7 Blacks Beat Up 1 White Youth In Racial Attack

Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

To read about Colin Flaherty’s book on this issue,  White Girl Bleed a Lot, click here.

  • whatthehell

    They were Black? He was White? He's a racist.

  • Arius

    The Left's double standard: OK for blacks to attack whites, but not OK for whites to attack blacks.

    • cjk

      Attack Blacks? It's not even ok for Whites to effectively defend themselves.

  • Arius

    Hello? It MAY be racially motivated?

  • Mary Sue

    "B-b-but, you see, they probably were beating him up cuz he called them a buncha n____!" [/excuses of the Left] (no sane single white person would call a group of black kids the n word in their hearing!)

    The Ethnic studies crowd will just say that the black youths were justifiably lashing out at Whitey because they are justified in attacking anything that embodies their oppression. Maybe they thought he was looking at them wrong. Maybe he used a word that sounded racist. Maybe he said, "You people." Because Oppression. No folks, these days it ain't 'the devil made me do it.' These days it's "Oppression made me do it!"

    What makes all of this worse is the black kids' parents. Particularly since they all seem to have bought into the Identity Politics, which culminates in a strange symbiosis and synthesis of "Head In The Sand™ Parenting." This is evident around the world where children join gangs or are the children of even so-called well-to-do parents who, when confronted with evidence of their child's wrongdoing, go "OH no Johnny is a good boy, he would never do anything like that" and not discipline the kid. (Or the TV african-american version, "He ain't done nothing! He ain't done nothing! You got the wrong kid! You're just accusing him cuz u RACIST!")

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The Ethnic studies crowd will just say that the black youths were justifiably lashing out at Whitey because they are justified in attacking anything that embodies their oppression. "

      Yes, because they are collectivists. Individual rights of whites are so oppressive to "minorities."

  • Mary Sue

    also btw there's always the Womens/Ethnics studies "out": "Black people can't be racist! They have no power to oppress white people institutionally!"

    Last I checked, black people were not being denied loans for houses. Last I checked, there was affirmative action. Sure, black people get pulled over for "driving while black", but that's the fault of the gangs, more than it's the fault of "racist" cops.

    And if beating the absolute living s___ out of some white kid isn't oppression, then I don't know what is.

  • Tan

    This is why all law-abiding citizens should have their 2nd amendment rights. This kid obviously would not have that right yet due to his age, but this is a reminder that not everyone is civilized.

  • Anthony

    Living in black run America is going to get a whole heck of a lot worse. I live, work and commute in NYC, forget “Breakfast at Tiffany’s ” or “The Out of Towners”, New York is fully, mostly, culturally, non-White everywhere.

    It’s really a struggle to commute being the only white guy on the bus. In fact you liberal dopes reading this cant imaging just how savage a surprising majority of blacks can and do get if they feel like it. You hat and see behavior and talk that is scary and border line Zulu.

    The question always asked by incredulous whites is “Where’s Sharpton’s, where’s Jackson….”, the answer is whites need our own advocate because American cities are clearly going South Africa in character.

    We also need someone to point out the propaganda aspects of black glorification. Am I the only cracker who notices massive public advertising that shows all minorities on billboards and newspapers? O how I laugh when I see one of the many TV commercials that show the idealized black family sitting at he dinner table speaking normally, and not shrieking Ebonics as they do when I see them in reality, or pounding some poor white liberal who thought he was black.

    What we need is a voice for whites.

    • goalie

      The fact is that Sharpton and Jackson have been busy threatening companies whose ads we all see on TV to portray every black family as erudite and cohesive–the complete opposite of what we see every day. The lamestream media has engaged in a blackout–no pun intended–of all these attacks that seem to be more and more common. I can see why you can be so frustrated when you see blacks in the media being portrayed as mostly the opposite of what you and I see daily

    • guest

      you are a moron. Non-Hispanic whites make up the largest single racial group in New York City and half of all people in Manhattan. Studies show that whites in general always overestimate how large minority populations are. However, your numbers are shrinking and your days at the top are numbered, no way around that. But why are you worried? You act like minorities in this country are discriminated against. Of course they're not. You'll see :) Have a nice day.

  • Arlie

    This is happening all over America. Blacks are jumping white people that are just walking down the street or ally. I have seen it reported several times but not as much as it is really happening. Someone has given them "license" to beat "whitey". I would never go anywhere alone any more. I always have my big dog, pepper spray, or with other people. It is no longer safe in America to be white and alone anywhere.

    • quantum leap

      The second amendment has given "whitey" the right to carry. Start packing a little heat. When a black mob ensues around you, pull it out and start painting the street red. Remind them that they can bleed too.

    • Mary Sue

      The Identity Politics movement has somehow inculcated into the black community that beating up a white person makes up for when a bunch of white people would come and beat up a random black person just for being black. That white person becomes a scapegoat.

  • Al Sharpton

    A pack of monkies!

  • Dennis

    I am awaiting the EXECUTIVE ORDER that surely will soon be issued to RENAME an obviously offensive Federal Government building: THE WHITE HOUSE.

    Start submitting your suggestions soon and often lest the powers that be think no one cares…

  • quantumleap

    When a civil war breaks out in this country, it will be the other way around. Trust me.

  • Dennis X

    What goes around comes around!

    • Mary Sue

      waitaminute, are you suggesting that some innocent white kid was beaten up justifiably to make up for a random black kid getting beaten up by white kids 50 years ago?

    • Ghostwriter

      Ms. Sue,I've got something to tell you. Dennis X is a bigoted piece of trash. He's as much a racist as the KKK he condemns so vehemently. To him,every white person is a racist. But,that's rich,coming from a black racist like Dennis X.

      • Mary Sue

        well it's the identity politics in Dennis talking. His brain got washed.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What goes around comes around!"

      And when it does, many blacks will lose their lives.

  • Rob

    You know, I think that it is sorta possible, that perhaps it just might have been, somewhat, at least partially, but of course not, completely, racially motivated. We should give that white kid some sensitivity training about how not to offend blacks, don't you think?

  • Reis Kash

    When I was a boy anyone violating a fair fight (one on one) was reminded "two on one is ni99er fun," and shamed into behaving. Today the rhyme would have to be nine on one or more. One should carry all the time, when legal, and lock and load – not condition three. Go through Jeff Cooper's white, yellow, orange, and red so you can get to red when you need to. Then do it. There is no justice,no law today except the Zmmmerman code.

  • VLParker

    How dare you show this you racist pigs. Don’t you know there are no such things as black racists? It’s the white persons fault. He should know better than to be white.

  • SoCalMike

    Academics in charge of programs that train teachers actually have a lesson that states only whites, members of the power class, can be racist so therefore it isn't possible for non-whites to be racist because they aren't members of the power class.
    This person is a respected teacher at a local university and is in charge of teaching teachers how to teach.

    And you wonder where all the stupefaction comes from in academia.
    Only there can such counter-factual BS be served up with a straight face.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah and they claim they are learning this from "experts" who have been "studying this issue (racism/sexism) for years". So because those they learn from have been held up as "experts" (gag), they unquestioningly believe what they say. That's how they believed that since "racism" involves "oppression" that the two are so inextricably linked, that only the "oppressed" can be victims of racism.

      Of particular note is their tendency to silence others that don't agree with them on the basis that the speech of the Majority is "oppression" (particularly if it falls under 'whitesplaining' which is basically a white person going "WTF, ARE YOU INSANE, WHAT I SAID WASN'T RACIST!", while they whine about being 'silenced' (by even something as simple as being told something isn't racist because the intent was not racist—they then come out with 'intent is not magical' and 'you don't get to decide what is racist, only an Oppressed Person can decide'. Then they get to lecture you on "privilege": the assumption that whites and or males are magically more competent, trustworthy, hardworking, and less criminal than Persons Of Color™, and thus makes you lucky and more likely to be hired/accepted/inherit a fortune/whatever.)

      It's really rich when they go into full hypocrisy mode. They're just insane.

      That teacher you speak of is a full-bore marxist, because the whole oppression/racial dynamic is 100% unadulterated Marxist theory.

    • Mary Sue

      plus, this is rich, anyone who criticizes a (feminist) woman or a Person Of Color™ is "silencing" them, because that's how they were "silenced" in the past. Whatever that means.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?"

    This is war; class war. Showing up would aid their enemy.

    • Mary Sue

      Jesse Jackson is proud of his screw up of a son while Sharpton engineers the next Tawana Brawley fakery.

  • John

    This is why I always read frontpagemag. It's one of the few publications that even MENTIONS the racist anti-white crime wave that plagues our nation.