A Tale of Two Cities

This is in Lahore, Pakistan:








This is in Brampton, Ontario, Canada:   









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  • objectivefactsmatter

    If the Canadian jihadis spot this picture in Pakistan, I'm sure they'll be outraged. Canadians on the other hand are not known for their tolerance either, being jihadi-like Christians. It's all the same you know. There is no reason to resist the god of cheese. Start shopping now for your new clothes so you can blend in when you drive your female family members everywhere they need to go in your hometown. Otherwise, even Canadian jihadis have religious feelings and we know what happens when anyone won't comply.

    • Scott M

      Jihadi-like Christians? As a Christian I'm unfamiliar with the term. Please explain

      • Mary Sue

        The so-called Christians that support the Palestinians over Israel. Notably the United Church of Canada, for one. That's not a church, it's an NDP clubhouse masquerading as one.

    • Shery

      First of all, we Christians do not all support Palestine. In America there are a goodly number of us who are pro-Israel. I know of some who support Palestine, of course, as there is always that social gospel element that thinks Jews are from Hell. But, I'd say most of we evangelicals, especially the Baptists do support Israel. Millions of us. I've been to Israel 4 times, myself. I feel like I have come home every time. It doesn't help to place us all in the same category.

  • mrstarry76

    Isn't this "occupation"? Are we not being overtaken and forced to accommodate these people? We need to call it what it is…occupation by foreign enemies who refuse to accept our way of life & laws. Don't we have a right to oppose this?

    • Spider

      We not only have the right we also have the duty to oppose this foreign invasion.

    • Demetrius M

      Remember the Communist 5th column? This is it, 21st century version and I to wonder about our rights to oppose. We pay the taxes to take it up the rear-end and we're suppose to smile the entire time.

      • Jeff

        What exaclty would you be opposing? People have the right to dress the way they wish to dress. All you see here is a comparison in the fashion of the people doing their shopping. While the sight of hardcore, right-winged muslims growing in the mainstream cdn. community might be disturbing to some, fearing an eventual confrontation with extremism, you specifically don't have a right to "oppose" an "invasion", unless you mean to force these people to dress more liberally. Such an act would basically be a repeat of 1950's social mores, but in reverse. Nothing more and nothing less.

        • Blue Knight

          "What exaclty would you be opposing? People have the right to dress the way they wish to dress. OK; I would not force these guys to dress à la Western. I'd propose just stopping immigration from those countries. Once and forever.

        • Mary Sue

          it's obvious from what they're wearing that they're the more extremist form of Islam.

        • Malcolm

          What have you got against 1950's social mores? We grew up very well because of them.

  • gamma

    I saw the same pictures posted elsewhere and it stated that the burka picture was in England.

    • Mary Sue

      there are muslim women wearing hijab like that in a neighboring city of Brampton.

  • Diann

    I saw these photos years ago – but there is no indication where either was taken. I'm suspicious of both… can't believe the Pakistan one – and have never seen such in Brampton which is not far from my house. Just a thought… we can't always believe pictures when there is nothing to confirm where they were taken.

  • Demetrius M

    Not sure what mall this is in Brampton, but it could easily pass for many Michigan or northern Virginia cities as well.
    And the next time when one of these full burka'd women almost run me over while they drive because they lack peripheral vision, I'm going to yank them out of the vehicle and throw that rag down a sewer. Twice this has happen.

    • mrstarry76

      I know a driver instructor here in Minnesota who says they are the most unsafe drivers and we had a very bad accident not too long ago where a car was driven into a restaurant. But we are racist to mention that the driver was Muslim.

    • artcohn

      When Nuns wore Habits, there were the same problems with their peripheril vision when they drove.

  • Tony

    It's immaterial where it is Lahore Brampton or UK I live in Mississauga just 3km from a Walmart and this nonsense and it is nothing less than that NON SENSE, is seen on a regular basis. I keep my mouth shut because it is their right to dress as they please, but I don't want to interact with anyone that does'nt show their face it is a basic HUMAN response when you're talking or meet another human, the face is the first "communication" that is expressed and a burka or niqab or whatever is and impediment to HUMAN interaction, unless it's a costume ball or halloween. My daughter's school yearbook has a photo of a student in a burka! WHY! What are they p;aying at are they rabidly stupid or just trying to provoke!!? I don't care if it's a religious or cultural expression it flies in the face ,pun intended, of reason and good will between people in short IT IS DISINGENOUS AN STUPID!!!!!

    • Mary Sue

      I saw a Chador-wearing Muslim woman in a Walmart in BC. What is it about Walmarts attracting the …oh wait, I bet they're refugee claimants on social assistance!

  • Tony

    BTW Mississauga is a suburb of Toronto and nearby to Brampton ON Canada for those unfamiliar with the name

    • Mary Sue

      Oh yeah, I know the area.

  • riverboatbill

    Hasn't anyone seen the movie: "Troy"?

  • Ayte

    Two city face, light and dark…