Fired For Islamophobia — on The Jamie Glazov Show

Join the Jamie Glazov Show on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 8-9 pm Pacific (11-12 pm EST) on Blog Talk Radio. This week’s guests are:

Eric Allen Bell, a regular blogger for the “Daily Kos” — where he was recently banned for the crime of writing three articles that ran afoul of the mindset there, specifically naming “” as a “terrorist spin control network.” He is currently producing a documentary entitled “Not Welcome” that is about the backlash against construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in America’s Bible Belt.


Dr. Tim Furnish, an author and Muslim world analyst who holds a PhD in Islamic history from Ohio State and who learned Arabic in the US Army; his areas of expertise are Islamic eschatology, Mahdism, sects and transnational movements. He has lectured at Joint Special Operations University, the Army War College, Ben Gurion University and the annual Mahdism Conference in Iran.

To read Robert Spencer’s report on the developments surrounding Eric Bell’s firing at the Daily Kos, click here.

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  • Kuffar

    A liberal is prohibited upon pain of job loss, social isolation, and being shunned for expressing the truth about islam. Juan Williams should have told him not to commit the 'sin' of standing up for the truth and telling it like it is about the so called 'religion of peace'. How much longer are people going to go around with their eyes closed and be ignorant to what is obvious?

  • Nakba1948

    Another Islamophobic bigot joins your ranks! Congrats. What are you guys up to now, like 20?

    • pagegl

      So, I have a phobia because I dislike and wish to expose anyone who feels their Dark Ages based religion has a right to kill me because I refuse to except that religion. That's kind of funny, I thought my attitude was self defense and preservation.

      • R Anthony Botti

        good post, except for your accidental use of "except" when the correct word was "accept" :)

        • pagegl

          Thanks, I hate it when I do stuff like that.

    • no ape no pig

      20 of us are worth 26000 of you lunatics, according to the latest exchange rates ;)

    • No Dhimmi tool

      The word "Islamophobia" is an utterly bogus and idiotic load of tripe. Anyone who seriously uses this stupid term loses all credibility and should be shunned by civilized society.

      Put on your dunce hat and sit in the corner.

    • No Dhimmi tool

      Oh, and thanks for confirming that there are only about 20 "Islamophobes" in the world. The rest of us DESPISE Islam, with good reason. Do you agree with the Muslim spokesmen at the following link that THIS is Islam? If not, you must be an Islamophobe.

      Islamic supremacy and global domination
      Prohibition of music and singing
      Imprisonment, flogging, torture and death for homosexuals
      Jihad to force Islam on the world
      Jews as apes and pigs
      Jews as the eternal enemies of Muslims
      Jews as originators of all evil and catastrophe in the world
      Osama bin Laden in Paradise
      Raping women okay in Islam
      Female genital mutilation "obligatory" in Islam
      Sex slaves for Muslim men
      Child marriage/rape
      Mohammed having sex with a 9-year-old girl
      Wife beating
      Death for "insulting" Mohammed
      Death to apostates and infidels
      Genocide of Americans
      Jihad to "raid the world"
      Non-Muslims being not innocent and subject to death

      • No Dhimmi tool

        Maybe everyone should know that the Daily Kos apparently supports child rape, sex slavery, wife beating and all the rest? Are these liberal causes now?

    • Anonymous

      Here's a joke for you, "nakba":

      Man gets out of the plane in Riyadh, walks through the airport terminal to the street outside, goes to the taxi area, gets in a cab, says to the driver:

      "Take me to the Jewish neighborhood."

      Get it, anus face?

  • RoguePatriot6

    I'm not referring to the above post because it doesn't deserve a response, just another verbal attack with no facts to back it.

    "Phobia", by definition, is an irrational fear of something. There is nothing irrational about fearing Islam and what it and it's followers have done (look at recent world events). There is nothing irrational about fearing what could happen to you, if you choose to grow a SPINE and speak the truth about it. There is nothing irrational about fearing an ideology that people use to justify mass murder however it is irrational to fold like a paper cup and allow what's obvious to continue to slap you in the face. It's irrational to say their is no threat to our society and way of life while listening to people call us "dogs, infidels, the Great Satan, devils….etc" and constantly proclaim, VERBALLY IN OUR FACES, their oath to destroy all who do not submitt to this ideology. It is irrational to allow the PC cesspool we have in power right now, to condemn our future to this threat. It is very irrational and a crime against to humanity to not speak out against what is evil to it's very core and roots.

    Islamaphobia isn't the problem our irrational fear of the truth and common sense is the problem.

    • Sharon

      Our Biblical blindness to the truth is part, if not all, of the problem.

  • Michael Lumish

    I used to blog on Daily Kos before I, too, was banned and I read Mr. Bell's pieces over there.

    Eric Bell sought to do the impossible on Daily Kos. That is, he sought to get "progressives" to acknowledge that radical Islam is actual problem. They were, naturally, having none of it.

    As I often like to say on my own blog, progressives would not acknowledge the Jihad if they were blindfolded and on their knees in some basement in Karachi.

    Visit me at Israel Thrives

    Let's discuss just how it is that the progressive-left and the grassroots / netroots of the Democratic party has betrayed their Jewish constituency through accepting anti-Semitic anti-Zionists as part of their larger coalition.


    And time for liberal Jews to vote Republican. I never have before, but I am very much looking forward to doing so in November.

    • burkasrugly

      So, you have finally woken up! What was your turning point? We need to bottle the reason and make sure all our liberal and Jewish friends wake up too! The radical Muslims are building the ovens for a second holocaust. We must stop them.

      • Michael Lumish

        Ya know what really did it?

        When I saw that "progressives" were helping Jihadis aboard the Mavi Marmara and then insisting that those knife and pipe-wielding thugs were "peace activists."

        That was a moment that shattered my illusions.

        It's time for Jews to vote Republican.

        • pagegl

          Michael, this past October I was in the Chicago area with my wife; she's originally from there and has lots of friends and relatives there. Most of her relatives are Jewish. While there I had a wonderful conversation with one of her cousins, who is Orthodox, and much of what he said nearly blew me out of my chair. Prior to that conversation I would never believe he would ever vote any way other than straight ticket Democrat. It is highly unlikely he will vote for Obama in the next election; after what this administration has done to Israel a snowball has a better chance in hell. I doubt he is the only Jew who feels that way.

          • Sophie

            You are not wrong – I know a couple Jews who also feel the same way.