Courage and Conviction Award Winner Laura Ingraham at Restoration Weekend

Editor’s note: Below is the video and transcript of the speech given by Laura Ingraham at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2012 Restoration Weekend, which took place Nov. 15th-18th at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Ingraham was the recipient of the Freedom Center’s 2012 Courage and Conviction Award.

Laura Ingraham: Thank you.  Thank you, everybody.  Thank you very much.

Gay, one of my dearest friends; Stanley, who’ve hosted me and my family — and that’s quite a thing at age seven and a half, four and a half and two and a half — here in Palm Beach.  And David Horowitz is truly one of the greatest — just greatest voices in our culture and in our politics.

And I’m so glad that we were able to pass the torch on when my then-employer, MSNBC, wasn’t too thrilled about my hosting this conservative gathering.  And, you know, I had to make a living.  And so, like — David, you [handle] this?  He said — be happy to do it.  And it’s been a great, great career for not only you but a great development of this weekend.  And it’s just an absolute thrill.  Thank you very much for inviting me.


I know it’s late.  And so many wonderful speakers over the last few days, many of them friends of mine.  I feel like it’s an old family gathering here.

But I have to say, I know a lot of you have been busy here tonight, so I have to start with some bad news.  And I know you guys haven’t probably checked your Blackberries — I’m sorry I have to tell you this — but Meghan McCain says she might leave the GOP.



Yes.  That tweet crossed.  I know it’s very heartbreaking for a lot of you.

But I came here tonight, David, not just to be part of this weekend, but to gather up all the free stuff that I guess you’re giving us, because Mitt Romney says it’s all free stuff that — the reason we lost.  We have swag bags — on your way out you can get them — Bobblehead dolls of John Roberts in the bag.


There’s also a Michelle Obama book, just came out — “How to See Europe on $2.5 Million a Day.”


And it’s your money.

I’m also really happy here because Bill O’Reilly can’t interrupt me.  And I know Charles said Juan can’t interrupt him.  But no, O’Reilly’s been great to me.

And by the way, tomorrow morning — this is a little housekeeping detail — do not be surprised if on your way out of The Breakers, Karl Rove insists that the weekend is not over.


Was a bit of an uncomfortable moment that night at Fox when I was there.

I have a — it’s too late, so I’m not going to give the speech that I was going to give, because it’s just — I think it’s too late.  But I will — no.

Group: No!

Laura Ingraham: It’s too late, you guys are too tired.

Unidentified Audience Member: No!

Unidentified Audience Member: No, we’re not!

Unidentified Audience Member: Go for it.

Laura Ingraham: Well, let me just say this — this weekend was called the Dark Ages Weekend when I started it.  Because I became a conservative in the tradition of The Dartmouth Review, at Dartmouth College, which was sort of the first bastion against what we didn’t call political correctness; we just called it college life in New Hampshire.  And Dark Ages was kind of a statement, right?  We were not the Renaissance Weekend; we were something different.  We were kind of a bunch of rebels.

And I remember at the time — I don’t know if Newt is here, but I’ve teased him about it since, so I can say it now — is that Newt, who was just elected Speaker, as Gay said, said he would not come to the weekend if the name were not changed.  And anyone who knows me in this room — do you think I changed the name that year?  I did not change the name.

And in fact, Robert Bork, Judge Bork, got up and gave a speech which was, to this day, I think, one of my favorite speeches I’ve ever heard, which was called “A Defense of the Dark Ages.”


Only as Robert Bork could do it.  And he made the point that the Dark Ages have been, under conventional wisdom, have been discounted as a period of little thinking and illiteracy.  And in fact, the Dark Ages — all of you who know your Greek history — ushered in a time of great innovation, including the Greek alphabet, the first Olympics in 776 B.C.  And those insignificant works, “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” were written during the Dark Ages.  So he got up and gave this great feverino on the Dark Ages.  And by the end, everyone’s on their feet.  Fred Thompson — Jeb Bush was here, I believe.

And tonight, I say we in the conservative movement should be so lucky to have Dark Ages thinking; to actually inform the way we move forward with a bold and courageous vision.  I do not — Charles Krauthammer’s one of my favorite people out there.  But I must say that I don’t attribute Barack Obama’s win to luck.  I think that’s — for me, that’s not what happened.  I think we had a candidate — and I endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008.  And like Charles, I think he’s a wonderful person and has an incredible family, and I think he’s a very smart man, and very successful man, obviously.  But I think when you’re up against a Chicago gangland warrior, you can’t show up in your croquet whites.


Doesn’t work.  Never will.

And I believe that there were a lot of really smart people who made a lot of money off this campaign.  And I think this should be the end of the political consultancy class.


We spent $900 million to lose this election.  We spent $900 million to lose Senate seats that were imminently winnable.  We spent $900 million to lose an election that will impact my children’s life adversely and, I believe, all of ours in this room adversely.  Not just money, but it’s something a lot deeper — our heritage.

And I will say tonight that if we walk out of this room thinking that it was a storm, or it was Chris Christie, or it was one bad debate or two bad debates; I think we will have disappointed ourselves, really.  I think this was another example of people who think that they can run and win elections as generic candidates.

There were a lot of polls a year ago that said any generic Republican could beat Barack Obama.  And I think from that point forward, with a few primary debate interruptions, Mitt Romney believed that he could win this election as a generic Republican.  And I don’t think anyone who ran as a generic vanilla type Republican was going to beat this Chicago operation.  Just wasn’t going to happen.

And I will say tonight that — and I might make some people angry in this room, but it never stopped me before — but I think if we’re going to be honest about where we are in this country, then we better come to terms with what happened between 2005 and 2008.

In 2008, we turned — in 2006, we lost several Senate seats, we lost the House of Representatives.  By 2008, we had lost the House, the Senate; and turned over the presidency to the most left-wing person to ever take 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  When George W. Bush — whom I supported and who I campaigned for — when he left the White House, he had a 29-percentage point approval rating.  I don’t think we can write that off as some fluke of history.

I think we as conservatives better understand that we have a foreign policy problem, and we have an economic problem.  For some reason, we conservatives — we should never lose the foreign policy argument, and we lost it this time.

Unidentified Audience Member: Right.

Laura Ingraham: We didn’t argue it, and we lost it.  We cannot let that happen again.


I am someone who — I think — I’m pretty sure I did the first national radio broadcast out of Iraq — a big supporter of the war in Iraq, big supporter of the war on terror.  But I think we better come to terms with what we did right and what we did wrong.  And until we do that, I think we’re going to continue to be chased by the ghost of George W. Bush.

And again, I know there’s a lot of people in this room who probably gave him a lot of money.  And you’re thinking — Laura, you’re piling on Bush like Barack Obama is.  I am not.  I am telling you that the conservative movement better decide what it is, not what it was — what it is today, and where it’s connecting with the American people.


I’m not going to spend the few minutes I want to share with you to berate Barack Obama.  I wrote a book about him, called “The Obama Diaries.”  I saw this razzle-dazzle act coming for years.  I knew how he’d win this election, I knew how he’d run it.  And you didn’t need to spend $900 million to figure it out.

I think until we understand that we have an enormous credibility problem on spending and an enormous credibility problem on how we deploy our military — and when we use our military, when we don’t; what we want to achieve with our military, who our real allies are, who we should support — then I think we’re going to continue to have a real disconnect with the people who are naturally conservative and want to be with us.

And I believe part of this problem is what David Horowitz has been trying to get at for so many years.  We put all our faith in politicians and largely forgot academic institutions and the culture.  And because we did that, we allowed a vacuum to exist that the Left happily jumped into.  And this has been going on for decades, no doubt.  But it’s reached a fever pitch today.

And now the new normal is something that we consider — really, when we think about it — the abnormal.  But the new normal is what our kids see every day on television, or what you see on the magazine rack, or what you see in reality television.  And so, it’s not really surprising today, when we see someone who has a sex tape gets a reality show, or someone who looks kind of like a celebrity general seems to be betraying his own honor, his sense of honor.  Because it’s all like that.

And I think until we come to terms with how we got to this place, our culture is what gives us our politics.  Right?  Our politicians come out of the culture.  Right?  We are our culture.  I think we as conservatives think, if we only get the right politician.  Well, the culture has existed around us.  It’s been bubbling up underneath our feet, as we want America to be the way it was.  Our culture has evaporated under our very feet.  Because we let other people do the culture.  The culture was the stuff the Left did.

Well, they were really smart, weren’t they?  They have primetime television, they have the entire music industry, with a few country singers thrown in.  But you know, for the most part, they had the entire entertainment complex on their side, and we had pretty much Kid Rock and Wayne Newton, and that’s about it.  I mean, a few others.  I mean, Gary Sinise, a few others.

Unidentified Audience Member: Robert Davi.

Laura Ingraham: Yeah, Robert Davi.  But I mean, we had our people.  But it’s hard to compete with the entire media and entertainment complex if we’re not in that game.

I believe, in the end, we have to think of those who were in greater despair than a lot of people are today.  I’m a conservative.  A lot of people — I’m optimistic.  I am optimistic, but I’m a conservative.  So you also are pessimistic, right?  But you have to remember the people who were in greatest despair.  We heard deeply moving stories about Holocaust victims and people struggling in concentration camps, and stuff we can’t even imagine sitting here in this beautiful surrounding.  But we don’t have to go back that far to think about people who believed it was over politically and culturally.

And a lot of you, I’m sure, like with me, are fans of Malcolm Muggeridge.  And I went back this afternoon, as my children were, thankfully, ensconced in the entertainment center downstairs, and I read a speech that Malcolm had given in 1979.  This is before Reagan was elected, before Thatcher, and before John Paul II.  And he wrote that nothing can happen to us in circumstances that is not part of God’s purpose.  Therefore we have nothing to fear.  It’s kind of odd to think about that — we have nothing to fear, we have nothing to really worry about.

On that basis of truth, he said, there can be no black despair, no throwing in of our hand.  We can watch the institutions of our social structures of our time.  We can watch them collapse, and we will.  And we can reckon with that that seems like an irresistibly growing power of materialism and materialist societies.  But it will not be the end of the story.

And then he quoted St. Augustine.  And he said he found it amusing that St. Augustine said this as he received the news in Carthage that Rome had been sacked.  Well, St. Augustine said, if that happened, it’s a great catastrophe.  But we must never forget that earthly cities that men build will also be destroyed.  Because it is the city of God, that men did not build, that will endure.

And he devoted, at that point, the next 17 years — St. Augustine — to working out the relationship between the earthly city — cities that we live in, and cities that he lived in, of course — and the city of God.  The earthly city we’re here in for a very short period of time.  We’re all going to be gone.  Hard to believe, but we’re all going to be gone in a short period of time, blink of an eye.  In the city of God, we’ll all be citizens there forever, eternally.

With that sense of certainty, when we think about it tonight, should come a great sense of joy and a great sense of comfort.  Everything else is fantasy.  Whether the fantasy of power that we see in authoritarian regimes that seek to crush the individual, or the fantasy — as he wrote so famously — of the great liberal death wish, in terms of affluence and self-indulgence.  That is going to be our — you know, liberals think that’s our greatest moment, when we can do whatever we want with disregard to anyone else out there, as long as it feels good.  Because our necessity of life, the thing that we really live and breathe — we have to; otherwise none of this makes much sense — is knowing God.

St. Teresa of Avila, one of my favorite saints, said — if we don’t understand our mortal existence, then life is little more than a night in a second-class hotel.


And we’re not in a second-class hotel tonight.  We are extremely blessed to be here.  And I think I’m among so many wonderful people, beautiful people, inside and out.  As I say to my daughter, it doesn’t matter what you look like, doesn’t matter how big you are, how tall you are, what color your skin is, where you come from; it matters what’s in your heart.

And I think at time of great internal crisis — we feel internally crisis in this country — a lot of us are going back to not necessarily what’s next, but what is.  And for us, what is is — look around you — your friends, people you just met, people you’ve known for a long time, your family, God, our neighbors, our country.  And I think there will be a political reawakening that accompanies only a cultural and faith reawakening to stem this steady but sure erosion of liberty, which is happening.

I believe with God all things are possible.  I talk about myself — I think with my own life, that’s certainly the case.  And I think that tonight — you’re closing out this conference tomorrow — do what I do every day.  Do what I know most of you do every day, anyway, but count your blessings.  We don’t just have incredible talent in the conservative movement, but we have ultimately what is true on our side — the truth of freedom, of economic liberty, of the inherent worth of the individual — and for me, it’s the most vulnerable in the womb — to the elderly, who live alone, without anyone really to help.  As long as we stand for those truths, and we are happy warriors in the process — don’t give in to despair, as easy as that is — then I believe we won’t need luck to win an election.  We’ll have brains and a moral certitude that has certainly carried everyone from Margaret Thatcher to FDR to John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan to the public square, with great success.

I want to thank all of you for being here tonight.  You could be anywhere this weekend.  I want to thank David Horowitz — we love you.  Thanks so much, David.  Thank you, everybody.


Thank you, goodnight.

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  • Asher

    Courage and Conviction are 2 admirable traits…Most of us can't wait to defend whats honorable…Lets give Laura a big round of applause for being on the front lines!

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      I've read Laura's email comments which were sent perhaps 2-3 times a week. The problem that one has of being in a bubble, it is no different than a closed loop circuit. A closed loop circuit does not permit additional information to alter function . A washing machine is an excellent example of a closed loop circuit. Put the clothes in, add detergent, set the timer, sometime later, a buzzer or bell rings. I've received countless emails from Laura. I do not remember Laura ever giving a vision for our youth, that was positive. I do not ever remember Laura once speaking about Democracy in a positive tone. She once did say, "life is not fair" when a comment was made concerning benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Laura did not perfortm as an investigative reporter. She performed as an instigative reporter. As regards how she felt about President Obama, well, at least she did not use the "N" word that was stuck in her throat. I will not miss her emails. She was the female version of Rush Limbaugh. I do wish her well in the future. Yet, she has a cloosed loop attitude problem.

  • BS77

    Congratulations to Laura …..and our thanks also to Pam Geller, Ann Coulter, Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabrielle and many others who are on the line for the US, for our Constitution, our traditions, freedoms and liberty……

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      Why are Republicans happiest when they try to make the working man totally miserable?

  • Daniel

    Any speech which extnsively quotes Augustine on his pre-eminent contribution is worthwhile on that alone.
    Also Malcolm Muggeridge. MM was a gigantic fan of a particular Russian writer, and if Laura had quoted him I would have given her a 10 for this speech.
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's birthday is next week.

  • Michael Canzano

    Rush Limbaugh condensed the GOP loss in one sentence ,"They voted for Santa Claus."
    The damage to our Nation in the first four years of the America Hating administration will go to the 3rd power in the next four years . Our Constitution will be reduced to toilet paper. By 2016 we will be Detroit (a 3rd world city).

    • Questions

      Cheer up. I liken our worse-case scenario to Tyson's Corner, Va. — lots of beautiful buildings, but not too many people home.

    • Jim_C

      "America hating administration?"

      Just saw a poll: 25% of self-described Republicans would entertain secession. Every day on this site, people rail against reality, whine about anyone in this country who doesn't share their myopic worldview, and demonize at least 50% of the rest of the country. Too much money going to programs aimed at kids, seniors, people with health/mental disorders, social programs that make a difference in people's lives, right–but you'll fight to the death to keep taxes from reverting to Clinton-era levels.

      Conservatives hate America; they just haven't brought themselves to say it outright.

      • wsk

        No we despise the Libards that are destroying the America we love.

        • Jim_C

          The "America you love" never existed–unless you refer to the one championed by FDR, aided by the GI Bill (called "welfare" by its opponents at the time), made habitable by clean air and water acts, etc., and helped make prosperous in part by labor unions* which grew a strong middle class by ensuring decent living wages and working conditions.

          That's the America you've known all your life, sir. It's not a new development.

          Everyone says Obama is "the most radical blah blah blah." He's about as radical as Nixon and Eisenhower. He's a RINO minus the Wall Street speed dial.

          • Eldon J. Bloedorn

            The America you loved was based on many illusions. Blacks wre “supposed” to be invisible. That is was OK to let 45,000 Americans die each year because they lacked health insurance. That Civil rights meant nothing. That two wars were funded “with tax breaks.”
            That workers wages were “flat” for the last 30 years. That the median net worth of the American household was exceeded by that of Canada. That the U.S. is listed as “one of the most dangerous places in the world.” Sorry, I question what was so great?

      • Dave

        For God's sake sir! It's about the SPENDING!!! It's not that we raised too little taxes. GET REAL

        • Jim_C

          I agree, spending is a huge problem.

        • Eldon J. Bloedorn

          You are absolutely right sir. Reagan raised taxes 7 times while he was in office. And he shared your wisdom. It is true that there has not been enough spending on taxes. The lunatics who got the U.S. in two unfunded wars should have spent their retirement days in a petting zoo.

      • Eldon J. Bloedorn

        Conservatives hate a world where the citizen is becoming more happy. Voltaire: "God is a comedian playing to an audience who is afraid to laugh." Why did Voltaire make this comment? The Church was making the faithful too miserable in Voltaire's time. Voltaire wanted to loosen the Church's misery grip on the people. Who is most vulnerable to being manipulated? The happy or miserable person? I do agree that Conservatives have a diseased attitude toward their fellow man, unless that "fellow man" is wealthy.

  • wsk

    Laura is delusional. If the majority of people in this country voted for the low-eared man-child messiah, there is no hope for America as we knew it. The parasites, the mooches, the leeches, the depraved, the envious and the lazy outnumber the producers. Enjoy the upcoming triple dip recession as the Republicans will cave in on tax hikes. Welcome to Amerika. Welcome to the new normal.

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      Go ahead, Call him what you are thinking? You, know the word. It is stuck in your throat. The (N) word.
      Your EGO has taken control of your mind. (E)dging (G)od (O)ut.

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      You have a diseased mind. Anyone who speaks about their fellow man like you do deserves friendship with Laura.

  • Paul Cajka Sr

    Laura thank you for a lot of encouragement and inspiration. I try to encourage people in Sarasota County that we beat the Democrats and the Chicago machine as embodied in the Obama Campaign. But to do it we had to do our own local GOTV effort and bypass the consultant misdirected Romney campaign and it's consultant trained minions. The only race we didn't deliver for the RPOF was Connie Mack's Senate race. He was three months behind in October. Freedom Works, the Romney Campaign and the local party couldn't change the image that Bill Nelson cemented in the voters' minds.

  • Ghostwriter

    What happened was that President Obama made people believed that he cared about them and that the government would give them stuff. Why doesn't he ask the people of Hurricane Sandy how they're doing? Unfortunately,not very well at the moment.

    • Jim_C

      Why, is he a magical king? Hmm, the governors of those states seem pretty well satisfied with the federal support theyve received.

      As far as Obama "pretending to care" about people, which is a pretense he has showed all his life, I'm glad he pretended to extend insurance coverage to the uninsured, particularly children, I'm glad he pretended to incent preventative care through his health plan which will save money long term, glad he provided some debt relief to students and homeowners, and put a bottom under our economic freefall so people's life savings didn't get wiped out. He can continue to pretend to care some more, as far as I'm concerned.

      • Ghostwriter

        No,Jim_C,that's not what I'm talking about. We're nearly broke. All that free stuff is going to disappear once the government goes bankrupt and that because those like President Obama believes that money appears out of thin air. If you've got any ideas on how to get our fiscal house in order,I'd love to hear it.

        • Jim_C

          Let Bush tax cuts expire, cut spending on medicare and defense, stimulus money to purchase goods and services from the domestic private sector to boost demand and create consumers and continue infrastructure repair. Do what many universities are doing now: add entrepreneurship classes to the non-business curriculum.

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      I think you are in a closed loop circuit. A bubble. No new evidence can enter and distort what is safely stored there in your brain. What "things" are you speaking about? If thoughts are things, then he did give them things, such as eliminating the middle man on student loans. Interest rates that were so excessive that the student would carry much of the loan balance with them to death. He, (the dirty rat!) gave the people Affordable Health Care. Pre-existing conditions are not excluded in the applicants approved coverage. And he gave the people, the workers, a sense of self worth. He told them that the workers helped build this country and not just the wealthy. I have heard from one of your own, Chris Christie, that Obama did an excellent job taking care of citizens who were badly hurt with Hurricane Sandy. Many, many other "things" that Obama gave to the American people. Why? It is easy to manipulate an unhappy person. That is why Voltaire said, "God is a comedian playing to an audience who is afraid to laugh." Voltaire was very popular in his time. With who? The workers and the intellectuals, both. Ghostwriter, you have a serious attitude problem.

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      Ghostwriter. Exactly what stuff did President Obama offer to give through the government? You got your comment perhaps from bill O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly is not a reporter. His job is to try to spin horse puckey into Egyptian cotton. At least have the guts to say what President Obama offered through the government. You have a right to your opinion but you do not have a right to your own facts, OK?

  • Cici Burns

    Laura, you look lovely and your speech was heartfelt and thought provoking. I love that you love and appreciate all that Heaven has blessed you with, your country, your family.

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      If Laura was blessed by Heaven, then, after I die, I want to live in hell.

      • Maxie

        Don't worry Blowhorn, you're well on your way.

        • Eldon J. Bloedorn

          How about not getting personal.? Just the facts. I do not recall having hired you as my doctor, OK?

  • cici burns

    Yet, you responded. In Judaism (Hillel/Shama) we learn that those (like you) that mock others for their faith and beliefs, do so because of doubt in their own. I am sorry you have chosen such a life for yourself.

    • Wittenberg Church

      snarky cici burns, if the Bible is God’s Word, it’s impregnable— κατεργάζομαι who believes the Biblical gospel was stating an opinion based on fact. A Roman Catholic who believes in the teachings of the Vatican, believes their sins must be expiated either in this life or in purgatory, where you are purged by the flames because that’s the teaching of the Catholic Church. That is not Biblical.

      This is from a Catholic dictionary: “The Mass is a truly propitiatory sacrifice, which means that by this oblation the Lord is appeased. He grants grace and the gift of repentance and He pardons wrongdoings and sins, even grave ones, for it is one and the same victim—He who now makes the offering through the ministry of priests and He who then offered Himself on the cross.” So, Christ is still being offered. The Ninety-Five Theses –

      You should instead "feel sorry" for those as yourself who are lost and do not understand the difference.

  • Fay

    Religion is personal and has no place in politics.
    It shows respect for all religions.
    You taught your child to follow her feelings. Really?
    Feelings are emotions. Emotions don't think or reason.
    Thinking explores and evaluates.
    Who do you want to be responsible for using a nuclear bomb?
    A feeler or a thinker? Perhaps a combination of both?

  • G Sharp

    Laura dear, The Lord has bless you with a beautiful mind amongst other gifts and I'm very grateful for how generously, day in and day out , you share those gifts with all of us. We miss you, and pray for you and your children daily, Please come back sooner than later.

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      Speaking of prayer. A comedian once said to Johnny Carson, "I once prayed to God." Johnny, "did you get an answer?" Comedian, "Yes." Johnny, "what did God say?" Comedian, "you run your store and I'll run mine. What the hell do you think I am? A cosmic bellhop? You have a brain, quit acting like you never even thought about it."

  • John Bibb

    Great speech–from your strong Christian heart. It is very good to see you completely recovered from your fight against cancer. And with your wonderful children. Waiting to hear you again on radio–you always do a good job replacing Bill O'Reilly. John Bibb

    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      Please refer to comments further down this page and posted by Eldon by researchers at The Intelligence Institute, a Conservative non-profit group.

  • cvadelcentro

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  • ginger5010

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    • Eldon J. Bloedorn

      Oh! So good. Can you please show us a copy of the check? "Debbie does Dallas" also made a lot of money in just a few days. Think she made $21010. 96 (96 cents more than your roommate's mother.)

  • Eldon J. Bloedorn

    Let's be honest. Is it possible that Laura Ingraham is "off the air" because she helped lose the presidential election? Was she was too toxic? And if she was too toxic when she "read her script," perhaps the public saw through what she was trying to do, that she under estimated the public's intelligence?

    • BS77

      take a steam bath Eldon, and try to get that toxic garbage out of YOUR system…if you think Laura"lost" the election, then you are a fool.

      • Eldon J. Bloedorn

        You guys, Republicans, are just poor losers. Republicans are now saying, "just wait 'til 2016." Wait for what? Want to be a winner? Support all of your fellow man. Support a grand vision for our youth, Support the Affordable Care Act which prevents 45,000 needless American deaths and untold thousands of bankruptcies each year, Support clean air, green power that does not slowly kill us. Quit dumping on women. A great philosopher once said, "when you are on your death bed, you have to ask only one question." "Did I pursue the good and the beautiful?" Mention this quote to a Republican and they will most likely say, "what good? What beautiful? Get out the net! Get that man the hell out of here!" That is why the Republicans lost. The Republicans support their "lovely" version of Christianity. Todays Republicans are filled with a lot of hatred. Yet, when Jesus is quoted, "care for your fellow man," Right wing Republicans say, "Jesus was only joking."

      • Eldon J. Bloedorn

        Laura "helped lose the election" would be more appropriate. Day after day she spewed toxic ideas meant to make the trucker enrage as he mounted his rig. The low information voter was attracted to her rants and raves. The old white Southern male.

    • Maxie

      Well Blowhard, from your comments it would seem to be impossible to underestimate your intelligence.

      • Eldon J. Bloedorn

        Poor loser Republicans blame. Albert Schweitzer once commented to a question, "what's wrong with men today?" Schweitzer, "men simply don't think."

  • Eldon J. Bloedorn

    By PRWeb 09 December 12 Following information is quoted from RSN
    And I quote," Researchers at The Intelligence Institute, a conservative non-profit group tested 5,000 people using a series of tests that measure everything from cognitive aptitude to common sense and found that people who identified themselves as Fox News viewers and 'conservative' had, on average, significantly lower intelligence quotients. Fox viewers represented 2,650 members of this test group."

    "Test subjects who received their news from other outlets or reported they do not watch the news scored an average IQ of 104, compared to 80 for Fox News viewers."

    Lead researcher P. Nichols explains, "Fox News content is presented at an elementary school level and plays directly into the fears of the less educated and less intelligent."