David Horowitz Video Interview On “The New Leviathan”

David Horowitz recently joined Glenn Reynolds to discuss his new book, The New Leviathan, that uncovers the well-funded, secretive world of the liberal money machine. To watch the interview, see below. To order the book, click here.

  • Steve Chavez

    EXCELLENT! All of David's books, interviews, and speeches are WARNINGS to America, and the world, about something he knows first hand and all he got was "yea yea yea. Islamophobia and reeks of McCarthyism." Now all is true and clear and if Obama wins reelection, it will be over!

    • YLEM

      If you haven't read these, I think you'll find them interesting and chilling.

    • YLEM

      We must do all we can to educate people, including yourself. You must keep references of articles and other materials you've gathered and researched to show them. Get them to see the new movie "2016" and other documentaries that conservatives have been making — you can get copies and show to people.

      This is WWIII and we are not using guns or weapons to fight it. We must fight it with knowledge.

  • patriotwork

    Been a reader and supporter of David Horowitz and a learner from him, since Radical Son. I'm proud of him and myself, and I've learned a lot. The New Leviathan was a book that badly needed to be written. Now it needs to be read, studied, passed around and acted on.

  • Patrice Adams

    Are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sir are nothing more than a snake oil salesman, a false prophet and teacher. You are misleading those who are just as equally prejudice and racist as you are. How incredibly, unbelievable and preposterous is the load of false and misleading crap you are pushing. Clinton and Obama are responsible for Blacks losing over a billion in revenue, really -once again are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! George Bush was in office for EIGHT (8) year between both Clinton and Obama and you want people – well you have a group of idiots who as stated earlier are just as equally prejudice and racist as you apparently are, and will believe anything that will discredit President Obama. But there are some intelligent people in America who know the truth, something which is foreign to you and you followers. You sir will have to answer for the hysteria and inciting a mob by promoting racial intolerance and ignorance.

    • bill.fisk

      This is meant to be the post-racial age. You forgot to take your racist glasses off. There is more to life than race. Don't be a racist. Okay?

    • cjk

      I have found that those who screech racism are usually the biggest racists of all. YOU surely fit the description of an abject and pitiful racist yourself.

    • Straight Shot

      Wow. Define racism. Are Norwegians who don't like Swedes racist? How do you feel about the Jewish people? Give it some thought.