Monitoring Islam-Critics in Norway

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LO, the influential Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, has intimate – some say organic – connections to the ruling Labor Party. Together, the two organizations have arguably made up the country’s most important network of power for generations. Sections of LO will from 2012 on donate half a million kroner every year to the Norwegian Centre against Racism to combat right-wing extremism. “To be against the Multicultural society, as Breivik says, is nothing other than what Hitler espoused,” says Leif Sande, who represents one of LO’s subgroups.

Kari Helene Partapuoli, leader of the Centre, which already receives millions in direct state support annually, says the money will partly be spent on mapping international networks opposed to multiculturalism. Partapuoli earlier warned against the dangers of “subconscious” racism, stating that there is a racist in all of us. She didn’t explain what kind of mental exorcism will be required to drive out our racist inner demons, however. Shoaib Sultan, the former General Secretary at the Islamic Council of Norway, currently works for them as an advisor on how to deal with extremists who oppose the colonization of their country through mass immigration.

In late 2011 there was a demonstration against racism at Youngstorget in Oslo arranged by LO. Its powerful national leader, Roar Flåthen, promised that the labor unions will fight relentlessly against racism and intolerance throughout society and in the workplace. “We want a Multicultural society. This is enriching,” he told the crowd. Flåthen is also a politician for the Labor Party and sits on the board of A-pressen, a large national media company partially controlled by LO that is the whole or partial owner of dozens of local or regional newspapers.

The leaders of LO have been known to consult with – or, as critics claim, instruct – the Prime Minister on how to deal with certain sensitive political matters, especially when the PM comes from the Labor Party. Although a few critical comments can be heard about this, by and large this state of affairs is considered acceptable in Norway.

Post-Breivik, writer Øyvind Strømmen has been hailed as one of the country’s “leading experts” on the counterjihad movement, which triggers roars of laughter from those of us who actually know it well. He has even lectured for the police plus Minister of Justice Grete Faremo from the Labor Party on how to increase surveillance on the Internet of alleged extremists who are critical of the Labor Party’s immigration policies.

Sadly, they won’t face too much opposition to these policies from other political parties, either. Erna Solberg, leader of the Conservative Party of Norway, also wants stronger action to combat “hate.” She has called for coordinated actions in all segments of society, from the schools to the police, in order to stamp out “racism and extremism” in any way, shape or form. It is implied here that “racism” means opposition to mass immigration.

Solberg has for years encouraged continued or increased mass immigration and praised the wonderful “diversity” this supposedly brings to the country. Moreover, she has called for establishing a sharia council so that local Muslims can use Islamic law in family affairs with state approval, and has warned that Muslims in the Western world are now being harassed in a manner similar to  the way Jews were treated during the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s. This was said not by a Socialist, but by the leader of the so-called conservative opposition party in Norway.

Øyvind Strømmen advocates having more regular police patrols on the Internet to monitor nasty websites that are critical of Islam or mass immigration. He lectured the important July 22nd commission on the alleged dangers of Islamophobic right-wing extremists. In the daily Vårt Land, he warned against giving dangerous fascist extremists who are critical of Islam, multiculturalism or mass immigration too much access to the mass media.

The state-sponsored Centre against Racism in a May 2012 report explicitly defined “Islamophobia” as one of the main branches of contemporary right-wing extremism, along with anti-immigration sentiments/xenophobia and neo-Nazism, claiming that “Most right-wing extremists hate Islam” and attributing this to fear of the unknown.

In addition to Øyvind Strømmen, one contributor to this report was the PhD Candidate Anders Ravik Jupskås. He wrote about “radical right-wing populists” such as the evil Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, the True Finns in Finland or the Swiss People’s Party in Switzerland. Another contributor was Kristian Bjørkelo, a folklorist with an expressed personal interest in political extremism, cannibalism and the history of the vibrator as a sexual tool. It’s unclear how that makes him an expert on issues related to Islam, but he’s very concerned about the counterjihadists and the many alleged dangers they represent to civilized society.

The Centre against Racism argues that mentioning the term “dhimmi” is a sign of extremism, even though this is a perfectly legitimate Arabic word cited in Islamic religious texts. Apparently, merely citing the very texts Muslims themselves use is a sign of “Islamophobia” and by extension right-wing extremism. They also promote the old lie that “jihad” does not mean Holy War, just “struggle,” and suggest that the very term Holy War does not exist in Islam. The powerful organization Expo is spreading similar disinformation to Swedish pupils.

The term jihad means exactly what it appears to mean: Holy War to establish Islamic supremacy and the rule of sharia law, eventually globally. It is true that there are non-violent aspects to this struggle as well, but that is equally true of all wars. Warfare since before Sun Tzu and The Art of War in ancient China has consisted of armed struggle combined with skillful use of propaganda, diplomacy and disinformation to confuse the enemy. These various aspects of the struggle complement each other, but propaganda does not replace armed struggle.

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  • Docky Musicy

    The main theme of the koran is fury and hatred against non-Muslims like we and our children, expressed in the most sadistic language ever placed between the covers of a single book. Only people who have not lived next to islam think islam is fine. People all over the globe are actually constantly moving away from islam since the last 1400 years.islam is a sadistic cult that is alive today because of pure luck. If buddhists take up arms against something it means that it must really be evil. Afganistan was a buddhinst country till islam came and finished it. Afganistan’s fate under islam is exactly what will happen to India and Nepal and The UK and The USA and Europe. Slowly slowly. Islam will win and the planet will lose.
    South America will slowly rise against islam. islam as we speak is infiltrating the latinos….. The latinos are not brits… no stiff upper lip bull… islam has a sword but south americans have the machette. Even match. Since the birth of islam because of some dumb and cowardly arabs the horror that is islam has been making forward thinking men and women move away from it constantly. But soon the planet is going to come to an end for running away from islam. Television is the culprit. The horror that is islam cannot be openly discussed on television because it is too horrible to show. But the aftermath of living next to invasive islam can be showed only when islam is resisted and thus islam comes out looking good. Pure evil looks good because the Politically-Correct brigade refuses to see the horrors of islam and most of the channels in TV are slowly but surely being bought over by the arabs who are the only creeps who benefit because of islam. Women and children have no voice in islam and the politically correct way is silence. No one has the guts today to call islam evil. Evil it is. Savages muslims are. Islam is sadistic. Some of the writing is poetically sadistic. Dirty poetry if there ever was any written. The idiotic Koran would never ever win any award for literature. Gutter Literature First Prize. Hands down.
    The main theme of the koran is fury and hatred against non-Muslims like we and our children, expressed in the most sadistic language ever placed between the covers of a single book.

  • Bob Smith

    Is a rich, and free society doomed to suicidal intellectual folly? Good luck Norway, maybe your grandchildren do not want to know the answer.

    • guest

      if the norwegians are so bone deep dumb then they should be swallowed by the islam behemoth. they deserve it. dumb dumb ignorants in europe

      • Kufar Dawg

        Are they ignorant? Or corrupt, cowardly and apathetic?

  • Beagle

    The basis of multiculturalism is that every other ideology has to buy into the notion of sharing space with other cultures and ideologies. Islam doesn't do that. At some point the Left has to come to grips with embracing gay marriage and the respect for a culture and medieval legal system which hangs gays from cranes. Going to be bumpy.

    While we're looking for indicia of Nazism don't forget vegetarian artist.

    By my calculations, Breivik can serve (at most) 3.27 months per murder if he serves the full 21 years. Europe might want to take a more anti-murder stance before worrying about whether someone says "dhimmi". Jihad does mean struggle and when followed by "in the cause of Allah" is often _and traditionally_ interpreted as holy war against non-Muslim kafirs, polytheists, musrikun, idolaters, but especially Jews. Is that really so hard to get going on eleven years after 9/11?

    If "Islam is the Solution" the problem must be a lack of reasons to kill one another.

  • Drakken

    Beagle, the leftist/progressives will never ever come to grips with hating their own culture, they think of it as something to loath and hate and love of the colonizer. The more these useful idiots of the left encourage their own and silence any type of dissent the more likely your going to get 1,000's of Breiviks. I am reminded of a an old saying that says, the more you silence peoples voices, the next thing you will hear is the sound of rifles. That day is comming and the leftist/progressives will rue the day they turned on their own people, the lamposts of Europe will be filled with these traitors.

  • Beagle

    That's some grim predicting there. I'm anti-violence religious or political. Self defense is the only exception. Not a big fan of civil wars or mass vigilante justice either. Maybe I'm too old for the 'excitement' or more likely that I appreciate how easy we've had it as a generation compared to nearly every other in human history. Lots of people seem to be willing to scrap that too easily through willful blindness and crazy immigration policies.

    The whole idea of the US was to not have the religious wars which plagued Europe for centuries, much less the even bigger religious war before that. There are, what, 57 so-called Islamic states for Muslims who want to live under sharia. Don't need any more.

    • JoJoJams

      "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do……nothing."

    • Kufar Dawg

      Just because you're anti-violence doesn't mean muslimes won't kill you given half the chance. If you don't believe me take a trip to Somalia, Pakistain, Iran, Iraq or now Syria. At least a dozen foolish infidels/kufars have been beheaded by muslimes over the last 8 years.

  • Drakken

    Beagle, I am sorry to tell you that the time for just self defense has come and gone and another religious war is on the horizon. The old European genes of old will be rising to the surface and be unleashed. Anti-violence is an invitation to slaughter and there will be a lot of it in the coming days. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but history is now repeating itself unfettered.

  • Arnesen

    Can anyone explain why European woman is loving Islam , and defending all kind of immigration, when they at the same time is digging their own right to complete equality in rights with men? I have ask my wife, my female relatives, my work colleagues etc. the only answer I get is shoulder nodding. I just don't get it.

    It's like saying, "it won't hurt me, it might hurt my daughter, an surly will affect my daughter's daughter, but for me being poliical correct is my main cocern. I understand the threat, but let's talk equal pay…"

    • guest

      the US has foolishly brainwashed europe into total submission since WW II , european are eunuchs now with no identities save for a few individuals here and there. hence the multicultural fad is becoming suicidally psychotic and a dose of reality is needed to snap out of the complacent trance that all cultures are equally good.

      • Kufar Dawg

        It's the fault of the US? Huh? Don't Europeans have to take some responsibility for their own fate?

  • Stuart Parsons

    I am all in favour of multiculturalism, but Islam is not. Does the repeated "fight them" of the Quran sound like calls for multiculturalism and does not dear old Allah call us non-Muslims the vilest of beasts and has he not promised all of us who are not of his particular culture an eternity in Hell having our skins burned of and drinking a beverage likened to that of molten brass ?

  • iftikhar Ahmad

    Saladin should be taught in European schools.Saladin should be included in European curricula, says Thorvald Steen. LeadingNorwegian writer has criticized the education given to children in European schools, saying it is misleading and arguing that a Kurdish-Muslim commander “who opened Jerusalem to all religions” after conquering it over 800 years ago should be presented as a childhood hero for them.

    “He was an enormously important figure, and he is not mentioned in our books,” said Thorvald Steen about Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub — better known as Saladin in the West — who defeated and took Jerusalem back from the Crusaders in the battle of Hattin in 118. He did not seek revenge though his generals wanted it greatly after 87 years of oppression and depression at the hands of Crusaders. He could easily smash the entire city, but he did not do that and took a rather tolerant and peaceful approach, Saladin, a devout Sunni Muslim, united Muslims against the Crusaders in Jerusalem and formed a huge army famous for its chivalry which was also supported by minority Christians and Jews at the time.
    Iftikhar ahmad

    • Yorkshire Mine

      Seeing as my last comment was automatically delete in stead of using one word to describe I will use several more polite words and let the readers work out for themselves what I meant " Anal detritus of the Bovine variety" I hope I have made myself clear

    • oogenhand

      You mean, Muslims should turn the other cheek as well?

  • LindaRivera

    They call it multiculturalism, but there is only one culture that is aggressively promoted: ISLAM. European and British leaders hate our lovely European and British cultures. They hate our beautiful, superior and extremely MERCIFUL Western civilization and are seeking to annihilate freedom and civilization via the Islamization of Europe and Britain.

    The Quran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslims. The Quran commands Muslims to wage jihad against intensely hated non-Muslims and conquer all nations. Treasonous European, British and other Western ruling elite freedom-haters are cooperating fully with the Islamic goal.

    Future generations will condemn our treasonous leaders. God will judge them.

    Brother and sister infidels, FIGHT BACK! We must NEVER lose our freedom and human rights! Join a European or British Freedom Party! We dare not lose this battle!

  • Ghostwriter

    How about George Washington be taught in European schools. A far better person for the world to emulate.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Except for the fact he was a slave owner. I'd nominate Abraham Lincoln if anyone.

    • Ghostwriter

      Ummm,Kufar Dawg,both George and Martha Washington freed their slaves when they died. While I agree that Abraham Lincoln should also be emulated,that fact shouldn't be forgotten as well.

  • Katharina Sri

    The only way to fight back is to use the legal system, besides continuous speaking up against savage Islam and Saudi/Qatar royals-sponsored Arabic global imperialism. For example, when minority Muslim immigrants or culture demand special rights under “multiculturalism”, then others must fight back through the law, for example using discrimination laws such as discrimination by Muslims towards men or non-Islamic minority groups such as being allowed to hold mass Islamic prayer on Western public streets or to promote Islamic education in Western schools (whereas native culture such as the Judeo-Christian/Western culture that founded both ancient and modern European civilization, are both protected under Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society, and hence their dominant promotion in Europe is not considered discriminatory). Our continuous silence and feeling of helplessness is what is emboldening these PREDATORY and aggressive Muslim fanatics and their mainly Socialist supporters – because they have all the money and power to use and abuse the law, especially through Saudi/Qatar-sponsored Islamic legal organizations in Western nations and infiltrating Western political parties at high rank especially the Left. Thus, I would suggest that we formed free and easy access to legal aid everywhere in Europe/US (US has remarkably such brave legal groups) to fight against such discrimination or silencing of freedom of speech against Islam – it seems small, but it can be very significant; however, many lawyers are cowards to fight against Islam. By the way, are we surprised that "Kristian Bjørkelo, a folklorist with an expressed personal interest in political extremism, cannibalism and the history of the vibrator as a sexual tool" – since Islam is a Satanic cult where sex is an extreme obsession; thus a Satanic cult of this Norwegian guy supporting fellow Satanic cult of Islam! After all, Mohammed is a racist and fascist Arabic Pedophile rapist, robber, slave-owner (especially sexual slavery and rape of Jewish children) and mass murderer of the Jews. Mohammed, who created this Devil’s cult, Islam, in order to defy civilized laws and tradition in Christianity and Judaism, especially against the Ten Commandments!

  • uve

    This is an interesting topic. The Norwegian Security and Intelligence Service got funding for a new 20 person internet surveillance unit after 7/22, they're quite secretive about it.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'm willing to bet our Federal Bureau of Islamofascism is probably monitoring the comments of FPM, as well
      as Atlasshrugs, Jihadwatch etc. To tell the truth, I don't know whose side our Dept. of Injustice is on these days.

  • Porky's2istan

    Eventually islam will do ONE attack that kills MILLIONS and all this multicultural nonsense will end. BILLIONS of muslims will parade and rally across the globe while less that a dozen muslims will condemn the attack. I consider myself a liberal multiculturalist, but like fascism, communism, and nazism, islam has no place in a civilized world. It is utterly incompatible with freedom and 'tolerance'.

    The 'moderates' or 'fake' muslims (as other muslims call them) are the beach head. After they have secured the landing areas the jihadists move in, expand, and attack. If the 'moderates' resist they get attacked too.

    There is no reforming islam without ignoring 90% of it's commandments, thus there is no reforming islam.

    • Drakken

      Islam must not be reformed because it can never be reformed, it must be utterly and brutally crushed, every mosque demolished, every imam,ayatollah and muslim religious scholar hung from the nearest light pole with a pigs foot shoved in his mouth. That is how you win.

      • ebonystone

        Or , to paraphrase Voltaire: "until the last emir is hanged by the entrails of the last imam."

  • BS77

    When I read that the mass murdering wacko Brevick was sentenced to the "maximum" of 21 years in Norway I understood why Europe is disintegrating…..He killed 77 people and wounded dozens…..and the system over there gave him 21 years. It's so ridiculous, I am gasping in disbelief.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Do they not see the news reports from around the world about Muslims mutilating and murdering? Do they not hear what Muslims say about westerners and how they despise us and our way of life and how intent they are on destroying us?
    We do not fear the unknown- we know exactly what the followers of Islam are up to.
    «The term jihad means exactly what it appears to mean: Holy War to establish Islamic supremacy and the rule of sharia law, eventually globally. «
    These anti-racist conspirators are fighting for their own demise- Islam tolerates no form of freedom as we conceive it, (freedom to a Muslim is; total submission to the will of Allah).
    Muslims are skilled in the use of propaganda, diplomacy and disinformation to confuse us, the enemy.

    • Arius

      Muslims learned their agitprop and disinformation skills from the Left in the West!

  • Hermes

    So I ask myself… what is the opinion of this bunch of paranoid marxists about muslims wanting to create a mini-state ruled by sharia in the Grönland district in Oslo?

    All this stuff is simply too much madness to be true (although I know it sadly is).

  • Jossi

    Historian A.Toynbee had it in half a sentence: "Civilizations die from suicide not by murder."

    • Oh well

      As a kid I used to wonder at why so many more Scandinavians committed suicide. They had the best welfare states in the world.

  • ebonystone

    "Øyvind Strømmen advocates having more regular police patrols on the Internet to monitor nasty websites that are critical of Islam or mass immigration."

    Instead, how about more police patrols on the ground in Oslo to deal with the epidemic of rapes by Moslems?

  • David Olds

    Why do liberals love Islam? Islam is narrow minded, legalistic, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic and, worst of all, it's a religion. You would think they would be natural enemies? But Islam and Liberalism have a common enemy – Christianity and the West. (The enemy of my enemy and all that) The Imagined threats Liberals see in Christianity are unapologetically there in Islam (X 1,000) for anyone with eyes to see, yet they hate the one and love the other. Natural explanations can’t entirely account for what we are watching. To me at least this battle has spiritual overtones. “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” St Paul

  • Oh well

    Nations like individuals can get alzheimers. You can't really blame the savages for laughing their asses off all the way to to the proverbial bank. I feel sorry for our grandchildren.

  • Homer

    Multi-culturalism, as sound a topic and greenhouse gases and the Go (Al Gore) Green theory..It never works!!