Summer Love, Arab Style

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When it’s spring, a young man’s fancy may turn to thoughts of love, but when it’s summer, the thoughts of wealthy Arab men turn to purchasing underage, impoverished Egyptian girls as temporary “summer brides” for use as sexual slaves and forced laborers.

That disturbing revelation was found in the US State Department’s 2012 “Trafficking in Persons Report,” which found that rich Arab tourists visiting Egypt, most of whom hail from the Persian Gulf, are seeking temporary marriages with young girls in order to circumvent Egypt’s ban on pre-marital sex.

Those restrictions make finding a hotel or landlord willing to rent a room to unwed couples in search of extra-curricular sex virtually impossible, thus requiring the need to find quick and proper marital documentation.

It should be noted that temporary marriages have long been used in Islamic countries to give religiously legitimate cover to a sexual relationship, commonly used by young couples not ready for a permanent marriage, men seeking to have affairs, or men unable to afford the expense of a traditional Islamic wedding.

Not surprisingly, however, these temporary unions, called mut’a or “pleasure” marriages by Shiite Muslims and urfi or “customary” marriages by Sunni Muslims, have been used as loopholes for prostitution and human trafficking.

To that end, upscale Arab sex tourists are enlisting commission-based marriage brokers to locate Egyptian girls willing to enter into a misyar or “visitor” marriage, a temporary and legally non-binding marital contract that terminates once the men return to their home country.

The price for these misyar marriages range from $500 to $5000 and, in a country where almost half of its 82 million people live on less than $2 a day, proves a powerful magnet to cash-starved Egyptian families with young daughters.

As Dr. Hoda Badran, head of the NGO Alliance for Arab Women, said, “If those families are in such a need to sell their daughters you can imagine how poor they are,” adding that while many parents will marry their daughter without her consent, often the girls agree to the arrangement because “it is the only way out to help the family survive.”

Not surprisingly, the price paid by these girls for helping their families to survive their economic plight comes at a steep cost.

For starters, even though a misyar marriage is religiously sanctioned, the arrangement is little more than dressed-up prostitution, a fact that makes it, according to Siham Ali, who runs a help hotline for victims of visitor marriages, “taboo in society.”

That stigma has a cascading effect, especially for those girls who become pregnant during their temporary marriage, few of whom understand that they will be required to provide care for their child without any monetary support from their “husbands.”

The result is to lead many of these desperately poor and socially ostracized girls to dump their children in orphanages or abandon them in Egyptian streets.

Of course, it may provide some cold comfort to these abandoned misyar brides that they at least weren’t forced to go back as “servants” to their new “husbands” homes in the Persian Gulf a hot spot for human trafficking.

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  • Flynn McMahon

    Having lived in the UAE I heard rumors – no independent verification – of girls or maybe young women from various parts of North Africa being more or less enslaved in sheiks' compounds. Where there's smoke there's fire. There are a lot of Asian women and Eastern European women who have been put through some bad circumstances there as well. These are not young girls – early twenties and on up – but I'm sure there must be some hair raising stories.

  • Schlomotion

    This article is Mondo Cane shockumentary. Royalties are due to Cavara, Prosperi, and Jacopetti.

    • CHOI

      THIS article is TRUE and YOU KNOW IT!
      That you felt the need to ATTACK the TRUTH further evidences the fact that YOU are a PAID TROLL, assigned to THIS site .

    • Kufar Dawg

      Kinda dating yourself aren't you Schlo. Angry, bitter old curmudgeon eh?

  • Diann

    According to the book 'Cruel and Usual Punishment' by Nonie Darwish, Muslim men may have sex with girls less than one year old. The question is not about whether or not this is good or right – the question is about how much they should pay for such babies, whether or not they must marry them first, and if they die during sexual intercourse, are they still bound to take care of the girls? Islam is sick. A blight upon the world.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Nonie is lying. There is nothinf of that sort allowed in Islam…a woman must be physically ( menses ) and mentally mature and consenting…she cannot be married against her will…that is Islam.

      The other garbage you are hearing about is the poison of culture.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I'm afraid people here have read too many tales of young girls being married off to dirty old bastages like you against their will in muslime states to believe your Al Taqiyya lies at this point Abdullah.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Islam "elevates" women.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Islam has nothing to do with the garbage being spread by this story. Legislationin islam exists directly opposses the things relayed in this article. It is against Islam, it is not "because of or allowed by."

      • gravenimage

        "Mensch Keymelon" wrote:

        Islam has nothing to do with the garbage being spread by this story. Legislationin islam exists directly opposses the things relayed in this article. It is against Islam, it is not "because of or allowed by.

        What utter crap. Child marriage is rife in the Muslim world, and it is on the model of the "Prophet's" rape of little 9-year-old Aisha. Whenever a Muslim state adopts Shari'ah, on of the first orders of business is to drop the marriage age for girls.

        Right after the "Islamic revolution" in Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini dropped the marriage age for girls to nine. He himself "married" a ten-year-old child.

        Whenever there are attempts in Dar-al-Islam to stamp out child marriage, the main opponents are Islamic clerics—yet "Mensch Keymelon" would have you believe this has nothing to do with Islam…

    • gravenimage

      My guess is that most of the people who gave Tanstaafl "thumbs down" didn't realize that he was being sarcastic.

      Muslim apologists claim that "Islam elevates women"—anyone paying the least attention realizes how grotesque this claim is.

  • LindaRivera

    The suffering of victims is unbearable.
    Why have many millions of Muslims who have such cruel and inhuman beliefs, been imported into our countries?
    The many crimes of Islam scream out to God in heaven.

    • Mensch Keymelon


      These are not "Muslim" beliefs…these are the sicknesses of the society of man that Islam has legislated cures for…the filth in this story did not arise "because of Islam" rather it is a poison yet to be cured by Islam.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I'm sorry Abdullah but in this case islam is both the chicken and the egg.

  • Katharina Sri

    The most arrogant racist, sexist, and supremacist Arabs, think they can subject forever women/girls to sexual slavery at will under their evil Satanic-Arabic cult, Islam – it's why they impose their most evil Saudi-Arabic veil! This is why the Arabic Saudi/Qatar's most vicious footsoldier Nazis, the Muslim Brotherhood, are conquering all over the non-Arab but OIL/MINERAL-RICH Islamic-ruled regions/countries, from Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern Thailand/Mindanao of Philippines, Central Asia), Africa (Mali, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya etc) until the whole Mid-East (Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and now, Syria – next will be Lebanon & Iran). They are on the way into achieving three fundamental things (just like the Arabic founder of Islam, the Pedophile rapist, mass murderer, robber and slave owner of the Jews, Mohammed, did) – the robbery of massive wealth of oil/mineral/land, the absolute Arabicizing of the conquered and the sexual slavery/rape of the women/girls including normalizing Pedophila rape in child-marriages! But the hypocrite Western REGIMES who support them like the Obama/Sarkozy/Cameron's REGIMES, are much worst evil. Because they're supposed to be civilized! I cannot wait for the day, no matter how long it takes, when these Western leaders will be convicted like the German Nazis in the Hague for War Crimes/Crimes against Humanity! Amen to justice!

    • adrian

      i dunno what source you took from but you are a sad ass liar. you are the one who is NAZY, war monger and sick person. If we were that bad, Israel and West is gone right now, and including you too. wake up devil girl. you people are the one who killed many muslims to cover your envyness to Islam and it's teaching.

      look at to search the truth there….

    • adrian

      Who is Katharina Sri?
      I wonder whether this person claiming to be “Katharina Sri” is really genuine or not. I did a Google search for this person’s name and this troll has been appearing on many Malaysian blogs for some reason and signing off with the words “Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman), Germany”. It is very strange for someone who claims to be an apostate to disclose her “Muslim name” publicly. In my past encounters with apostates (especially Malay apostates), they will do their utmost to conceal their identity. At least until their cover gets blown.

      In response to her “thank you, Christ” remark in nearly every blog comment she signs off with, we would like to remind her that her so-called “Christ” (actually not the Messiah Isa a.s. himself but just some half-naked Jewish criminal swinging from a Roman cross) cannot even save himself from death and even cried out “Eli eli lama sabachtani” for help, so how can one expect her “Christ” to save them and thank that “Christ” for it?

      Indeed, Christianity is such a stupid religion that it is not even worth considering by the sane mind.

  • Jama Beck Sommers

    And because Judges have allowed sharia law, and the fact that homosexuals,
    have gained their platform, then why not allow this tragedy, as well and let's not forget that this is based on SEXUAL PREFERENCE!!

  • Yusuf


    a) Islam permits sex with girls less than 16 years!

    b) Western secular system permits a man to have sex with another man in the rectum where stinky stool passes….

    • LibertyMan

      Actually Yusuf… Islam looks the other way to rich Moslems who engage in homosexual activity as long it is locally sanctioned by the local chiefs. It's cheaper and doesn't require a temp marriage. Ever hear of Yasser Arafat who ordered the rape of Christian Lebanese woman for his terrorist rougue army while he engaged in his pedofile activities. That is R & R for the Islamist extremist. Just as their Holy Wariors engaged in prior to their assault on this country 9-11-01.

      See… you are now redeemed.

    • Mensch Keymelon


      No where in the legislation does it dictate chronological age. Maturity of the woman is the condition that allows marriage under Sharia…not some arbitrary number of years.

      • Larry S.

        "Maturity of the women, my foot".

        Muslims take the cue from their dippy prophet, who raped Aisha (all legal, of course, within the framework of the religion) when she was nine years old. Sorry bub, but for an 50+ year old dude to get it on with a nine year old girl is ipso facto rape.

    • gravenimage

      Yusuf wrote:


      a) Islam permits sex with girls less than 16 years!

      b) Western secular system permits a man to have sex with another man in the rectum where stinky stool passes….

      Another pious Muslim who either understands nothing about consensual sexual relations, or else who condones sexual coercion. Way to go…sarc/off

    • Kufar Dawg

      Two words for you muslime ape: Bacha Bazi. Suck it down.

    • 9634

      sorry you meant less than year old

  • Yusuf

    Israel is ONE OF THE TOP DESTINATIONS for women trafficked from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Belarus, China, South Korea and the Philippines for the purpose of FORCED PROSTITUTION

    The Government of Israel does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking

    source: wikipedia

    • Larry S.


      This is the source to which Yusuf refers:

      Typical of Israel-haters. First, contrary to Yusuf's disingenuous claim, the link does not say that Israel is ONE OF THE TOP DESTINATIONS for trafficked women from any country.

      Allow me to complete the Wiki paragraph of which Yusuf quotes the first sentence:

      The Government of Israel does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. On the year of 2011, the government increased the number of convictions for sex trafficking offenses, and conducted a campaign to prevent forced labor. Israel also continues to provide victims of sex trafficking with shelter and protection assistance.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I've heard that the sexual slavery capital of Europe/Eurabia is Turkey, where only kufar women are so enslaved and where the Turkish muslime pimps are always pimping and are never charged with a crime.

    • Larry S.

      Yusuf (continued)-

      The penalties for sex trafficking and forced prostitution in Israel are quite strong. I will hazard a guess that Israel is not in full compliance because it has not ratified a relevant UN Protocol. Perhaps they should, but in and of itself it doesn't mean Israel is lax on enforcement.

      Yusuf, is it too much to ask of people like you that you demonstrate a most basic integrity when you decide to criticize Israel?

  • Ghostwriter

    Great! Another anti-semitic creep.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      I don't know, maybe he just doesn't like hypocritical whoremongers?

      • Kufar Dawg

        You mean like your Turkish islamofascist brethren?

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Ahem…let's rephrase…maybe he just doesn't like the current level of enforcement directed at eliminating the trafficing of human beings in and out of Israel.

      ( Moderator, is that betta?)

      • Kufar Dawg

        The only states which currently have legalized slavery are muslim: Mauritania and the Sudan.

  • LindaRivera

    In the Bible, our Merciful God gave the death sentence for kidnapping.