges in Pakistan are corrupt and are under the influence of Mullahs . They don't have the courage to deliver Justice in Pakistan, Shame on Them . Killer Qadri is still enjoying A class in the prison. Why he is still alive despite that fact that he has given death sentence by the court . Come on people Mullah is enemy of Pakistan. Send them back to Breli and Deoband where they belong to and where their roots are.

    • sameer

      brother, do you really think that pakistan justice is under the control of Mullah. :) I dont think you know pakistan.

  • Mo_

    What sort of a "religion" teaches that jailing or killing a mentally disabled child is moral? What sort of people follow such a religion?

    And yet Muslims continue to do so.

    This speaks volumes, doesn't it?

    • BS77

      It isn't a religion….it's a hideous ideology that has more in common with mental illness than spirituality. Pakistan, along with many other similar nations, like Sudan or Afhganistan, shows the effects of this terrible malady.

    • warpmine

      What sort of people you ask? Those that are mentally diminished from inbreeding. You just cannot expect logic from those without a capacity to understand it. The devil is in the details but in this case he's laced through the entire book.

    • sameer

      My friend this is not Ramsha Masih, this is just being portrayed for people to be against pakistan. you search google. the original photos you can see her face even and by body you can know that she is not a child… I request you to please search

  • smartermom

    There are many things wrong with many religions as they all follow like sheep over a cliff with no clear thinking or using their brains, perhaps they are born mentally ill in such a way that they cannot think for themselves, they have no common sense to realize that all religious texts were written by men who thought they were receiving messages form what ever god they choose while instead they were merely hearing voices in their heads. Yes some books( texts) have the right idea about how humans should live together here and there but why can't everyone live buy the rules of humanity .That being good and helpful to one another , treating others as you want to be treated and do what you will as long as it causes no harm to another in any way. But too many have these ideas in them that make one kind of person better than another just by their thinking alone. Therefore giving them an excuse to treat others in not just rude or normally wrong but in horrific ways. What are these god that call for the blood of innocent human beings.

    • Mel


      Not all religions are the same. Very few (if any) espouse the kind of cruel violence that radical Islam does. Nor would you escape from the difficulties you describe by living (as you put it) by "the rules of humanity". There will always be the question: "Whose rules"? Which group of "humanity" will dictate which ethical standards will apply? Avoiding religion has never solved the problem. In every nation where this has been tried, it has been a disaster! Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Mengistu, and countless others attempted to set up rational and logical "rules of humanity" with catastrophic consequences. If one wishes to live in a state where there is no religion, just go to North Korea. Nor do current standards of western secular humanism solve the problem. Look at the way our "enlightened" elite treat the living, and very innocent unborn child. Through sophistry and psychological manipulation, western elites have created a mindset in our society where there is no restraint in the "horrific ways" in which the lives of millions of unborn children are terminated.

      • Mel

        We can (and should) condemn the Pakistan mobs and the imams who incite them for the dreadful cruelty being waged against this innocent mentally disabled child. But western secular society does not hold the moral high ground. We simply kill these same mentally disabled children in the womb. Over 90 per cent of Down's Syndrome children are intentionally killed before birth.

        No the solution is to recognize that there are vast differences from one religion to the next. True Christianity teaches love, righteousness and justice for all including the disabled and unborn). Other religions, like radical Islam (and others that have plagued humanity throughout history — not to mention many current esoteric cults) promote greed and the acquisition of power through deception, violence, and other evils.

  • Samuel

    Yes, very sad. But it's a huge LIE. This picture was taken on April 7, 2006, more than 6 years ago. Then the girl in the picture was in a temporary primary school in Balakot, due the earthquake that destroyed that town. It seems that we shouldn't belive any of the news that media publish.

    • Faith

      Samuel, the photo, which has been used by various human rights groups as well as the media, is just a representation of young Pakistani girl since it is too dangerous to use a photo of the real Rimsha Masih indiscriminately. That does not negate the truth of what has happened to her, or the monstrousness of the Blasphemy Laws. I even fear with all the photos of attorney Naveed that are being published, that he is in even more danger than he already is for helping Rimsha.

    • jijo

      The image is arepresentative picture of an 11 year old girl form Pakistan and is not an actual image of Rimsha Masih, who we are protecting from Public scrutiny

    • semal

      strange that media has used a "fake" photo to protect one girl while putting in danger life of another innocent girl. How does this make sense?

  • smaartermom

    Part 2
    These ideas are stone age and barbaric . Where have we grown on the evolutionary scale. Even animals grow at some point. are we not supposed to be at the top of the thinking scale. Common sense leaves when religion prevails. Perhaps there should be no mosques,churches or other meeting places and people should quietly at home give thanks for what they have to which ever they choose to worship. My youngest once said. I do not believe in any gods because if there was why do they allow people to be so stupid and not take away the suffering of the innocent..but just in case I might be wrong I will say than you to all of them quietly at home rather than to be brain washed in a crowd that tries to steal my own senses as I know what is right and wrong. I have a brain .it tells me I should try to be good and help others and forget those who try to tear me down. I think at times he is a wise old man..till he put on his skater shoes and tries to do something impossible without pads and protection…then I just see my wonderful but mouthy sometimes teen…who is still smarter than many adults..!!!

  • watsa46

    The barbarian Imam who set-up this atrocity should be put to death because if he had had his way she would have been killed.
    The Western mass media keep colluding with the enemy of humanity.

  • Stuart Parsons

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. SUCH IS THE EVIL NATURE OF ISLAM.

    • noumanbhatti

      Stuart with due respect don't put this on islam. I'm sure if u use Google u can find countless barbaric incidents with in your religion.

      This is an act of one sick mind don't put it on religion

      • Kufar Dawg

        LOL. I'm sure if you "use Google" you won't — at least not in the 21st century. Wanna bet on it?

        • noumanbhatti

          u can laugh as much u want .. but plz try to remember the most recent example for norway .. and see the reason of it too

          • Roger

            I don't see many links in your comment, could it be you were wrong?

          • noumanbhatti

            Roger seriously r u that innocent?? or faking it

            or u live in jungle u don't have any idea what going on in this world when it turned into global village???

          • Roger

            Seriously, are you that innocent? Or are you just a muslim friendly troll faking it?

            I still see nothing to show you are right, all these claims without evidence are just hot air.

            Yes, we have a president of muslim heritage that hates Israel and betrays it. And of course finds excuses to help Iran.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Breivik wasn't Christian liar.

    • Littlesister

      Such is the EVIL NATURE OF PEOPLE, rather than religion (Islam). I am an atheist. Normally I don't no announce my religious beliefs as it is not relevant. However for this comment I believe it necessary to avoid the "appearance" of favouring or defending religions especially, their respective "rules and or laws". People ultimately decide by making a conscious choice based on their morality. Morality is not religion. Religion can only be used to do harm if people choose to use religious laws, rules and or words to promote hatred and cruelty. Hitting women, having slaves, selling off children are a few of many atrocities that have been practiced by all religions around the world throughout time. Yet we found individuals living under those rules that never beat their wives, kept slaves or sold their children. The reason for this is because they were moral people. This story is a fine example, as some Muslims speak out to defend this young child. I believe the Muslims speaking in defence of this child are "real" Muslims with reason and bravery that follow their continence.
      As an atheist I am constantly confused by a group of people that believe in an omnipotent God that requires mortal beings (people) to enforce their laws/rules or protect their religion??? I'm just saying, have faith in your respective God's to kill and flog;-)

      • Kufar Dawg

        Neither Yeshua nor any of his disciples owned slaves, neither did Buddha, but Muhammad did. Go stuff yourself liar.

  • Ghostwriter

    It's sad that stuff like this happens.

    • Kufar Dawg

      What's worse is that it's spreading, all over the world, like a cancer.

  • Mel

    Keep up the good work Faith. And lets all keep praying for Rimsha and others like her.

    Jesus said (to the apostle Paul) "…My strength is made perfect in weakness". Its difficult to imagine anyone more weak than a young Christian mentally disabled girl in Pakistan….especially when compared with the might of Islam's petro dollar funded imams and their meg wealthy elitist allies in the west. Yet already this "weakness" has removed blinders and exposed what radical Islam truly is to a lethargic and uncaring world — including the irrational barbarity; the willful deception; and callous cruelty that fuels radical Islam's violent nature. Even the mainstream media is having difficulty spinning all this evil away. Let us all pray that God's power will be revealed in a perfect way through the weakness of this innocent and precious child.

  • Anamah

    Barbaric people act in horrific ways… Despicable civilizations this part of the world, so eager to act with such level of ignorance, hate and cruelty. Really those are lost civilizations living in the Bronze Age with no moral sentiment or uninterested for love of truth knowledge.

  • Schlomotion

    The above photograph is not a person with Down's Syndrome.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Duh, as others have pointed out Schlo-mind, no one dares publish an actual picture of the girl in question because then she would become the target of your islamofascist brethren the world over — kinda like Salman Rushdie.

      • Schlomotion

        I disagree, because Muslims all over the world hate Benjamin Netanyahu and his mental faculty is always in question. People publish his photo all the time.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Netanyahu has his own personal detachment of state funded bodyguards. This Pakistani girl doesn't, nor does Salman Rushdie.

          • Schlomotion

            Yes? Are you fascinated by Salman Rushdie? Have you read all his books?

          • Roger

            Are you fascinated with Neda, have you read her books?

            islam has been hard on women and other victims for quite some time. The fact Salmon disagrees and exposes it does not warrant a death sentence, unless islam is the evil he says it is.

            Even then, it only shows that he's right and that it can't stand the light of day.

  • noumanbhatti

    The picture used with this news is not of Rimsha .. it's from 2005 earthquake :@

    Media should be sensible in sensitive matters

    • Kufar Dawg

      This point has already been addressed. Or are you merely throwing out spurious objections?

      • Roger

        It's all they have.

  • LindaRivera

    Why are Pakistanis throwing away 100s of Korans into sewage filled canal?

    Pakistani Muslims are despicable hypocrites. They reveal zero respect for their Koran but love to LIE about innocents who they “claim” damaged a Koran. Devout, Koran-obedient Muslims are consumed with satanic blood-lust and violently attack non-Muslim innocents claiming they have damaged a Koran – something non-Muslim innocents are not even guilty of. The Muslims don't care that Christians and others never committed the deed they are accused of; they want only to satisfy their insatiable lust for blood.


  • LindaRivera

    Many millions of Islam's foot soldiers and huge numbers of Pakistanis have been imported into our countries. Once Muslims reach a certain number, the same satanic atrocities and murders of non-Muslims will take place in our countries.

    Our countries are massively betrayed by our leaders! The Quran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslims and commands Muslims to wage jihad against us hated non-Muslims and conquer our countries!

  • ahmer

    she is not rimsha mashi that its fake photo that girl earthquake victim