Muslim ‘Offenses’ Are About Power, Not Words

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When Muslims worldwide use violent riots as tools of intimidation and blackmail in response to what a few individuals in one Western countries have done, they are in effect treating the entire Western world just like they treat the abused Christians in their home countries, or other religious minorities that have not yet been persecuted into non-existence. It is remarkable how most Western mass media and political commentators have systematically failed to point this creeping dhimmitude out to the public.

VG’s column by Frithjof Jacobsen was published on September 17th 2012, after nearly a week of angry Muslim protests and deadly riots which were still spreading to different countries around the world. Not only did the newspaper fail to point out that Muslims are increasingly treating Europeans and Westerners as dhimmis. On the contrary, Mr. Jacobsen went far in suggesting that those mentioning the very term “dhimmi” are suffering from delusional paranoia, are extremists and perhaps potential terrorists who should possibly be put under surveillance by the security services.

This is not a unique case, either. Another one of VG’s regular columnists, Anders Giæver, previously claimed that my readers react as strongly to any criticism as Muslims do to any criticism or mockery of their Prophet Mohammed. Giæver has some explaining to do after September 2012, when Muslims were attacking embassies and killing people in various countries while none of my readers seem to be doing the same. He is wise enough to remain silent on his matter, though — or perhaps we should say cowardly enough.

I have some positive things to say about VG’s debate editor Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen. VG have, for the most part at least, allowed me to reply to statements about me in their newspaper. This is, strictly speaking, only fair and in accordance with their own ethical guidelines, but I know from experience that some media don’t follow their own guidelines. Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen is willing to write sarcastic comments about “angry white men,” but seems more reluctant to write about angry Muslim men in the same manner.

On the negative side, however, she and her newspaper often cut out elements of my essays without asking me first, despite prior assurances that they would not do this. I have noticed that the newspaper tends to cut out references or quotes indicating that Islam itself, not just “radical Islamists,” might present a problem. They also cut out a reference made by me to the fact that Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the powerful spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, supports marriage with children based on the fact that Muhammed himself had sexual relations with his child wife Aisha when she was just nine years old.

Skarsbø Moen told me by email that they would not allow such statements to be published in their newspaper. However, theologically speaking this is a fact. It says so in the most revered hadith collections for a billion Sunni Muslims, and the Shias have similar traditions of their own. That is why the Islamic Republic of Iran under Khomeini after the revolution in 1979 lowered the legal marriage age of girls to just 9 years.

VG’s staff thus actively censors critical — but factually correct — information regarding Islam and Islamic practices, yet at the same time mock writers suggesting that such censorship exists. This represents a pattern of submission and hypocrisy that has sadly become all too familiar among Western mass media today.

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  • Anthony

    This is a well reasoned, articulate response to the reality of western media complicancy in the Islsmification of Norway, et, al.

    I’ve been thinking lately that like the Borg in Star Trek, resistance is futile against global Islam. When one considers the degree of brainwashing, evil indoctrination, political back stabbing and collusion with subversive forces that empower Islam in our western nations, it appears an orchestrated effort to wreck the West is afoot. So how does one fight against such nefarious forces of evlil whose votaries appear more than willing to marry off their 9 year old daughter to Moslem men in the near future?

    I don’t know. A campaign of information awareness cannot work as the brainwashed liberals are Gestapo like overseers of the information highway. Peaceful protests as has been seen with the EDL and SIOE have garnered a heavy handed treatment by authorities. Public option on the surface seems to desire Halal food and burkas and ritual Ramadan slaughter in the open streets. So what can be done?

    The only option is rebellion against the empty suits in Brussels and Oslo and Berlin and Paris and London. But even if millions took to the streets and sought new government representation , the EU superstate would likely take military action against its own citizens seeking to break the shackles of dhimmitude. If the evil EU failed in this regard, the United Stated might take action by equating resistance to the massive power of Islam to he allies storming the beaches of Hitler’s Festung Europa to free hateful minorities from “Hatred”.

    Yes, the puppet masters orchestrating the slavery of the once noble and dignified people of he West latched onto an army of darkness that at his point in time seems unstoppable. But what can be done against this terrible tragedy and why are the elites inboard with the traitorous enslavement of their own children, families, friends, faith , traditions and culture?


    • JoJoJams

      Because the wh0re of babylon is riding the ten-headed beast, thinking she can control it, never understanding that the beast will turn on her and destroy her – and the rest of civilization, too. And, because of our unbelief, mass delusion will be allowed in the world, "so that they shall believe a great lie".
      Interesting how some stuff written a few thousand years ago actually applies to today, and is coming to fruition right in front of our own eyes.

    • Cynic

      But even if millions took to the streets and sought new government representation , the EU superstate would likely take military action against its own citizens seeking to break the shackles of dhimmitude.

      Do you think the citizens would have the courage to stand firm against military action and would the European Union behave like Assad’s regime in Syria?
      If the people are really that concerned they will have to take to the streets before the Muslim population becomes so big and aligns itself with the Brussels, because to break free from that would need a civil war of Europe.

    • Drakken

      Europe as a whole is on the brink of civil war, all it is going to take is one egregious incident to push the whole thing over. Brievek was just the beginning, what are the govts going to do when they have 1,000's of folks like him? When the media are afraid of us as they are afraid of the muslims, things will start to change.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Personally, a military overthrow of the corrupt buffoons who run Europe/Eurabia might be a better option, that is before they are also subverted and infiltrated by islamofascism, maybe something like what happened in the USSR.

  • Asher

    These people in the muslim world have proved they can’t get along with other peoples. They run on dictatorships and oppression. The film that was supposed to have caused the deaths of Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans was just an excuse for Jihad….They will use any trick in the book!

  • MikeWood

    The responses of the elite and mass media are extremely confused and in some respects understandable (though, I would dearly love to see them grow a backbone). The threat, the sense of growing menace, is so great that they resort to that most primitive of mental defences: denial. They don't look at the evidence and weigh things in the balance of reason, they just block it out and ridicule and demonise those who do face the threat. We are witnessing the hyper-effectiveness of the Muslim use of terror. Take terror to extremes, even for the tiniest things; make it indiscriminate so that any kaffir will pay the highest price for the "misbehaviour" of any other kaffir. This ensures that all kaffirs are heavily invested in preventing any one of them causing offence to Muslims or rebelling against Sharia. This response is leading to the suppression of opposition to dhimmitude and jihad. I can imagine non-Muslim community leaders in Muslim states behaving in a very similar way – throughout history.

  • BLJ

    Islam sucks. Is that good enough?

  • Advocatus

    The funny thing about Islam is that the more you learn about its tenets, the more you end up despising it — unless, of course, you are a lamentably chauvinistic and insufferably self-righteous soul who finds a benighted creed of supernatural nonsense, inherent misogyny, intellectual obscurantism and religious supremacism to be highly appealing. Yet quote the Koran chapter and verse, point out obvious facts about Muslim societies, cite well-attested Islamic acts of aggression, oppression and violence from throughout the religion's long and bloody history, and you'll be instantly branded an "ignorant" bigot and a hateful (Islamophobe), whatever that term is supposed to mean. Like I said: funny, that.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I've had the same experience from pig ignorant idiots, some of whom I used to call friend.

  • Tim

    This aggressive encroachment on the West by Islam puts the actions of Charles Martel, the Crusaders, and the Spanish Reconquista in a whole new light, doesn't it? They managed to evict Islam from large swaths of the West in their time and enabled the West to flourish.

    • 1389AD


    • Drakken

      As history as my guide, those days are going to come back with a vengeance and when they do, the leftist will know what true fear is, for they are allies of the very muslims who wish to take us back to the dark ages.

  • Ricky Michael

    Moderate Muslims are a myth. Most have merely not decided yet to be fervent in their beliefs yet.

    This is a religion that thrives on the "Mob" mentality. All it takes is one very minor issue, and poof, you get roits in the streets, along with various sundries like beheadings and hanging bodies from bridges. Call it for what it is, a terroristic, you will convert or else, abusive doctrine.

    • 1389AD


      And sometimes these "very minor issues" or sometimes not-so-minor issues are manufactured by the Muslims themselves. (Pallywood and the Mohammad al-Dura hoax).

  • @OceanGram

    Dear powers of the invisible. Please help us from this
    Religion that is a front for power politics an evil

    If we could abduct all the women the mean
    Angry men would devour each other

  • Schlomotion

    What Peder Jensen leaves out of his article here is that he is almost the sole provider of Anders Breivik's self-justification. Jacobsen sounds like the rational one for saying "Anders Behring Breivik’s mass murder was simply the 'natural product' of mudslingers on the Internet who tirelessly keep repeating the same otherworldly tales about a supposed Islamic threat to our societies." Those mudslingers mostly narrow down to Peder Jensen.

    Jensen really does transpose a sixth century minority paranoia into western civilizations that have a Muslim minority. Citing 9/11 as an example of global "dhimmitude" to the 22% of the world who believe in Islam is definitely delusional paranoia.

    • Hidden Author

      In other words, it is not important to refute any facts Fjordman might bring up. Instead you have to say (and repeat) Fjordman is Paranoid! Racist! Paranoid! Racist! … etc.

      • Schlomotion

        That works well, especially since it is true. But more importantly, Fjordman is the "brains" behind Breivik. Breivik is merely the brawn and the crazy willingness to put words into action. There were lots of facts in Mein Kampf. Pol Pot was in possession of all sorts of facts. That doesn't mean he was worth having tea, biscuits, and a forum with.

        • Georgina

          Breivik got lots of ideas from people like JFK and the Koran. The idea of visiting retribution to anyone within the group you despise is inherently islamic.
          Killing all those socialists for the sins of their parents was almost biblical!

          Much as Germany's legal system is still harping on about 10 'new-Germans' killed by 3 racists over a decade, while ignoring the hundreds of women, children and old men who have been beaten, robbed, raped, killed and mutilated by adherents of the Mohammedan ideology – or the thousands of muslims who riot and destroy whenever a muslim is arrested – you ignore the amount of anger which can be channeled within a "one is guilty – all are guilty" mentality.

          This mentality is what caused Breivik to do what he did, and it is what fuels the islamic fires.

        • Drakken

          Continue to side with the very savages who imperil us all makes you a traitor, period. Nothing you say refutes the very facts that you deny. You and folks who act and think as you do are in for the rudest of awakings. At this point, I am fresh out of sympathy or empathy for you and your kind because your actions in words and deeds will be met with western civilizations greatest strengths, it's ability to self correct by warfare.

          • Kufar Dawg

            I'd propose that Scholomotion is one of the them. His defense of islamofascism is very subtle, but his bias is clear enough — especially WRT Judaism and Jews.

    • UCSPanther

      Brevik is no longer relevant, and as usual, you are shooting your mouth off.

    • Billy Hill

      Mister Breivik formed his opinion of Islam years before he ever heard of "Fjordman" . Mister Breivik is responsible for his own acts. Your kind of logic would dictate that Dr. King and Malcolm X are responsible for the deaths of the civil rights workers in Mississippi.

    • KathleenP

      FYI, Schlomotion is a Jew-hating troll; like all trolls feeding it just makes it come back for more.

  • Ghostwriter

    Earlier,someone compared Islamists to the Borg. That's accurate,but a case could be made that they're also like the Daleks from the "Doctor Who" series. To those who don't know,they're a race of aliens who look like R2-D2's bigger,nastier brothers. They also hate everyone and everything that IS NOT like them. That also sounds like the Islamists as well.

  • Sunbeam

    Wherever they go, their intention was to plant their hateful ideology there. They never seek to belong in the land that they adopted, but seek to supersede its way life.

  • 1389AD
  • 1389AD
  • Drakken

    What I find interesting is that the more govts and media try to suppress and prosecute people who openly question the status quo, the more likely that people will respond to it by resistance by any and all means. There will be civil war and the people that brought us to this point will have to pay the fiddler for dancing to his tune.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'm beginning to think what you propose is the best possible outcome, because the only alternative I see is a submission to islamofascism, whether willing or not.