Eric Holder and Operation Stonewall

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In recent testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a combative Attorney General Eric Holder strongly denied the Justice Department is engaged in a cover-up over its involvement in “Operation Fast and Furious,” the failed gun-buying probe which led to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 300 hundred Mexican citizens.

Instead, Holder said the 14-month congressional probe into the failings of Fast and Furious had devolved into nothing but a “political” effort intended to embarrass the Obama administration.

Holder’s accusations were echoed by Democrats on the House committee who released an 89-page report prior to Holder’s testimony, which read in part: “The Committee has obtained no evidence that Operation Fast and Furious was a politically-motivated operation conceived and directed by high-level Obama Administration political appointees at the Department of Justice.”

Of course, to be fair, it’s difficult to find conclusive evidence of wrongdoing when the Attorney General has withheld from congressional investigators over 80,000 DOJ documents related to Fast and Furious, as well as preventing key Justice Department officials with knowledge of the failed operation from appearing before Congress.

Nevertheless, that track record didn’t prevent Holder from insisting before the committee that the DOJ has already “shared huge amounts of information” and would continue to do so.

Holder admitted, however, that he has not been as generous with information sharing when it comes to members of the Obama administration. One year after Terry’s death, Holder informed the committee that he still hasn’t discussed the growing scandal with Secretary of State Clinton, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano or President Obama.

According to Holder, “When people know that I’m going to be the subject of these kinds of hearings — six times and all that — nobody necessarily wants to get involved in these kinds of things, or get dragged into it.” Of course, given his handling of the deadly scandal, it comes as little surprise that his administration colleagues head for the tall grass when they see Holder approaching.

Launched in 2009 by the Phoenix branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), over 2,000 firearms were sold to low-level gun buyers suspected of supplying Mexican gangs and drug cartels.

However, in clear violation of its policies and procedures, ATF agents did not arrest these gun buyers, but rather allowed them to walk away from the purchases in hopes of tracking them to higher-up ringleaders and financiers in the Mexican cartels.

Unfortunately, the ATF lost track of more than 1,400 weapons during the operation while recovering 700 weapons from crime scenes in the United States and Arizona. Most disturbingly, one of those recovered weapons, an AK-47, had been used to kill Brian Terry near Nogales Arizona in December 2010.

Since Terry’s death, a 14-month investigation by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice has failed to produce an answer as to who in the ATF or DOJ had approved the “gun-walking” tactics employed in Fast and Furious.

While Holder acknowledged before the House committee that  no one in the DOJ has been punished “yet,” few outside the Obama administration remain hopeful that anyone will ever be held accountable given Holder’s steadfast obstruction since the start of the Fast and Furious investigation in January 2011.

Specifically, the DOJ initially tried to blame staffers at the United States Attorney’s office in Arizona and low-level agents at the ATF for the gun-walking tactics used in the operation, claiming that top officials in the Justice Department were not aware they were being employed.

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  • Ken

    Eric Holder is farce!! He has NO business being the chief law enforcement officer of this country!!

  • Steve Chavez

    Holder is using the "Schultz Plan." Remember Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes? "I SEE NOTHING! I HEAR NOTHING! I KNOW NOTHING!

    His hearings are a farce since the Democrats are dismissing any investigation that would exonerate their man. Instead they go into partisan tirades and complain of witch hunts.

    Holder too is playing the race card by saying all this is happening because he's Black. THAT'S A NEW LOW ESPECIALLY FOR A TOP OFFICIAL!

    From the beginning of Holders appointment, he has bypasses investigations against Democrats with the first major one on my former Governor, Bill Richardson of New Mexico. There were major PAY TO PLAY allegations against him and Holder, AND OBAMA, did not investigate IF BILL DROPPED OUT ON HIS RUNNING FOR A CABINET SEAT. RICHARDSON though has several other current investigations including a NM Judge who had to give "envelopes" to a Richardson middle man in order to be appointed. The Judge told another prospective Judge that she had to do the same but she told but the prosecution of this case is starting off bad since the Judge to hear the case is a Richardson appointee too! BUT ANOTHER IS BREWING THAT COULD BRING HIM DOWN. HE PAID OFF a female who claimed sexual harassment and from an Mexican bank account. He had a fund raiser which he also used the funds to pay her the $250,000 and ALSO GOT HER A STATE JOB. She was fired from the job and so she went crying to Bill who didn't help her so she OPENED UP TOO. There is a Grand Jury looking into yet another. EVERY WEEK, THERE IS ANOTHER RICHARDSON CONNECTION TO A CRIME! WHEN WILL THIS MAN GO DOWN? I PREDICT SOON!

  • PhillipGaley

    The entire thing, . . . It's awfully sad, . . .

  • Brujo Blanco

    Holder has to be the worst Attorney General this country has ever had. He is a racist and has an in your face attitude regarding his racism. This he demonstrated with the voter intimidation incident in Philadelhia. He did not charge the offenders because they were black and he was not going to do that to his people.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Bottom line is that Holder knew or should have known what was going on. This should start the first step. The presiden t should fire him. Everyone that has lied should be fired and criminal charges filed.

  • mrbean

    Holder is a unethical lawyer who should have been disbarred for facilitating Clinton's pardons for monies. His handling of the Black Panthers documented breaking of the law at a voting site, his stonewalling if not outright perjury to Congress on the Mexican gun sales calls for his immediate resignation. But if you fire a negro. no matter how corrupt and incomeptent., "Den dey dun gots tah play dah race card. yassah!"

  • pagegl

    Given that everything in the administration is ultimately Obama's responsibility I wonder how fast Holder would move if the House started impeachment proceedings for violating various laws. It is probably a stretch for Fast and Furious, but that isn't the only dubious at best and blatantly illegal at worst action this administratuion has pulled.

  • UCSPanther

    Eric Holder is sleaze with a capital "S".

    History will remember him as such.

    If "Fast and Furious" was a false flag to introduce gun control, it certainly was an epic fail at one.

  • rdf1967

    The plan was in the works long before Sep 09 – Burke was nominated in July 09 to be United States Atty – as soon as he was confirmed, guns started being bought, ATF was ordered to watch, and the guns walked to Mexico. During stimulus funding, $10,000,000 was dedicated to this DOJ op. They added agents in Mexico TO TRACK GUNS FOUND AT CRIME SCENES. Before the buyers approached the gun dealers, ATF told gun dealers to stock up – there were going to be heavy buys. The dealers got nervous and TAPED their conversations with DOJ representatives (wouldn't take word of ATF it was okay). Phoenix didn't start this – they implemented program planned in DC. Burke, an anti-gun zealot, was hand-picked to run it and they forced him to resign as if that would remove all the blame from DC and the DOJ. Need to start giving immunity and get this thing over with. I've been following it since July and cannot believe no one – not one person – has been held responsible yet.


    N.R.A. SAYS "Eric Holder,Barack Obama,Hilary Clinton, DOJ, BATF,AND home land security where useing the operation "Fast and Furious" make a few bucks and attack the 2nd Amendment" . Border patrol agent Terry's family should sue each one of these so_called cival servants of the court .In a cival lawsuet. If he were my son, serving his country I would not rest until justice to the max would be brought to all of above!! They are not any_more than a common criminal. I HATE THIS, IS WHAT OUR COUNTRY HAS COME TO!!!

  • dirtbag

    "Holder has not only refused to comply with a congressional subpoena " Looks like Obama had made the executive branch more powerful than the legislative and the judicial branches combined. The Dems should voice their opposition such condition too, if not, the Rep. will use it against them when they are in the office.

  • george a. way jr.

    you may not post my comment but it does not change the fact that i am right !!!! may "GOD" have mercy on this cesspool of a world !!! as "HE" exacts "HIS" righteous judgment on this "cesspool " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ordman

    That’s cut the c r a p shall we? The Attorney General of the State of Arizona Mr. Horne should at the very least charge the Attorney General of the United States Mr. Holder with negligent h o m i c i d e relating in the d e a t h of Agent Terry. Also if the Mexican government can show that any w e a p o n s related to F&F were used to k i l l or injure any person who is a Mexican national and if the Mexican government asks for Mr. Holder then we extradite him after his trials here in the U.S. are complete. If convicted in Mexico of any crimes related to F&F well he can serve his prison time in Mexico first. This will show the Mexican government how much that we in the U.S.A. respect them and also have the added benefit of saving the tax payers here in the U.S. the money that we would have to spend to keep him in prison here. Then if he survives his time in a Mexican prison then he can start serving his time here if he was convicted here in the U.S.A.

  • dmh

    God bless America! The devil has taken over! Everyone get down on their knees and pray for deliverance! I just noticed that over 500,000 people in this country have committed to vote for the present administration. With that many people in their pockets that can't think beyond today, we had better be wondering who is being brain washed by whom. Why? Just why would that many people be approving of this catastrophy in this country? Are all of these people approving of what Holder and the rest of these lawless people are doing? Why? They must be wearing rose colored glasses or else are being paid off in some way! We have laws! Yet those making them are breaking them! Why?