David Horowitz on ‘The World Tomorrow’ with Julian Assange

Freedom Center President battles it out with self-described communist Slavoj Zizek:

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  • Stephen_Brady

    I think that Communists have come to power so often, in the past, because they yell louder.

    • Amused

      Brilliant Brady

      • Stephen_Brady

        Actually, I thought it was. The people who yell the loudest get the attention, don't they?

        • Amused

          that what you think ?

          • Stephen_Brady

            There's an old story about a minister who's looking over the text of his sermon, for the next Sunday service. He looks at one portion of the sermon, and writes in the margin, "Point weak, yell louder". You can bet your bottom dollar that when he "yells", he will get the people's attention.

            Communism … and it's assorting "-isms", like Socialism, Anarchism, Naziism, Trade Unionism, ad infinitum … has the benefit of people who "yell". This takes the form of screaming, complaining, and, sometimes, outright violence. But they get attention, and they will often take power … like they have in the United States, at this moment.

          • Stephen_Brady

            On the Right, we have a tendency to try civility and reason, parades of smiling people carrying signs bearing mild slogans, who clean up after their demonstrations, and so forth. But the day is coming, soon, when we shall "yell", too. I'll bet you a session on the Dabo Tables … and even spot you 10 bars of gold-pressed Latinum … that we yell louder, when we wake up, than the uncounted millions of mindless leftists who wish to destroy our liberties. You want to take that bet?

    • jenifer

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  • Amused

    As I said before , but was "mysteriously "deleted ……Assange is a P.O.S. ….end of story . Who did that offend ???? Perhaps A SYMPATHIZER

  • zemplar

    Is Slavoj Zizek an actor, some sort of joke? Surely he can't be real? What a moron…

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