Islamists vs. the Quest to Eradicate Polio

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The Pakistani Taliban has banned UN health workers from administering polio vaccine to almost 250,000 children living in South and North Waziristan, the Taliban-controlled region along the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Despite the near eradication of polio worldwide — having been reduced from over 350,000 cases in 1988 to less than 700 in 2011 — Pakistan remains one of three countries, where the disease still remains endemic.

Yet, when the government of Pakistan recently launched a national three-day polio vaccination campaign targeting 34 million Pakistani children, its efforts to reach a quarter million children living in South and North Waziristan were rebuffed by the Taliban.

According to Taliban leaders, the UN vaccinators from the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF were really not health workers on a mission to protect vulnerable children from the dreaded viral disease, but rather US spies trying to locate new Taliban targets for American drone strikes.

Despite the absurdity of that charge, it should be noted that the Taliban view of vaccination campaigns of any kind had become somewhat jaundiced after it learned the United States had used a fake anti-hepatitis immunization campaign that helped lead to the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden in May 2011.

So, given that lesson, an edict was issued by Pakistan Taliban chief Hafiz Gul Bahadur that banned the polio vaccination campaign in South and North Waziristan “as long as drone strikes are not stopped.”

According to Bahadur, the Taliban wasn’t in need of American “well-wishers who spend billions to save children from polio…while, on the other hand, the same well-wishers … kills hundreds of innocent tribesmen, including old women and children by unleashing numerous drone attacks.”

The Taliban’s decision was heartedly endorsed by 200 Waziristan tribal leaders, one of whom, Malak Mamoor Khan, said the drones were far more dangerous than the polio virus, because a “child rarely dies of polio while hundreds of children have died due to drones.”

Of course, Khan neglected to point out the heavy contributions the Pakistani Taliban has made to increase the mortality rate of Pakistani children, especially its fondness for using children as human explosives.

After all the Taliban and its Islamist allies in the region have long used Waziristan as an area in which to construct and operate a slew of suicide training facilities, death factories that have trained over 5,000 Pakistani children, many as young as eight, as suicide bombers.

In fact, the Pakistani jihadists’ enthusiasm for using children as human ordinance can be witnessed by the fact that of the 2,488 incidents of terrorism in Pakistan in the last two years — which have claimed the lives of 3,169 people — most were the result of suicide bombings conducted by underage terrorists.

So, it shouldn’t surprise then that the jihadists have now refused to inoculate children under its control from an acute viral infection that can lead to permanent paralysis and, in some cases, death.

Perhaps equally less surprising is that the one common thread that seems to link the three countries where polio remains endemic — Afghanistan and Nigeria being the two others — is that they almost exclusively occur in Muslim areas that are home to anti-Western and anti-American insurgencies.

In Nigeria, for example, Muslim clerics in the country’s predominantly Muslim north have long tried to block UN immunizations of children, which they consider nothing more than an orchestrated Western-led plot to depopulate the Muslim populace through vaccines laced with HIV and sterilization chemicals.

Those efforts to block vaccinations have since been aided by the support of Nigeria’s al-Qaeda-linked Islamist terror group Boko Haram, support which has helped lead to a four-fold national increase in polio, with the added bonus that the disease is now spreading to neighboring Niger, Mali and Ivory Coast.

In fact, like Nigeria, there is concern that polio may now be spreading outside of Pakistan, a concern bolstered by the fact that in late 2011, the World Health Organization traced China’s first polio outbreak in ten years back to Pakistan.

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  • Anamah

    What a problem for Islamists! What to do? Is not easy for that kind of people to love their own children enough to protect them against horrific diseases. But yes there are some problems… Americans and Jews can be inside each drop of these vaccines… their funds, their doctors, their labs, their geniuses, so… how to solve that terrible doubt deep and difficult to solve? They can't!!!

    • mlcblog

      Love seems to be a foreign concept over there.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Muslim children need no vaccines…. They have the protection of the mighty Allah who clearly stated that the administers of these vaccines "are the vilest of beasts" 8:55. Furthermore, according to the Islamic doctrine of Al-Wala wal bara Muslims must love what Allah loves and hate what Allah hates. Allah loves the Taliban and hates infidels bearing ungodly oral vaccines containing Allah knows what.

  • Amused

    So be it , let them cripple their next generation . In addition , no travel into any western country from areas that have refused vaccination .It's just too bad that the adult Taliban can't be infected , since most had their vaccine as children .


      They already cripple their next generation. – with islamofascxist brainwashing in Madrassas and Mosques.

  • Ghostwriter

    Somehow,I'm not surprised at any of this.

  • Boston

    Two big problems for the Islamists. 1) The developer of the polio vaccine was Jewish. 2) They've heard that the vaccine was made up of ground-up pig spinal cords so that's out for the true believers.

  • Atikva

    These people are regularly poisoning schoolgirls to prevent them from learning to read and write. So even if they could understand the concept of vaccination, how could they possibly care about their children contracting a crippling disease, they are too far gone in the realm of lies and stupidity!

    That's islam for you.

  • jmz

    how do i put this delicatly?…ummmm Screw them, let them die. quit wasting our money and vaccines to help kids, whos parents are trying to kill us and will blow up their kids to do it. who will then grow up healthy and try to kill us. i dont want to wait 50 yrs for the next couple of generations to hopefully join us in the 21st century and quit being animals. I want to kill them off and replace them with superior model people. face it these people hate us, they hate what is good and hate the freedom and prosperity the west (esp America) stands for. they dont want to join us or work with us or even tolerate us. they want to dominate, enslave and kill us and our way of life forever. quit helping them LEST MUSLIM TRASH DIE THEY DESERVE IT!

  • danseagull