Internet Hate and Double Standards

Geir Lippestad was the primary defense lawyer for the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. After the trial ended, he apparently couldn’t resist the urge to act like a Social Democratic politician for the Labor Party — which is exactly what he is. Lippestad claimed that the Internet alone was responsible for creating Breivik, and wanted children to be warned against “Internet hate” in school, by which he seemingly meant all those who oppose Islamization.

He admitted that there are “great tensions” in Europe at the moment, but linked these exclusively to unemployment. Yes, economic troubles may well contribute to the current crisis, but what about Islamization, mass immigration, Multiculturalism, or the fact that the native peoples of an entire continent, especially the western half of it, are being systematically deprived of their security, their dignity, their culture and their homelands?

In November 2012, Lippestad participated alongside far-Left activists such as Tor Bach and Lars Gule at a conference about “Internet extremism” arranged by the Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council (KRÅD), a government agency working under the Ministry of Justice. Also present were members of the police such as Vegar Martinsen and Ole Hortemo, who wanted to be “a searchlight” into the dark corners of the Internet, where hateful people spread their propaganda. Geir Lippestad also announced that he would soon brief EU authorities in Brussels on how to contain the Internet radicalization that allegedly created Breivik.

Lippestad specifically highlighted me as one of the dark, dangerous and seductive totalitarian voices that need to be contained, and suggested that Gates of Vienna is a website that openly encourages violence. Similar claims have been echoed by Sten R. Helland — a communications advisor and former Labor Party politician who at his Twitter account has publicly called me a “Fascist” — as well as by the science historian Vidar Enebakk, who despite his scientific training has published totally unfounded and highly unscientific conspiracy theories that a group of people are behind the pseudonym Fjordman, not a single person.

This is, of course, utterly false. The only “violence” I have encouraged is the right for people to bear arms. None of those who survived Breivik’s mass murder — one of whom I know personally — should feel any guilt whatsoever. They survived an extreme situation that could hardly have been predicted. If anybody failed, it was we as a society who did so. If just one or two of the nearly 600 people who were at Utøya when Breivik alone started his massacre had access to firearms, perhaps dozens of lives could have been spared.

The irony is that at the exact same time as Geir Lippestad is warning against “right-wing extremist violence,” there is very real left-wing extremist political violence in the streets of Western Europe, from Oslo to Munich.

On November 24, a group of alleged right-wing extremists who were minding their own business and eating a meal were violently attacked in Oslo by a group of left-wing extremist thugs. Whether those attacked really were extremists I don’t know, but in a country based on the rule of law you cannot assault people just because you disagree with them. The people who carried out the attack came from a far-Left environment associated with the Blitz house in downtown Oslo, where left-wing thugs have been allowed to maintain their illegal base for decades.

It is possible to speculate whether this attack was encouraged by repeated claims in the mass media, fueled by people such as Geir Lippestad, that a wave of dangerous right-wing extremism is sweeping society. Of course, violent Internet hatred does exist, but most frequently among Muslims — who get a free pass from left-wingers.

Søren Espersen, a journalist and author, and currently a noted Member of Parliament for the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti), commented on how Muslims had left comments at the Facebook page of long-time DPP leader Pia Kjærsgaard on November 23 2012, after she announced her support for a pro-Israel rally in Copenhagen. She is also known for her opposition to Islamization and mass immigration and has lived with bodyguards for years because of this.

The comments quoted by Espersen, which were made by many Muslims in Denmark, not just one or two isolated individuals, are shocking even to those who have seen quite a few similar messages before. They included several explicit death threats, with calls for Pia Kjærsgaard to be brutally murdered in this life as well as to burn in hell in the afterlife. The dissident writer Kim Møller at his website Uriasposten cited more comments in Danish from persons with clearly Muslim names such as Mohammed Jamil and Hamza Awad in support of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and regretting that his Nazi regime didn’t manage to kill all Jews on the planet.

In Norway, a Muslim former member of the Labor Party’s youth organization (AUF) in reaction to Israel’s escalating conflict with militant Muslims from the terrorist organization Hamas, wrote on Facebook “Goddamn Jewish whores….I wish Hitler could come back and shower you some more.” He was, of course, referring to the way in which large numbers of Jews were gassed to death in alleged “showers” during the Holocaust by the genocidal Nazi regime, and regretted that this hadn’t finished off all Jews. Khalid Haji Ahmed, a local Labor Party politician in the town of Hamar, joined in on the debate and did not really reject the previous comments.

The Labor Party later announced that while they clearly did not condone these online comments, the debate would have no serious repercussions for the political career of 33-year-old Khalid Haji Ahmed. Ahmed himself suggested that maybe this entire case had become a problem because Jews wanted to hurt him.

As the dissident writer Nina Hjerpset-Østlie commented, the weak response from the Labor Party to these comments in support of genocide was probably because they didn’t want to alienate Muslim and immigrant voters, who are crucial to the electoral success of left-wing parties throughout the Western world, from the USA via France to Norway. The voting patterns of Muslims and of Third World immigrants in general have already tipped the scales in favor of Socialist or left-wing candidates and parties in elections in several Western countries.

As these comments suggest, some hateful and violent comments can be found on the Internet. If Geir Lippestad is so concerned about this problem, perhaps he should also take a look at certain members of his own party?

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  • Vidar Enebakk

    Dear Peder Jensen,
    Why don't you ever talk about those 45 essays of your (appr. 300 pages!) copied in extenso into Breivik's manifest? Why don't you ever admit to your fans and followers that Breivik was actually to a lagre extend inspired by you? Why do you keep blaming Bin Laden og Che Gevara in stead of actually defending what you previously written? It's utterly dishonest. You're a fraud, man.

    • ratloser

      Guilty by association…you´re a stupid rabble-rouser.

      • Vidar Enebakk

        Wrong. He's NOT guilty. Fjordman just said a lot of stupid things about civil war and our political elites being traitors to be held accountable for their betrayal. Ufortunately, Breivik believed him, regarded him as his favourite author, and pasted 45 of Fjordman's essays into his 2083-manifesto, but that does not imply guild in a legal sense.

        • IRL

          And if someone attacks or kills Fjordman after reading your post and/or the long and continuous slander and guilt by association by you and a combined Norwegian press, would you hold yourself and Norwegian journalists accountable for "inspiring" the criminal? Don't make me laugh.

          Fjordman has freedom of speech too.

          • Chezwick

            Excellent riposte. There is nothing Vidar Enebakk can possibly say to refute the logic of your point.

          • PACE

            Enebakk does not promote the use of violence in conflict with the law and against individuals and groups. Jensen do, as Enebakk has proven on the basis of his texts. The far right seem to confuse anaysis, criticism and different opinions with "slander" end "censorship".

          • reader

            "Enebakk does not promote the use of violence in conflict with the law and against individuals and groups. Jensen do, as Enebakk has proven on the basis of his texts."

            Really? How many times did you complain about the complicity of European media in practically daily assaults on the European Jews everywhere, particularly in Scandinavia?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Really? How many times did you complain about the complicity of European media in practically daily assaults on the European Jews everywhere, particularly in Scandinavia?"

            Can you see the distinction between criticizing the hegemony of the mainstream media, and criticizing one man, or a small group of those who offer dissenting views? Who is likely to have more influence, and why don't know acknowledge their power (mainstream media who follow the leading liberal parties) if you think one man has so much on his own?

          • IRL

            Well, mr. Enebakk. I presume it is you, because the chances of here being *two* people with the same twisted view of reality is far fetched, though not impossible.

            "Enebakk does not promote the use of violence in conflict with the law and against individuals and groups. Jensen do, as Enebakk has proven on the basis of his texts."

            This "proof" is a joke: Enebakk quoted Fjordman speaking of a potential civil war where jihadists went over to ethnic cleansing. Fjordman then argued that leaders cooperating with these jihadists would have to be removed, if necessary by force.

            I for one think that preventing a humanitarian disaster with force, if necessary, is a good thing. Secondly and most importantly such an action is endorsed by the Norwegian penal code § 47.

            But in the demented world of Enebakk, Fjordman is actively promoting violence here and now, while the opposite is true: Fjordman has written time and time again *against* violence. He has warned time and time again against people who time and time again murder real people in the real world. Even as these people have killed, sliced the throats of, bombed and shot thousands of innocent people, he has been a staunch defender of freedom of speech and has never called for retaliation or violence.

            For this he received death threats, was treated like a common criminal despite having the status of witness, and was finally chased out of the country.

            Now my question above still stands: "And if someone attacks or kills Fjordman after reading your post and/or the long and continuous slander and guilt by association by you and a combined Norwegian press, would you hold yourself and Norwegian journalists accountable for "inspiring" the criminal?"

            Yes or no?

            If Vidar Enebakk was a decent man, he would sincerely apologize.

          • PACE

            Norwegian penal code § 47 is completely irrelevant. It does not support armed insurrection to overthrow a democratically elected government as Jensen promotes in his writing.

          • reader

            It does not escape trained on marxists of various stripes eye that you haven't even as much as attempted to answer elementary questions.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Norwegian penal code § 47 is completely irrelevant. It does not support armed insurrection to overthrow a democratically elected government as Jensen promotes in his writing."

            Why don't you cite those passages for us?

          • Viet Vet

            One way or another the Islamofascists will do it.

          • IRL

            "Norwegian penal code § 47 is completely irrelevant. It does not support armed insurrection to overthrow a democratically elected government as Jensen promotes in his writing."

            First of all, how nice of you to cherry-pick a single sentence and leaving the rest out. It must mean that you either agree with me on those points or have no idea how to counter my arguments.

            Now you obviously know the letter of the law, but you hardly have a moral understanding of the common sense behind it. Law is not about "thou shalt not", but about common good. Sometimes there are extreme situations where doing things that would otherwise be criminal is better than the consequences of the extreme situation.

            The thought example of ethnic cleansing Fjordman wrote about was first of all just a thought experiment. It was not something Fjordman argued for should happen to the current government – just against a fictional government under certain circumstances. These circumstances were ethnic cleansing. As you may well know, ethnic cleansing is classified as a crime against humanity, and it is one of the most severe violations of international law. It was, as you may also remember, accusations of ethnic cleansing that made Norway participate in the bombardment against Serbia in 1999. That this Serbian government was democratically elected was simply beyond the point, because the suffering of the civilians was thought much worse than the violations of Serbian airspace and their political system.

            Section 47 in the Norwegian penal code states: "No person may be punished for any act that he has committed in order to save someone's person or property from an otherwise unavoidable danger when the circumstances justified him in regarding this danger as particularly significant in relation to the damage that might be caused by his act."

            I will also quote section 48:
            "No person may be punished for an act committed in self-defence.
            It is a case of self-defence when an otherwise criminal act is committed for the
            prevention of or in defence against an unlawful attack if the act does not exceed what appeared to be necessary for that purpose, and it must not be considered absolutely unfitting to inflict so great an evil as is intended by the act in view of the dangerousness of the attack, the guilt of the assailant, or the legal right assailed."

            As you can see, saving someone's person from unavoidable danger allows you to even break the law if the damage of not doing anything is greater than committing the otherwise illegal act. As you can also see, attacking a legitimate and democratically elected government is completely legal if this government is criminal (committing crimes against humanity), and the consequences of not intervening would be a disaster. This was also the case in Fjordman's example.

            Fjordman is on this point not any more radical than former prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik, whose government bombed Serbia and participated in the attack on Afghanistan.

            You, on the other hand, would probably fit right in as a stormtrooper in the 30s. Not only do you take obvious joy in bullying a lone political dissident like Fjordman and whip up the public against him. (I read the article where you tried to tie him to Breivik.) You also believe that a democratically elected government (like Hitler's?) has a free hand to do anything they please, including crimes against humanity, and that even then no one has the right to intervene, and that anyone trying to overthrow such a government are not decent people but criminals.

            Well, I finally figured you out: You may be a social democrat or whatever political color you think on the outside. But on the inside you support totalitarianism, yet have the nerve to point your finger at Fjordman. Have you no shame?

          • PACE

            TL:DR It must piss you racists off to know that proponents of the correct path ignore you. Our truth is self revealing while yours is easily classified by any psychological pathology attributed to a lack of education. Plebeian fools.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "political elites being traitors to be held accountable for their betrayal."

          Traitors should not be held accountable, or is is OK to hold them accountable as long as nobody talks about it beforehand?

          How does "held accountable" translate in to vigilante slaughter? That's quite a leap and perhaps your faculties are just as defective as the gunman's. Maybe we should safeguard those with such delusions, until we can get them a clean bill of health as we say.

          Care to check yourself in or should we send someone to collect you?

        • Viet Vet

          Vidar Enebakk is no different than any other communist or islamofascist, calling for censorship of speech he doesn't agree with. It's a strategy aimed at trying to shut people up, and toe the commie line. We put up with that crap all the time in the U.S. from the same leftist and islamist miscreants. In the U.S., a favorite tactic of this is to charge racism. The marxist press is usually leading the charge. We sure as hell don't need anyone to tell us how dangerous to our liberty is communism and islamofascism. Only the very myopic have not figured that out. Too many Neville Chamberlains in the world.

    • Paul Weston

      Had Fjordman encouraged people to take up arms against the left, then you may have a point. But he did not, has not, and never will encourage any sort of violence. Your comment is therefore idiotic. None of us want violence, but unfortunately we get a huge amount of violence directed at us because of the violent nature of Islam and the violent nature of the left. The three greatest killing machines in the history of mankind are the National Socialists, the International Socialists and the religious ideology of Islam. Fjordman stands against all of these three political ideologies – whose side are you on Mr Enebakk? The mass-murdering Communist Left or the mass murdering new Nazi ideology of Islam? You may think you don't need to take a side, but history and the nature of man suggests the present situation (propogated by the left) can only lead to a continental sized Yugoslavia break up, along the usual fault lines of tribe and religion. Are you really so stupid you cannot see this?

      • Viet Vet

        I got the idea that ol' Enebakk didn't think poorly of bin Laden and Che Guavara, both psychopathic mass murderers.

      • Vidar Enebakk

        It doesn't matter. The insinuation is the same. Your way of life is over and never coming back. Your precious nations have been crushed and re-written, and with good reason. In the coming revolutions your kind will be ground into dust after they are exposed for what they really are, Fascists.

        • @USinfidela

          It is amazing that you attempt to demonize a man who simply shines a light on the arrogance and oppression you espouse.
          You Mr. Enebakk are the bigot.and danger to our society and decency.
          Fascists? Ironic coming from a cretin who would make Hitler proud.

          Islam destroys everything it touches. It ain't gonna happen.
          Western Civilization evolved far from the cave for a reason..

    • Mary Sue

      don't you think those anti-semites that preach hate against jews should be called to account?

    • Watchful

      Peder Jensen did not advocate violence and murder. That's your fantasy. Brevik had his own fantasies. Perhaps you and Brevik have something in common, i.e., making up reality and confusing fantasy with reality?

      • Viet Vet

        I remember in reading quite a bit back when Brevik did that and one thing stuck out to me, when he talked of his frustration in not having an means of expressing his opinions. That sounded just like the leftwing press and commicrap party in the U.S. that tries to shut down opposing news and opinion, e.g., FOX NEWS, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et al. The left in the U.S. and that includes their sycophant communist media, are frantic and wild-eyed in their hate that those conservative news and opinion entities exist. The left goes to all lengths of madness to try to discredit these people. It's nothing short of an inquisition.

    • Watchful

      p.s. The Koran actually does actively call for violence, murder and terror. And that's not a fantasy. Wise up.

      • Viet Vet

        Enebakk is a coward, he knows Jensen isn't going to hurt him, but he's scared to death to speak up about the IslamoNazis for fear they'll slit his scrawny throat.

    • Vidar Enebakk

      To the Editor,
      This is a false 'Vidar Enebakk' pretending to be me. Please remove.
      Best regards,
      Vidar Enebakk

  • ebonystone

    "Lippestad claimed that the Internet alone was responsible for creating Breivik."

    That means it's all Algore's fault. He invented the internet after all.

  • Mary Sue

    Oh man they think you're the right-wing version of the hacker/vigilante left wing anarchist group that calls itself Anonymous?

    I have to wonder what it is about Muslim immigrants voting left wing, when they know full well the left supports such things as they despise (gay marriage; women's rights, etc). I guess the only thing they have in common really is the statism.

    • Caralos Perera

      The alliance between ultra-conservative Moslems and ultra-progressive Leftists is one of convenience (think Hitler-Stalin Pact): Leftist governments, as Fjordman stated, have allowed essentially untrammeled Moslem immigration into their countries because they are hoping to gain an unassailable electoral edge with that demographic on their side, while the Moslems are holding their noses as to progressive social values in the near term, biding their time until they achieve a large enough population mass to allow them to impose their own social vision–sharia–on their host countries. My money is on the Moslems in the long term.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "The alliance between ultra-conservative Moslems and ultra-progressive Leftists is one of convenience (think Hitler-Stalin Pact):"

        Correct. They each have so much contempt for one another, that they have no fear of using and destroying the other last. They both fear conservatives who know their game and have destroyed them in the past, but sadly giving too much mercy each time history forced us to deal with them.

      • Viet Vet

        I might interject that in WWII Hitler (the Nazis), and the muslims (islamofascists) were allied. They are one and the same.

    • Viet Vet

      Totalitarianism is what they have in common.

  • John Rutley

    Now one can understand Breiviks motives though not condone them. Simpleton leftist nitwits and their view of the world through rose tintend glasses.

  • BobSmith101

    Breivik is the creation of Western Europe’s intellectual “elites”. Their experiment in multi-culturalism was done without asking the public. It has been an abject failure. It has set the stage for the 21 century Euro/Islamic war. And the pathetic leftist know-it-alls continue to try to stop discussion on the largest mistake in Western Civilization’s history.

    Breivik is the natural outcome of a pressure cooker with no relief valve. The leftists have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Anna

      I agree, but not only that, the whole Breivik affair is full of unaswered questions. I distinctly remember reading somewhere that surviving children who hid have reported that there were more shooters. Anyone else read that? Shots came from different parts of the island they testified. The police took the longest route to the island. Why?

  • Thomas Wells

    Leftway is where Norway used to be.

    • Viet Vet

      If we judge Norway by their (and sweden's) Nobel (peace) Prize committee, they are far left. Only leftists (communists) and Islamofascists (yasser arafat) qualify for the Peace Prize. And it's been that way for a long time.

  • Aizeta

    Sooner than later Fjordman is bound to be one of the most relevant political figures in his country and possibly in the entire continent. That is why the pinkos are chasing him, they are terrified because the gravy train of multiculturalism would derail if Fjiordman`s viewpoint prevails and it would if a democratic referendum was to be held on this issue

  • Ghostwriter

    Look,Fjordman has a right to speak like everyone else does. Just because some don't like his speech doesn't give them the right to take that speech away. Why don't these people ever grow up?

    • Viet Vet

      The left believes you have a right to speech as long as you agree with them.

  • Rod Elliot

    >>regretting that his Nazi regime didn’t manage to kill all Jews on the planet. ___________________ In case you are unaware, if you travel to the East, to 'moderate' nations like Jordan and Syria, you will see that one of the most popular books, in the front window of most bookshops, is Mein Kampf. Fully translated into Arabic, of course.


  • rod elliot

    Here are a few of the exhortations to hatred and murder — from the Koran

    Infidel or Unbeliever = Jew, Christian, Sabean, Idolator, Polytheist, Atheist or Pagan.

    This is just a sample of Koranic hatred, because I missed out all the general threats and hatreds, and got bored by chapter 22. This is the entire problem with Islam, because the Koran is a book of hatred and war, with some 500 verses wishing non-Muslims to be maimed, tortured, killed or sent to the fires of hell.

    The Koran is, quite simply, the most hate-filled book ever published. Indeed, Westminster politicians agreed that this hatred was completely unacceptable and set about trying to ban this evil book. However, when they discovered that the quotes I had given them came from the Koran, there was mass panic in the corridors of power, and a screeching U-turn was made. It was then claimed that the Koran could not be banned because it was not subject to the laws on incitement to hatred and murder.

    Who says it is not? Where does it say this??

    Verses from the Koran…..

    1. … a grievous punishment awaits them. 2:5, 2:104, 2:174, 3:176, 3:177, 3:178, 3:189, 4:56, 4:138, 5:36, 9:79, 9:90, 9:96, 9:101, 9:114, 10:9, 10:69, 10:95, 10:101, 13:34, 14:2, 14:29, 16.63
    2. … shall be inmates of fire, 2:39, 2:82, 2:167, 3:131, 3:150, 3:192, 4:56, 4:116, 4:145, 6:129, 8:13, 9:17, 9:63, 9:68, 10:9, 10:27, 11:15, 14:30, 22:8,
    3. Fight against the unbelievers until idolatry is no more, and god’s religion reigns supreme. 2:193
    4. Muslims, fighting is obligatory for you, even if you dislike it. 2:216
    5. Say to the unbelievers. ‘you shall be overthrown and driven into hell, an evil resting place’. 3:10
    6. Those who make war on god and Muhummad … shall be crucified and have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides. 3:34
    7. They shall strive to get out of the fire, but they shall not. A lasting punishment awaits them. 3:37
    8. The unbelievers shall be sternly punished in this world and in the world to come, there shall be none to help them. 3:58
    9. The reward for the unbeliever will be the curse of god, angels and all mankind, and under it they will abide forever. 3:88
    10. Lay hold on the unbelievers, and kill them wherever you find them. 4:91
    11. The unbelievers are your inveterate foe. 4:101
    12 As for the unbelievers, if they offered the whole earth to redeem themselves … it will not be accepted from them. A woeful punishment awaits them. They will strive to get out of the fire, but they will not. A lasting punishment awaits them. 5:36
    13. Who will receive a worse punishment from god? Those who god has cursed and transformed into apes and pigs, and those who serve the devil. 5:60
    14 Those who turn away from the Koran shall be sternly punished for their indifference. 6:157
    15. God said … I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the tips of their fingers. 8:12
    16. Make war on the unbelievers until idolatry ceases and god’s religion reigns supreme. 8:40
    17. The basest of creatures in the sight of god are the faithless and those who will not believe. 8:55
    18. Let not the unbelievers think they will get away … Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your command, so you may strike fear into the enemies of god. 8:59
    19 Muhummad, rouse the Muslims to arms. If there are twenty among you, they shall vanquish two hundred. And if there are a hundred with you, they shall rout a thousand unbelievers; for they are devoid of understanding. 8:65
    20. Proclaim a woeful punishment for the unbelievers. 9:4
    21. When the sacred months are over, slay the idolators wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere for them. 9:5
    22. Make war on the leaders of the unbelievers. 9:12
    23. Make war on the unbelievers, god will chastise them at your hands and humble them. 9:14
    24. Fight those to who the scriptures were given, and do not believe in god and the Last Day … until they pay the religious tax in absolute submission 9:29
    25 Muslims, if you do not go to war, god will punish you sternly and will replace you by other men. 9:39
    26. Make war on the unbelievers and hypocrites, and deal harshly with them. 9:73
    27. As for the unbelievers, scalding water they will drink, and for their unbelief a woeful punishment awaits them. 10:9
    28 They shall be bound with chains. They are heirs of the Fire and shall abide in it forever. 13:6
    29. Punishment awaits the unbelievers in this life, but a more grievous punishment awaits them in the life to come. 13:34


  • DebbieOhio912

    Norway shouldn't worry too much. Once the UN takes over the internet their problem will be solved.

  • jacob

    The left claims the mass murderer was inspired by critcs of the Islamization of Europe. It is much more plausible that the killer was inspired by what he saw is happening to Europe as a result of the policies of the social democrat elites.

  • rod elliot

    Here are the rest of the Koranic exhortations to hatred and murder:
    (only up to chapter 22)

    30. Do they not see how we invade their lands and diminish their borders? 13:40
    31. Woe betide the unbelievers, for they shall be sternly punished. 14:2
    32. Hell will stretch behind the unbeliever, and putrid water he shall drink … Death will assail him from every side, yet he shall not die. A harrowing torment awaits him. 14:16
    33. The unbeliever will burn in hell, and evil will be their fate. 14:29
    34. On that day you will see the unbelievers bound in chains, their garments will be pitch, and their faces covered with flames. 14:50
    35 God will gather the unbelievers on the day of resurrection, prostrate upon their faces, blind, dumb and deaf. Hell shall be their home: whenever the flames die down, god will rekindle them. Thus shall they be rewarded because they disbelieved. 17:98
    36 For the unbelievers god has prepared a fire which will encompass them like the walls of a pavilion. When they cry out for help they shall be showered with water as hot as molten brass, which will scald their faces. Evil shall be their drink, evil will be their resting place. 18:29
    37. On that day, god shall lay bare Hell before the unbelievers, who have turned a blind eye to my reprimand and a deaf ear to my warning … We have prepared a Hell for the unbelievers to dwell in. 18:100
    38. We will call the unbelievers to account in company with all the devils, and set them on their knees around the fires of Hell. 19:70
    39. Know that god sends down devils to the unbelievers, to incite them to evil. The day will come when we gather the righteous before the Lord, and drive the guilty to hell in thirsty hoards. 18:87
    40. If only the unbelievers knew the day when they shall strive in vain to shield their faces and their backs from the fires of hell; they day when none shall help them. 21:39
    41. If anyone thinks that god will not give victory to Muhummad in this world and the next, let him tie a rope to the ceiling of his house and hang himself. 21:15
    42. Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water will be poured upon their heads to melt their skins and that which is in their bellies; and they shall be lashed with rods of ireon. If they try to escape, they shall be dragged back and told, ‘taste the torment and the Fires’. 22:19
    50. Muslims do not take the Jews and Christians for friends. 3:28
    51. Muslims, do not make friends with anyone but your own people. 3:118
    52. Muslims, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. 5:51

    This last quote is a letter from Muhummad to his cousin, in the Koran. Nice man. Nice religion.

    60. May the hands of Alu-Lahab perish. May he himself perish. Nothing shall his wealth and gains avail him. He shall burn in s flaming fire, and his wife, laden with firewood, shall have a rope around her neck. 111:1