Palestinian ‘Honor Killings’ Rising

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Not surprisingly, for some, this pervasive violence has been laid at the feet of the usual suspects, namely the Israelis. This scapegoating was summarily expressed in a 2011 report by the United Nations Economic and Social Council which blamed harsh economic and social conditions created by the Israeli “siege,” an occupation which has led to high levels of poverty, unemployment and, thus, “violence, within families.”

That belief was echoed by Rahiba Diab, the PA’s Minister of Women’s Affairs, who recently said that while the Palestinian Authority was committed to eliminating all forms of violence against Palestinian women, one should not “forget about the violence that comes from the critical political situation that we’re living under as Palestinians.”

However, an increasing number of leaders and human rights activist are refusing to buy into Israeli complicity as an excuse for Palestinian man-on-woman violence, but rather instead laying the blame on a much deeper problem, namely, “Arab-Muslim culture.”

For starters, while they applaud legislative efforts to at least address the issue of violence against women as a crucial first step, they maintain no amount of legislation will stop the violence and killings until cultural attitudes change within Palestinian society.

Those cultural attitudes, according to Mona Shawa, head of the women’s unit at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza City, are based on female inequality and discrimination that “encourages violence against women.”

For her part, Maysoun Ramadan, Director of the Mehwar Center, the West Bank’s only women’s shelter, has simply noted, “We have a lot of previous constructions about women which need to be changed.”

Those “previous constructions” were bluntly articulated by Israeli-Arab lecturer Yusuf Jabareen in a June 2012 interview on Palestinian TV in which he placed the blame squarely on an Arab culture which has served to produce a deep vein of misogynistic cruelty in Arab men, callousness that encompasses their own immediate and extended families as well as women in general.

As Jabareen further explained, “Part of our [Palestinian] identity is to attack women… to beat women… — we must acknowledge it…Palestinian identity has its charms, but there are things that we have adopted from Arab culture for centuries that harm the individual and the woman…That’s part of our identity.”

Giving voice to that belief, the official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida weighed in with two editorials that said it is an Arab “tribal mentality” that justifies the murder of women, rationalization based in part because many Palestinians “still think of them [women] as the bent rib of Adam, void of intelligence or religion.”

So, in an effort to rectify that thinking, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida has called for a “cultural revolution”

“Our [Arab and Muslim] societies consider the crime of violence against women, honor killings, and avenging the killing [of relatives], as legitimate, understandable and [part of] a unique heritage. There are some who even praise and glorify this [honor killing] as a manly, heroic act, turning it into an aspect of [our] culture that molds the character of Arab and Islamic societies. If we wish to free our society from this crime’s octopus grasp, we must first admit that without a cultural revolution that will cleanse our perceptions, our books, and our heritage from sanctifying murder performed in the name of Allah and honor, we will not be able to take a single step towards lessening this crime[.]”

Unfortunately, while Palestinian misogyny may indeed have an Arabic taste to it, deeply marinated Islam gives it its full flavor, seasoning found in Muslim countries throughout the Mideast, South Asia and Africa, where men more often than not treat women little better than livestock.

Changing that dismal equation will take more than just a cultural revolution.

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  • davarino

    Religion of peace? Ya, where do I sign up? I love the way you guys treat women, what with your honor killings and female genital mutilation. Whats not to love about islam?

  • Confucius Say

    The good news is that Muslim men reincarnate as….

    muslim women.

  • Schlomotion

    Cynically or realistically speaking, Mr. Crimi is not going to go to Pakistan and put a stop to the "rising trend" of honor killing. At best it will become a talking point at some future Hillary Clinton podium visit in Karachi. At worst, it will become fodder for a Pamela Geller rant at a podium at a second rate college in California. Not for a long time to come will Americans actually care or be affected by what happens in Pakistan. Pakistan is that place next to India where the United States Army flies Predator drones and blows up people from time to time. That is probably the biggest news in that country as it relates to us. It is not credible that Mr. Crimi has a genuine interest in the honor killing issue. Rather he just spouting it out as political propaganda and cultural superiority. You cannot stop honor killing by blogging.

    • IranAware

      Just because blogging may not stop it of course, it MUST be pushed out into the forefront of the collective dumba55 percentage of the population. Believe it or not, not everyone is born into this foolish, evil cult, some fools join whole heart idly after taking the bait hook, line and sinker. As soon as the free world sees that the religion of peace is well on its way towards starting a world war to take over completely the better. Islam needs fully eradicated and outlawed as the death cult it is,nothing more. But as long as the apologetics keep running defense for them it won't happen.

      • Schlomotion

        Why is it, Jeff, that you don't drive yourself the two and a half short hours from Three Rivers to Dearborn, MI and tell the Muslims there that Jeff Treesh proclaims that "Islam needs to be fully eradicated and outlawed?" Where does your fortitude go in the real world, when you are not posing as an intelligence and propaganda firm, and when you are only persecuting people for their religion online under your super-hero name?

        • IranAware

          propaganda? Im well aware Derorn has been converted to a Musslim sh*thole now, your telling me nothing, except that your a troll a55hole. What you think printing my name is going to stop me? Whatever floats your boat. Im not the one hiding behind a pedophiles words that ok's me to kill my daughter or beat my wife. As far as I can see your nothing but a person who has too much time and not enough knowledge on their hands, and has nothing better to do than troll.

          • Schlomotion

            There's the real you! That's all I wanted. The inarticulate, profane, misspelled, belligerent and cowardly racist you. Not IranAware. Jeff. Not the spell-checked, pseudo-articulate political blogger you who is utterly fake. That didn't take much time at all. What are you talking about? Not going to personally eradicate and outlaw Islam in the next town over even, are you. You barely even heard of Dearborn and it's right near you.


          Schomoron, Please go to Syria and get the two islamofascist sides to stop killing each other, or die trying.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Yeah, no one has noticed how muslo-nazis respond to any and all criticism of their religion. No one has noticed what has happened to the few Christians who have dared to proselytize in Dearbornistan. How do you know IranAware is Jeff anyway? BTW, your puerile attempt at intimidation hasn't gone unnoticed.

          • Schlomotion

            Quick! Call Brigitte Gabriel! Call the Riverside sheriff! Call a cab!

          • Kufar Dawg

            You seem to suffer from antisemitic bulimia maybe you should stop eating islamofascist propaganda.

          • Roger

            Oh my, you must be getting on their islamic nerves, they tried to use the reference to your local SO as an intimidation technique. That's a huge compliment when they hate so you so badly. They described my front yard, so you still have a little ways to go still, but you're on a roll!

            Keep up the great work!

    • David R

      What you won't do to distract from the facts and cover up for these Muslim cowards!
      Instead of facing and denouncing a sad reality like the brutal treatment of Muslim wives the way a normal human being would, you prefer to rant against those who out of compassion try to halt these crimes against humanity.Are you under medication or depressed? If so, please consult your imam in your local mosque…and you'll be surprised to hear that even he will tell you to shut up.
      Oh and by the way, if he's honest with you about your ambition to become a martyr for Islam, he'll tell you that the 70 sex-starved virgins up above is all a lot of BS.
      Actually they are the Muslim women you guys murder for honor…and they is armed with scalpels and are gonna git ya where your honor hangs out!

  • Tanstaafl jw

    The Qur'an makes it halal for Muslim men to bear their wives.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Sorry. "beat their wives."

    • David R

      They should be given bears as wives…at least they'll get a taste of their own medecine :o)

  • David R

    These wild donkeys of the desert typically act in perverted, twisted ways. It seems strange and deranged to people with hearts and feelings that these blind fools treat their women this way, and yet when they perform their obligatory Haj in Mecca and circle that demonic black building in white robes, they actually touch or kiss that satanic black corner stone encased in that ugly frame in the shape of a vagina.
    Weird or What?

  • Richard

    I think we need to take the long-term approach to this. This is good news. There is a growing reality amongst Muslims that there is indeed something inherently wrong with their approach to women. The KSA had to have their arms twisted by the IOC just to include a single female judoka on their team. Once Muslims see the fanatics defend honor killing they will surely lose hope of ever trying to reform Islam. The Taliban will always have the sunnah, koran, and the hadiths to back up their claims about the shabby treatment of women. May this awareness of the brutality against women within Arab culture increase a thousandfold.

  • PAthena

    The so-called "Palestinians" are Arabs whose only raison d'être is hatred of non-Muslims, in this case, Jews. They have co-opted the ancient name for "Jew," since "Palestinian" was synonymous with "Jew" from the time that the Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Judea to "Palestina" in 135 A.D. after having defeated the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba. "Palestine" then become synonymous with "Land of the Jews," and the Palestine Mandate awarded to Great Britain after World War I to be the "homeland of the Jews."
    Calling Arabs "Palestinians" is the effect of the founding of the "Palestine Liberation Organization" (P.L.O.) by Gamal Nasser, ruler of Egypt, and the Soviet Union, both haters of Jews, in Cairo in 1964. This group came to prominence in the Munich 1972 Olympic games when they murdered the Israeli athletes. These so-called "Palestinians" are Mohammedans with the terrible attitudes and behavior to women of Mohammedanism.

  • Ghostwriter

    Somehow,I'm not surprised the Palestinians do this. I'm also not surprised that Schlomotion made another idiotic comment. His idiocy knows no bounds.

    • David R

      We should all boycott this pedophile-adoring idiot and ignore him completely. Responding to a fool is quite foolish.

      • Roger

        Why not challenge evil?
        Not to is how we lost the education system, the court system, the media and so many other things used against us. For good people to do nothing advances that evil.

  • johnnywoods

    Islam just sucks!

  • ahmadnb

    Please show me WHERE in the Qur'an "honor killings" against women are justifiable. I must have missed it.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Others have already addressed this tissue paper defense of islamic honor killings. It's no accident that 91% of all honor killings are islamic, despite your histrionic claims to the contrary.

      • ahmadnb

        Typical non-response from someone who has nothing but hot air to offer…no surprise there.

        • Roger

          Why should he have to prove that the way islam is lived is the right way, it's your religion. Why don't you prove that surah 9 isn't why activists are so blood thirsty as the koran commands?

          • ahmadnb

            Are you someone's attack pooch? Shoo…bad dog! Sh!t for brains…

          • Roger

            You seem to be. And full of fecal material too.

            Want a bacon sandwich? Nope? How about a martini?

            How about a waitress showing cleavage taking Midol since she's having that time of the month issue?

            You muslims are so silly.

            I challenge you seriously. There was a time when Christianity went thought a reformation because it was oppressive and no longer representing what it was founded on. Martin Luther tacked the thesis on the Cathedral doors setting it off.

            Why don't you make a thesis about how the koran doesn't need to be taken seriously, how sharia is optional and tack that to the door of any mosque in Saudi Arabia and see how that works for you. You know, since you think islam is the religion of peace it must not be a scary concept, is it?

          • ahmadnb

            Sure…and Martin Luther was a vicious anti-Semite. Wonderful role model for the likes of you.Oppression of religious minorities in Western lands subsided with the advent of secular governments and the rise of republicanism and rationalism, and NOT with a better understanding of Christianity.I don't need to defend my beliefs. You can't even defend yours.

          • Roger

            Still the side stepping troll.
            Where did I say Martin Luther was perfect? I said if you tried what he tried then you'd be dead. He wasn't killed and that is the difference between your brutal 8th century forced lifestyle and my religion.

            You can't defend your beliefs, and your straw man tactics and side steps show it.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Al-Hayat Al-Jadida is a PA controlled propaganda outlet, much like Pravda was:

  • burke

    Honor killing is normative Islam justified in Koran 18.81 and in Sharia law’s ‘The Reliance of the Traveller’, Chapter o1.1-2, pp. 582-584.

    Furthermore Koran 4:15 permits the murder of a wife by her husband.
    “Sharia honor killing, in Islam, a husband can kill his wife” – Egyptian sheikh

  • Cey