Afghanistan Killings, Western Media and Double Standards — on The Glazov Gang

Hollywood actor Jim Tooey, best-selling author Nonie Darwish and conservative comedian Evan Sayet mix it up on Frontpage’s television show on the topic of Afghanistan Killings, Western Media and Double Standards. This is the first part of a three part series. We will run Part II in our next edition.

  • kentatwater

    Evan Sayet's speech on how "liberals" think is excellent, and well worth your time to watch:

    (The quotes around "liberal" is motivated by the fact that today's "liberal" is anything but. I use the term leftist. The dichotomy between the classical definition of "liberal," and what the label has come to be associated with, is addressed toward the end, in the Q&A.)

  • denis

    ABOUT THE PIPELINE COMMENTS. There is no pipeline for oil as of yet through Afghanistan. If it gets built it will be a natural gas pipeline, Big corporations still want this pipeline. So the question to ask, "Is America military in Afghanistan to protect the assets of these big corporations?" These corporations are Unocal, Asian Development bank. Bridas from Argentina, and Saudi oil company Delta. The war in Afghanistan when Russia was there and now with America in that hell of a country is really about the pipeline gas flow from the fields of Turkmenistan to the Indian Ocean. At one time or another both the Taliban and the Afghanistan government signed agreements with one of the above name companies for a cut in pipeline royalties. Would it be OK to say the continuing war in Afghanistan is about the US military protecting big business (Unocal) and BIG MONEY. The US and the rest of the NATO forces should leave Afghanistan now and let these people live their stone age existence