2016: Obama’s America

A new movie, 2016: Obama’s America, features author Dinesh D’Souza traveling the world to unravel the life history of President Barack Obama and along the way D’Souza makes some stunning discoveries about Obama’s father’s views, not only with regard to anti-colonialism, but also with regard to the state of Israel and the views of those who have influenced Obama over the years.

Obama comes out of a milieu in which the state of Israel is seen as a horrible entity,” declared Daniel Pipes. “Edward Said was his professor at Columbia, a leading anti-Zionist. Rashid Khalidi was his friend in Chicago, a important anti-Israel professor, and Ali Abunimah was an activist blogger from Chicago, who’s far more vicious than either of those two. And these were his buddies that we know about.”

“The world could be a pretty scary place in 2016,” declared D’Souza in the film. “Israel brought to its knees, America’s defenses weakened, the Muslim world united. But America would still be a rich country. How does Obama change that? How does he restore the world before colonialism? Actually, there is a way, and it’s a beautiful way. I call it, debt as a weapon of mass destruction.”

Watch a clip from 2016: Obama’s America below:

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  • Stephen_Brady

    Debt as a wepon of mass destruction …

    And when this weapon is used, as it has been over the last four years, America is brought to its knees, and Americans are made absolutely dependent upon the government … the collective.

    I hope to see this movie, though I have no illusions that it will be in any movie theater near me …

    • Frank Figliola


  • Schlomotion

    That clip makes Daniel Pipes look like any other derivatives psychic handing out bad market speculations and advice. It was funny though, the ominous and creepy synthesizer music that comes in when D'Souza asks "what prospects does America face in the Middle East over the next few years?" Calvin Jones (not the Calvin Jones) is doing a great job helping to be manipulative with music in this baseless smear movie. Dinesh D'Souza is fast becoming Hasbara's M. Night Shyamalan.

    • reader

      Even lamer than usual, tro schlo. Apparently, the stress of Obama's precipitous slide gets the better of the trolling comunity. Hopefully, at least pharmacutical sales will pick up as a result.

    • tony

      Is there any possibility that you or anyone else who supports Obama will actually look at the man's history and the source of his beliefs and ideology. His entire life has been spent in the company of hardcore leftists and radicals. It's pretty clear that all of the major influences in Obama's life are Marxists of one sort or another. You really need to be willfully ignorant to not recognize the true nature of the man. We don't expect an overnight conversion into a free market capitalist who believes the US Constitution should be interpreted within the context of the written language of the 1770's. But for crying out loud, how much more evidence do you need?

      • Schlomotion

        Sure there is, because I don't support Obama. I voted against him and I disagree with most of his policies. That still does not entitle Matt Vadum to make up lies about people with much more distinguished careers than himself in a cheap bid for fame.

    • Hyaim Younkle

      Michael Moore's film was OK and truthful but, not D'Souza's. Only D'Souza uses Obama's own words to define Obama, while Michael Moore never let's propaganda interfere with scientific evidence. Go figure!

  • yrdroustan

    Obama feels unwiped not only because of his tainted ancestry but also because of his whoreish and dishonest mind!

  • Ghostwriter

    And you're a modern-day Joseph Goebbels,Schlockmotion.

    • Schlomotion

      I think you're just wishing for one.

  • Andy_Texan

    I saw D'Souza's film and was disappointed that it was not hard enough on Obama. The theme of the movie blames all the president's leftist, anti-American policies on this so-called "anti-colonialism" inheritance that gives Obama a ready excuse that I find appalling. The only "proof" of this "anti-colonialism" hypothesis appears to be O's return of the Churchill bust. (There are plenty of other reasons for O to dislike Churchill.) D'Souza takes Obama's faux autobiography "Dreams From My Father" as fully credible and never seems to have heard of Jack Cashill's work unraveling Obama's past. Cashill gives a much more pointed explanation of Obama's psychology. D'Souza is unconvincing.

    • FRANK

      America was brought to its knees four years ago by deregulation war and 5 trillion dollar debt increase since the end of the successful Clinton era when bush sent out checks emptying the treasury, tax breaks so large we couldn't pay bills, 2 unfunded wars of choice, (WMD'S and of course the housing meltdown and you talk about a one weapon when all these in a republican administration took us down like in the last republican administration of Hoover in 29. Makes two far right administrations bankrupting us and you probably want another one!

  • Anamah

    It must be a very significant movie. I find D'Souza fall quite soft painting this attack well orchestrated and prepared to erase the Western values, the private sector, individual rights and prosperity. It seems to be a black hole, a dark night of destruction by design of hate and resentment. We must to wake up.

  • Guest

    If the mainstream theaters wouldn't show the movie, is there a way it can be seen on the internet or on a cable or Fox station? I would like to see it.

    • Anonimo

      You can go to 2016themovie.com and see if there's a theater near you. They have been adding many new ones and so far they have more than 500, and still adding. I agree though! This movie should be on television 24/7.

  • greyfox

    My only comment, and this is from the bottom of my heart, is that, if Obama is re elected it will be the last election you will see in the U.S. for many many years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.callahan.50 Shannon Callahan

    the mainstream theatres are showing it…It is just taking time to get around. It is showing all around the Hampton Roads area in Va starting this weekend…all over Ohio and these showings are all in the big name theatres with tickets being sold in advance through sites like Fandango. I though I would have to go to DC or Richmond to see it butr muc to my suprise it is showing in 2 theatres in Va Bch, 1 in Norfolk, 1 in Chesapeake, 1 in Newport News and 2 in Hampton. So it's not like they are trying to keep it from the public.

  • Adela

    Hi, it's at least in 2 theaters in the metro Manhattan in NYC. I'm going to see it tomorrow Friday at the AMC Empire 25.

    ONE QUESTION TO ALL: I'd love to have, as quickly as possible, good flyers announcing this film. I searched the internet but no luck so far. Anyone could let me know how to get it? (Of course, my old B&W printer doesn't help much either). :(

    Will appreciate it a lot to hear from you: vegandela at rcn dot come. Thanks ever so much! Adela