Iranian Child Brides Get Younger — And More Numerous

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Yet, while the phenomenon of child marriage may have a global span, most of these child marriages take place in predominantly Islamic countries spread throughout the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

The deeply rooted Islamic attachment to prepubescent marriage finds religious justification in the Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to a six-year-old child bride, a marriage consummated when she was nine-years-old, following her first menstruation.

In fact, determining when a girl reaches her first menstruation is the threshold by which Islamic religious leaders and scholars determine the basis for what age is proper for a girl to be married off; some believe this begins by or before age 10, while others think by the age of 15.

As such, the need to adhere to these Sharia-based marital guidelines has made governments in completely or even predominately Muslim countries reluctant to ban underage marriages.

In predominantly Muslim Malaysia, for example, the Minister of Legal Affairs has said girls below the age of 16 are allowed to marry as long as they obtain the permission of the religious courts, arguing, “If the religion allows it, then we can’t legislate against it. Islam allows it as long as the girl is considered to have reached her pubescent stage, once she has her menstruation.”

Yet, even in Muslim countries where child marriage is illegal, Islamists often simply ignore the law, allowing for religious leaders to approve “informal marriages” for underage girls, marriages which allow spouses to live in the same home and have children, but which is only legally registered once she turns 18.

While most would find it hard to believe that a 15-year-old-girl, let alone a nine-year-old girl, is physically or emotionally ready to start engaging in sexual activity and carrying a child, others think that girls barely removed from the womb are more than fully capable of handling those activities.

That enlightened attitude was on display in January when one of Saudi Arabia’s most influential clerics, Sheik Saleh al-Fawzan, issued a fatwa allowing fathers to arrange marriages for their daughters “even if they are in the cradle.”

However, lest anyone think a man would actually engage in sex with such a young infant, al-Fawzan was quick to add that it wasn’t “permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men.”

Given that, it’s not surprising that many believe that underage marriage is little more than legally permissible and religiously sanctioned pedophilia. Yet, some defenders of the horrid practice argue that critics have no moral or ethical qualms about child marriage but are instead driven by less than pure concerns.

One such person is Yemeni Sheik Mohammed Hamzi, an imam and official of the Islamist Yemeni opposition party, Islaah. Hamzi had been asked his opinion in reaction to international complaints to the death of a 13-year-old Yemeni child bride who bled to death after being tied down and forced to have sex with her 23-year-old husband.

Hamzi simply ascribed their dissatisfaction due to the fact that “No one wants to marry these women’s-rights activists anyway. They’re just depressed and jealous that they are not married.”

Tragically, there’s no such shortage of marital suitors for the ten million little girls set in the coming year to join the ranks of the world’s burgeoning child bride community, a sisterhood that grows increasingly younger with each passing year.

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  • ★FALCON★

    I see the Left not only supporting Iran's nuclear program and desire to shove Israel into the sea, but also Iran's right to a culture of rape on little girls.

    And . . . the Left's war on women the world continues.

    • Guest

      And, like VP nominee, Paul Ryan, said, Obama does nothing. But it's understandable that he doesn't (because he's a closet Muslim himself).

      • Em

        If President Obama starts helping other countries, republicans (people like you) start to criticize him for not focusing on our own problems….If he focuses on our own problems he is still criticized for not rushing to the entire world’s problems. You passing judgment on the President isn’t helping these young child brides. If the issue concerns you enough to bring President Obama into it, then might I suggest you yourself find a way to save the children? Why not organize some kind of group to raise awareness from the entire WORLD (not just Obama or this country) and help them? I’ll tell you why, it’s because it’s much easier for you to sit there in your basement talking smack about someone who wants nothing but great things for you and every other american! That’s basically what every presidential candidate wants. I pass no judgement on any presidential candidate for this particular issue.

    • Woods

      I may get hate mail over this statement, but I believe that anyone who fails to vote in this upcoming election, or votes for someone who supports these practices by deed, omission, or verbal support, is making a pack with the devil and is guilty of the same sins. It is something to think about. America simply must stand up and start being counted against these evils and must do so NOW.

    • jujubanton

      Their so called prophet was a pedophile so what do we expect from the religion of perverts and pedophiles?

  • davarino

    This just sickens me to the core. So this is how islam has decided to take over the world, by impregnating every woman as soon as she is ready. Great religion you have here, a sick discusting religion of violence and dominance at any cost. Men who violate children deserve the worst imaginable fate. History shows there is no way such a vile system will succeed in taking over the world. It will be defeated just like all the others.

    • Bright Knight

      It's not a religion… it's an ideology… a sick, evil ideology.
      These are Quranimals

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Not only that… Did you know that the Q'uran not only promises female virgins in the afterlife but also a whole bunch of little boys? And when you get done banging all those little boys and girls you can go to the sex slave market and buy more, as many as you can afford and of any age and appearance you so desire? Yep. It's in there. I'd tell you where to look but you can google it for yourself. It's true.

  • sharpsrifle

    Islam: The cult of perverts.

    • Joe

      Established by a pervert. Mohammad's "bride" (Aisha) was only nine when he was doing her. Ergo the establishment of a legal predicate under Sharia of nine as the age for marriage for girls? Some Islamists even try to sugar coat Mohammad by spinning him as a tender and concerned man who came to get Aisha when she was outside playing with her little friends. He waited for her to get finished playing before he demanded she be brought to him for sex. Now, isn't that just how you'd label a child predator…tender and concerned?


      beyond perverts, no word exist to describe SUCH FILTH I HAVE AN 18 AND 15 YR. OLD AND THIS PERVERTED FILTH MAKES ME SICK, GOD HEL CHILDREN

  • JeremyBeadleshand

    "A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man's four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl's sister."

    Ayatollah Khomeini

    anything to say scholocomotion? is this racist against islam? am i speaking hate?

    • Baby_Blue

      By exposing the perversity of Khomeini you are showing hate.

      • jan

        Exposing perversity is not hatred–it's righteousness and justice.



    • Fast_Car_Fanatic

      You're actually not even speaking about Islam. Whether you're preaching racism and hatred against Ayatollah Khomeini is subjective and depends on many factors starting if you're quoting him correctly. You don't sound very bright to begin with…

  • guest

    Yes, the target is 6 years old, like Aeisha was. A normal male could not even have sex if a child was in the room, but there is a lot of inbreeding there. And Bacci boys for sex. And these want to rule us?

    • dmw

      I find it interesting that there seems to be so many 'prescriptions' with many words from Islamic clerics concerning sexual relations (i.e molesting and rape) and "marriage" with under-age (which by most western standards is pre-18 and of course pre-teen children). Yet in the West (from the "evil" Judeo-Christian tradition) we have a simple one word 'proscription': Don't — Never!

      What's the old saw, the one about a society being judged by how it treats its poor and its children (used repeatedly by such Progressives as Senator Ted Kennedy)? Yet the Progressives seem pin droppingly silent.

  • guest

    Muzzies having sex with children, Islamic Clerics sanction child sex
    this is normal for them.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    And yet Muslims claim the West is decadent……

  • Resh Yud Yud

    Mohammed had a six year old wife.

    Ayatollah Knomeini should follow the true way of the prophet!!!

    He blasphems Mohammed's teachings by making girls marry at such an old age.

    We must make an example of him and invite him to speak about this issue at the

    Democratic National Convention. ( Then we will let the muslim people decide what to do with him.)


      This article deserves to be seen by people who only view the mainstreat media. I think I know how to do this. We need to create a "channel"? or source that reaches more people. How? Easy ( sort of) by creating a soruce that has the news that the mianstream media has AND news such this article.

      I know how we can garner endless publicity that will instantly make our news into one of the most eagerly awaited and most popular news sources in the world-and it can be done with very little- if any money ( sort of).

      If you want to join me in a quest for such a news source let me know-especially if you know the technical side of things.

      • SAM000

        Do it.
        I am Iranian, I'll bring you the news that were ignored by the medias because it puts some interests under light.
        DO it.
        And you will serve GOD and Humanity.

  • crypticguise

    The entire justification for this pedophilia is the belief that Mohammed married Aisha at 9 years of age and consumated the marriage when she was 13. Just another fairy tale of Islam perpetuated by this intolerant, sociopathic system of Politics, Culture and a smidgeon of religion – Islam.

    Hey, if Mohammed did it…it should be emulated is what these jackasses believe.

    • ElenaG

      Actually, I believe he married her at 6 and consummated his marriage when she was but 9. Hence the pedophilia label to the so-called religion.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      I have NEVER seen a 9 year old child as a sexual object. I don't think any normal man could – only hyper-aggressive gangsters like Mohammad and friends (and those fuggin' jews who started ALL this crap to begin with)

  • Jillian

    This desperately sad but important article is quoted appreciatively with comment here:

  • poetcomic1

    You mustn't assume that the husbands are having sexual intercourse with these nine year olds. They probably have not menstruated yet and so all that is permissible is 'thighing' and other forms of sexual abuse I'd rather not sully my brain with. Acts Khomeini himself described in great detail.


      i want to go terrorist on the terrorist world who kill innocent people, but if you think on it if they can destroy their own children in the country they have NO PROBLEM HURTING OURS

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Would you like to see YOUR nine year old daughter "thighing" with some decrepit old goat of a man? These dudes are fuggin LOSERS who count their wealth in GOAT HEADS. Seriously, I would murder the entire family 2 generations back and forward of a man who lusted after one of MY babies.

  • SAM000

    Now, I ask you a question,
    If you find yourself face to face with one of those ISLAMIC JUDGES who is going to offer a child for rape, and you have your gun with you, what will you do?

    Before answering look at the face of the kid on the photo of the article.



    • Pimp Sleazy

      Shoot the child. That's the only way to save her from being used as a toy by some bearded old billy goat of a "man". But seriously, having a gun, I'd go back to my people and force them to recognize the problem. As long as we recognize these filthy animals as "human" and having "rights" this problem will go on. Do you love children? THen step up and fugg off a muslim because they imply consent simply by following their "faith". Don't wanna "save the world" ? Really? Then who will it be who saves YOURS? Lets do this.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Oh my, my ! I am really worried. No communication from our esteemed colleague Shlomotion on this subject. Is he ill, or has he gone to Iran to enjoy what the wise and wonderful Khomeini referred to as 'a divine blessing'?

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Hey. If you like "sex tourism" you can claim to be muslim, go to a muslim country, get a "temporary marriage" with a time limit and terms and bang you a nice hot liitle 9 year old girl. Seriously! Islam allows temporary marriages (with terms) so people can get their freak on without being stoned to death (is there such a thing as too stoned?"

  • Hank Rearden

    Isfenani called Iran’s current civil legislation, which sets the minimum legal age of marriage for girls at 13-years-old, “un-Islamic and illegal,” saying, “We must regard nine as being the appropriate age for a girl to have reached puberty and qualified to get married. To do otherwise would be to contradict and challenge Islamic Sharia law.”

    "…to do otherwise would be to contradict and challenge Islamic Sharia law."

    That pretty much says it all. Islam is a cult of men who like having sex with children. No wonder it creates devastation wherever it is practiced. And no wonder it hates the Jews who live under righteous laws.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      I HATE the fuggin "Jews" who live under "righteous" laws. Seriously, dude. 99% of the worlds problems can be traced back to "the book" and all those who kiss it's azz. Jews do everything Muslims do and then some EXCEPT that Islam allows anybody whereas JEWS are racists who think GOD loves them best. To tell you the truth, I'd rather be a Muslim than a JEW because at least they represent what they stand for rather than lying and manipulating everybody else to do their dirty work. Muslim warriors fought hard and yeah, they have some messed up beliefs but I'd dammmm rather be a Muslim warrior than a whiny JEW any day!

  • GracieZG

    Note to editor: You need to study a good editing book (like the Chicago Manual of Style) on the use of hyphens. "[O]nce handed-off" is wrong. It is "once handed off." "[F]or girls to nine-years-old" is wrong. It is "for girls to nine years old." You would have a nine-year-old girl, but you would have a girl who is nine years old. "[L]ess than 10-years-old" is wrong. It is "less than 10 years old." "[G]irls under 18-years-old" is wrong. It is "girls under 18 years old." Pretty basic stuff. Check it out.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Do you feel good about yourself? You grading papers on the internet for free now? I bet you are a big fat shut-in who can't even get a hoe to let you go down on her; big dollars. Grade my paper, smart one. Did I get my hyphens, semi-colons and all that just right? Jaggazz.

  • Ghostwriter

    I only have one thing to say about this,and it's YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Polly

      On a similar note:

      From the New York Post, 6/14/12:

      “The start of a sex abuse trial for a prominent Williamsburg rabbi was delayed today because a yeshiva keeps ignoring requests for information from his defense team.

      “The case of Nechemya Weberman, an ultra-Orthodox rabbi charged with molesting a 12-year-old girl over three years, was pushed back to July 18 as a judge weighs whether to slap contempt of court charges against the United Talmudical Academy.

      “‘I was trying to avoid doing that to give the school an opportunity to respond,’ Justice Ruth Shillingford said.

      “The 53-year-old accused child molestor is affiliated with the yeshiva, where his alleged victim — who was supposed to be mentored by him about religion — was a student.”

      No doubt the girl IS learning something about the Jewish religion.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Yes and the rabbi is being tried for his alleged crime — unlike the muslimes who marry pre-pubescent girls against their will in Afghanistan, Pakistain, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc. which is all very legal by islamic jurisprudence.

      • SAM000

        You see a drop, but you don't see the ocean!

  • johnnywoods

    This just more proof that Islam is a religion of morons and beasts.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      ALL Middle-East religions are like that. ALL. Look, dude. the overwhelming majority of the world believed roughly the same thing EXCEPT for a bunch of filthy jews whose leader couldn't find it in his heart to stop and ask for directions for FORTY FREAKING YEARS. Seriously. Ok… The book of Jew clearly states that YHWH is the GOD OF THE JEWS. Not the rest of us. THEIRS. Look at ancient Rome. They built massive edifices which we can't duplicate with modern technology. Ancient Celts (my people) practiced "whitchcraft" using some of the same techniques practiced by Taoists (QI). How is it that the armpit of the planet is supposed to produce the chosen people but thet have been kicked like DOGS for thousands of years? Seriously. I don't hate Jews personally but I do hate their stupid religion which has served to cover up the real truth: we have souls, we have QI, we can heal ourselves and we can be immortal if we so choose. We traded our heritage – ALL OF US – for the privilege of kissing the Jews azzes, agreeing with their "God likes us best" propaganda for TOO LONG.

  • Aussie guest

    If you loved your child you wouldn't marry her off to an old pervert, would you? UGH! these people of so disgusting! As Jesus said: Suffer the little children…..

    • SAM000

      The extreme poverty leaves the parent alone to nourish their kids, Adding a religious system to the Misery legalizes the most horrible crimes against the kids.

      This article talks only about the CHILD BRIDES, the bigger disaster is about the STREET KIDS.
      Street KIDS are the abandoned kids, with absolutely no protection, they are used and abused like the things, IRANIAN POLICE takes them and sells them to the ARABIC COUNTRIES.
      See the Researches of;
      Professor Donna M. Hughes does research and writing on trafficking, sexual exploitation, violence against women, women's organized resistance to violence, and religious fundamentalism and women's rights.


      suffer little children didnt mean to*&%%# them or touch them in their innocence

  • Walt

    Certainly I am not an expert on Islam, but from every aspect of that cult I can only conclude that their very existence is based on sexuality, or prohibitions thereto! And always in contradiction! The burka is to protect men from sexual excitement; female genital circumcision is to prevent women from any sexual pleasure; homosexual acts are forbidden, yet widely accepted as necessary for unmarried men; martyrs will receive 72 virgins; rape is ALWAYS the fault of the woman; etc. etc.

    A humorous story: a young Arab man go to the Dr. to see why his wife is unable to conceive. He explains to the Dr. that he is working very hard to produce a child and is very experienced and vigorous in his sexuality, so it must be his wife! The Dr. queries him in detail and learns the man has no concept of male/female anatomy and their differences in producing a pregnancy! The man only knows 'sex' from what he has experienced with boys before he was married – education is a wonderful thing.

  • Richard Walker

    Tis true. Unless our political laws change they will simply vote themselves into power without a shot being fired within 20-30 years. How? They are having 10-15 times the children as other cultures.

  • Guest

    This article failed to mention that a good number of young brides don't survive due to hemmoraging from cervical or uterine ruptures during intercourse. This practice MUST end, and we have a moral obligation to speak for those who have no voice.

    • SAM000

      The writer has left our imagination free to see the deepness of the horror.

      The lives of the POOR WOMEN and kids is the real hell in the Islamic countries.
      Thailand is known to be the country of CHILD SEX BUSINESS, in front of that, the world is silent.
      Now, you add the power of this CRIMINAL MULLAHS to the world's shameful SILENCE, you get the real hell for the CHILD and WOMEN.
      CHILD BRIDE is the entrance of the hell, inside the hell, you will find the child prostitution.
      FOR A MEAL PER DAY, just for a child meal per day.
      What to do?
      First, we should remove this Islamic regime and establish a secular democratic REGIME, and abolish their satanic laws. then ECONOMY to uproot the poverty, then obligation of education for all the kids.
      If you stop your OBAMAs to not to appease the Mullahs, we will take care of the rest.

    • Honest Guest

      Just shoot them all.

  • ST Paul

    You muslims, not all because there are those who want peace and live peacefully, BUT I have to say the Truth based On Who I Am and What I KNOW, You muslims are the Greatest Deceived Tools Of The devil Ever, You have absolutely no Idea who your presious god is, He isn't what you think he is, nor is he Who you think he is, the Truth will be out in the World soon and Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit & Father God – Jesus Father will Save Your Souls. PVC

  • Patriot Twin

    Mr Crimi, thank you for drawing attention to this. The second half of your article falls short, however, implying that child brides are common the world over in every culture.

    They aren’t. They are an Islamic specialty, thanks to Muhammad’s wonderful example.

  • Bitmetal

    Since 911 we have been forced to tolerate and accept this muslim crap even to the point of having a muslim President who is destroying the country. They have no respect for human life or dignity. I have only one question, why is this being forced on us?

    • Pimp Sleazy

      It is being forced on us because we have allowed them to take our warrior mentality. We must not allow beeches to make beeches of warriors through legislation. A real warrior would fight to the death for the least of his village. These are not warriors, they are … Ugh. Not men.


    Muslim village clerics hold far more sway over the DDD(Different, Damaged and Damaging sub-species)muslim population than any country’s government officials. They

    daily and five times a day lead in non-muslim hate lectures and give guidance

    on many aspects of how to be an evil and semi-insane human all this life.

    Five times a day !! Everyday !! Women are not people in this cult…they are

    things for breeding only. Islam sanctions pedophilia…..and it’s all in Arabic…..text

    and instructions and global arab money ……evil is cunning….a Guidance to

    insanity. You just got to read a proper and literal translation of the sadistic

    and insane Koran to f ing just know what these total idiots are up to in large

    numbers. Five times a day !! TOCK tock tock tock tocking their brains inside their foreheads on the hard stone floor.

    Muslims are cartoons and they don’t even know it !!

    Every f ing day !!! TOCK tock tock tock tocking their brains inside their foreheads on the hard stone floor. We’re screwed. Islam is coming …and their foreheads are going to knock down our doors.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Not mine. I fight hard "in the paint" for real and I can shoot too. I'll get at least 6 to my one. How about you?

  • jade

    i take it many of you are judging and bashing islam without any knowledge of the quran. to begin with, the government in iran is corrupt. the politicians twist, bend, and even make up "islamic laws" that are untrue to control the people. what these politicians preach is not islam. stop being sheep, stop listening to bias news stations on the tv/radio and ignorant people who go out of their way to spread hate for islam. go read islamic books written by true muslims, go read the quran, and then judge.
    when you are spreading hate and bashing against muslims, you are also sending that to the children who are muslims. youre against the muslims who are unfair and cruel to these children but you are all guilty as hate muslims,so when these poor children grow up you will hate them just as much because they are muslims and you will forget what they had been through. stop being prejudice, stop being blind, go educate yourselves. none of you truly care about these children, if you did you would spread love not hate.



      • Pimp Sleazy

        They won't hate Islam because their braiwashed from birth. They actually believe they are following God's will. Like that woman in Nigeria who was raped and sentenced to death by stoning: "don't interfere, it is God's will". Yeah, they buried her to her neck and stoned her to death but her rapist was buried to his knees giving him the chance to escape. If you didn't know, that's how stoning works under Islam.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Stop it. The Q'uran was written by a gangster who raped, pilllaged, plundered and conquered using "join me and reign supreme" tactics to build his armies. He fugged a nine year ol girl. Get oof of it. Christianity has no verifiable proof of what really happened but ISLAM DOES. It's all there, dude. Mo' was a highway man. A gangster. A pedophile. A HOMOSEXUAL pedophile at that. Prove me wrong. I can prove me right. History doesn't lie when the LOSER is writing the tale. Only the victor gets to modify history but ol' Mo' pizzed off way too many people to keep his story clean. BURN EVERY LAST VESTIGE OF ISLAM AND BRUTALLY ENFORCE AN INSTANT DEATH PENALTY FOR ALL WHO WOULD EVEN THINK ABOUT ISLAM.

  • Laurie

    this just goes to show what wierdo child mollesting perverts they are, they give any decent Muslims a bad name, like it or not they are sickos and should be placed on the sex offenders list, and all there details made public, if they believe that what they are doing is right then they wont mind it being made public so lets go ahead and do it, but that will never happen because the authorities and goverments are to weak and corrupt to do anything about it.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      The Jew media won't let things out which besmirch "the book" too much and the fact of the matter is that the "bible" pretty much falls in line with Islamic practices when it comes to pedophilia, misogyny, etc etc. The Jews can't bash Islam too hard because they have done and likely still do the same things!

  • Danielle Wood

    Could you please tell me where you get these facts/figures from and what your sources are ? I am deeply disturbed by this article and would like to further investigate into it. Thank you.

  • greg

    Sooo pedophilia and rape = islamic marriage?

    I love how condemning raping an infant is "less then pure"

  • greg

    Sooo pedophilia and rape = islamic marriage?

  • Appalled

    Google "thighing" and see just how sick this religion is. (Don't hate the people but do hate the evil religion that teaches that a man can satisfy his sexual needs with an infant!)

  • stukeik

    How can any "man" want to have sex with a girl??? How can any "religion" accept that idea?

    The above quote (in this blog by is about right. That religion IS WRONG. The Qoran (Koran, or what ever it is called today) preaches only HATE. To say Islam is all about love…. Love, and hate and revenge and child marriage, child (women) circumcision…. and god (allah) knows what else.

    Yep, that is love!

    • Pimp Sleazy

      I hate to tell you but the book of Jew supports precisely the same thing, as well as putting a price on the head of your wives and children should you ever want to sell one off.

  • Pimp Sleazy

    People… Our ancestors had a religion before the Book of Jew came along. Most people in the world believed roughly the same thing except for the Semites. It is my belief that the Semites are worshiping Baal, the god who demanded child sacrifice. Lest we forget, the God of the Jews demanded blood sacrifice. What modern religion would NOT see that as a sign of the dark one(s) ? The TRUTH is that the Semites have managed to use political, financial, and martial influence to stifle the TRUE faith of everybody on the face of the planet. I'm DONE with these beeches!

  • GQ4U

    This is nothing more than sexual slavery sanctioned by a deviant religious cult.
    Ban Sharia now and forevermore.

  • anAmericanByChoice

    Sickening! Feel like throwing up my guts!…