Dishonorable Disclosures

A new documentary, “Dishonorable Disclosures,” sets out to educate Americans about the Obama administration’s shocking breaches of American security. Watch it below:

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  • Choi

    The American Cavalry has arrived.
    These guys are STILL SERVING and in a NEW WAY:The INFORMATION WAR.
    THIS video,and all of their future videos ,MUST GET WIDE EXPOSURE.
    With these HEROS in the fight,WE CANNOT LOSE.

  • Stan Lee

    Besides being so self-centered that he only feels threats to self, Obama has no concept of military life apart from his practiced skipping down the steps of Marine #1, plus the customary/required return salute for which he must have taken many hours before a mirror. After that, he's completely alien to anything military. There isn't any lowest-grade soldier or sailor who doesn't know that military secrecy is sacred to all military services.
    But, Obama must have such a concealed inferiority complex that he must brag, he must posture, even at the risk of military lives. From saying OK to giving an order, he'll probably write a book someday of his courage in completely directing "his" operation against bin Laden.

    • EDOGZ818

      What about the SEAL who just wrote the book "NO EASY DAY" describing the raid , preparations after after action in detail? He has a concept of Military life, practiced salute for hours in front of mirror, etc. ( LOL-N…say what you want…Obama's salute game is tight. He shows respect. Who was it that hardly ever returned salutes?

      "There isn't any lowest-grade soldier or sailor who doesn't know that military secrecy is sacred to all military ." .Stan Lee

      Is either candidate the answer?

  • amused

    Oh please , Bin laden 's come-uppance came under Obama's watch , live withit , although it's burning a hole in your gut , and has since the event . And Yes it could have easily have come on GW's watch and I still would have cheered and not bellyached like you Conservatives -teabaggers and Republicans , and yea everyone KNOWS it wasn't just Obama , it was first and foremost the Brave Seals , and the whole operation took years of intelligence gathering which just happened to come together under Obama's watch . The only security breech I can see is the alleghed outting oofvthe Pakistani Doctor , and that if proved to be a leak on the part of someone in the Admin , then that person should be prosecuted . It seems as if no leaks have ever taken place before eh ? What about the INTENTIONAL outing of that guys wife who was a CIA agent , out of pure revwnge for that unfavorable report about WMD ? Get over it .

    • fiddler

      KSM was already in Gitmo and several others. The left was wringing their hands about water boarding. Eric Holder wanted the trial to be in the states. Seems we are obsessed with treating those sneek in, get training on flying airlines (but not on landing!!) and who murder our people, as though they just robbed a stick of gum from the candy store. The president in his speeches uses personal pronouns such as "I", "my" for things like this rather than "their" (pertaining to the SEALS). And as much I admire their professionalism and valor, OBL was irrelevant, except by surving family members who wanted closure for his masterminding the murder of their loved ones. Use of "I" and "MY" for political gain, when as a senator most of time voting present, is not inspiring. But you are too busy doing mental gymnastics to create moral equivalence. Be a fence sitter, it's more safe.

      • amused

        spoken like a true ignnoramus . WHO gave the order to proceed ? And WHO did I say was responsible for the overall success aside from the Navy Seals ? Did I not specifically mention years of intelligence [Bush Admin.] gathering Where the hell does moral equivelance come in , and WHERE did you see any reference to it in my post . You f—ing brainwashed parrots just like to hear yourself talk and it looks like you too suffer from a lack of reading comprehnsion .

    • Eva

      Fix your grammar and punctuation before you post. Combined with hatred-spewing, it is nearly impossible to understand your rants.

    • Juan Motie

      The big difference? If President Bush had ordered the takedown he would have given the credit for the operation to the military and other professionals who made it possible. Nobody cares that this happened when your lord and master obama was occupying the white house. What burns is how he keeps taking bows for how he ordered the raid and how he and he alone was able to handle the situation – this after it came out that he whiffed at least three time previous on ordering the raid!

  • Rob Campbell

    Wow Amused, here we go with the political side of things again. Did You not watch the video? This should not be about politics!!! Since you choose to call out the tea party and the republican side of things, did you serve as a liberal democrat? Just asking!!! Waiting for that ANSWER!!!!

    • amused

      Did you say " political side " ???? what in the hell do you think this is all about ?

      oh thou brainwashed fool !

      • amused

        And no , I'm a centrist who will always vote Independent or not vote at all . I didn't vote for Obama nor McCain . Nor will I cast my viote for President this November . I vote locally for my Sheriff , school board , and those Senate Congress and Representative who have proved themselves ACCORDING TO MY STANDARDS as BIPARTISAN .
        Like I said , this article is TRASH , I have the greatest Admniration and Respecty for Navy Seals , and they like you and me have a right to their own opinions . Which I will take at face value , and after being spun by political hacks and "journalistic opinion " ./
        That do it for ya pally ?

      • fiddler

        Had to get in an ad hominem jab, eh abused?

        • amused

          just keeping up with the Joneses fiddler .

  • Bert

    Notice that Schlomotion is uncharacteristically missing in action on this article because he has difficulty in directly attacking Seal Team Six and defending his boss Hussein Obama.

    • Schlomotion

      What's missing in action here is that the staff is throwing up a lame 22 minute movie instead of writing an article. The writing is missing.

      • Choi

        You're an even BIGGER POS than even I imagined.
        If you think those HERO'S Video is "lame",than the ONLY word to DESCRIBE YOU is T-R-A-I-T-O-R!
        Only a TRAITOR would NOT agree that THE LEAKS are COSTING AMERICAN LIVES.

  • Anamah

    His ego occupy his entire mind…sure must be difficult for him to remember other who are risking their life,… It must be a priority to make clear he is the magnificent one, so brilliant that the world should know first at all this guy is the most… never existed!

  • dgdg

    The movie might be interesting if the claims were factual. Here are the facts:

  • johnnywoods

    Obummer is truly a stupid, self absorbed little man-child.

  • davarin

    Oh that silly Obama, talking about secret stuff. He doesnt know about all this secret stuff and all, he's just puffing his chest. Hell, whats not to be proud of, he got the most dangerous and hated man in the world. He's just ignorant of all this clandestine stuff and didnt know. Jeez, he was just trying to give cudos to the Pakistani for helping us get Osama, and a big high five to the Seal Team that did it. You right wingers are just getting worked up about nothing, go back to sleep.

  • davarin

    Oh, but the right wingers should hang for outing the "CIA agent" Valleri Plame. She was deep under cover doing some really secret stuff for our National Security. Once her cover was blown, that was it, she couldnt complete her mission. She had to go back and get another self destructing cassette tape for her next orders.

  • amused

    LOL…..the HYPOCRISY is prevelant on both sides , yet each side refuses to see it's own and accuses the other .

  • Gloria Diaz

    Watch 2016, check UN-Obama and the Agenda 21…open your eyes morons! Colombians still waiting for Obama's explanations about this secret meetings with FARC, documents that the Colombian Army has and probed mr. Obama' supports for this narco-terrorist group when he was a senator for Illinois. this is a FACT

  • Gloria Diaz

    Now we are in the final battle….good against evil…..just pay attention everything what is happening in the world…..Obama is the Leader of the NEW WORLD ORDER since September 17, 2011, he gave the United Nations executive power to control the American military….is the reason he cut a great big chunk of money for the military budget….check what happened to the NASA in Florida……he desmantle the NASA and most of the people lost their jobs and their houses… is NOT about political parties….is about the future of the United States and the world. This is NOT longer the United States I saw when I came here 30 years ago……by the way…Eva Longoria, the Hollywood millionarie DO NOT represent us…the Hispanic women…..Obama and his American haters finally WIll complete the job of destruction of the USA… America is Under God;s judment? Obama won once by vote FRAUD and may do it again…..IF I NOT NEED AN PHOTO ID TO VOTE….I SHOULD NOT NEED A DRIVER LICENCE TO DRIVE! Just to be FAIR!!! Wake up MORONS

  • joe

    The volume was so low I could hardly hear it.