Another Thought Criminal Banished by the Daily Kos

Staying true to its record of suffocating free expression, the Daily Kos recently banned poster Ben Cohen over his opposition to the mob hysteria and media misinformation that has all but convicted George Zimmerman of cold-blooded, racially motivated murder in the absence of evidence or trial. In his correspondence with the editors of FrontPage, Mr. Cohen had this to say about his excommunication from the site:

“I’ve been a poster at DailyKos for 5 years and was recently banned for posting the following dairy: ‘Stop the Lynch Mob‘.

“I made this post because I do not believe that under present conditions George Zimmerman can receive a fair trial. The information being posted in the media is either false or misleading, and most of the media and public appears to have made up their minds. The posters on DailyKos took exception to my use of the term “lynch mob,” which I defended by saying that the comparison was in terms of their attitude, not their behavior. What bothers me are the outright lies being put out by the media:

“Lie #1- George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin after he was told not to. There is absolutely no evidence for this. According to the 911 tapes, George Zimmerman was told that following Trayvon Martin was unnecessary, and he apparently acquiesced to their request (by saying okay). He also stayed on the line with police and talked to them about where they could meet him. I have listened to the full 911 audio and it does not appear that he was running after him at that point.

“Lie #2- Zimmerman shot Martin in cold blood. The only eyewitness to the attack saw Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman pummeling him, while George Zimmerman called for help. This same eyewitness, “John,” did not see how the altercation started. He did not see who attacked who first, but there was a fight and George had clearly lost it and was getting punched in the face. The initial police report also states that George Zimmerman had a bloody nose, blood on the back of his head, and grass on his back.

“Lie#3- George Zimmerman was not questioned and allowed to walk home with his weapon. According to the partial police report, George Zimmerman was handcuffed and taken to the police station. At the police station George Zimmerman was questioned without an attorney. The police decided they did not have enough evidence to press charges against him and released him.

“These lies are what prompted me to post my comments; I believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly. George Zimmerman may be a racist vigilante, but that is irrelevant to whether or not he is guilty of murder. In my opinion given the facts of the case it is extremely unlikely that George Zimmerman is guilty of first degree murder, or a hate crime which is what many believe.

“Nonetheless, the biggest liberal website in the U.S. is banning people for aggressively questioning the media narrative. It’s frightening to believe that we live in a country where people don’t care at all about the truth.”

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  • Ben Cohen

    Yes I am John Mirra. I'd like to say thank you for publishing my story, and I'd just like to add a few things:

    1. I have know desire to be this Zimmerman fellows attorney; but, I do believe it is very unlikely that he is guilty of first degree murder, he may be guilty of manslaughter. If Zimmerman attacked Trayvon then he would be guilty of assault, and using lethal force to defend your life while committing a felony is manslaughter (shooting back at the police while robbing a bank for example).

    2. I felt I needed to come forward and discuss this because I hadn't posted on dailykos in a while and found the environment on their to be completely insane. There was no room for disagreement whatsoever, it was like a cult.

    3. The administration of DKos is probably not responsible for my banning. "Trusted Users" have the ability to give hide ratings to comments they don't like, if a post acquires enough hide ratings……it disappears. And if a users comments get enough hide ratings they are banned from posting, commenting, liking, messaging, etc. Autobans can not be appealed. So yes I was autobanned from daily Kos, and you can see the Kossaks celebrating in the comments section at the bottom of my diary.

    • Ken

      I am sorry you had to be another victim,Ben! This is the typical reaction of the Progressive Left cabal to anytthing that does not fit into the vision. Attack, marginalize, and silence any opposition to their viewpoint or agenda. They do not worry about pesky things like facts and truth when it comes to furthering their agenda. And, I feel it will only get more severe if Obama is elected to another term.

      • Ben Cohen

        It's alright I feel no shame bringing this story to the rightwing blogosphere, dailykos and Markos should be embarrassed. They basically allow censorship by the mob, it's disgusting.

        • aspacia

          The very liberal left has no shame.

          • Nick Shaw

            Or common courtesy, Aspacia.

      • Rocky Mountain

        Since I don't read Kos or any other left-wing site I don't know how they work. However, I think some – probably not FPM – conservative sites are characterized by commentors who expect others to fall in line or otherwise you are quickly labeled a "troll" or the sixth-grade name calling starts. As conservatives we should listen to all coherent and thoughtful responses and replies. I don't have a problem aggressively repudiating those who are obviously out to stir the pot, although that may be in the eye of the beholder as in Eric (Be)Holder.

        • Nick Shaw

          I comment and read a lot of conservative blogs, Rocky, and I can't, for the life of me, think of one that has banished anyone for having a lefty position.
          Outright racists and anti-Semites I have seen get the boot but, even then, very rarely!

          • Deprogrammer

            That's a laugh. I've been banned from FPM several times because I offended group thought. By which I mean actually researched and debunked what was written in the articles and comments.
            Just because you don't know about doesn't mean it isn't happening.

          • Nick Shaw

            And yet, you're here.
            Kinda' screws up your argument, don't it, Helen?

          • Ben Cohen


            As I understand it the comment section of Frontpage is unmoderated.

    • truebearing

      Does this surprise you? I was blocked at the old Politics Daily, on AOL, for expressing things that Blogfuhrer(editor) Hennenberger didn't like. I guess I was too tough on David Corn and the rest of the Soros minions she hired.
      The Left has spent a great deal of time, money, and effort to impose linguistic tyranny through their pseudo-moral code of political correctness. Rational thinking, especially in opposition to their agenda, is strictly verboten. You are violating their unwritten law: Thou shall not think for yourself, especially in public. When you do, you shall be excommunicated.

      Welcome to Obama's Grave New World.

      • Rocky Mountain

        Let's just not fall prey to the same way of thinking.

      • Johncdavidson

        It took me a year to recover the damage they did to me and my character. It is sad that Google and Facebook may very likely join forces with Obama's administration. We already know where Time-Warner stand politically.

    • Demetrius M

      …But prior to your banning, you were cool with the Kos? Get bent.

      • Wyatt Trash

        Exactly! And were he not banned, he'd probably still be participating in their love-fest for all things Obama. Sorry, but don't look for sympathy among those you've previously degraded.

        • Rifleman

          Probably, but not certainly. He certainly isn't letting peer pressure determine what he thinks, and unlike a true leftist, has some principles he isn't willing to compromise for the cause. What you're doing is like running off "neocons" because they were once very wrong. It's not like our largely leftist controlled public indoctrination system isn't trying to suppress the Aristotelian thought process, and Juneau Christian morality that enables intelligent people to noodle this stuff out for themselves. You may be proven right over time, but when yall automatically chuck people who are willing to sacrifice their standing with their peers or admit they were wrong about some of their deeply held beliefs, because they were wrong, yall're acting a lot like some of the worst of them.

        • Nick Shaw

          Wyatt and Demetrius, you really aught to step back a pace! That is not the way we treat those who may be beginning to see the light!
          I know of many fine people who, at one time, were practically rabid lefties until the truth dawned on them.
          Our gracious host, David, is one of them!

          • Looking4Sanity

            Juan Williams certainly didn't seem to learn his lesson with NPR. He's still a liberal puke. Being correct on a single issue does NOT a conservative make.

            Liberals eat their own…and if you (generic "you") are a liberal, you deserve to be devoured.

          • Nick Shaw

            That is certainly true, Looking! Liberals often jump on even the perception that another liberal is going off the reservation!
            A journey always begins with a first step though and the guys I was writing to seem determined not to allow another to Mr. Cohen unless he promises his first born. ;-)
            I am the first to say, never, ever, trust a liberal. I feel about liberals the same way I do about muslims, in fact. They can't ever be given the keys to the house.
            But, I will also allow there is the occasional liberal (and the occasional muslim, for that matter) that finds his way out of the dark.
            Our own David Horowitz and Zhudi Jassar are examples of both.
            Just sayin'.

          • Looking4Sanity

            David's transformation was so fundamental and total in nature as to command my esteem. He is a rare bird, indeed.

          • Nick Shaw

            Agreed, Looking.
            Even David's journey began with that first step (and imagine how difficult that was, he being, literally, steeped in socialism!).
            I'm thinkin' it would have been much more difficult today, what with the intertubz and social media, and rabid conservatives (yes we have those!) pushing back against any progress one might try to make in their lives.
            One would tend to think, why join the other side? They appear to be just as iconoclastic and frothy lipped as the ones I was with!
            If you get my drift.
            Be well.

      • Ben Cohen

        I posted there occasionally, because I'm a democrat and because I thought the Iraq war was a mistake.

        • Ben Cohen

          I have always been described as a moderately liberal libertarian, but in the context of the current party I would be a blue dog.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Then you should know that conservatives have no more use for you than the hard left liberals do. Sounds like you should be hanging out with Penn Jillette and Ron Paul.

    • Rifleman

      Piker ;-)
      I got banned from kos and DU the first day I posted. No profanity, no insults, all I did was disagree. Things aren't always civil around here, but you won't ever be banned for your contrary opinion. You'll run into all kinds in the comments at Frontpage. If we agree mob rule is a threat to civilization no matter who's ox is getting gored, we agree on a real biggie. If you posted at kos for 5 years I doubt we'll agree on much else, but here, that's not a bad thing for either of us. The willingness to have one's ideas challenged makes for better ideas.

      You're right, you're witnessing a lynch mob attitude. The NBP publicly putting out a dead or alive contract on Zimmerman, spike lee tweeting wrong addresses, no less, for Zimmerman, and al sharpton (who has incited a deadly race riot, and knowingly perpetuated racial hoaxes) on the scene, with the msm almost fully participating in the railroad job. It's dangerous, and it's no game.

      • Nick Shaw

        Almost fully participating, Rifle?
        Well, okay, some are reporting a bit of contrary opinion. Not many but, some are. ;-)

      • Ben Cohen

        That is my first dairy entry. I describe myself as a moderately liberal libertarian, but within the present context I would fit in best with the bluedogs.

    • Delores Kaufman

      To tell the truth should be neither right or left but it is now headingaway from the left at lightening speed. Sad really. I hope you know that many of us agree here agree with you on this rush to judgement and lynch mob mentality. I sure do.
      Thanks for confirming what I already see happening to the left.
      Hope you post here again sometime.

    • Orien Rigney

      Until a formal hearing has been conveaned and judically declared yea or nay, people like Jessie Jackson and Al. Sharpton should keep their noses out of it.These two guys would jump into an open privy if they thought it would bring them a little attention.
      One young man is dead and another faces murder charges unless this case is quickly resolved. Many a young soldier dies in battle and there is no million man hoodie marches for them. Let's wait for all of the details to come out before convicting this young man..

  • Brian Donegal

    Liberalism used to represent independent thought. That independence enabled truth to surface from the mob of lies. But that was 200 years ago. Now mainstream liberalism represents the mob of lies that stifle the truth.

    • ayelethashahar

      Perhaps this will awaken Mr. Cohen to the dawning awareness that there is nothing "liberal" about the far left; to the contrary, they are the most rigid and fanatic of mind police, and whether the transgressor is Rush Limbaugh or a well-intentioned (if philosophically misguided) individual commenting on a blog, their immediate, first, and only response is censorship.

      We on the right have no interest in censoring those with whom we disagree– we much prefer them to freely speak their views, and thus effectively hoist themselves on their own petards!

    • bikingdoc

      It's become extremely obvious that the liberal left in this country has totally lost its way. While they proclaim the importance of free speech, transparency, tolerance, etc., etc., through their media messengers they''ve become the opposite of what they purport to represent.
      The liberal left and its media slurpers are unfortunately totally consumed by their embrace of political correctness, to the point that this clinging has caused them to slant and at times totally distort the real news, fact and truth. It's "the world the way they want it to be", as opposed to they way it really is.
      The result is that invariably Leftist media sites like Kos, Huff Post, have become everything they used to hate–intolerant, dogmatic, irresponsible, and unconcerned about whether their reporting is honest or not–as long as it fulfills their political ideology.
      In other words, the liberal media has become a bunch of out and out liars, on a wide variety of issues where they don't like the truth, like Islamic radicalism, black crime, bashing democratic Israel, etc., etc.
      Sad indeed.

  • Max

    Kind of bizarre your list of media lies didn't include the most obvious media lie–that Zimmerman is a "white guy", Zimmerman does not appear "white" at all, not even Hispanic from Spain. He looks typically mestizo, or even mulatto in some pictures. He is half-Incan Indian from Peru on his mother's side, and even his father is apparently of Jewish descent–hardly the ethnic group to be labeled a racist/nazi, etc.
    It's obvious "white" is the worst thing to be labeled by the left, so the media will shove the square peg in the round hole if it can't find a real case.

    • Ben Cohen

      Zimmermans father is probably a German catholic since his religion is listed as Roman Catholic. Many Ashkenazi names are also German names.

      • Rocky Mountain

        There have been Germans who settled in Mexico and Venezuela and probably other Latin American countries prior to the Nazi exodus to Argentina.

        • aspacia

          True enough.

      • Max

        Thanks for the reply, but that didn't address the point, which was Zimmerman is not "white", even though the media is continuing to label him as such. This isn't a matter of looking up his family tree. It's as plain as the face on his face. If you told me he was black, I'd believe it, thinking he was fairly light. If you asked me, I'd have guessed mestizo. But under the "rules" this guy doesn't look nor is all his parentage "white", therefore, he is not "white". Are we going to change the rules for this case? That's fine, just let me know so i'm not confused. Otherwise, the real story to this story is further demonization of whites, pure and simple. They are now iconic symbols to hate, even when they are not around. Much like historic anti-semitism.

        • aspacia

          The media is calling Zimmerman a white hispanic. Go figure.

          • tagalog

            I wonder why the media feels so strong a need to classify Zimmerman racially or ethnically.

          • sedoanman

            If neither had been white, there would be no story and no justification for blaming whites in general. Whites are considered white regardless. But Hispanics are unique. PJ O’Rourk once observed that they are chameleons: when a white commits a crime against a Hispanic, the government considers it a white-on-minority crime to further the perception that whites are racists; however, when a Hispanic commits a crime against a white, the government considers it to be a white-on-white crime.

          • coyote3

            Well, there is no such thing as a "white" person. They are probably referring to him in this way, because he is considered Caucasian

        • Nick Shaw

          There's even a theory about it, Max. It's called Critical Race Theory. It posits that it's all right to be critical in a discussion of race, as long as it's whites who are being criticized.
          Perhaps you've heard of it? It's all the rage among people like Zero, Mooch, Holder, Sottomayor, Soledad O'Brien and many others! ;-)

    • neils60

      Of Jewish descent? The only source that purports that Zimmerman is of Jewish descent, as of this writing, is a Nazi newsletter/blog called the Stormfront. You can't go by a person's last name to determine his/her ethnicity, religion, etc.

      • Max

        Actually, it was the Wikipedia entry of the shooting that said he was part Jewish, which has since been changed. Google George Zimmerman and Jewish and there are many entries. If your nazi site was the only one, do you read it regularly? If you read my comment, you would see I was merely making a reference to Zimmerman's background, and I even stated that Jews are the last ethnicity to be called racist/nazi, which further undermines the media attempt to make him a white bigot. Stop being paranoid and address the issue.

    • Grayzel1

      The media has labeled Mr. Zimmerman as a white/Hispanic. Does that mean Obama may be labeled as a whit/black without being labeled a racist?

      • Nick Shaw

        No, Gray. You can't. ;-)

    • doubleblack

      Question. Why is the whiteman trying to destroy himself? This is the question that has to be answered before any meaningful dialogue can take place.

  • Gunner57

    According to the reports and eye witness account, Zimmerman was attacked by this black thug and is guilty of absolutely nothing. Given the fact that Martin was pounding his skull on the ground, Zimmerman is lucky to be alive.

    Lawrence Auster is reporting that school authorities confiscated stolen jewelry and a burglary device from Martin just recently.

  • Deborah

    lt seems possible this sweet young boy which is pictured (about the age of 12 or 13) in the news MAY have taken a wrong turn due to peer pressure which unfortunately often happens to teenagers. They start hanging with the wrong crowd which can be any color of the rainbow and happens to the best of kids.

    • Guest

      Yes so true. Poor black kids are killed and maimed everyday and black women raped by roving bands of disadvantaged white gang bangers. All kids are the same it's not their fault. It's the fault of the schools. They should do a better job of teaching morals. Ok, sarcasm off now as I go vomit.

      • Wyatt Trash

        Gangsta Rap and Ghetto Culture claims yet another life.

      • Deborah

        l think you misunderstood my comment. The media used a picture of this boy (that his family supplied) when he was still sweet and quite young but l do believe that he took a wrong turn and is not the same sweet child he once was. l think there will be enough truth to come out that he is not the same child he once was and very well have provoked the situation quit regrettably for both parties. lt is sad that his life is over as there is always redemption but only so long as one is still alive.

        • Nick Shaw

          I understood your first comment, Deb, and I can't understand why so many would TD you.

    • what nonsense

      Has anyone even bothered to read any of the reports about this? The victim hadn’t taken any “wrong turn due to peer pressure” or anything else… He was walking back to his father’s home after going to the store to buy candy for his little brother and a drink for himself. He was walking minding his own business and talking on the phone with his girlfriend. What does that have to do with hanging with the wrong crowd or peer pressure? He was walking home. By himself. In the middle of the afternoon. You clearly haven’t read anything about this incident, have you?

      I also listened to the 911 call and I completely disagree with Ben Cohen’s claim that George could not have possibly gone after the boy. Calling 911 while he was in his vehicle, after a few minutes, even though he was told the police were on their way, George can be heard breathing loudly. The 911 operator realized George was no longer sitting in his car, and asked if he was following the boy. When George confirmed he was, the 911 operator clearly tells him to stop following. George doesn’t appear (from what we can hear) to stop following but the call ends less than a minute later, with George being told to wait in his car for the police to arrive.

      #1 The boy wasn’t doing anything more than walking down the street in daytime. George’s justification for following him and calling the police, was that he was walking leisurely, which according to George made him look suspicious. Red flag right there. People are allowed to walk down the street without being chased down. Nevertheless the police had been called so George should have turned around, got in his car and waited for them to arrive. No one was in any immediate danger.

      #2 George was a self appointed neighbourhood watch captain, although he was never actually certified or trained by any association.

      #3 George had called 911 something like 45 times, all within the last 2 or 3 months. That’s a lot of calls.

      #4 He’s been arrested on assault charges in the past.

      #5 There had been very recent complaints by residents in the gated community from others that he was over zealous, threatening and took his neighborhood watch (self appointed) role too far.

      #6 Trayvon remained on the phone with his girlfriend until moments before or after he was shot. He told her George was following him as he walked so clearly George DID NOT go back to his car as he was told to do but instead went the opposite direction and continued to follow the boy on foot. She heard him ask George why he was following him. Twice.

      #7 The screams for help before the shots were heard came from Trayvon (reported as a child-like voice/scream)

      #8 Trayvon had done nothing illegal, dangerous or even suspicious (walking down the street??), he was UNARMED and being followed by a man for reasons unknown to him.

      #9 Any way you want to look at it, even if Trayvon DID hit George after George had confronted him and threatened him: a) Who could blame him, I think most people would have reacted in some similar way when being followed and physically confronted by a stranger for no apparent reason b) How would that make George pulling out a GUN and SHOOTING him in the abdomen.

      If you’re minding your own business walking down the street and someone starts following you and then confronts you, what exactly would you do?

      And you’re all talking about mob mentality? Really? How ironic.
      I mean, COME ON, people.

      And PS: To those of you who apparently can’t resist making racist or irrelevant comments maybe you could limit those to your own inner voices or something…ya think? You’re sort of proving the point when you do – in case you didn’t realize that.

      • Nick Shaw

        Boy, are you going to look foolish in the next little while!
        Maybe you could start now and find out a little more about Martin.
        It's not hard.
        He was well on the road to becoming a punk gangsta.
        Not the choir boy out to get some Skittles, as you would have us believe.
        More likely casing houses.

  • Underzog

    Quite annoying. Ann Coulter warned about this whipping up of the mob in her new book, "Demonic."

    The Democratic establishment is doing what they have done since after the Civil War, whipping up a mob. Only the color has changed or what the Democratis believed was the color (Zimmerman is hispanic).

  • Johncdavidson

    It is a shame that our tax dollars are being used to support this type of activety. Most of the time, it's done by corrupting the access to the internet. I notice when I access Glen Becks site, I get a warning from Norton. Another tactic is to fill social networks with porn thus denegrating your character to your followers. Nothing is sacrid to these desparate people!.

  • Schlomotion

    Did Daily Kos send some kind of letter or email notifying him that he was banned and explaining that he was being banned because of his article? It appears as if other users machinated to have him banned. This is a big problem on these kind of websites.

  • pagegl

    So, when does the Daily Kos change its name to Pravda?

    • Looking4Sanity

      It would be simpler just to merge with NPR, wouldn't it?

  • stern

    For some real insight into the leftist mind, go to the original article on the Daily Kos and read the comments. Frankly, they are scary. There are one or two reasonable voices who try to defend Ben (John Mirra), but for the most part, the lynch mob is out in force – and yes, this IS a lynch mob.

  • Questions

    If George Zimmerman is guilty, then so were the Duke lacrosse team "rapists." The multiculturalist mind can be counted on to bend or ignore facts so as to fulfill the Grand Narrative. Thankfully, one by one, though for now in a trickle, true believers are finding out the hard way that in the Daily Kos universe, facts don't matter, only white guilt.

  • Red Baker

    The "news media" has disgraced itself again by falling for another false racism story. They promote the leftist theme whenever they can, like Occupy Wall Street and the War on Women. The leftist media are simply liars and propagandists for Democrats and the left. The Trayvon Martin case will join the long list of false stories promoted by the "new media" which includes the Tawana Brawley case, the Duke lacrosse team, the Jenna Six, and many others. They are reverse racism perversions of justice. They do indeed promote mob behavior and stir up fear and hatred among black Americans. We will be lucky if there are not race riots leading to more deaths.

  • MichaelLumish

    Daily Kos is vile.

    It's all about progressive-left group-think.

    Israel Thrives

  • Gary McAleer

    In Cleveland, Police Officer Gregory Kwan saved a 17-year-old boy's life, Justin Winemiller, a white teenager who was kicked and beaten by 20 Black Guys as he was leaving a church festival, the "family friendly" St. Rocco's Festival. The attackers got a thrill out of beating him unconscious and capturing it on tape. The high school senior told Fox 8 News "they threw me up against the wall and while they were kicking me, someone was recording the whole attack, someone was spinning around, making sure they got every angle of me getting kicked and me getting thrown to the ground." He lost so much blood that had Officer Kwan come to his aid it is said he would most likely have died a violent death. Question: Where's the national media on this? Where's Al Sharpton? Where's Obama's interceding public statement? Its always the race card with these hypocrite cowards. They fester the hatred, never the reconciliation. Why?

    • Wyatt Trash

      Why – because reporting black on white crime would not pander to the Democratic base.

    • The_John_Galt

      The current Black mentally in the United States is one of racism, entitlement and bigotry against whites! There is war war going on against the white race, the objective of which is our extermination. We must organize and defend ourselves.

  • Lech Dharma

    It's as if the major news media outlets are all trying to outdo Michael Moore.

  • PDK

    A hugh percentage of American blacks prefer to see themselves as victims of white oppression rather than take a good long look at themselves. As with all liberals these blacks have a prefered illusion they pretend they think is reality, rather than see reality for what it really is.
    Unfortunately, the American black, self created pursecution complex, leaves these blacks extremely vulnerable to false stories of white on black racism. Further this phenomenon favors all liberals, white and black, and so both the LiberalMSM and people like Al Sharpton immorally stir the pot to whip up these immature vulnerable black dolts.
    Treyvon is portreyed as an innocent decent black kid. From all that I`ve seen he was by then a scary dangerous black punk on the road to prison time. To show a picture of Treyvon at 13 is really a tantamonious lie.
    Perhaps when an American black is given such a nonsense name as Treyvon the parents are realy culling the kid from a decent life to one of crime. Usually his type of negative personality is born in the home. Thank you.

    • Questions

      I've noticed a trend: The names of Roman emperors are common first names for black males. "Demetrius," "Marcus" and "Octavius" seem to be among the most popular. Could it be that today's ghetto black parents are actually scholars of antiquity?

  • Tony Kondaks

    I am a conservative writer who has submitted pieces to frontpagemag and I have NEVER been accepted for publication.

    But the dailykos has accepted 100% of the pieces I have submitted. 

    • Ken

      Then you are probably not the conservative you think you are.

      • Tony Kondaks

        ….then why don't you go to daily kos and check out my writings and then tell me whether I'm conservative or not?

    • Max

      …or the writer you think you are. From what I understand, anyone can start a blog on Kos, then the mob decides if it stays or goes. You apparently are at best a token conservative, i.e., very moderate and unthreatening to the left

      • Tony Kondaks and are both conservative, strongly so. They have both published numrous articles.

        As for being a good or bad writer? That's for others to decide.

  • Ghostwriter

    I hope that we take a deep breath and just wait until all the facts come in. There's no point to ANY of this. I'm just going to wait and see.

  • guywithnoname

    The poster was banned for using the term "lynch mob". It's a racist term.

    I agree with ghostwriter.

    • what nonsense

      No kidding, it's incredibly offensive. Just reading all the comments here…. wow. Many of you clearly provide proof that racism is very much alive and well. Just wow.

      Lynch mob:

      Lynching is an extrajudicial execution carried out by a mob, often by hanging, but also by burning at the stake or shooting, in order to punish an alleged transgressor, or to intimidate, control, or otherwise manipulate a population of people.

      Violence in the United States against African Americans, especially in the South, rose in the aftermath of the Civil War, after slavery had been abolished and recently freed black men were given the right to vote. Violence rose even more at the end of the century, after southern white Democrats regained their political power in the South in the 1870s. States passed new constitutions or legislation which effectively disfranchised most blacks and many poor whites, established segregation of public facilities by race, and separated blacks from common public life and facilities. Nearly 3,500 African Americans were lynched in the United States between 1882 and 1968, mostly from 1882 to 1920.

      After the war, southern whites struggled to maintain social dominance. Secret vigilante and insurgent groups such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) instigated extrajudicial assaults and killings to keep power and to discourage freedmen from voting, working and getting educated.

      Mob violence arose as a means of enforcing white supremacy and verged on systematic political terrorism. "The Ku Klux Klan, paramilitary groups, and other whites united by frustration and anger ruthlessly defended the interests of white supremacy.

    • Delores Kaufman

      LYNCHING was done in England in the 18th Century and while blacks in the USA find the term racist, all those cowboys in the West who got lynched for stealing a horse/cattle/ a man's gun
      would hardly agree if they could.

  • DeShawn

    Yeah well, you jews have banned me multiple time for "thought crimes," just because I'm wise to what you folks are up to. You're hypocrites. How do you explain THAT?

    • Delores Kaufman

      First of all it is Jews with a capital letter. That is the first reason you were banned I would bet…YOUR true HATRED of the JEWS came through right away….you disrepectful twit!

    • Ghostwriter

      DeShawn,you're not fooling anyone here. You're an anti-semitic nitwit who hates Jews. How's that for an explanation?

  • Saltire

    1984 has arrived. Just a little bit late. Daily KOS = Ministry of Truth?

  • Jerome

    Can we still beat up rodney king? Not too late?

  • Flowerknife_us

    Nothing Kosmunists do is suprising.

    • Looking4Sanity

      I prefer the term "Kos-mo-knots" myself. It captures that spacey quality of theirs…as well as their propensity for contorting themselves into pretzels with their twisted "logic".

  • Questions

    The odd thing is that the Daily Kos proprietor, Marcos Moulitsas, himself began as a conservative — or so he claims.

  • bobby peru

    Hey Cohen / Mirra whatever your name is.
    It’s all fun and games til the jackals turn on you, eh?
    You were jowls deep in the kos cesspool for five years before getting turned off by it (?) – and only when they decided to censor you?
    Five minutes on that site when it first came to prominence (back in when, 2004?) was more than enough for me.
    I immediately recognized that it was not a site for the free and open exchange of ideas and the virtually all of its posters were rabid moonbats.
    I have to question your overall judgment for staying there that long – and I also can’t help but wonder how many times you piled on / helped to ban those that didn’t toe the line.
    I mean seriously, the whole “Kossack” thing and the artwork and slogans of the site are meant to invoke some sort of Soviet collectivism – and you now come to frontpage to lick your wounds when your turn to have your individuality stomped on inevitably occurs?
    Better late than never, but something tells me you haven’t learned your lesson.
    Same thing with that director of the muslim documentary who got ostracized from Kos for simply going against the prevailing narrative – he came here for a sympathetic crowd, but he hasn’t changed his worldviews at all nor seen the connection between that worldview and intolerance for dissenting opinion…

  • bobby peru

    Hey Cohen / Mirra:
    It's all fun and games til the jackals turn on you, eh?
    You were jowls deep in the kos cesspool for five years before getting turned off by it (?) – and only when they decided to ban you?
    Five minutes on that site when it first came to prominence (back in when, 2004?) was more than enough for me.
    I immediately recognized that it was not a site for the free and open exchange of ideas and that virtually all of its posters were rabid moonbats.
    I have to question your overall judgment for staying there that long – and I also can't help but wonder how many times you piled on / helped to ban those that didn't adhere to the accepted position.
    I mean seriously, the whole "Kossack" thing and the artwork and slogans of the site are meant to invoke some sort of Soviet collectivism – and you now come to frontpage to lick your wounds when your turn to have your individuality stomped on inevitably occurs?
    Better late than never, but something tells me you haven't learned your lesson.
    Same thing with that director of the Tennessee mosque documentary who got ostracized from Kos for simply going against the prevailing narrative – he came here for a sympathetic crowd, but he hasn't changed his larger worldview at all nor has he seen the connection between his politics and its tendency to crush individualism.
    How about you?

  • Long Ben

    Hard as it is to accept ( from a grieving parents perception ) It sounds to me like Travon Martin had started to break bad a while ago . It may be bad form to wonder out loud , about what Travon was taught in the home . Was it the hate white mythology so common in so many places ? Such as the hate white crap taught in that public school in Kansas City where the 13 year old white boy was covered with gasoline then set on fire by two 16 year old black kids , for the crime of being white . It well may be that the home life was alright . We've all seen kids just fall in with the wrong crowd before and just totally mess up their lifes as a result . Of course , that so many inner city kids turn out as good as they do should come as the biggest pleasant suprize . When one considers just how corrupt modern black youth culture has become . With the lionization of Hip Hop artist who make millions from disdain for lawful authority in their lyrics and who for the most part conduct their personal lifes like the gang bangers of their lyrics .