The Taliban’s Barbaric Shooting of Child Activist

Malala Yousufzai, a 14-year-old girl who garnered international acclaim for having the courage to publicly speak out against the Pakistani Taliban, was shot in the head and critically wounded by the barbaric Islamist terror group.

According to Pakistani police, Malala was riding home from school in the Pakistani city of Mingora when a man stopped the school bus and asked the students to point her out. Once identified, the assassin shot Malala as well as her friend who was seated next to her.

Despite her young age, a Taliban spokesman said it had no choice but to eliminate Malala as she “was pro-West, she was speaking against Taliban and… she was promoting Western culture in Pashtun areas.”

Both girls were fortunate to survive the cowardly murder attempt, in particular Malala, given that the bullet that entered her head had passed through her skull without causing any damage to her brain.

However, Malala’s reprieve from death may be short lived as the Taliban has stated that it still intends to kill this “secular-minded lady” and thus finish “this chapter,” a murder that it hopes will prevent other young Pakistani people from speaking ill of the Islamist terror group.

Unfortunately, Malala has been a target of assassination since she was just 11-years-old and the Tehreek-i-Taliban (TTP) was ruling her home region, Pakistan’s Swat Valley, in a Sharia-based reign of terror.

The Taliban reign, which began in earnest in 2007, included such niceties as public segregation of the sexes; bans on music, movies, and television; a ban on girls’ education; and public whippings, beatings and stoning meted out to violators of the new rules.

During this time Malala, using a pseudonym, documented the abuses being perpetrated under the Taliban occupation by writing a blog under a Pakistani-language BBC website called the “Diary of a Pakistani Schoolgirl.”

Malala’s blog, among other things, highlighted the Taliban’s disdain for “un-Islamic education” in general and hatred of girls’ education in particular, scorn which found its expression in the group’s rampant destruction of over 400 of Swat’s nearly 1,600 schools, 70 percent of which were girls schools.

It should be noted that the TTP’s enlightened views on education are equally shared by its brethren in Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban have attacked and destroyed over 240 girls schools throughout the country, assaults which include 17 poison-gas attacks on schools as well as numerous acid attacks on girls attempting to attend school.

So, when the Pakistani military ousted the Taliban from control of Swat in 2009, Malala used the national attention her blog had generated to drop her pseudonym and openly campaign on the need for educating girls.

For her efforts, Malala was awarded in 2011 Pakistan’s National Peace Award and also nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize, notoriety that only served to enlarge the Taliban target on her back.

In fact, despite Taliban death threats, Malala had courageously broadened her campaign to include other human rights issues anathema to the Taliban, including a focus on the rights of Pakistani children, an area decidedly lacking in Taliban concern.

Of course, to be fair, life for children in Pakistan is far from good even when removed from underneath the Taliban yoke, a fact highlighted in a recent report from a leading Pakistani child advocacy group, the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC).

SPARC’s Dickensian statistics on Pakistan include 25 million children not enrolled in school, the second highest number worldwide; Pakistan’s ranking among the five most dangerous countries in the world for kidnapping, with about 7,000 child abductions reported in 2011; and most of the children working as domestic workers in Pakistan being between 10-15 years of age.

Nevertheless, the Taliban has taken its disregard for children to a completely new and ruthless level.

After all, this is the same barbaric group that along with its Islamist allies in the region have constructed and operated a slew of suicide training facilities, death factories that have trained over 5,000 Pakistani children, many as young as eight, as suicide bombers.

In fact, the Pakistani jihadists’ enthusiasm for sacrificing children can be witnessed by the fact that of the 2,488 incidents of terrorism in Pakistan since 2009 — which have claimed the lives of 3,169 people — most were the result of suicide bombings conducted by underage terrorists.

That casual disregard for child welfare was recently on display in comments made by a Taliban spokesman in the days preceding Malala’s shooting, when he said the Taliban would continue to target Pakistan’s educational system, one which he said spreads “un-Islamic culture and vulgarity.”

Specifically, if that targeting included killing innocent girls and boys in the process, the Taliban spokesman said the group was, nonetheless, still providing a valuable public service as “We consider our activities beneficial because they are good for them in the afterlife.”

So given that, it’s certainly not surprising then to find that the Taliban would casually shoot a bullet into the head of a young girl simply for putting them in a bad public spotlight.

It’s certainly not surprising to Kamila Hayat, a senior official of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, who said of the attack on Malala, “This is an attack to silence courage through a bullet. These are the forces who want to take us to the dark ages.”

Tragically, for Malala Yousufzai and millions of Pakistani girls like her, those dark ages have already arrived.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Bring this child and her vetted family to the US and make a hero out of her.

    • Frikkie Botes

      Let the boelshat that islam believes in be the final nail in their own coffin, Let them bomb and wipe each other out. Earth does not need this type of boelshat.

  • amused

    This is sickening , but it's what the Taliban is all about . The people of Pakistan have now had their noses rubbed in this barbarism that they have supported .It's hard to believe such subhuman behavior goes on routinely in Pakistan , for this is no isolated incident , it only made the news due to the notoriety of this poor child . This is what all Pakistani women have to look forward too . Pakistan our "alleged ally ' is a degenerate nation .

  • Jocelyn B.

    Will Imran Khan and Code Pink now organize a huge demonstration in her support, just like they did against US drone strikes?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Will Imran Khan and Code Pink now organize a huge demonstration in her support, just like they did against US drone strikes?"

      Thank you. I hadn't thought of that, but it's an obvious question since they were just there. Their silence speaks volumes, as opposed to their vaginas that speak only gibberish. Maybe they should cover up and start using their mouths once connected to the rational parts of whatever brains they have functioning.

      No doubt if mentioned at all, they will blame the drone strikes for the "self defense" (against a female teenage civilian) action.

    • PaulRevereNow

      You've got to be kidding…but more to the point, what does Barry have to say about Malala Yousufzai?….Barry…..what was that?

  • PAthena

    The Taliban shows its ignorance, and its worship of ignorance, by opposing education – that of girls.

  • Schlomotion

    It's a good thing that Mr. Crimi cleared up the matter of whether or not the Taliban is a popular benefacting organization. Now nobody needs to read Taliban by Ahmed Rashid and learn something.

  • BS77

    Whenever I see one of those idiotic CO EXIST bumper stickers I ask myself, "How can anyone co exist with these medieval barbarian murderers, who commit murder, who oppress women and children, who set off bombs in market places and schools? How can you co exist with EVIL?????????

  • Advocatus

    The case of this brave young girl is further evidence of how inane and disingenious it is to blame Islamic fundamentalism exclusively on Western politics in the Muslim world. At the end of the day, it's decent, wel-meaning Muslims who suffer the most from these fanatics' bigotry and murderous rage. Islam in its purest form is a vile totalitarian ideology that should make any latter-day Nazi blush with shame by comparison.

    Sadly, the example of Malala will soon fade from the headlines and from people's collective memory and we'll be back to the tired old mantras (take your pick): "If only we granted Muslims the respect they deserve, all would be well in the world"; "Ah, but Islam led the world in science a thousand years ago!"; "If not for Israel and the US, the world would be a utopia of peace, harmony and everyone singing kumbaya"; "It's all because of that YouTube video"….

  • amused

    I really dnt think anyone in the US , besides maybe CAIR that believes that crap about respect .It is not the mantra of any major political party . You will always have idiot anti-semites and pro-islam usefull idiots , they are the exception rather than the rule .Peoples "collective memory " will fade even faster than you think , this sort of thing has been going on for decades , in Pakistan , Afghanistan and several other places where muslims dominate .

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I really dnt think anyone in the US , besides maybe CAIR that believes that crap about respect .It is not the mantra of any major political party . You will always have idiot anti-semites and pro-islam usefull idiots , they are the exception rather than the rule "

      You're correct in part, but these goons dominate the discourse, which is then used to "prove" the claims because refutations are squelched.

      We need to keep speaking up loudly and clearly with fact-based analysis. As an anecdote, this is a fine example. We need to complete the arguments with statistics to show this is not some emotional exception, like a random murder in New York, or some other supposed parallel.

      Islam as an ideology advocates murder and oppression, and statistically we know that societies are destroyed because enough of the followers listen to this ideology. Those are facts.

  • R.C.


    • KristinL.

      What's your point?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      OK, a young adolescent.

      What is your point then?

    • elkoz

      To say something that silly makes me believe you have never been a parent, and is quite meaningless. I'm curious; would she be a child at 13? If she was 24 would the brutality of such an action been any worse? The fact that this was done to a young and very brave girl is an emotional hook, but the depravity of the action stands as an indictment of an entire movement no matter to whom it was done.

  • Ghostwriter

    Somehow,I not surprised the Taliban would do something like this.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Somehow,I not surprised the Taliban would do something like this."

      Understatement of the day.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    This is Islam. Justifications are just taquiyya.

  • watsa46

    Pr. O has assured the US of a continuous conflict with the Savages from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    To downsize Iran would go a long way to reduce the turmoil in that area of the world and terrorism in general.
    Who benefits from this worldwide terror/turmoil? The DOD???

  • ChevalierdeJohnstone

    This is not barbaric, it's a calculated tactice by an enemy well-versed in population control and information warfare to combat an ongoing information warfare campaign against it.

    It's wrong, of course, and evil, and we ought to speak out against it – but it's not barbaric. The Taliban is the government in these regions, and nobody, I mean nobody, has any conceivable plan to kick them out. The Taliban doesn't want girls to go to school, therefore, little girls are not going to go to school. Western small-l liberals, by encouraging little girls like this to be "activists", get them shot.

    Look, little girls are going to get raped and murdered and shot, or they are going to marry a man who can and will protect them as long as they do what he wants and keep him happy, which entails cooking and making babies and shutting the heck up and does not include learning how to read so she can pine after the Twilight dweeb like everyone else. This is the way the world works, most of the time.

    When you encourage this girl to take on the Taliban – in the face of clear death threats – what they hell did you think was going to happen? Prizes? What the – fairy princess needs armed guards and body armor, not a freaking trophy. What were you expecting, the fairy tale ending where she magically shows them the error of their ways with pixie dust and they join in the dance number for the closing credits? The Hollywood movie ending where the lone soldier (because that's all we can afford anymore) parachutes in and saves her and blows up the entire Taliban and makes the world safe for peace, love, and rock and roll?

    Come on you freaking idiots. There is only one way this story ends. Deal with reality the way it is so that more little girls don't get shot living out deluded Western liberal wish fulfillment fantasies.

    We are not fighting a "barbaric" enemy. We are fighting a poor, undersupplied, low-tech enemy who is vastly better at this than we are because he understands how asymmetric warfare works, which is why he is beating us. There are some pretty obvious and well-tested methods of at least holding your own against such an enemy. Harry Tunnell provides the Cliff's Notes version; the British figured it out with Cromer and Napier and the like. We clearly have absolutely no intention of doing anything of the sort. Therefore we will not win. Therefore STFU and stop pretending that when little girls take on mean guys with guns we will support them. We never had any intention of doing so. The results speak for themselves.

    • amused

      Au-contraire , this indeed is barbarism . The women of Pakistan and most of the muslim world are not victimized due to war or occupation or anything else other than ISLAM . THAT is the way the world is . This is not a novel event , in the overall scheme of this in the islamic world this is a NON-EVENT . Modern technology in communications makes this just another daily " Cause-Celebre " . This sort of thing with women and chidren has been going on since the inception of this CULT of socio-paths and psychopaths . Mohammed himself being the prime example and role model .
      A cult whose religious dogma gives license to inhumane and barbaric behavior , can produce nothing else but what we see today . Islam does not have to be at war with anyone to engage this type of behavior . Indeed mohammed would have done the same but only with a sword to any womanor man who would not totally submit to any whim, and indeed he had . Islam has mdeled itself after a psychopath and can not coexist with civilised societies .Civilized men will ALWAYS underestimate the barbarian .


    Yesterday the Nobel Peace Prize was once again awarded to a most unworthy body, the European Union.
    This young lady should be nominated for the prize. If she is awarded the prize, the Norwegian Nobel committee will regain a little bit of the prestige it has so foolishly squandered in awarding the prize to Barack Hussein Obama, Rigoberta Menchu, Al Bore (deliberate), Yasser Arafat and other such luminaries.

  • BS77

    The Nobel Prize has become a joke….it's something of a self congratulatory award from liberals and leftists to liberals and leftists and worse. When it was given to that terrorist ghoul Arafat, many thought the Nobel committee had gone mad.

  • amused

    This brutal at has provided a temporary jolt to the Pakistanis , that they are in fact human beings , but the outrage will e short lived , as they regress back into their islamic barbaric trance . If there remains any trace of humanity in Pakistan , they will wipe out the Taliban , a monster of their own creation , which ISI originally used to fight the hindus in Kashmir . If they dont , to hell with them all , they have already proven themselves to be our enemy rather than our ally .