A Powerful Transcript from Rush on Healthcare

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Below is a transcript from Rush  Limbaugh on Healthcare:

Rush: We cannot defeat Obamacare if we do not explain how it destroys the current health care system and the individual. You saw what they asked for. They asked for a mandate that would allow them to tell us what we have to buy or don’t buy and penalize us, tax us, whatever. Forget the penalty. Forget the tax. Think about just that. And then take a look at the news of the day. Okay, what will they do? The AP has a story that the fires in Colorado and these high temperatures prove global warming. Prove it! Prove it.

What do these wackos say about all this? It’s our fault. They, if this law stands, are going to have the power to dictate every aspect of your life they want to, to make sure these fires “never happen again,” quote, unquote, or the temperatures never go up again. And you know how lunatic they are. If they believe that you eating a Big Mac is leading to fires and high temperatures, then they are going to find a way to make sure that you don’t.

Or if they conclude that eating a Big Mac adds an additional $1.50 to your health care costs every month, and we can’t afford the buck-fifty, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t have the Big Mac. I’m not exaggerating. And that’s chump change compared to the power they’re gonna have with this. And it stands! It was just declared constitutional. Individual choice is gonna go by the wayside. Individual health decisions are gonna go by the wayside. You’ve heard the audio sound bite of Obama telling a woman that his government would not allow her mother to live!

I still, to this day, cannot believe that the country has become that in my lifetime. I was watching a primetime show on ABC and a woman asked this. The fact that she was even asking the question sent me into a tailspin. A citizen of the United States actually had to ask the president, “My mother is 102 and she has a really great will to live, she’s got a lot of spirit, but she needs a pacemaker.” “Well,” Obama said, “I don’t think we can factor things like ‘spirit’ into whether or not your mom gets a pacemaker. Maybe it be better just to give her a pain pill.”

I said, “This is United States of America?”

And nobody thought that there was anything unusual about that. A citizen was essentially asking the president, “Will you let my mother live?” And he said, “no!” And we moved on to the next question. In the United States? Folks, that’s the tip of the iceberg. We’ve spent two years detailing what’s in the health care bill, and you know it. It’s why you oppose it. But I really… As I listen to this whole thing being discussed on television and read various blogs, debating John Roberts right now is not the point. Debating his decision — whether there’s a silver lining, whether it’s a penalty or a tax — is a distraction.

If they can tax us for not buying insurance, they can tax our carbon emissions. Just takes a special piece of legislation. Nothing special, actually, because the Supreme Court has just broadened Congress’ taxing power to be essentially limitless, and there is no silver lining in that. Now, listen to a couple things Obama has said. You’ve got to put daily events, the news of the day, you have to put it in context with this decision and then you have to associate everything you know about liberalism with this decision and you will fully understand the consequences.

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  • davarino

    Rush is right, as usual. Because the state is now the payor of your health they will start mandating what you can eat, how much exercise you should do, and whether or not you get that procedure or not. Unfortunately, they (the pinheads that foisted this on us) are not beholden to this terrible law. As usual they are exempt along with some of their favorite buddies, unions, states, ….etc. And guess whos going to pay for the health insurance people cant afford…… the rest of us. That would include illegals, and people who could afford it but would rather buy tennis shoes or electronic gadgets than something for their own health.

    And really, you cant buy your own contraception? Really? Is there nothing we are responsible for anymore? Oh what the hell, throw in makeup while your at it as well.

  • Frank Livingston

    Someone please tell me where in our Constitution we will find the authority for Congress to mess with our Healthcare, kind of light bulbs we can used, give our tax dollars to Islamic countries that want to convert the entire world into a Caliphate that requires all persons to strictly adhere to Shariah/Islamic law. If you decide not to do so, you are then forced to pay a tax called, jizya. Of course, Obama is already paying jizya to Middle Eastern nations.

    Both political parties have moved us away from the Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1-18 which limits our national government’s involvement in our lives and their spending.

    If they can penalize us for not buying healthier care, they can do the same if we do not convert to Islam.

    • kafir4life

      To quote Kathy Hochul, the future former congressf**k from NY, “Well, basically, we’re not looking to the Constitution on that aspect of it.”
      That answer your question?

    • VLParker

      There is no authority in the Constitution, but they own the Supreme Court so they get away with whatever they want.

    • wsk

      All they have to do is levy a tax and poof…. it's legal. Justice Roberts said so.

  • Chris Gleason

    Rush, as always, right on the mark. We saw this coming but our gutless Congress couldn’t stop it. Now it’s up to us. Obama MUST be defeated in November. He must leave and take his czars and bureaucrats with him.

  • Asher

    The purpose of the Bogus Health Care bill wasn't to give everyone healthcare, it was to re-distribute the wealth and gain more control over the American people. It is a travesty because people are getting rationed healthcare and having to wait longer to get treatments or surgeries, particularly the elderly. Look at the way they got the votes using kickbacks and entitlements, + not reading the bill…vote these Leftwing Apostates out of office!

  • mrbean

    The health insurance industry is one of the most controlled industries in America. Even before the passage of Obamacare, the government had its tentacles in every aspect of the business—from licensing who can sell insurance and where, to dictating how they price their policies, to demanding to whom they must sell their services, to mandating what benefits they must include in policies, to restricting how they market their services. Obamacare just fastens one more chain around the neck of an industry that is already in a regulatory chokehold. But government is not the remedy to our health insurance problems—it is the disease that has plagued this country’s health care woes and Obamacare will only exacerbate them. The cure is to liberate health insurance companies to offer their products and services on an unrestricted market and free Americans to purchase the coverage that works best for them

    • PhillipGaley

      Maybe it's as Samuel told the ppl so long ago, when they asked for administrative governance, and got king Saul: "Big boo-boo; this guy and his minions are going to take and take and take, and then break for lunch, and after lunch, step up to take some more, . . . and continue taking, . . . until quitting time, . . . when they finally punch out.", . . .

  • geopeyton

    Most people simply can't accept that they've been lied to most of their lives. They don't want to believe they're dupes, useful idiots. Yet they have been and they are, so how else do you phrase it?

  • Tale-of-the-Donkey

    Rush: We cannot defeat Obamacare if we do not explain how it destroys the current health care system and the individual.

    Ted Cruz vs/ David-DEVIL Dewhurst's Multi-Million Dollar RINO-sponsored paid ads on RUSH.

    Ted Cruz: – His campaign mantra:

    "I will work to repeal every word and every syllable of ObamaCare."

    Sounds kind of like a Matthew 24, not-one-stone-left-upon-another approach, which is exactly what will be needed for the ObamaCare monstrosity.


  • Vermont Yid

    Please excuse the following UNDERSTATEMENT.

    The presidential election in November will be the most important vote you make in your life.

    Can we really offord another four years of this train wreck?

  • Amused

    The only thing "powerfull " that eminates from Rush [ Blimpy ] Limbaugh is the stench .

    • davarino

      Or is that your own underarms you are smelling?

  • wsk

    Wow what an amazing rebuttal. I can see that you are the shing beacon of liberalism.