Communist Website Denounces The Glazov Gang

A leading communist website,, has denounced Jamie Glazov’s Frontpage television show The Glazov Gang, calling Glazov, and his two regular guests, Dwight Schultz and Nonie Darwish, “capitalist running dogs.”

The Peoples Cube reserved praise for the Glazov Gang’s one leftist gang member, music and film producer Tommi Trudeau, commending him for delivering “the glorious message of Revolution” to “the notorious Glazov Gang at”

The communist site brags that Trudeau’s “hard-hitting Current Truth will shake your bourgeois foundations and make your doubts wither away faster than you can say ‘shovel-ready.'”

Trudeau caused much controversy on a recent episode of The Glazov Gang by “coming out” as a communist. He has since launched a bizarre “Kiss the Chairman” campaign, in which he seeks to force the earth’s inhabitants to kiss a portrait that he holds in his hands of his “Beloved Chairman,” Barack Obama,  whose facial image is conflated with that of Mao Tse-tung.

To read the whole report by The Peoples Cube denouncing The Glazov Gang, click here. To watch The Glazov Gang’s three-part series that was the subject of the report, see below:

Part I: Obama’s Socialist New Party Membership Confirmed.

Part II: Eric Holder’s Amnesia on Fast & Furious.

Part III: Rumsfeld: Israel Can’t Trust Obama.

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  • Karen Daniels

    Haha this is all brilliant! Go Glazov Gang!

  • Ken

    Why do I care what communists rant to rant about?? Besides the fact that most are violence-prone radicals, I tend to ignore their class-warfare bloviating!!

  • Jules

    Although it is not his intention or goal, Tommi Trudeau (& Mr. Snugglebun) has done more to promote American capitalism and democracy than anyone since the demise of the U.S.S.R. and fall of the Berlin Wall. WTG, Tommy, Go!

    • Dane Callaghan

      You are soooooooooooooooo right Jules! Tommi has driven a stake through the heart of the socialist Left!

  • muchiboy

    I've seen liberal, anti-Zionist Jews called far worse here by fellow Jews.muchiboy

    • reader

      You're a living proof that pathological Jew haters are people with serious mental impairments. The joke's on you, but you'd not recognize it even with a teleprompter.

      • Required


    • HoR_Emperor

      Vile anti-Semite is vile. Go hang yourself and improve the human race.

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      • Required

        the love you spew sticks to mine heart like glue lil'empress

  • Kelly P. Diedrick

    The Glazov Gang needs to be on Fox News.

  • Frank Adamson

    Tommy the Commie is a riot….want to see more….look forward to watching the Glazov Gang!

    • Lenny Leblanc

      Yeah Frank, fantastic stuff I agree!

  • Foreigner

    Western communists are always laughable. Do they really think that the rest of the world will give them money (buy their debt) in order to build socialism in the West? I wonder how are they going to attack non-white countries like India, China and Brasil in favour of the white western communists attacking poor non-whites will be quite funny to watch. China already pulled that trick against the Soviet Union – European communists were called Urban communists opressing the poor Rural Asian communists. :)

  • Guest

    You have made a mistake. Thepeoplescube is a conservative site that does parody of liberals. You totally missed that one. Read the website and you will see great biting satire and wonderfully funny illustrations of real commits in action. The illustrations on this site are often featured at other conservative sites.

    • Chris

      Yeah, I’m scratching my head on this one. People’s cube is SATIRE, and good satire at that. FP blew this story.

    • M.J.

      I visit this website often. It's a riot. It's a total mockery of leftist/communist ideologies. Someone on frontpagemag is not doing their homework. their homework!

      • Ceclie R.W.

        Frontpage is obviously in on the satire. Painful to read these comments by such gullible people. In any case, this is the best show on the net or on tv. Thank you Frontpage and Tommi.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Yes, it is satire, and well-educated satire at that. I loved the reference to "Neo-Kulaks."

    • Lenny Leblanc

      Omg incredible how gullible the commentators are on this site!! Hahaha. Frontpage obviously didn't "miss" anything. If Jamie Glazov and Tommi Trudeau are creating a satire, and Tommi is with the Peoples Cube, obviously this Frontpage story is also satire. Hahahaha people get a life.

    • Tian Li

      The People's Cube is The Onion (parody) of communism blogs. The People's Cube owner and author of ShakedownSocialism. com Oleg Atbashian grew up in the USSR. He is a straunch anti-communist!

    • kafir4life

      Ordered me a FoWord T from there. Awesome products!

  • SoCalMike

    The gentleman from the Peoples Cube website is one of ours.
    He cleverly and expertly uses satire and photo editing to mock and expose the Left.

    • dmw

      Yes. Totally agree. I've been following The People's Cube since 2009, when the Tea Party movement got going. The People's Cube.Com is definitely a pro-Capitalist and pro-Conservative site that deftly mocks Socialism and Communism and those personalities that promote those kind of ideas. Unless, I'm wrong, the guy behind The People's Cube.Com is a refugee himself or descended from refugees of the East-Block.

      • Required

        Menachem Mendel Schneerson's legacy lives on!!!

  • zalukas

    OMG. Frontpagemag has no sarcasm feeling whatsoever. Ha ha ha !

    It's a anticommunist satire!

    And you guys take it seriously?

    Check your sarcasm meter often.

    • Kevin Harris

      Wow Zalukas and other comment makers here…..are you taking this story seriously??? The news report itself is satire, check your common sense first. The Glazov Gang in obviously involved in a brilliant sketch here and they are going full circle with it with their ally at Peoples Cube……Wow………incredible……

      • zalukas

        All right now. Fast glance at the headline side tracked my reasoning for a spell . LoL.

        I actually contributed to the peoplescube for some time and somehow misread the premise of this article.

        My bad.

  • reader

    I'm sure you're the best contributer FPM has ever had. Where the intense debate would be without your money?

  • Tarantula

    They get it. This report goes right along with the Peoples Cube. It's one of the most brilliantly produced satire sites on the web. Oleg Atbashian was even on Rush Limbaugh a couple of years ago. It doesn't get any better than The Peoples Cube…

    • Ceclie R.W.

      Haha exactly Tarantuala. Jamie Glazov has Tommi on his show……obviously the whole thing is a brilliant satire, including this Frontpage "news story" that still has me howling. These guys at FP need to be praised for bringing such genius humor into the battle against Islam.And The Peoples Cube is marvelous!

      • Tarantula

        Personally I'm glad to see Oleg and Dwight Schultz associated with Jamie and the Center…

  • RUI

    The People's Cube is a site by Oleg Atbashian, the guy who wrote the terrific "Shakedown Socialism". You totally blew it on this one. Check your sources next time, you're shooting our own guys.

  • George

    The Glazov Gang is superb political satire.

  • Barry

    The People's Cube is satire????? Crap, I thought it was an instruction manual!

    – Barack Obama

  • Ivan Betinov

    HA! More capitalist lies from this so-called "Front Page!" I will have you know that the People's Cube is NOT "a leading communist website." We are THE leading Communist website! (And you hacks should know that "Communist" is ALWAYS capitalized, the same as any other major religion!) You may have the Front Page, but we have the Mother Page!

    As for you Useless Idiots who keep claiming that the Glorious People's Cube is a satire of Communism, to you I say PHOOEY! Your hoods have been true and fully winked by our clever deception. You will be first up against the wall when the Revolution comes and we innaugurate the Glorious World of Next Tuesday!

    I would say more, but my time on the People's 286 is rationed by the Collective.

    Re-Educate Yourselves at the People's Cube!

    –I. Betinov
    Party Academician

  • Linda Rivera

    The Glazov Gang should take this as a big COMPLIMENT!
    Go, Glazov Gang!

  • Snap N. McGarrett

    Priceless. And it’s not even April fool’s day.

  • Required

    Sarcasm at that web-site?, I get it now , lol, that is funny now that I get it.

    I think Jews run it, otherwise it would not be as funny.

    • Uri DeYoung

      I'm not sure about the claim that the best humor originates from Jews. It could be that we picked it up from the Ruskies, who've lived in an autocratic frozen wasteland for centuries and have thus developed their own special humor as a way of making their brutal reality more tolerable. Just my opinion.

      • Required

        Do not!! I repeat, Do NOT repeat this line of thinking of yours with Khazars or living members of Unity Mitford`s family, Hailing from Swastika Ontario, KhanaDUH!
        Some in this world would prefer to keep their Goldmines operating under the Radar!!

        All the best humor is Judaic, by Super-Duper-Natural Means of course of course would you even be told by The Talking Horse,or an Ass, whichever reached you first ……..and I Am not attempting to Convert you in any way, for you shall be assimilated and resistance is futile.

  • Maksim

    To commenter Ken and any other knuckle-dragging Reich-winger who dismisses The People's Cube, ignore us your at own peril. When the revolution comes and you are about to be put against the wall or shoved into a box-car, begging the arresting ACLU officer for mercy will get you nowhere, your name is on our list.

    Sincerely, Superkommissar Maksim

  • Fhalkyn

    The People's Cube is THE WORLD'S LEADING COMMUNIST WEBSITE period, end of story. You people will be sorry you ever mocked the Glorious Mother Page! When the Glorious Revolution happens, we will hunt you down and hand you over to Commissarka Pinkie for a beating with her shovel, and then we will ship you off to the gulag! Rethuglikkans, beware!
    -Sincerely, Comrade Fhalkyn
    P.S. The People's Cube is actually a very funny site. It parodies the Left by taking everything it does to the logical extreme- communism. The people who submit to it, myself included, enjoy mocking the Left by pretending we are the glorious epitome of Progressive-ism.

  • R.O.C.K. in the USSA

    Comrades at this "FrontPageMag", we at The Mother Page have our eyes on you! And soon, Lenin willing, those eyes will include thousands of drones over every city! The glorious revolution is coming (it will be here by Next Tuesday™, thanks to Dear Leader), and – as Comrade Fhalkyn stated above – Commissarka Pinkie's shovel whacks are NOTHING to trifled with! All your politics are belong to us, comrades – surrender while you still can. Oh, and kiss the Chairman!
    – R.O.C.K. in the USSA

    • Required

      R.O.C.K On!!

  • muchiboy

    Others read FPM,too.Impressive,right.Priceless,well…….muchiboy

  • mrbean

    We need to have comrade legislators in American Congress Politburo make legislation for funding reeducation camps for capitalist dogs of Glazov Gang who don't support revolution of "Hopey and Changey" for greater glory of chairman Obama.

  • Jaafar_1946

    Of course, "The People's Cube" is about as Communist as "The Onion."

    Only the tone-deaf could overlook the fact that it is an ANTI-Communist website.

    • Required

      Another success story concerning Jiffy-Lobo's invaluable service to The Party and of course it is all done, for The Children!

  • superflex

    Someone needs to be sent off to re-education camp picking beets for Morther Russia and Comrade Obama

    • Required

      I Volunteer!!

  • Dave

    Oleg Atbashian runs the site he is far far from a Liberal or a Communist he lived in the Soviet Union and knows firsthand the evils of Communism. The Peoples Cube is if not the best satire site on the internet, they crucify liberal ideology. We need more people like Oleg he and his cohorts do such a brilliant job of making fun of liberals if every liberal went to that site they would be converted after their ideology was mocked so thoroughly.

  • Required

    Oleg is as fake as a 7 dollar bill.

  • kafir4life

    For anther nice sarcasmic perspective, try
    A lot of what they say makes sense…..Position paper #23 is particularly good.

    Little Tony was sitting on a park bench munching
    on one candy bar after another.
    After the 6th candy bar, a man on the bench across from him said,
    "Son, you know eating all that candy isn't good for you.
    It will give you acne, rot your teeth, and make you fat."
    Little Tony replied, "My grandfather lived to be 107 years old."
    The man asked, "Did your grandfather eat 6 candy bars at a time?"
    Little Tony answered, "No, he minded his own f-n business."

  • Nic

    You guys are aware that The People's Cube is a spoof site?

  • Ron Henzel

    Uh…dudes…The People's Cube—not a communist website.

    Oleg Atbashian, owner of The People's Cube—not a communist.

    Don't take it too hard. I understand that a congressman recently thought that The Onion was a real news site.