Caroline Glick Joins David Horowitz Freedom Center

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is pleased to announce the hiring of Caroline Glick as the Director of its Israel Security Project.  Glick is a Senior Contributing Editor of The Jerusalem Post and serves as adjunct senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.  She is the author of Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad (2008). She has degrees from Columbia University and Harvard University, served as Assistant Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1997-98, and regularly briefs senior administration officials and members of Congress on issues of joint Israeli-American concern. She lives in Jerusalem.

As the Director of the Israel Security Project Caroline will contribute regular columns to, speak at the Center’s Restoration Weekend and West Coast Retreat and author a series of pamphlets about the Middle East “conflict.” As Freedom Center President David Horowitz commented, “Caroline dramatically increases our ability to cover events in Israel and in the region as a whole in an informed way.  Her journalism has always been marked by passionate commitment and a sharp intelligence.”

The Freedom Center has also expanded its reach in Washington, D.C. with the new Henry M. (Scoop) Jackson and Jon Kyl Lecture on National Security.  The lecture series will be presented twice a year as a joint program of the Center for Security Policy and the David Horowitz Freedom Center.   The lecture program is named in honor of two of the U.S. Senate’s leading defenders of America’s national security: Senator Henry M. (Scoop) Jackson (D-WA), who served in the Senate from 1953 to 1983, and Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ), who has served in the Senate from 1995 to 2012.

The first lecture was presented by Caroline Glick on Thursday, July 19th at the U.S. Capitol with introductory remarks by Senator Kyl.

Freedom Center pamphlets now available on Kindle: Click here.  

  • Nakba1948

    Oh, goodie! Another racist Zionist nut joins the team of preeminent Islamophobes, conspiracy theorists, and Israel-firsters. I've read this hack's articles; I'm sure she'll fit right in.

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      Nakba dear,
      The islamic cult of death does not need any help. None of us are Islamophobes, that task is best left to the Islamics themselves. Hundreds of one clan or another are murdered by other clans every day. Yesterday alone over 120 in Syria and 100 plus in Iraq. And no one knows how many others are murdered w/o notice all over.
      One of of lead beasts is considering using chemical weapons and it will not be the first time either. Saddam did that already and then some. Apparently some folk does not understand what will come upon them if they try.
      As to the meandering Islamic invaders of Eretz Israel. Every day that goes by their return to their original Islamic hell is assured.
      NOTE: Please do not destroy the Pyramids. And if you can, stop burning Churches and massacring "infidels".

    • Lan Astaslem

      you just hate that she tells the truth about the muslims – and she's brilliant. GFY muzzy!!

    • Mike Villano

      The "Racist nuts" are the people who refer to the modern rebirth of the State of Israel as a catastrophe.
      Why can't the Palestinians and Arabs in general open their mouths without lying or projecting their own negative feelings and behavior??

    • hank rearden

      I am not quite sure what "Islamophobe" means. But if you aren't afraid of Islam you ARE crazy! Which part of Islamia do you live in?

    • Touchstone

      It's much easier to call an excellent writer a "hack" and a "racist" than it is to actually refute her points, isn't it?

      Glick knows how to construct a persuasive argument and support it with facts, whereas you have yet to demonstrate any such ability. Glick is a columnist with international renown, whereas you're a label-tossing internet troll. Glick gets respect, whereas you get 23-plus thumbs down.

      If someone like her is a "hack", what does that make you by comparison? A single-celled organism with no capacity for intelligent thought?

      Do you have enough brain power to convince anyone that she's a hack and a racist? Any evidence to back up those claims? Or do you just like taking the easiest possible route: hurling mindless insults with no impact whatsoever?

    • Touchstone

      If you can take a moment to refrain from your "racist hack" slanders, perhaps you might try and address what Glick writes in this excerpt from her latest article:

      "The international legal basis for the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948 was the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. That document gave the Jewish people the legal right to sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, as well as all the land Israel took control over during the 1948- 49 War of Independence. Not only did the Mandate give the Jewish people the legal right to the areas, it enjoined the British Mandatory authorities to “facilitate… close settlement by Jews on the land, including state lands and waste lands not required for public purposes.” So not only was Jewish settlement not prohibited. It was required."

    • Ghostwriter

      Oh,goody! Nakba1948 has once again shown what a hateful Judeophobe he is. You'd probably fit in with the mad Mullahs in Iran! They hate Israel and Jews like you do.

    • FactsRule

      A sub-vermin comments. Bfd.

    • John_Kelly

      Nakba 1948 it must be hard going thru life being constantly reminded that the Muslim world had been soundly whipped by Israel 3 times since 1948 even though the Israeli's were outnumbered 30 to 1.

      Just plain and simple logic should tell you to re-consider the existence of Allah.

  • Phil

    Welcome…please write about half-Jews, I think the statistics say we out number the number of Jews in the United States…and… I think most Jews are liberals like myself, but I read virtually nothing about this.

    It might actually help with the Middle East conflict, because most of the Arabs feel left out….

    • reader

      Judging from the infinite wisdom of your post, Phil, virtually all you read is the Time magazine and alike.

  • Phil

    ….Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement, was married to Julie Naschauer, who was apparently the patrilineal granddaughter of an intermarriage. Though raised as a Jew, she was probably not Jewish according to the matrilineal descent rule, making her three children by Herzl patrilineal great-grandchildren of intermarriage, and non-Jews in the eyes of the Israeli state that he helped found.

    |The Half-Jewish Network

    • Choi

      You,"Phil",are a FOOL.
      You ARE a Jew to JEW-HATING Muslims.
      Being a Lefty will NOT change that.
      It only means you'll be singing Kumbaya when they come for YOU.
      In Nazi Germany ,you would NOT have been a 1/2 Anything,you would be treated as a JEW.
      With the Muslims ,it's the SAME.

      • Phil

        Thank you: I just needed someone to tell me this fact; because I grew up in the United States; not Israel….my relatives that were Jews goes back to Rhode Island to around 1906, when they came from Russia to the United states.

        I was wondering if I can find out more about my Jewish side of the family from the archives that are in Russia? They all became (or where?) millionaires when they came here, from the research I did at the Jewish Historical Society in Rhodes Island; and other places…. but, this is all new, they experienced no Muslim interference, when they were here; but I obviously will even as a half Jew because I am a Jew to them…interesting.

        I know one relative (at least?) moved to Israel.

        I asked as Rabbi from the conservatives; to paraphrase him: You're definitely a Jew… he had no doubt that I'm a Jew, because of the way I'm argumentative.

  • bkopicz

    I have always looked forward to reading Caroline Glick`s articles at J Post. I am sure she will add alot to FrontPage and wish her all the best.

  • kohana

    Welcome Caroline, you will be a wonderful addition to the Freedom Center. I will look forward to your contributions.

  • JasonPappas

    I, too, have found Glick's work invaluable. This is indeed an excellent addition to the Freedom center.

  • Jossi

    Welcome Caroline, your writings at the JPost are always to the point, clear and analytic. Writing now at FrontPage is indeed a big plus. I'm looking forward to read her, and wish Caroline all the best.

  • normtrub

    Caroline, you are always right.It will be a pleasure to read your writings in Frontpage magazine

  • alwaysisforever

    Caroline is the great, brilliant and this is a wonderful addition to the Freedom Center. You could not find a better person anywhere!!

  • Mike Villano

    IMO Caroline is the single greatest greatest truth teller in the world today and easily my personal favorite. .
    Welcome aboard Caroline.

  • Webb Cook

    Anything that makes Nakba1948 sick to her stomach is great.
    Caroline Glick is the best thing that has ever happened to FrontPageMag!

  • libertywolf

    This is fantastic news! I read Caroline regularly and have quoted her from time to time in my own blog. She has taught me so much about Israel's security and the ongoing and long war to just exist in peace. I think she has a brilliant strategic military mind and great courage. Welcome aboard!

    • Raymond in DC

      Using just open/public sources, she manages to "connect the dots" better than many of who have access to classified intel (like the US intelligence chief who claimed the Muslim Brotherhood was "mostly secular") – folks who should know better.

      Glick is a welcome addition to FPM's stable of political analysts. (Greenfield, another among the best out there, joined earlier.) Two other writers on my "must read" are Sarah Honig (Glick's colleague at JPost), who has a gift for putting current events into a historic context, and David Goldman (writing for PJM and Asia Times).

  • Suzanne

    Welcome to Caroline Glick! She has always been a ray of light in a world drowning in anti-western, anti-Israel and anti-American hatred.

  • Schlomotion

    This is a funny phrase: "serves as adjunct senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C." It's funny because The CSP may be located in Washington D.C., where the government is, but it's just a think-tank run by Frank Gaffney. There is a McDonalds in Washington D.C., but they never say Joe Doe "serves as adjunct senior manager for East Coast Mayonnaise Affairs at the Central for Office of Burger Policy in Washington, D.C. " In short, it may be located in Washington D.C. where all of our important government buildings are, but it is not governmental.

    • Touchstone

      Congratulations on taking yet another gargantuan leap towards achieving your stated goal of single-handedly dismantling the international Zionist apparatus.

      • Schlomotion

        Maple syrup takes time.

        • Touchstone

          Indeed. At your current pace, you're well on your way to crushing Zionism in the palm of your hand by the year 2512.

          • Schlomotion

            Good! If I convert to using the Hebrew Calendar I can get this all done before the birth of Christ.

          • Touchstone

            No, you'll have to get it done after they thaw you out of your cryogenic chamber, because I meant 2512 as in FIVE HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW.

            An obscure cipher of no consequence with a penchant for boilerplate rants isn't capable of causing Israel or Jews any concern. My guess is you'll accomplish absolutely nothing. That and the sun rising tomorrow seem like pretty safe bets.

          • Schlomotion

            Don't tell me you hate sunrises too, now.

          • Touchstone

            Was that your idea of a witty retort?

            Maybe you're having trouble following what I'm saying. I'm saying the dismal failure of your lofty mission is as easy to predict as the rising of the sun. I don't know where you got the bizarre idea that I hate nature's glorious wonders like sunrises and rivers.

            Please review the definition of "simile" at your earliest convenience, and be sure to turn in your polymath badge.

          • Schlomotion

            You have become awfully interested in betting and prediction lately. That's an interesting shift of perspective from provability to probability. My number is apparently due. Conversely, there must be a whole series of things that you think I will never say or never admit to. I think you have hinted at that before. This conversation is like a Moog filter. You keep adjusting the cutoff, and I keep changing the frequency. You narrow the target of the similes, and I substitute the explicit denotations with alternate connotations. It's like a really fun game of Uno, except we never run out of cards and sometimes you have to draw 25.

  • Ghostwriter

    Funny,Schlomotion. You basically prove yourself to be an idiot on a regular basis. What sort of stupidity are you going to think of today? Just normal stupidity or your usual anti-Jewish stupidity? It's hard to say.

  • GrayEagle

    Wow. It's great to hear that Caroline is coming to Frontpage on a regular basis – I have enjoyed her columns on JP for years very much. Now I don't have to search JP for her! Hooray!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Caroline has such great talent in her expositions that there is never any doubt what she
    has reported and complete ideation and deft conclusions provide superior understanding.
    I read her at Jewish World Review and have always been amazed at her abilities, may
    she live forever, parents make her required reading for your children………….William

  • FactsRule

    Excellent choice.

  • John_Kelly

    Welcome Caroline you are a true Patriot & Champion of freedom.

    Like Esther you were born for such a time as this.

    Your courage and wisdom will be formidable weapons in these turbulent times.

  • Ron Singer

    The history of the development of rabbinic Judaism as a monolithic clerical heresy has left Israel without God's Protection because the nation has failed to honor our authentic Divine contractual Covenant which is in the WRITTEN TORAH. Rededicating ourselves to voluntary compliance with our actual written Torah IS a strategic military imperative. see

  • Michael Connolly

    Loved reading Caroline Glick's columns in the Jerusalem Post! Made me feel less alone.