Romney Rising, Europe Panicking

The European hope for an Obama second term is now flagging after Barack Obama’s disastrous debate performance Wednesday night against Mitt Romney.

As in the United States, Obama’s debate performance is being ruthlessly panned by European leaders, diplomats and media, many of whom were not only hopeful, but confident that Obama would easily win re-election.

Instead, that certainty has now been replaced by heightened angst, best expressed by the French paper, Le Monde, which wrote on its front page, “Where did the favorite go?: Obama fails his first televised debate against an incisive Romney.”

That Obama failure, according to European media accounts, is rooted in the President’s shocking lack of style, substance and commanding presence, a critique shared across both sides of the European media’s political spectrum.

In Britain, for example, the conservative Daily Telegraph wrote that Romney was “stunningly on top of his argument with a faultless command of detail and a confident fluency that made Barack Obama seem hesitant, defensive and occasionally evasive.”

For its part, the liberal Guardian said Romney came off as “energetic and self-assured,” in contrast to the “sullen, grumpy and disengaged” Obama.” Meanwhile the liberal German news magazine Der Speigel bemoaned the fact the “sullen and listless Obama” could not best the “smiling and energetic” Romney.

The net effect, according to Der Speigel, was to render Obama “something of a Dud President,” causing a “negative effect on his candidacy” and thus placing his re-election efforts on “shaky ground.”

That electoral prospect, however, has engendered deep alarm in many European Union countries, led by right and left-centered governments, eager to keep their relationship with the Obama administration intact as they work to prevent the EU from fiscally imploding.

As one European financial analyst said, “The Europeans have a general uneasiness about a Romney presidency. It’s not because they don’t like him, but…There’s a general tendency to stick to what you know and what you have been working with.”

Romney certainly didn’t endear himself to EU leaders, in particular the Spanish, when he singled Spain out in the presidential debate as the poster child for the euro-debt crisis, when he said, “Spain spends 42 percent of its total economy on government. We’re now spending 42 percent of our economy on government. I don’t want to go down the path to Spain.”

Not surprisingly, that pointed observation hurt Spanish sensibilities, leading the country’s main daily, El Pais, to write, “Spain has never been mentioned in a presidential debate as a symbol of failure. What happened last night makes history. And not in a good way.”

To be fair, it’s hard to paint Spain in a positive light when the country is faced with record unemployment at 25 percent and reportedly on the verge of needing a bailout from the EU.

Moreover, it’s understandable why Romney wouldn’t want the United States to go down the same path as the EU, drowning in a sea of debt by giving unsustainable bailouts to welfare-state nations, such as Spain and Greece, in order to prevent them from going bankrupt.

Moreover, those recipient countries of EU largesse have had to impose harsh new spending cuts, tax increases and economic reforms to meet EU deficit targets, efforts which have hit their citizens with wage cuts and fewer services, prompting waves of anti-austerity protests.

Not surprisingly, those protests have signaled a coming EU economic meltdown, one which the Obama administration has been working feverishly to prevent prior to the November election lest it affect the US economy and imperil Obama’s reelection chances.

Administration officials have pressured EU countries to support Obama’s policy initiatives, evidenced most openly at the G8 meeting in May in which one European leader said, “It was like all of the G8 apart from Russia and Japan were expected to be part of the Obama re-election campaign.”

One EU official was even more direct when he revealed, “The Obama administration doesn’t want anything on a macroeconomic scale that is going to rock the global economy before November 6.”

To that end, Greece, which has been dependent since 2010 on billions of euro rescue loan packages as well as largesse from and the International Monetary Fund, now has a reported debt of $25 billion, double what that nation had previously claimed.

The European Commission wants a final decision on the next Greek bailout to take place at the next EU summit in mid-October, while Germany insists that it can’t be done until sometime in November — after the US Presidential election.

Yet, regardless of who wins that election, it’s unlikely that the EU will hold any longstanding objection to a Romney presidency.

As one diplomat in Brussels said, “Even though we have a natural predilection for Democratic presidents, we’ll embrace the next US president whoever he is. We just have to deal with it.”

Europe is right to be considering the possible eventualities. At this point, the election is anyone’s game.

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  • SHmuel HaLevi

    One can understand the Europeans who seem at home with at best irrelevant if not outright incompetent leaders since at least four decades ago. They would prefer one equally endowed holding sway in the US.
    And I am sure Putin would also prefer that. After all, lets remember the open mike candid declaration by Mr. Obama to the Russian president… The flexibility touch.
    Since Europe is falling to Islam, also with that in mind Mr. Obama is a perfect match to the sinking Europeans.
    But… It seems to be, even if the disastrous empty chair remains somewhat viable in the American wasteland of politics, that Mr. Romney is growing into a formidable figure likely to gain the White House.
    Note: Islam will be gaining power in Europe and there are there vast amounts of nuclear weapons, delivery systems and industry… Iran may turn out to be a side show for misdirection only.

    • Lyderhorn

      With all the american led wars in muslim countries of course there is going to be muslim immigrants into Europe but most of the immigrants to western europe come from non muslim countries such as eastern europe, in many european countries the catolic faith is growing faster.
      And Europe is not panicking over Romney, most dont even know who he is other than a rich guy born with a golden spoon in his mouth that doesnt care for the less fortunate.

      • rebel

        People from eastern europe are not much different from their western european brothers and in less than a generation they are blend. Since they all have a long common history and culture not to mention religion.
        Eastern europeans come to work and for a better life. Most mohammedans that had come only tool for a higher declared and undeclared purpose. Do what Abd-el-Rahman was not able to do 800 years ago take over the west. This fight and aim never stopped it had only lulls and the way of struggle only changed. Their invasion of the western world is not the result of " America's imperialistic wars". America had nothing to do with north African arabs and berbers who had flooded western europe. Came to Europe they do not want to become europeans they want europeans become their dzimmies. Americans will not get rid off B.Hussen Obama because he is the champion of poor people, he will be sent home because he is the enemy of the United States more than , one way. This is nothing to do with his dubious origin, his racism, marxism and open sympathy for the radical mohammedanism.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "With all the american led wars in muslim countries of course there is going to be muslim immigrants into Europe"

        Huh? You want to explain this please?

        • Lyderhorn

          You have obviously no idea how many iraqi muslims fled to Europe because of Bush's failed Iraqi war.

          • reader

            Iraqi muslims – just like muslims from other places fled to Europe because of the EU immigration policy. Even without Bush Iraq had been at bloody war with Iran and then invaded Kuwait, not to mention a slew of genocidal wars against minorities inside Iraq in all those years.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "just like muslims from other places fled to Europe because of the EU immigration policy. "

            Exactly. Now the idiots may have tolerated or even encouraged more immigration during the war, but this policy was not "caused" by the war as an uncontrollable "of course" consequence. It was counterproductive to the war effort…of course! In fact today we have even stronger 5th columns in place not because of war, but because of liberal backlash to any war, and their treasonous policies and positions as responses.


            Except for the Czech Reublic, SCREW europe.

            I wish only the worst for socialist, elitist europe.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            The borders are controlled by the respective governments. I have plenty of ideas, except where you seem to think it's a given that immigration simply comes with war. That's insanity (though I do admit some of it occurred).

            That's not quite explaining your comment, but I can imagine what you meant if I account for your lack of native or fluent English. Your "of course" reference was to "well-known history" rather than implying that immigration naturally correlates with war?

            Fleeing Muslims are what internment and processing are made for. If they love gathering in Israeli and Jordanian camps, let them become so-called Palestinians (the jihadis) while those that pass muster and swear loyalty get a conditional Resident Alien card. No more sucking up and creating class victims just because they whine.

            These failures are all due to lack of leadership. Did we lack weapons? No. Did our military tactics fail? No. We put on a "show of force" with limited destruction, that the enemy was largely able to avoid (avoiding death and being taken prisoner) and so formed an insurgency. The theory was that these rational people would see we are too strong to resist. They are not rational. If they survive, they attribute that to Allah saving them for future jihad. It's that simple.

            We need to defeat any nation who rises against us no less clearly than we defeated Japan and Germany, and we need to have just as much control over the newly formed governments.

            No, merely calling it democracy with a strong-armed election victory is not enough. No, Sharia is not acceptable anywhere the USA has any influence at all. When we defeat you with our military, you will never be allowed to use Sharia. When you accept our funds, you will NEVER be allowed to use Sharia.

            Sorry about the rant. I just can't handle defeatist attitudes.

          • 2.718…

            You are a moron – or a liar – or a moron AND a liar:

            The reality is that the people who HAVE fled Iraq, and are fleeing locations all over the Arab world, are severely persecuted Christians. For instance, in the left-winger's wet dream "paradise" of the parts of ISRAEL that are controlled by thre corrupt, racist thugocracy known as the "Palestinian (sic) Authority," the population of Arab Christians is places such as Bethlehem, where they were once a majority, has shrunk to a tiny minority.

            You are an idiot, leftist piece of European crap.

      • Walt

        Your last sentence shows you to be not only ill-informed, but ignorant! Mitt Romney gave away all of his inheritance (fact – check it out) and gives multi-millions of dollars to charity every year.

        I don't care if you don't like the man, but it isn't necessary to lie and make yourself look stupid!

    • PaulRevereNow

      Putin favors Obama's re-election because Russia has the Caspian Sea-Iran region oil in its sights; as it has for hundreds of years. And Russia has always wanted a warm-water port in that region of the world. Would that Iran turns out to be only a sideshow–what a relief that would be.

    • NoIslam

      Well…you utterly underestimate the European spirit in my opinion. Yes, we are weak today because of the liberal, multicultural scumbags leading us, but there are right-wing parties on the rise (because the majority of europeans is against the EU) in europe and in a couple of years the EU will be no more. Muslims will be send back where they came from if they want or not.

  • Banastre Tarleton

    America reached a ''tipping point '' 4 years ago and this coming Obama victory will just be the confirmation ……lets face it , America has changed radically over the last 25 years , especially over the last 10 and Obama is just the confirmation ; if this election had been back in the 1980s then it would be a no contest and McGovern -like landslide , but it isn't ;….. ''The past is another country , they do things different there ''
    The generation that suffered through the Great Depression and WW2 are no more , replaced by a generation of high tech , Hollywood indoctrinated fools and the poseur Obama is their man …they have demographics on their side and the future does indeed belong to the youing …the fact that after Obama's pitiful performance over the last 4 years he is not only still in the race , but actually ahead ,speaks volumes about the national frame of mind

    ' ' This is truly the dawning of the age of Obama ''

    • MikeWood

      I don't like to be so pessimistic but I can't help but agree with your analysis. However, if Romney can continue to make Obama look like the peevish incompetent that he is, we're still in with a chance. That still leaves the culture you describe intact, unfortunately.

      • Banastre Tarleton

        The so called ''Tea Partiers '' are merely the last hurrah for conservative , traditional America …the dying embers of a once mighty fire , raging against the dying of the light …. we are outnumbered and fighting a losing war against the seductiveness of Liberalism …they have youth and time on their side , they also have the ''soft propaganda '' of Hollywood ; a stuffy church sermon can hardly compete against the latest blockbuster movie or the constant moronic talk shows with their constant drip , drip drip of liberal subliminal messages …lets face it , Hollywood has created a '' New Man '' and Obama is it

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "The so called ''Tea Partiers '' are merely the last hurrah for conservative , traditional America …the dying embers of a once mighty fire , raging against the dying of the light "

          The liberals own the media and the teachers. Work on the teachers next. The media will follow eventually.

          Liberalism as practiced today will die. The question is how many will they take with them.

    • Spider

      This will only be the outcome in the short term because the government
      free ride they supported for 40 years is almost over. Eventually
      socialists run out of other peoples money and that time has come.
      So what happens when this spoiled ingrate generation you speak of
      has all of it's government largess taken away because they have
      bankrupted the country and all the leftist lies are met with economic reality?

  • Banastre Tarleton

    Since the communications revolution time and events have speeded up like a DVD on fast forward with change coming at an ever increasing speed ….Hollywood has always loomed large in the American psyche , but it was a different kind of conservative Hollywood , now it's the liberal MSM 24/7 that is taking over the lead as the crafter and shaper of worldview and counterfeit values …Christianity is dying a natural death and being replaced by the liberal God of Hollywood ; Obama is merely a symptom or caricature …..a black , politically correct , metrosexual with a seductive voice …..

    Coming to a theater near you '' Mr President '' starring Barry Dunham as the one and only ''Barak Hussein Obamy '' winner of 7 academy awards

  • cruiser navy 67

    Despite the POTUS trying to destroy the United States standing in the world, nations of the world look to us for stability and strength.

  • popseal

    Expect a flood of messiah like good news from around the world. Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Davos men, etc. will open the tidal gates for their sock puppet in the White House. For them, it's One World w/o boundries, a multicultural power and money pit for their closed society of elites.

    • 1.61803…

      When you criticize the Failure-in-Chief: good! Normal Americans are with you.

      When you invoke the "Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Davos men," etc., then normal Americans know they have just read the writing of an idiot: perhaps a filthy Ron Paul supporter, perhaps a wacko LaRouche supporter, or some other species of nutcase. Just go back to your garage, turn on your shortwave radio, and communicate with your like-minded, moron friends, ok jerk?

  • tagalog

    If the President of the United States is still looked to as the leader of the Free World, then maybe President Romney can help begin the process of weaning the Free World off being a group of welfare states.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      There's a distinction to be made between leader of the free world and leading aid provider. They are seen as linked by most people but that is only the case for less than 100 years and does not have to be linked at all.

  • pierce

    All I can say about the Romney debate win, is he can not let up. He will be the leader of the free world when he wins, but he has to win. Are the American voters dumb, just may be they are, after all there are an awful lot of them waiting for a hand out from Uncle Obama in the way of food stamps (used for everything but food), and entitlements like free condoms, and morning after birth control pills. That is what this country is turning into, not willing to, or wanting to work to put food on the table as long as there is Uncle Obama, who encourages this kind of behavior. Europe all over again.

  • Ghostwriter

    While many in Europe may still like President Obama,many Americans are getting a little tired of him. The debate a few nights ago will help Governor Romney get the White House.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Even the Europeans think they would like to see American hegemony shrinking because they can imagine for a moment a larger place for them. But then they realize they are still riding American coat tails just as they have since WWII.

      They'll be happier with Romney, but they won't openly hope for it. That is not fashionable to do. It's intolerable in most political environments.

  • kidpoliticexpert

    At least Europe knows that Romney is better at doing this that Obama ever could be.

  • pierce

    Does the word report on the side indicate respondents are being reported for their comments.
    Just curious, as I have never noticed it until now. In other words Is Big Daddy looking at the dissidents?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      If you are profane and viciously offensive anyone can click report and the powers that be can
      delete the posting and in severe cases ban the offender……………….William

  • WilliamJamesWard

    For me and my family European vacations are out of the question, our hope is to visit and Israel
    with Biblical borders and a land flowing with milk and honey, not terrorists and Islamist murderers.

  • george

    Europe has to change its socialist beliefs or face ruin> Romney will not stand for the socialists behavior and will bring back a sence of reality to Europe. LIke a parent who not tolerate bad behavior, a time out I think not, a trip to the wood shed would be more effective!

  • Yan

    Just returned from Paris.

    "Le Parisien", a daily Parisian newspaper, had on its front page a picture of Mitt Romney and a caption that read: "Romney, L'extraterrestre" (Trans: "Romney, The Extraterrestrial"). Most newspaper kiosks in Paris had big posters.

    The pro Obama slant of almost all of the NFM (Non Fox Media) in the U.S. exists in Europe too. It's like the media have chosen for the people.

    How I wish for a Mitt landslide……

  • Yan

    Here is the link from Paris:

  • Ray Burke

    We are witnessing an epic battle of good vs evil. Unfortunately, evil forces seem to be winning. If Obama remains in the White House, evil will prevail. Romney/Ryan are our only hope for an endurable future.

  • Mombearof2

    They shouldn't worry – all will be corrected in the next go-round. The questions will be given to Obama prior to the debate and he will practice in front of his beloved mirror.

  • Marvin Fox

    The Eurozone democracy is the same as the Democratic Party democracy, non existent. They are both socialists! Socialism and democracy are different types of governments; they can't exist in the same frame. However, misery loves company. Obama and Eurozone are navigating by the same falling star. When the Germans can no longer deny they can hold the Eurozone together because they are too broke, they will bail out. When the Germans bail, all other Eurozone ships of state will sink or float as separate nations. Loving Obama won't help Eurozone anymore then loving Eurozone will help the Obama administration. Neither Obama or Eurozone can help our Republic. Getting rid of Obama will help both sides of the Atlantic.
    Marvin Fox

  • Gamaliel

    Didn't Obama send money to Europe

  • Edgar

    Not all that live in Europe are Socialists, some of us, actually enjoy having a brain of our own, and do not want to be kept slaves of Socialist Overlords. In fact, what's needed here, is a European version of the Tea Party, as our Conservative Parties are like the Republican Rinos, and need a good Reality Jolt!