Geert Wilders: Marked for Death

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The courageous Dutch politician Geert Wilders released his book Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me in May 2012. The foreword to this title was written by the eloquent Canadian-born political commentator and cultural critic Mark Steyn, who has a special talent for writing about serious topics in a humorous way. He has published several books and written essays for publications ranging from the Jerusalem Post and the Chicago Sun-Times to the National Review, The Australian and Canada’s National Post.

Steyn is honest enough to admit that when he was first asked to contribute to Wilders’ new book, his initial reaction was to say no. The main reason for this is the potentially high cost of being associated with a man who lives with constant death threats.

Yet, after taking a stroll in the woods, Mark Steyn felt ashamed at the ease with which he was caving in to the enemies of freedom, and decided to accept the offer after all. He recalled how the Canadian Islamic Congress boasted that their attempts by legal aggression to silence Steyn’s critical writings about Islam had cost his magazine substantial sums, and thereby attained their “strategic objective” of increasing the cost of publishing anti-Islamic material.

In the case of Geert Wilders, that cost is not merely limited to money. Despite being an elected Member of Parliament in what used to be one of Europe’s freest and most tolerant countries, he is regularly vilified by Western mass media. When trying to enter Britain, a nation that once was a champion of liberty, he was detained by plainclothes border guards on arrival at London’s Heathrow airport in February 2009 and deported from the country.

The democratic Dutch MP had been invited to the House of Lords, where Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson wanted to show his 17-minute Islam-critical film Fitna. The Home Office refused him entry on the grounds he “would threaten community security and therefore public security,” not because he threatened to use violence, but because Muslims might use it.

Lord Ahmed from the Labour Party, Britain’s first Muslim member of the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament, pledged to bring a 10,000 strong force of angry Muslims to lay siege to Parliament. A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain claimed that Wilders has been an open and relentless preacher of “hate.” At the same time, London has become a notorious intentional center for Islamic militants, who spew hate on a daily basis.

Geert Wilders accused the Labour government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown of being “the biggest bunch of cowards in Europe.” He was later allowed entry to the UK, however. He was also put on trial in the Netherlands accused of criminally insulting religious and ethnic groups. Wilders was eventually found not guilty in 2011, but the entire process took several years.

As Mark Steyn puts it, “He is under round-the-clock guard because of explicit threats to murder him by Muslim extremists. Yet he’s the one who gets put on trial for incitement. In twenty-first century Amsterdam, you’re free to smoke marijuana and pick out a half-naked sex partner from the front window of her shop. But you can be put on trial for holding the wrong opinion about a bloke who died in the seventh century. And, although Mr. Wilders was eventually acquitted by his kangaroo court, the determination to place him beyond the pale is unceasing: ‘The far-right anti-immigration party of Geert Wilders’ (the Financial Times)… ‘Far-right leader Geert Wilders’ (the Guardian)… ‘Extreme right anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders’ (AFP) is ‘at the fringes of mainstream politics’ (Time). Mr. Wilders is so far out on the far-right extreme fringe that his party is the third biggest in parliament.”

Maybe those who are out on the fringe are the ones who think that disliking Islam is “far-right.”

Yet it’s not just Wilders himself who is being attacked in this fashion. Those who dare to meet him or support some of his views could find themselves attacked by the mass media and the political elites in a comparable manner. Cory Bernardi, born and raised in Adelaide and currently representing the state of South Australia for the Liberal Party in the Australian Senate, in 2011 came under fire not only from members of other parties but also from his own — allegedly conservative — party when he wanted to facilitate a trip to Australia by Wilders.

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  • Ken

    Keep up the fight, Geert!! Maybe someday those in power will see the threat for what it is. Hopefully before it is too late!!

  • Schlomotion

    Geert Wilders, and incidentally, Peder Jensen (Fjordman's) hysterical claims that they are endangered is a real reversal of fact. It is their political opponents who are endangered. Not everyone has read Anders Breivik's letter to Jensen before Breivik carried out his "practical solutions." Breivik wrote to him:


    I have worked full time for more than three years oriented toward practical solutions (key notes written in English). My position is to contribute to areas that are on the side of current main focus. Much of the information I am dealing it is unknown to most people, even to you.

    If you send me an e-mail to I will send you an electronic version once I'm finished.

    Norway has until now been of little interest for me. The main focus must be the consolidation of an intellectual platform for cultural conservative organizations and individuals. These alliances are focused on delegitimizing multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) as the European hate ideology that it actually is. Its purpose (or indirect result) is acknowledged to be the destruction of Western civilization, national states, Western culture, norms, traditions, Christianity – the European/Norwegian identity.

    (Source:… )

    Now by syndicating Peder Jensen, isn't Frontpage doing Breivik's work of reprinting Fjordman AND "consolidating an intellectual platform for cultural conservative organizations and individuals […] focused on delegitimizing multiculturalism (cultural Marxism)?"

    • dave

      The reality is that this shows exactly how important an issue this is now. We have to deal with it and take our heads out of the sand and stop being complacent. I for one do not want to leave it to people like Breivik and the real neo nazis to deal with. The west has to take responsibility for this situation but continues to avoid it. This is why people are getting so angry, because it is laziness and terrible management. If you behaved like this at work, you would be fired. Yes it is difficult and uncomfortable, but has to be sorted out. Politicians are more afraid of being called 'right wing' or racist than anything else and this needs to be looked at. We may well need to deport many people and stop immigration completely and it won't be pretty, but if we continue to pretend it will resolve itself, we are asking for trouble.

    • nilk

      Dear Schlomotion,

      I try to avoid ad hominem, but in this case I won't. You are an idiot. Trying to equate Fjordman and now Geert Wilders with Breivik demonstrates this amply.

      How on earth you would think that Geert is not endangered escapes me – this is a man who lives 24/7/365 under high security because of death threats. Unless you don't think that muslims who will kill over a cartoon are not inclined to go after their most vocal opponent in Europe?

      As for the Fjordman connection, well you could also start in on those gamers that Breivik played WoW with. After all, he was in more contact with those than someone he wrote a couple of emails to.

      Dude, get some reality into you.

      • Schlomotion

        I'll give you some reality: You are some crackpot religious freak from Australia who is running "United States Defense League" banners on a Blogger page. You have less invested in it than the average Facebook wall. The reason you are commenting is because you are a regular poster on Gates of Vienna, so in other words a fangirl of Peder Jensen and Robert Spencer. You are one of those white kooks that we frequently read about who had a soccer hooligan / footy hooligan protest on some beach in Australia. You think you are better than your fellow Australians because you don't shave your head or piece your nose, and just dress in scuzzy sweatclothes. You forget that your whole island was once a prison colony filled with the dregs of England, where the English Defense League comes from. If you look at people from the EDL and then consider that you are the refuse stock of that, those boneheads with the skull masks, it really is pathetic that you think that you are superior to your countrymen and to people who wear burqas. Frankly I am disgusted that you run an American flag anywhere on your blog, or wish to see it circumscribed and imprisoned by the circle of Catholicism emblazoned with the Templar Masonic logo of Constantine. Quite simply, that makes you white trash that thinks it is better than brown trash and wants to prove so by opening up global kiosks of trashiness. No thanks!

        Some more reality: You are not even in charge of this trashiness. Your buddy, this creep is:

        Martin Brennan, British national, Jewish Defense League lapdog, wannabe thug and illegal alien, incarcerated for rioting without a visa in Australia and then deported.

        • Tabris

          Is this all you can do Schlomotion? When you can't win the arguments by discussing the facts you dive to such a low level by spewing filth and personal attacks. Reading your hateful trash, I can't muster up any respect for you nor will I ever believe that you will ever tell something truthful in any future posts.

          Bah, be a man and lift your brain out of this dark cesspool and join humanity.

          • Schlomotion

            Here's some more reality: The United States Defense League is NOT OF the United States. It's run by Steve Simmons out of 32 Picaddilly, Manchester GB.

            This ugly dude:

            And even MORE reality: USDL is a subsidiary of EDL, run by the same guy, Tommy Robinson, who appears in photo ops with the British Nazi Party. So, the t-shirt that EDL hates Nazis is not convincing.

            So this little Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, JDL/Kach Party fronted fight club is racist Jews sponsoring Nazi Skinhead groups to commit violent acts. Just look at those Anders Breivik logos in the background!

          • Iron Yank

            Quit spamming the board with your conspiricy theory BS and go away, your posts are a joke and you are an embarresment to the human race.

          • Schlomotion

            You are a liar. There is the photograph of Steve Simmons. He is listed as the owner or the USDL website. And there is the photo of Tommy Robinson with the BNP. You have nothing to say to it.

          • RoguePatriot6

            Here it is again, more conspiracy theories about Jewish people.

            You know, I didn't even need to read the name to know who posted it. Are you really that crazy to beleive this crap or are you just trying to make waves?

            I bet we could have another 9-11 and some how you would blame the JEWS!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Schlomotion

            It's not a theory if Pamela Geller vociferously supports EDL and the JDL does their security, and the EDL does photo ops with the BNP.

          • aspacia

            Schlock, the JDL joined with EDL, hence your Nazi claim is fallacious.

        • nilk

          Yup, you are a bit of a dill. I wasn't aware that you are in charge of who puts what on their blog, my bad, sorry.

          I've never been called a fangirl before, and please explain to me wtf a Templar Masonic logo of Constantine is? Seriously, who's the racist one here?

          You want to bag my people – the disenfranchised australians who see their culture being suborned by those who hate freedom, and aren't supposed to complain about crap like this in our own country and call me names?

          By all means be my guest. That's not going to win me over to your side, because I don't believe that it's right that the majority have to put up with encroaching sharia. We didn't ask for it, we didn't want it, and too many are ignorant of it.

          You want to know why the dregs are out there protesting? Because they are our first line of resistance. The incoming hordes who want to participate in our culture only until they've overwhelmed it with their own move into the poorer neighbourhoods first.

          They don't have your edumacation or your articulation, they lack the words to speak other than saying that they can see it's wrong, and that there is a part of their area that is 'other'.

          That's okay to you, because it's not in your yard.

          Wait until the Eid sacrifices and the public whippings start on your street.

          I've been invited to an inner-city area where friends live for the next Eid street party. My pagan and atheist friends will be barbecueing the pork chops and I'll be praying.

          What will you be doing?

          • nilk

            apologies for the incorrect link in the 3rd para. Was supposed to be a link to

          • Schlomotion

            You too, huh? Not only do I have Benjamin Netanyahu protecting me from bus bombings, but now I have Jewish Britons and pagan Australian bloggers protecting me from Eid? I must live in this mythical country where Muslims have not arrived yet and the only thing that can save me is white bigotry.

          • reader

            Obviously, 9-11 was done by the muslims who hadn't yet arrived, and white bigotry is to blame. What asylum do you troll live in?

      • RoguePatriot6

        I think, reallity physically hurts this guy.

    • BS77

      Why bother arguing with an idiot like you?

      • Galveston

        shmo is an obsessed Jew hating nobody – probably unemployed and typing away in mommy's basement when he gets tired of his circle jerk.

      • Ken

        I don't. I just mark dislike and save my brain cells the possible trauma. It is typical of the Leftist mind to put up a smokescreen and try to cloud the issue. When those pesky facts prove something, all the can do is try to confuse and change conversation so you do not focus on them. And when that does not work, they descend into name calling and insults. Uber-Lefties are SO predictable!!

    • Ghostwriter

      And this from a man who says the most appalling things about Jews on a regular basis. Please stop this. You're not fooling anyone. You are an anti-semite of the worst order. Please return to the rock you crawled out under,Schlockmotion.

    • aspacia

      Breivik also cited Al Queda, Thomas Jefferson and George Orwell as his inspiration. Again, like the Marxists who helped overthrow the Shah, you would be targeted by Islamists.

      • Schlomotion

        Breivik also breathed air. But really, he just slavishly followed the ideas of Peder Jensen.

    • Western Canadian

      Your ability to grasp at straws to support your jew-hatred and love of bloody islam, is exceeded only by your inability to maintain your very weak facade of intelligence.

      • Schlomotion

        I don't love Islam at all. Maybe I do in your binary world where every body is either Jewish or Muslim.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Mr. Wilders is a hero and a prophet of modern days! In order to help him – and help ourselves to survive – we must delegitimize, dehumanize islam wherever possible. Stop fearing islam. Let Mo-o-slems try to “mark us for death all” and see if we care. That would deflect the danger from Mr. Wilders a little bit too (among other things).

    Shred/burn korans publicly, display the cartoons and similar materials:

    To make the treasonous dhimmy politicians shut up, we must speak out. Speak out so long and so much, that islam becomes unacceptable in the West no less than cannibalism…

  • dave

    What we must do is continue to educate people about Islam and the fact that we are being conned by muslims. Islam is not a religion of peace! The west is so desperate to not be wrong vis a vis 'multi-culturalism' that it goes along with this lie again and again, colluding with the very people who want to oppress them, it has become a farce you couldn't make up. We have become cowards of the first order, more concerned with winning an argument, to the point of making the truth illegal to say. One only has to look at muslim countries to see Islam at work, like Saudi Arabia or Iran. This is how we should be directing the debate, transcending the lies constantly thrown our way and moving the debate on, as it has become so 'stuck' in this lazy idea that all you have to say is 'Islam is peace' . They must be pressed harder than this.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!

  • JasonPappas

    By standing up for Wilders, Fjordman joins him in stature. We need more brave patriots.

  • Chezwick

    Long live Gert!

    • shosh7154

      i will bless those who bless israel and curse those who curse israel…..islam is cursed… the word allah is hebrew and means CURSE … see Numbers 5:27 in hebrew Ezekiel 38:23 says that allah is about to meet his demise on the mountains of israel..golan heights…allah the curse will go down as god stripped naked for the whole world to see this liar … makir allahi …. as he is called in his own book… BIGGEST LIAR…soon all those believing lies of islam will be free… the ones who survive the war…no more islam after Magog War coming soon… no more al-aqsa monstrosity… WE WILL BUILD OUR TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM SOON !!!

      • Tabris

        You can have your temple in Jerusalem as long as you refrain from the worthless ritual of sacrificing innocent animals for your sins like the Jewish zealots did 2000 years ago. Not doing so and adopting other rituals and practices from the Old Testament would bring the Jewish religion on par with Islam.

        • stern

          "You can have your temple in Jerusalem "

          Gee thanks. So glad we have your permission. Who are you again?

          • Tabris

            The Torah teaches: "Watch yourself! Lest you bring your burnt elevated offerings in any place you see fit. Only in the place that the Lord will choose, somewhere from among your tribes, there shall your bring your burnt elevated offerings, and there you must do all that I command you concerning this." (Deut 12:13-14)

            Thus, once King Solomon completed and dedicated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, animal sacrifices were offered only in the Temple. It would be a sin to offer sacrifices in any other place. And once the Temple was destroyed in 70 CE, no more animal sacrifices were offered.

            Consequently when the temple is rebuild animal sacrifices will be offered again.

            I can't support this, similar t the fact that I don't shop or eat in a place where they sell halal meat.

            Slaughtering animals the Islamic or Jewish way is a very barbaric practice that is unnecessary. From this perspective it would be better that the third temple is never build.

            When you follow Jesus's teachings then you know that the Kingdom of Heaven is inside you. Following an external religion, with rituals and pious priests pretending to be the intercessor between you and God (for an innocent animal life), your soul will never find salvation.

            In all other disputes between Israel and the Islamic nations I'm 100% behind the Jewish people, that's just who I am.

            By the way, who are you again?

        • Roger

          Worthless ritual?
          I think it's not worthless when I have barbecue.

          Who gets to decide?

  • Louisiana

    Thanks for introduction to Geert Wilders, but in my opinion this IS NOT a review of the book. Shame – I have to look elsewhere.

  • Linda Rivera

    Geert Wilders will go down in history as one of the greatest HEROES of all time. Like other patriotic Americans, I am deeply grateful to Mr. Wilders for his great courage in standing up for the freedom and safety of every non-Muslim on earth.

    I am also extremely grateful to the new British Freedom Party (which is like Geert Wilders Freedom Party) who have just united with the EDL. All of the Freedom Parties, Frontpagemag, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabriel, et al, are great HEROES, fighting for the FREEDOM and SAFETY of us all. With all of my heart, thank you so much to all of you.


    Western leaders have wickedly betrayed us. They have DELIBERATELY colonized our nations with many millions of Islam's foot soldiers whose stated goal is Muslim conquest of our countries in accordance with the Koran command.


    • RoguePatriot6

      "NEVER SURRENDER" is right.

      You give these goons an inch and they'll take an interstate.

      Strangely enough, I've never heard anyone mention this man on lame stream media. I am, though quite familiar with his story and that of others, hunted and legally tried by this traitorous justice system in Europe controlled by Islamists.

  • Linda Rivera

    I am also extremely grateful to Fjordman and Mark Steyn, great HEROES, fighting for the FREEDOM and SAFETY of us all. With all of my heart, thank you so much!

    May we NEVER lose our freedom!

    • BS77

      Also, Brigitte Gabriel, Pam Geller, Melanie Phillips, Ann Coulter and many others, unafraid of speaking out against the insane PC gobbledeegook that passes for journalism, educational content and leftist propaganda.

  • Ace

    From above: Australian Greens senator Richard Di Natale also condemned Bernardi’s associations with Wilders. “Multiculturalism is one of this country’s great successes and it must be defended,” he stated.
    What utter horse flop.
    If it WERE actually successful, the PEOPLE would like it, and no defense would be needed, BUT, it is NOT.

  • sod

    Geert Wilders and Mark Steyn are two courage MEN that rarely seen in the political or media circles. Let's salute to their courage and hope this will wake more people up to join the struggle.

  • Martin Koschuttnig

    Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf, or Mrs Winter as well. Education is the key it may not be a over-night success, but in the long run the most effective, after the "religion" of the demented stoned-gawd is exposed as what it is, foolish crap, people will reject it..

  • Western Spirit

    it works just as nonie darwish said it would. she predicted the threat of violence and real violence would be the reality when enough muslims had immigrated to the west because this is how islam has spread—through violence.

    • curmudgeon

      the religion of peace is conquering the stupids in the west, not through violence, but through the incredible stupidity of the stupids that control the west. the pure stupids in the west are actually inviting muslim invaders into their countries, and PAYING them to breed. the pure stupids in the west are actually, maliciously, with malice aforethought, intentionally, inviting muslim invaders, and PAYING them to breed like bacteria. u get that? the traitors that control the west are actually, maliciously, importing evil muslim invaders, and PAYING them to breed out of control. it is a socimple concept. the west is being defeated by the traitorous scum that occupy high office, and abuse their power to surrender to the most evil ideology that ever threatened free people. we should not be even thinking about a war on terror. we shouold be in a war on traitors. defeat the traitors, and defeating the muslim scum that wish to enslave, then genocide us will be easy. its the traitors. the traitors. the scum that rule the nations of the west. all of them. name a head of state in the west, and i will name a traitor.

  • beware

    Geert is an incredible man and the Dutch should be embarrassed they allow a patriotic citizen to be threatened with death for free speech.

    Everyone please be careful when dealing with schlomo.
    He is obviously a rabid antisemite filled with impotent rage.
    He is another Breivik waiting to go off.

    Notice how he even tracks down personal info on a commenter that simply disagrees with him and then stereotypes and makes negative assumptions about that person?

    He is so delusional and consumed with narcissistic self righteousness he doesn't comment on articles – he posts his obsessive personal rants ,dripping with hate,like he runs this site.

    He displays numerous red flags for mental illness : obsession ,rage,narcissism ,paranoia ,abusive language,stalking and fanaticism .

  • curmudgeon

    if you are just totally stupid you are still looking for evidence that the religion of pure evil is the religion of peace. if you are not totally stupid, you already know that the religion of peace is the religion of pure evil. if the overwhelming evidence of evil hasnt already convinced you, then you are just pure stupid. now tell us. who is it that doesnt know that the religion of peace is the religion of genocide? who doesnt know that? who?

  • Terry

    If Wilders became PM then maybe even eurpe might begin to see the way out of the multicultural disaster that is imported islam.

  • Suzanne

    Greet Wilders is one of the greatest politicians on earth today. Everyone owes him a huge debt for fighting this great fight. I am very concerned for Europe. The politicians of Europe have let their people down badly.

  • jettxnev

    THANK YOU Mr. Wilders. Amazing book and spot on. I truly wish I was extraordinaily wealthy so I could put all of my money towards helping you to wake up the world to this hate-filled ideology. My thoughts and Christian prayers are with you and your family. Many, many of us applaud you and appreciate your braveness and insight to islam as a hate filled ideology.

  • Sylvia

    To be honest, I couldn't care less about other people's religion. Let them be muslims, catholics, protestans, hindus or whatever… It doesn't make a difference when the subject is honesty and character; in the end we're all humans. So, for me, Wilders's 'fight for freedom in the west' or whatever it is you decide to call it, is simply a waste of time and, moreover, a crime against human rights.

  • Tanja Grundström

    Geert Wilders and Mark Steyn

    Im truly happy that briljant men like Gert Wilders and Mark Steyn exist and have the courage to stand up against islamists and their little helpers the Political Correct ( or Corrupt ? ) naive treators who are not doing anything to save the European culture !
    Here in Sweden , which is the most political correct country ( and stupid..) in the world , the political elite and media are strongly censured.
    Nothing critising the "Holy People " the moslems will NEVER be published ! The most horrifying thing I think is that now Sweden is number 2 in the Worlds List of countries with most of the rapes ! Number 1 is South Africa ( Lesotho ) …This is truly terrible for a civilised western country with long history of democracy and equal rights for women.
    And of course, where are rapists coming from ? Refugees from moslem countries like Somalia, Irak, Tunisia , Libya etc are responsible more that 80 % of all reported rapes.
    They are speliazed with very cruel rapes and even gangrapes and often thay also brutally kill their vicitms.
    Idiotic and naive politcians are importing HUGE numbers of immigrants from moslem countries. From the most dangerous countries in the world like Somalia and Irak where raping women is a local hobby for men .
    These refugee families, they are always big : 6 – 40 people with all their old and sick relatives which they are allowed to bring with them…they get huge , huge benefits from swedish taxpayers, at least 30.000 SEK ( about 5000 US dollars ) per month ! And of course totally free healt care, free education even at the University, free day care for children, free care for the elderly ,free housing, huge housin benefits, special child
    benfits per each child per month etc etc…
    This madness costs swedish tax payers about 200 biljon SEK ( swedish crowns per year ! ) , 2004 it was 17,5 % of all tax income in that year !
    And how do these people answer to all this incredible generosity ? Well, thay respond by not respecting our laws and culture, thay rape and murder women and children..
    They follow their own Quran and Sharia laws and build more and more moskees , they show their desrespedt to us in many, many ways…They are extremly cocky and brutal and are heavily overrepresented in ALL criminal statistics…
    Our politicians are destroying this once so beautiful, safe and rich country !

    Our politicians are destroying this once so beautiful, safe and rich country !
    Im terrified about this situation and very depressed because of the censurship which has made free speech and free media impossible !

  • Danny Rahson

    Fjordman, YOU ARE THE ORACLE. I hope one day to be able to look up at a statue of Geert Wilders, where a plaque will read "The Savior of Europe"

  • Mervyn

    Evil happens when good men do nothing. Well, Geert Wilders is certainly one of ‘a few good men’ alerting the West to the truth, God bless him.