Editorial: Obama’s Foreign Policy Is A National Disaster

President Barack Obama was elected largely on the assumption that he could – and would — make the world “like” us again. The disturbing and disgraceful events that we are witnessing in the Middle East over the last few days have revealed just what an unmitigated disaster this President’s foreign policy has been.

Obama began his tenure in office by traveling around Europe apologizing for America’s supposed international arrogance, which earned him only contempt, not goodwill. He went on to begin alienating our longstanding, closest allies. It began with small but offensive gestures like returning Churchill’s bust to England and openly snubbing Israel’s Netanyahu. Speaking of Israel, Obama has proven himself to be “the anti-Israel President.”

But it wasn’t enough that Obama pushed away our allies – he has also emboldened and empowered our enemies. He stood by and did nothing as the Iranian regime crushed the people’s Green Revolution which, with our support, could have removed Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs from power. One can only imagine how that would have changed the balance of power in the Middle East. Obama could have taken credit for taking down the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism; instead, he gave them space to continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons and dumped the problem of a nuclear Iran in Israel’s lap.

After the Green Revolution fizzled out there came the supposedly democratic uprisings across the Middle East called the “Arab Spring” – the inspiration for which some attribute to Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech. They degenerated quickly into an Islamist Winter, with Muslim fundamentalists (including al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood) seizing power, threatening war with our ally Israel, and now attacking our embassies and murdering Americans. Obama helped pave the foundation for this nightmare by helping to oust our former ally Mubarak in Egypt; now the largest country in the Middle East is in the grip of the Muslim Brotherhood and the black flag of jihad has been raised over our own embassy.

And so here we are. It is interesting to note that, up until now, no one defined the Obama Doctrine. Americans had a general idea what the Bush Doctrine was; we obviously understood the Reagan Doctrine. But the Obama Doctrine has puzzled commentators for years — is it appeasement? Is it anti-colonialism? Is it multilateral internationalism?

Well, as we witness the catastrophe unfolding right before our eyes in the Middle East, with our enemies unleashing hate and violence against America and with our President beating his breast in response with contrition and mumbling mea culpa, we now know what the Obama Doctrine is: it’s a vacuum.

President Obama is a foreign policy failure who has placed America in the worst global position she has been in since the end of the Cold War. Nations that were once our allies — though Obama says the term “ally” is a “term of art” — are now our enemies (Egypt, Tunisia). Nations that were quiet are now loud (Libya). Nations that were headed in the right direction have been turned over to Islamists (Iraq, Afghanistan). Meanwhile, we have sold our debt to China, giving them outsized influence over our foreign policy; we have allowed Russia to broaden its sphere of influence in the Middle East, as well as Central and Eastern Europe; we have ceded ground to the Hugo Chavez acolytes in South America. It is difficult to name a single spot anywhere on earth that is more pro-America thanks to President Obama.

Obama’s foreign policy: a national disaster.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Well.. we, the people in the Western Civilized world have been had.
    The leadership has consistently, either directly or indirectly, countered the Islamic hordes demented attacks using Western humanized classical warfare. Or stupid "diplomacy".
    Islam is a cult of death for its own sake and mass murders or performs slaughters to assure the arrival of the 12th…
    By engaging Islams Jihad on soft classical warfare we lost contact with the Islamic weak underbelly. True counterattacks on type.
    No. I am not advocating fro suicide attacks, but I do believe we must turn to real corrective actions against the Islamic enemy of Civilization.

    Islamic operatives attack buildings using populated aircraft?
    Counterattack by destroying ten fold of their major buildings using aircraft populated with Islamic people.
    They attack Churches, Temples or Synagogues? Destroy their main Mosques.
    They attack Embassies? Destroy ten fold of their embassies.
    Trains, hotels, clubs, ships, airports? So on.
    Single intense counter operations in sustained and credible manner.
    The Islamic bestial operatives point of origin are eventually known.

    The time for corrective actions is closing up.

    • Asher

      It will be too late after we are hit by an EMP. Millions of people will die from lack of services, supplies, especially facilities for the elderly.

    • Yetem

      SHmuel HaLevi ,

      I have never voted but I promise to vote for you if you run for president.

      • A. Keen Observer

        Maybe that's part of the problem, Yetem. You have never voted. I hope you consider doing so this November. Your life and that of the rest of the world depends on it.

    • https://www.facebook.com/nina.flora3 Nina Flora

      just one question…is it too late. the world hates us..even our friends dont trust us..?

      • SHmuel HaLevi

        It is too late if the present farcical, Muslim controlled, enemy of the Constitution administration remains in power.
        It is not too late if THE PEOPLE, true Americans get out , vote and clean out the internal enemies.
        It can be done, it must be done and it will be done.

    • Jon_Babtist

      Cult of dead yes. Enemy of civilization, are you talking about Obama or Islamists?
      Attacked buildings with aircraft, well on that point you may want to see a film on YouTube called
      911: In Plane Site

    • http://twitter.com/LivingLovingMad @LivingLovingMad

      Anything else would be either stupid, naive or downright suicidal.

  • Geddy Lee

    So sad. America lived under God's blessings and protections for such a long time. Now we traded it for abortion on demand and homo pretend marriage. We went from exporting cars to the world to exporting porn. We used to fear and revere God and now many say his son is now our president and he does not disavow the the comparison.
    We fight a war against Islam terror and have known, acknowledged terrorists at all levels of the White House. We curse Christians and Jews and celebrate Ramadan. elections have consequences and in the last one we voted into office a fraud bent on the destruction of our beloved country so it can become "Sharia compliant". Pray for Israel. All alone against 100 million neighboring muzlim terrorists. Ask for that 6 day war miracle to be redone again while begging forgiveness for America's corrupt politicians. In a world of the best we elect Barny Franks, Dead Kennedy's, Chris dodd's, Murtha's, reid's, pelosi's, absolute idiotic black women and muzlim liars. Every American should be ashamed at what we have become and pray as if tomorrow you will die.

  • ydroustan

    I disagree. Obama's policy is not a vacuum. Friends and other apathetic 'non-friends', it should be obvious to you by now, as it is to me, that President Obama has no intention of preventing Armageddon in the Middle East and the world. In fact, it is clear to me that his determination not to meet with Israel Prime Minister Netenahyau in view of the current situation in the Middle East confirms and is totally consistent with his actions in t
    he last 4 years, i.e., to provoke, indeed to cause, war in the Middle East and the world.

    It is clear to me, as it should be clear to all reasonably thinking persons, that President Obama is not interested in re-election, except as it furthers his plan, which definitely is not the peace and protection of America and the world. I urge you all to be cautious. I encourage all my friends and 'non-friends' alike to take steps to protect yourself and your families. Stockpile food, preserves, fuel, and water, and find secure shelter. Do this as a simple precaution, even if you believe that my fear is exaggerated.

    The above is not a politically motivated statement but a statement of what I seem to foresee and makes sense. The breakout of war in the Middle East, probably a nuclear war, will affect everybody in Nicaragua and the United States, in Spain and the Congo. Wake up! Look at events in the world with an open mind and you may see them unfolding them in the same way I see them. In my earnestness I am sure I offend many. For that I am sorry. Good luck to all of you, especially my children, grandchildren and family.

    • Henry L.

      Stan, I agree with you in total. I too am beginning to stockpile here. Food, water, fuel soon, ammunition also, as the concept of isolationism begins with the man and his home, extends to his neighborhood, his city, and ultimately his beloved country. I have seen the movie "Obama's America" and found it to be an enlightening alternative to those who have not yet read the book from which the movie is taken, the book of the same name. I found copies at Sam's for under $18, bought three and continually pass them around, I carry the book to the deli, to lunch and other public places to encourage others to read about the REAL obama.. God Bless us all, my friend. JHL

  • pierce

    Obama is a MUSLIM, not a muslim sympathizer. It is becoming more apparent by the day that one of his main objectives is to discredit America, and what we stand for. This position is not only a disaster, but a disgrace. He has no business being reelected President of the USA.

    • gerry

      Quite right,Obama's objective is to discredit America.He foolows in the steps of "his mentor" the good reverend.Don't forget that his wife his on the record as saying that she was ashame of her clountry.Today she shlould be very proud,a dead and a sodomised Ambassador.What an achievement?Obama is still running for President and people will vote for him.No shame no conscience!

  • Asher

    The US is less respected and this administrations policies have promoted appeasement, he has actually emboldened them to have more roots and input in our political system negatively affecting the people of the United States…Our lives are less liveable, less prosperous, and filled with more strife than ever before. The consequences of a US-Muslim Brotherhood alliance will continually take us downhill!

  • Michael Durham

    "But it wasn’t enough that Obama pushed away our allies – he has also emboldened and empowered our enemies."

    By his systematic inaction and mouthy double talk, it is clear that Obama *sides* with our enemies. And all of you know it.

    I'm tired of hearing that Obama is "incompetent" or "stupid". He is neither. He knows exactly what he is doing – and, more importantly, exactly what he is not doing.

    • henry L.

      MD, yes he knows exactly what he has been about since his fateful inauguration. And all to our demise. Please get and read / no: study the book "Obama's America" by Dinesh D'Souza, from which the movie Obama's America 2016 is derived.(this movie is #8 this week on the charts! has been as high as #3) Every chapter of this book will enlighten you as to his purpose, his upbringing by five communist / Marxist agitators, his plan for turning over the slightly pro-American leaders in the Middle East to those who will destroy us. This SOB is clever and brilliant, and he is using his executive powers to disarm America, to lessen our place in the world, and it's all a reaction to his interpretation of his fathers dream of payback for all our Colonialism. . .

  • Marty

    We should be more confident that islamic leaders will very quickly apologize to the West for the imperialism that has characterized this death cult for the last fourteen hundred years as well as the rape and sexual slavery of countless men and women, 280 million innocent dead slaughtered for the crime of being non-muslims and liking their lives that way, and genocidal anti-semitism, The apology for should be forthcoming at any moment from any number of hellholes muslims occupy and dedicate to squalor and misery.

    • drbukk

      You mean rape and sexual slavery of countless boys and girls. Men and women were all killed or sold, so nobody would remember their heritage or record the savagery. Thus we are evil imperialists and crusaders and they have a spotless record, according to all the useful idiots.

  • Indioviejo

    Of course it is a national disaster, but every administration thinks it is better suited to deal with our friends and enemies in a intelligent manner. So they fail because they over intellectualize our relationships. Maybe we need to keep it simple and put some emotion into our dealings, if you love me, let me feel your love. If you don't love me then, you may feel my displeasure.

  • chowching259

    Members of Muhammad’s cult have proven themselves to be savages. They are murdering and torturing those that refuse to join the Nation of Islam. The wisest response is to nuke the cult until its members no longer exist. This solution sounds harsh, but unless it is done eventually every non-joiner will be decapitated by the sword of Allah.

    • gerry

      Now we know what the "prophet " is all about.

    • Confused

      You support killing millions of innocent people (Christians also live in the Middle East) with nukes because a small percentage of them are religious zealots? If even our allies did that, Israel should have nuked us long ago for crimes committed by the KKK.

  • Spider

    "The United States is the worlds largest Mu-slim country" – as uttered by the Com-munist Mu-slim King from Kenya

  • YetWave

    May this diplomatic misstep be the banana peel for the Obama aministration.

    • gerry

      I don't think so,we soon will see how many people will vote for the guy!

  • Anonymous

    Also might add that Obama prefers conflict oil from oppressive Arab regimes as opposed to importing (as Ezra Levant terms it "ethical oil") oil from Canada. Remember Obama axed the Keystone pipeline ( and there's talk now of shipping Canadian oil to China).

    • daimenicker

      Actually, there's more to it, I believe. Not that it's not impossible to make any sense out of the administration, but I think the concept regarding oil is one of not making Middle East oil an import to America in the near future.

      The Chinese and Russians are more than happy to buy Arab oil, so now that they have as a market regimes more in line with their own death philosophy the oil will flow east. This will accomplish three things for the pathetic Marxist Obama:

      1 – a disruption of the American economy of a size unparalleled in our history (although he's already setting records for worst economic performance ever right now, but he'll soon break his own dismal record)
      2 – it will channel money to his cronies in the 'green' business community (whatever the hell that is)
      3 – oil will need to be purchased from unfriendly regimes in this hemisphere that are owned/controlled by Soros and other Obama cronies in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, etc. Remember finding out about money going to Petrobras (Brazilean oil concern owned in part by Soros)?

      The Canadian issue you mentioned supports #3.

      We'd better wise up and vote right…

  • Mach1Duck

    The White House Press Secretary, Carney said, 'This is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at U.S. policy, this is in response to a video that is offensive to Muslims'
    Of course it is not a protest against the United States, it is a protest against the Moon Goddess. As everyone knows the MoGo is trying to corrupt everybody.
    Carney, you should be on the Comedy Hour.

    • johnnywoods

      I wonder how Carney feels knowing that he is a "paid liar"?

      • WilliamJamesWard

        I wonder how Carney feels knowing that he is a "paid liar", but also that he
        is getting more laughs than the three stooges, 'Obama, Clinton & Amaddinnerjacket'.
        Shame is not somethig that is part of the leftist character………………William

    • gerry

      Carney works for a pathological liar,therefore he has got the same values and it is difficult for him to distinguish the true,even if he were to trip over it.The question to Carney should be "how do you feel working for a pathological liar"?This should be the question the medias should ask him.


  • drbukk

    Obama's first foreign policy act was to offer up Honduras to Hugo Chavez. To their credit, Hondurans insisted on constitutional law and arrested their socialist president, Manuel Zelaya, a stooge to Chavez trying to steal a second term (not allowed in the constitution). For this their leaders were blamed for a staging a "coup d'etat", their diplomats were thrown out of the US and the administration promoted worldwide censure. A fair election ensued. Hilary and Obama dropped the subject and everybody forgot about it.

  • Ghostwriter

    It seems that President Obama has become the 21st Century version of Jimmy Carter. And believe me,that's no compliment.

    • Jon_Babtist

      He makes Carer look line an amature. He has also superseded Jimmy as the worst president in living memory.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        I think he is supersized Jimmy Carter…..and not only the worst President but the worst
        individual to ever emmigrate to America…………….William

    • gerry

      This is an insult to Jimmy Carter.

  • LindaRivera

    Western leaders have imported many millions of these perpetually rabidly angry, perpetually rabidly violent people into our Western countries. The hate and violence is coming to a country, city or town near you soon. Our treasonous Western leaders are responsible for destroying our safety.

  • Omar

    The country is called the United Kingdom (or Britain), not England. England is one of the internal divisions of the UK. Calling the whole UK "England" is an insult to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • Jon_Babtist

    Obama's treasonous support for Islamists has gone on from his first day in office, 99% of which goes unreported. President Carter was naive and he ushered in the ayatollah, Obama has a heart as black as the Islamist flag and when a piece of America burns isn't this an example of G-D America his pastor railed for? His doctrine is not a vacuum, it is 'The enemy of America is my friend'.

    • gerry

      Obama is a trojan horse.Look at his acquaintances and friends.The reverend,Bill Ayres,Morsi etc etcThe list speaks for itself.

  • Rifleman

    "Obama's foreign policy a national disaster." – Face it, it's a disaster for the whole world, though most of them are still clueless. Unfortunately, from his and the dp's perspective, a disaster for the USA is a stunning success.

  • Sunbeam

    It;s not too late to learn from your mistakes. Obama cleverly hides his true color. Another four years for him would have drown America in sorrow. He had deceive many to believe he's a christian but was in fact a muslim. This is the betrayal of trust. America wake up! You have none to depend on except yourself and wise judgement. Be fully committed to your country to protect, to serve, to defend, and be loyal even to the end.

  • flowerknife_us

    Obama ran on Fundamentally changing America without being specific. The color of ones skin was enough to mask what Hope and Change: was truly about.

    Fundamental change=Changing sides.

    It would be wise to "stock up" some items for the home. The World could change for the worse in a big way at any time.

    • gerry

      Well this is what it was all about!There has certainly been a change!No one can denied it!Those who wanted this change should be delighted.

  • Kevin Stroup

    All the posters here bitch about Obama as if he was thrust upon us by accident. He was elected by 53% of the U.S. voting population. We WANTED him as our POTUS. We did this to ourselves. There will always be a totalitarian threat somewhere in the world. At this moment its the Muzzies. But we allow them into our country, we send our tax money to aid them, we buy oil from them, we allow them to build mosques in our country, and we constrantly apologize to them. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. We are decadent and corrupt and gutless and will get all that we deserve.

  • tedh754

    Not sure if The Won is a muslim, but he surely is the biggest idiot ever to be handed the keys to the Kingdom.

    • gerry

      No he is no idiotThe idiots are those who voted for him.The clues were there for those who wanted to see them!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Fill in the blank………….."Obama is a………………….." If no profanity is allowed I expect no
    replies. Despicable and his minions are rotting America from the inside out. Reformation is
    the path to cleansing America of the degeneracy propigated by the Leftist infestation and
    the subsidizing of the absolutely vile. A new government in America may lead to a new
    era and hopefully the patient when cleansed will not die………………..William

  • JCS

    When Obama gave back the bust of Winston Churchill to the British Embassy I wasn't surprised. After all he stands for NOTHING Churchill did and learned NOTHING from Churchill. To be consistent, he whould have ordered a bust of Neville Chamberlain for the oval office. Although to be fair Chamberlain painfully and belatedly learned from his mistakes. Obama NEVER will.