Syrian Children: Targeted for Death

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To that end, over the course of three days, the little boy was tortured, beaten and starved by his captors, with one 16-year-old witness to Alaa’s suffering saying, “I watched him die…He was terrified all the time. They treated his body as though he was a dog.”

Unfortunately, these children are housed like animals as well, inhumanely incarcerated in small, overcrowded rooms, often shared with decomposing bodies. Then, as they await their assigned date with their torturer, they are starved for days on end, with their only drinkable water available from the cell’s toilet.

Yet, as horrific as life is in these torture depots, children outside its deadly confines face equally lethal dangers, such as being unsuspectingly used for target practice.

That barbaric practice was distressingly recalled by one Syrian woman who witnessed two armed militia men betting on which of them could shoot an 8-year-old boy playing alone in a street.

According to the woman, the men shot the boy, but their shots didn’t kill him right away. As he lay bleeding, the boy’s mother tried to reach him but was kept back by the men, leaving the boy to die hours later alone in the street outside his home.

It should be noted that while the Syrian government may treat a child’s life as worthless, it has discovered they possess some practical value, such as serving as human shields, often placing them on the front of government tanks and armored personnel carriers as they advance into an opposition held area.

One Syrian man named Nabil witnessed such a barbarous and cowardly act when he recounted the sight of two tanks entering his village with “children attached to them, tied up by their hands and feet, and by their torsos,” a sight which made Nabil feel so helpless that all he could do was cry.

Of course, none of this child-driven barbarity comes as a complete shock given that pro-government forces had signaled their contempt for children early on in the Syrian uprising, disregard expressed in the form of regime snipers deliberately shooting children who were part of street protests.

In fact, so distasteful was the sight of child protesters to the Syrian regime that it would take its vengeance by attacking schools. In one village, pro-regime militia went to a grade school, picked 50 children at random, many of whom were as young as 6-years-old, and then proceeded to tear out their fingernails.

Still, while most of the acts of violent child assault and murder have been committed by Syrian security forces and pro-regime militias, such as the dreaded Shabiha militias, the hands of opposition forces are far from clean.

That assessment was delivered in an August report by the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry (UNCoI) on Syria, in which it found the Free Syrian Army (FSA) forcibly recruiting children, some as young as 8-years-old, into their ranks.

Moreover, Syrian Christian children have been targeted, along with their families, by elements of the FSA and an assortment of armed Islamist and al-Qaeda-linked terror groups as part of a systematic cleansing of Syrian Christians.

That cleansing includes the killing of whole families, the sacking of churches, and the forcible evacuation of Christians from entire towns and cities, such as the forced Christian exodus of nearly 50,000 people from Homs in which armed Islamists murdered more than 200 Christians, including entire families with young children.

Not surprisingly, all these heinous actions led the UNCoI to find Syria’s opposition forces, along with the Syrian government, as having committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, transgressions which include an ever escalating assault on Syrian children.

As Rob Williams, CEO of War Child, has said, “The Syrian conflict must now rank as one of the worst for the depth and scale of abuses against children,” adding that it “will scar Syria for generations.”

Of course, given the increasing degree of Syria’s child-directed violence, that assumes there are any Syrian children left alive to heal.

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  • Vos


  • Tanner

    There is no difference between the Syrian pro-government forces and the Syrian Islamic forces. They're all the same in the context of the things they do. They don't act like they're human at all. Why did Obama have to get involved with Libya instead of Syria? Syria should have been the choice for humanitarianism, not Libya. Syria seems to have gotten worse than the Iraq War itself. The fact that both opposition forces are killing children on purpose is something that I can't understand. Which reminds me: where is the outcry from Hollywood? And where is the outcry from the pro-Obama supporters? The Left has a number of important things to worry about instead of focusing on a "film" that supposedly offended the Islamic world. They have got to stop their double-standards now!

  • Suzanne

    I can't think of much worse than to be born into an Islamic country.

    • atthebeach

      Share your sentiments. Of course; having one's own country; taken over by Islamists; not a comforting thought either.
      We can take nothing for granted.

  • PaulRevereNow

    What does that faux human rights organization in New York–the UN–have to say about these unspeakable crimes? And so it goes–one generation abusing the next; where does it end? No more American taxpayer dollars for the UN; and not one cent for Bashir Assad or the Syrian rebels.

  • Ghostwriter

    What a double standard! The Muslim World attacks our embassies for a trailer for a silly film NOBODY in America has ever heard of and yet are silent when kids are being slaughtered in Syria. The whole thing is so ridiculous,it's mind-boggling.

  • Jim

    Did the Prophet Muhammad tell them they could engage in murdering children ???

    • Regina

      No kidding! I've been wondering the same? I mean when you consider the rape jihad..or what happened to Gaddafi and Stevens in particular! I mean rape is one thing, but its just mind blowing that um, Allah, uh.. winks while they violently commit rape in revenge or to punish their victims? They get aroused right? I mean don't we lock people up for crap like that? Not them folks!

  • ElenaG

    It seems both sides of savages took good notes fm Saddam next door!

    I spit on them both!