To Jail a Down’s Syndrome Girl

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An 11-year-old mentally disabled Christian girl has been sent to a Pakistani prison over allegations she committed blasphemy, just the latest act of bruising intolerance being perpetrated by Muslims against Pakistan’s besieged Christian minority group.

Rimsha Masih, who is afflicted with Down’s Syndrome, was arrested in early August at her home in the capital of Islamabad after she had been accused by her Muslim neighbors of burning 10 pages of the Koran.

Rimsha’s alleged heretical act offended local Muslim sensibilities enough to spark an angry mob of over 600 to gather outside her home, threatening to burn down Christian homes in the neighborhood if the police did not immediately arrest the young girl.

However, according to Farrukh Saif, head of the Pakistan-based human rights group, World Vision in Progress (WVIP), Rimsha, who works as a maid, denied any blasphemous wrongdoing, claiming she was simply burning garbage and “did not know a Koranic book was among the papers because she cannot read.”

Nevertheless, Pakistani police quickly brought Rimsha into custody, persuaded less by her illiteracy and mental impairment and more by a swelling Muslim mob bent on torching an entire Christian community, a rabble of thousands reportedly “already burning tires and ready to attack the Christians.”

To that end, over a thousand Christians in the area, including Rimsha’s parents and relatives, were forced to flee their homes, seeking shelter in church compounds or sleeping outdoors, a move Farrukh Saif said was “the largest reallocation of Christians from any area of Pakistan.”

While Muslims thirsted for Islamic retribution, others urged restraint, such as Pakistan’s Minister for National Harmony, Paul Bhatti, who said it was unlikely Rimsha “purposefully desecrated the Koran” given her mental disorder.

Of course, when it comes to issues of blasphemy, a number of Muslims are unwilling to let a blasphemer’s mental competence serve as a mitigating factor to ease their fury.

That moral stance was on display in July in the case of Ghulam Abbas, a 40-year-old mentally impaired Muslim man, accused of burning a copy of the Koran in public. Yet while in custody in the central Pakistani city of Bahawalpur, police said Abbas “had no idea what was going on…he kept laughing and chanting.”

Nevertheless, local Muslim religious leaders incited a mob numbering in the thousands to storm the police station where Abbas was being held. There, the horde dragged Abbas to the spot where he purportedly desecrated the Koran, poured gasoline over him, and then burned him to death as he screamed for help.

However, for Pakistan’s “tolerated minorities,” such as Christians and Hindus, that type of barbaric treatment is all-too commonplace for those unfortunate enough to run afoul of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws.

Those statutes, which earn sentences of death or life in prison if found guilty of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad or desecrating its holy book, the Koran, are exceedingly popular among most of Pakistan’s 180 million Muslim populace.

In fact, recent efforts by Pakistani political leaders to repeal the blasphemy laws have produced some deadly results: in January 2011 Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, the only Christian minister in Pakistan’s Cabinet, was shot and killed by one of his own guards; two months later Shahbaz Bhatti, the Minister for Minority Affairs, was gunned down by Islamists.

Perhaps part of Pakistan’s enchantment with its blasphemy laws stems from the fact that many Pakistani Muslims believe killing a blasphemous person earns a heavenly reward, a holy perk that may help explain why at least 30 Christians accused of blasphemy since 2009 have been killed by mobs of Islamist vigilantes.

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  • Advocatus

    Bloody hell. One can feel nothing but contempt for those mindless brutes in Pakistan.

  • Confucius Say

    I believe I have seen this face before ….oh yeah…
    now I remember…
    Above appears to be a picture of none other than the famous writer for Islam for Frontpagemagzine ,….

    "JAMAL"! !!!!!!!!!

    Although it might actually be his "brother."

  • ★FALCON★

    American foreign aid to Pakistan should be ended immediately. It's been threatened – and now is the time for action.

    • Kufar Dawg

      US politicians rely on Pakistaini free foreign aid for their kickbacks!

  • Charles Wenzel

    The Progressive West is crazier than the Muslim world because crazy, itself, is just plain blind, but self-imposed blindness is just plain crazy.

  • Chezwick

    Folks, I implore you to send this article off to family and friends under the heading…"It's not just about terrorism."

    People have to know that the perps in this case (and so many others like it) are NOT terrorists hiding in caves, but THE COMMUNITY ITSELF!!! They are typical Muslims representing their religion, their culture, their ethos, and their legal code. And the only reason Muslims in America don't act similarly is because they are constrained by American Constitutional law…….at least for the time being.

    • Nam Jiwan

      I disagree. Look at all the countries that have rebelled against their oppressive and tyrannical governments, desperately seeking democracy and the rights that we often take for granted in the west. The radicals are moving into vulnerable areas and taking over. They thrive on the chaos in places like Egypt because it means ppl are distracted as they sneak in and take control. Only a few years ago, Pakistan was our ally. Benazir Bhutto, a woman, was prime minister. Sadly, she was assassinated (and before you accuse Muslims of this remember how many times our presidents have either been killed or wounded in assassination attempts).

      You couldn't be more wrong when it comes to Muslims being "constrained by American Constitutional law". Imagine living in a country like present day Pakistan and being able to escape it to be blessed by the rights we have here. They cherish the blessing because it provides them with a safe place to raise a family, provide for a family and more opportunities for their children.

      You provoke violence when you claim all Muslims are like these thugs who imprisoned poor Rimsha.

      Speaking of Rimsha. Did you notice that you never mentioned her? Are you any better for not even commenting about the child who is suffering under such extreme oppression? You merely saw in it an excuse that allowed you to bad mouth all Muslims. Maybe you need to open your heart to the girl before you turn into a bigot like those in Pakistan who are making life miserable for non-muslims.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Thursday, August 23, 2012 common era

    "Islam Uber Alles!" is cruel. To treat this dear soul as a criminal is a blatant violation of her human rights.
    So where is the U.N.? The E.U.? Hillary Clinton? Oh yeah, they're more concerned with more homes for Jews being built in Judea and Samaria.

  • RonaldCarnine

    One of the problems with Islamic countries like Pakistan is that so many of the people are illiterate and uneducated. Therefore, the things they do are ignorant and lack the compassion of "normal" people. To act this way to a child with Down's Syndrome does not speak well of Islam. However, we have seen such behavior in the Islamic countries again and again. Muslim's often do not know how to think for themselves, therefore whatever the top theologian says is what they believe and how they will act. I know that this sounds like I'm saying that all Muslim are not normal and are stupid, I'm not. But I am saying that the mobs we so often see in Islam are often controlled by "Puppet Masters" that lead ignorant people into unspeakable acts of cruelty. All in the name of Islam, how shameful.

  • LibertyLover

    Pakistani Muslims = subhuman animals.

  • Drakken

    Hey I have an idea, lets send little schlomo and all his peace now friends over there to preach peace and love to those poor misunderstood muslims, lets see how that works out for them?

    • David R

      Probably take him several years…he doesn't call himself "Schlomo" for nothing!

  • g_jochnowitz

    Sunnis, O Sunnis, you've just got to kill.
    If you have faith, you must find the will.
    Shiites, O Shiites, you've just got to slay.
    The mercy of Islam says: Jihad's the way.
    Sunnis and Shiites, you both hate the Jews.
    Yet you must battle despite your shared views.
    Killing a Muslim is certainly sad,
    But refraining from killing is sinfully bad.

  • Morty62

    When you see 600 people gathered to set fire to Christian homes because an 11-year-old girl with Down's burned a few pages of the Unholy Koran it's very difficult not to label the whole lot of them as savages. It's not a few extremists who are the problem. Islam itself is extremist. And to think that 20,000 of these cultural Neanderthals are going to open the DNC. Then again, it makes perfect sense considering who leads the party.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'm not noticing any outrage in the muslime world. It seems muslimes have no problems holding mass protests in support of their global jihad of hate but can't muster up a handful of their fellow brethren to protest the persecution of people of other faiths which is SOP in ALL their muslo-fascist states.

  • Katharina Sri

    These Muslim fanatics are plain Satanic beasts! They are Devil-worshippers – but our Lord Jesus Christ is more powerful than them; they will see one day, especially at the end of the world! The Christians, especially the rich ones, profiting from making business deals with them, such as in the oil/weapon industry, who are bowing to Islam makes me sick!

  • Stuart Parsons

    Ello, Ello !! No comment from Schlomotion. Has he developed a sense of shame at last ? Can ut be that he feels this poor girl really has been mistreated ? Has he decided he can no longer defend the indefensible.

  • Ghostwriter

    What's that pinhead JAMAL going to say about this?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What does Obama say, nothing? Where you find Muslims you find dehumanized fiends,
    no sense of humanity, they are the lowest of the low, that we have anything to do with this
    disgusting Nation is pure embarrassment but they are who Obama bows to and he has
    been importing them to America by the tens of thousands and one day we will have to deal
    with them………………………William

  • Nam Jiwan

    There is a petition to sign for setting the girl free at this link:

    We have to remember every criticism we make is useless and we are silently supporting it if we don’t speak out and insist this child be set free. The Quran says Muhammad was sent as a mercy to all creatures…that includes non-muslims such as Christians, Jews, Hindus and pagans. To turn Islam into a tool that would actually allow a child to be imprisoned (and she could even receive the death penalty).

    The Prophet was harassed in horrible ways. His response to this “blasphemy” was to ignore the people (only when he needed to protect the Muslim community from the same thing did he begin to defend against it). Once a Bedouin came in and peed on the mosque wall and the Muslims were gonna punish the guy. Muhammad stopped them, took the guy outside and explained what he did was wrong then he went back in the mosque and told the men to throw water on the wall. That was it.

    So the worst kind of innovation is happening when a child is imprisoned. Not only is she only 11, she has Downs’ Syndrome.

    That being said, the title of this article is very offensive to anyone with a disability. Referring to Rimsha as “Down’s Syndrome girl” makes it sound like she is defined by her illness. It is much better to say “Rimsha, who has Down’s Syndrome” because it doesn’t sound like she is nothing more than her illness.

    Jesus says in the Bible that we should not focus on the speck in someone else’s eye until we deal with the log in our own. I’m not saying that jailing this girl is only a speck of a crime. I am just saying before you critique someone else, critique yourself.

  • Marthanan Bonelli

    This is outrages news.How can an 11 year old with Down Syndrome be held responsible for this crime.Children with Down Syndrome are mentally challenged,loving,easy going, sesitive,easily manipulated humans.Who gave her matches.I do not beleive she is guilty of this crime.Who is the coward who did this to her and jailed her Children with Down Syndrome need constant medical attention.I pray she will be freed,and sent to America to live if family can not care for her.Let her out of jail now you nazi freaks.