Freedom Center Hits Back Against BDS in New York Times Ad

Editor’s note: To spread awareness of the eliminationist agenda of the anti-Israel Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions (BDS) movement and its elite supporters in the American university system, the David Horowitz Freedom Center placed the following ad in the op-ed section of the April 24, 2012 edition of The New York Times. The ad elicited objections from numerous Times readers, some of which are printed below the ad along with responses from David Horowitz. 

Response from Times reader Robert P. Khoury:

I read your ad on today’s Op-ed page of the NY Times.  I am curious just what arguments/statements by the BDS contributed “to the atmosphere of hate that spawned these and other murders of Jews.”  Presumably, if one disagrees with a statement of the Israeli President or Foreign Minister, or simply disagrees with a policy such as allowing continuing settlement on the West Bank, one is allowed to express one’s opposition, correct?  What were the statements that contributed to the slaughter of the people in Toulouse?  Did not the murderer also kill non-Jews in his rampage before the slaughter at the synagogue?  Why does the ad assume that the murderer was not beyond crazy—he also killed a Muslim correct?  The ad connects dots that I have not seen in newspapers.  I would like to see substantiation of the accusations.

As someone who does not want anyone driven into the sea, but as someone who does not believe in bigotry, I have thrown up my hands about the Middle East.  I have read quotes in the NY Times from speeches by both the Iranian President and the Israeli Foreign Minister.  Except for substituting/changing one word:  Jew or Muslim, they were nearly identical, full of what I would call outright bigotry.  I do not see anyone leading the charge to get rid of the bigotry of the Israeli Foreign Minister, as they should as far as I am concerned.  [You can get rid of the Iranian President as far as I am concerned.]    I remember when some leaders in the Middle East were not bigots, something that does not appear to be the case today.   Abba Eban, for example.  The former King of Jordan, whose name is escaping me at the moment.

It would seem to me that if any country has a bigot as its leader or foreign minister, that country should be called on it, correct?

Please provide me with examples of language of BDS that somehow influenced the murderer.  If you cannot substantiate your allegations, then your group, as well intended as it may be, is just more noise being added to the problems in the Middle East and is not being helpful.

I look forward to your response.  Thank you.

Robert P. Khoury
Los Angeles, CA

Reply to Robert Khoury from David Horowitz:

Excuse me, but Palestinian leaders have openly called for the extermination of the Jews and the obliteration of the Jewish state in so many words. Where is the Israeli leader who has said anything remotely comparable? Israel’s leaders have offered the Palestinians a state more than once, and continue to promote a two-state solution. Name me one Palestinian leader who supports the existence of the Jewish state. So don’t tell me there’s anything remotely parallel on both sides of this conflict. There is one side that wants peace and has already made enormous sacrifices and compromises to achieve peace (surrender of the Sinai, failure to annex the aggressors territories on the West Bank and in Gaza, unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and so forth). On the other side are religious xenophobes who have conducted a 60 year war whose stated goal is to destroy the Jewish state and who have either openly called for or have not condemned calls from Hamas, Hizbollah and Iran for the extermination of the Jews.


Response from Times reader Jay Gillen:


As a Jew and supporter of Israel, I was concerned and saddened by your advertisement today on the NY Times op-ed page.

I fully understand your disagreement with the divestment movement, and I also understand the parallel with Nazi and other anti-Semitic economic attacks on Jews.

It is wrong, however, to equate the divestment movement with anti-Semitism.

There must be a way to criticize Israeli policy without being labelled an anti-Semite or supporter of anti-Semites. We must enlarge the dialogue about Israel in such a way that people can speak together, act politically without violence, communicate, and not attribute motives that put the “other” into the category of evil.

I think you agree with me, and in fact that you reject the divestment movement precisely because it seems to attack Israelis as “evil”. There are anti-Semites. They do hate Jews and Israel. They do take comfort from the divestment movement. But the professors you mention are not anti-Semites and do not hate Jews. You should be able to distinguish them from others. And you should not hate them, even if you believe they hate you. Disagree with them, if you choose; but disagree on the merits of their arguments, not by associating them with the truly evil. Let us have done with that as a tactic, on our side at least.

Thank you for your attention.

Jay Gillen, Ph.D.
Baltimore, Maryland

Reply from David Horowitz:

With all due respect you need to familiarize yourself with the sponsors, spokespeople and agendas of the BDS movement before drawing such facile and comforting conclusions. This is Hamas in action and its agenda is the liberation of “Palestine” from the river to the sea — in other words the destruction of the Jewish state. It is not about policies of the Israeli government which can be amended. It is about the “crime” of Israel’s very existence. To support such a movement you have to be ignorant and a dupe, or an anti-Semite. I grant you that there is a sucker born every minute and there may be several in this movement. But the organizers of the BDS conference are not among them.

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  • Jethro Tall

    BDS = Hitler Youth


    The Assad family dictatorship has murdered 9,000+ people in Syria and the FAKE "anti-war" activists are silent.

    Additionally, why should academics have the protection of tenure? What other field has such a construct where employees are not held accountable for their ideas or actions?

    • Oleg

      I have to agree that there is a double sided ledger when it comes to the actions of Israel verses the Arab states but when it comes to Syria and the Assad regime we are caught in a moral contradiction in some ways. Yes Assad is an evil homicidal tyrant but many of the rebel groups, which are backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, have assorted genocidal ideas regarding Israel, Allowite Arabs, and the Syrian Christian minority. When it comes to the fighting in Syria there really aren't any "Good Guys" other then the civilians who get caught in the crossfire.

    • Ruff

      Activists are not silent. You're just selective in what you read. Using Syria as a comparison is invalid. Everyone knows that it's a evil state. Israel's policies are criticised for their hypocrisy. Israel set the bar by describing themselves as the only democracy in the ME and with the most moral army. Naturally she will be judged by the standards she claims.

    • Bradley Watson

      Tenure allows someone who has proven their credibility over a period of time to feel free to express their opinions without the threat of losing their position due to opposition. After a professor has gotten a PhD and taught for multiple years, written many articles that his peers have reviewed and found to be sound, AND has been reviewed by his department he gets tenure. WE NEED THESE PEOPLE TO BE ABLE TO SAY WHAT THEY BELIEVE WITHOUT THE THREAT OF BEING FIRED because who else even knows what's going on? The Government?

  • Neil Tokayer

    Please, please, keep up this great and important work that you do. Living in Israel, I can't tell you how much your ad in the NY Times warmed my heart, and gave me hope that there ARE PEOPLE in the U.S. who truly understand the current situation here in Israel.

  • jbtrevor

    The responses to the ad & David's excellent counter-statements demonstrate why I would never, ever be on the wrong side of a debate with Mr. Horowitz. Bravo, David!!!

  • WildJew

    Well done.

  • zchug

    "We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men." George Orwell. Thanks for doing so.

  • StephenD

    I want to see more! I would love it if you exposed each and every one of the academics, politicians, social engineers all, that subscribe to the BDS, verify what it is doing and ask them straight up if they still think it worth their support. When they answer it is (and most will because they are fools), let the world know!

    Proverbs 26:11 “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.”

  • sononthe_beach

    That's right David, we should fight the left's high-pitched-emotive rhetoric with rationality. Enough of chewing the cud, fight the leftist cabal with a barrage of truth. Get the message out there. Thank you.

  • Guest

    I am so glad you actually put the people's names on these. I am so tired of hearing about the "eltite" or the "liberals" causing the destruction of society and freedom. It is time to name names.

    • WildJew

      You are right. Naming names is imperative.

    • Carl

      name names-perhaps I can boycott their businesses—–Yehiel

      • Roger

        Why not have a fair and level playing field. Boycott stores that fund Hamas, nothing more. Why would you want to fund terror and killing?

        But in this case, what would a Jew in New York have to do with the state of Israel?

  • Schlomotion

    I just sent a letter to Ms. Sur. bringing to her attention that she has been slanderously blacklisted. The letter is as follows:

    Dear Ms. Sur,

    As you may be aware, on 4/24/2012 David Horowitz, acting as David Horowitz Freedom Center placed an advertisement for his organization in The New York Times. The advertisement was a picture of a Nazi blocking access to a Jewish business, and beneath the photo was a proposed blacklist which included your name among eight others as candidates for targeted protest and vilification. He accuses you and the other professors of "contributing to the atmosphere of hate that spawned the murders in Toulouse, France."

    This is an adaptation of a Horowitz libelous broadside that typically uses school newspapers to vilify the student body before he makes a paid speaking appearance at that University. He has included the language, "contributing to an atmosphere of hate" because his organization and top paid guest writers were copiously and slavishly cited by Anders Breivik in his Manifesto. Last week Horowitz' organization tried to make a reversal and start a campaign against "Islamic Apartheid" as revenge for the "Israeli Apartheid" criticism. He is now trying to reverse the Breivik Criticism, which has mainly been leveled at his organization by myself and by the organization Hope not Hate.

    The thought-crime which landed you on the Horowitz blacklist may be nothing more than that you signed the Amitav Ghosh / Dan David Prize protest petition two years ago. He does not specify how you transgressed against his operation. I have been reading his site since its inception and only know that it is heavily cross-promoted character assassination done by a small team of writers who rely on blogs and YouTube videos as their primary sources. Frontpage, David Horowitz' online megablog is doing a reportback, bragging about the blacklist and about his letters of response to the letters of response. It may peter out, or he may get John Perazzo, Arnold Ahlert, or others to needle those individually named professors jointly and severally.

    You have my sympathies. If there is anything I can do in a written or documentary capacity, do not hesitate to contact me.



    • reader

      "Myself"? This is truly psychotic. Apparently, Ms Sur does not have an access to NYT, and she herself is not a troll enough to articulate this nonsense.

    • poppakap

      so Slomotion blathers again. Why his incessant comment writing on FPM? He's either being funded by Komrade Soros (go cash those $5 checks buddy) or has a serious unrequited man-love of Mr. Horowitz which seriously affects his brain chemistry. Both maybe?

      I laughed out loud at his offer of help, "in a written or documentary capacity.." Such illusions of grandeur (the brain chemistry thing pronounced with even greater clarity). His writing, being of unparalleled persuasiveness and style, is sure to be the toast of The New Yorker crowd.

      At least we get comic relief from this ever-reliable troll.

      • Schlomotion

        I am glad I can make you laugh, Ray.

        • truebearing

          Then you must be ecstatic over the cast of thousands yukking it up over your singularly deluded posts.

      • Walt

        It is obvious he doesn't want to be tapped for 'monetary' support!

      • Oleg

        That's what happens when you sniff too much glue in your childhood and read Mein Kampf in your teenage years.

    • EVABeliever

      Again schlo you prove yourself to be an idiot! Keep up your troll work you little maggot!

      • Schlomotion

        I'm sorry, but all insults must be sung.

      • mrbean

        Old Schlo efinitely is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • Zionista

      oh boy – I'm shaking in my manolos now!! shmo is on the warpath!

      • Schlomotion

        Anorexia is nothing to joke about.

        • shmomotion

          I'm telling on David Horowitz – nah nah nah!!!

        • truebearing

          Hence our deep concern about your starved soul and intellect.

    • WildJew

      Reading your protest above – beyond the issue of its accuracy or lack thereof – reminds me of the several leftist / fascist websites I have been banned from posting on because, like you, I exercised what I believed to be legitimate dissent and discussion of the issues presented by the editors and the readers. That is, I challenged the editors and the readers alike in a polite manner on issues pertaining mostly to Israel and the Middle East. I learned firsthand, the far left and fascists have no tolerance for either dissent or reasonable debate. They ban you from posting opinions on their closed-minded sites where the readers / posters march in lockstep. Here you are posting your disagreement on this site. You say you've been reading this publication since its inception. That should say something about the broadmindedness and tolerance of the editors of this site, don't you think?

      • Schlomotion

        Or their reliance on commenters to stay abreast of the necessary changes in their party line.

      • MAD JEWESS

        Absolutely, WJ.
        I get banned off of phoney conservative websites as well.

        • WildJew

          Right. Phony conservative websites act like leftist-fascist websites when they refuse to tolerate discussion at variance with the editorial line, especially on Israel and related issues.

          • MAD JEWESS

            Yessir. I cannot disclose, b/c I know in the end, they will rally with Conservatives. But, truly, many 'conservative' websites are really liberal/moderate.
            And, HaShem BLESS Israels patriots.


          MJ, Which phoney conservative websites?????????

          • WildJew

            Try reading self-professed Christian Erick Erickson's site. Erickson is a Tea Party leader and CNN spokesman. Erickson is a Rand and Ron Paul supporter. Both Pauls are for ending America's support for Israel. Make no mistake about it, it's not about aid (which I want to end) for these two anti-Semites. Clearly Ron Paul supports Hamas, nuclear Iran and Hezbollah.

            Like Reverend Wright (Obama's mentor) Dr. Paul justifies the Muslim attacks American, 9/11/2001. His son is a little more cagey. Erickson indicated he wants American spy, Jonathan Pollard, either hung or shot.

            He claims to be Christian and a supporter of Israel. On Pollard, Erickson wrote, "I realize there are people who believe our alliance with Israel outweighs every other consideration and they are forced to make logical leaps to defend or mitigate Jonathan Pollard’s actions."

            Which phony conservative sites? Start with this one:

          • Schlomotion

            It would be worth having Hamas, Hezbollah and a nuclear Iran if we had a balanced budget in exchange.

          • reader

            Obviously, scmo is not that good on math. Millions, billions, gozillions – it's all the same to him, for as long as he gets to bash the Joos.

          • MAD JEWESS

            Right, the Paulans are serial, Jew hating creeps.

          • MAD JEWESS

            Now, now…no kiss and tell ;)

      • MAD JEWESS

        And, yes,
        Mr Horowitz, my favorite all time commentator allows people to dissent here, look at Schmuck-motion for ie.
        Pot. Kettle. Black for Schmuck-motion.

    • stern

      Why only to Ms. Sur? What about the other academics named in the ad? Are you a chauvinistic, rushing to the defence of a woman – and only a Muslim woman? Why have you not offered similar advice, counsel and help to Amy Kaplan? Is it because she's Jewish?

      • Schlomotion

        Proximity. Why is it that you people cannot think with any simplicity?

        • truebearing

          Proximity? In the age of computers? LOL! What's wrong, are you geographically restricted? Do you have the slightest idea of how the internet works? So many questions……so little anticipation of honest, intelligent, or sane answers.

          BTW, you really should see a psychiatrist about your pathological propensity for projection (along with your other mental maladies). Tell him about your highly symbolic fascination with power chords, or have you convinced yourself that your obsession with power of all kinds is normal?

          • Schlomotion

            You are trying a technique that does not work.

          • truebearing

            What techique is that?

          • Schlomotion

            Pretending to be an online psychiatrist.

          • MAD JEWESS

            You are projecting your own insanity

          • Schlomotion

            I tried to tell myself that while reading your blog, but there was no way.

    • Ghostwriter

      You know what,Schlomotion? It's funny,you complaining about anti-semitism when YOU have been one of it's biggest exponents on this site.

      • Schlomotion

        I am the degree of the site. None of the lower exponent terms affect me. No wonder the stories shift based on my comments.


          Schlock, You are the village idiot of this site.

          • Schlomotion

            I just adore your 19th Century outlook.


            Schlock, Dial the wayback machine to the 7th century for muhammeds merry band of thieves and jihadis.

  • Ulysses Johnson

    Wasn't Bill Ayers status of "emeritus" denied by the U of Illinois Board after the Board's Chairman, a son of Robert Kennedy, opposed the award saying he could not vote to give that title to someone who had dedicated a book to the murderer of his father? Is that a mistake or were there subsequent developments?


      UJ, Here it is.

      William Ayers' forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire

      Dedicated to sirhan sirhan, the convicted murder of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

      • Oleg

        Bill Ayres deserves a one way plane ticket to Syria, seems fitting sinec he is a terrorist.

  • 080

    Breivik cited al-Qaeda as the source of his actions in court. Schlomotion should not ignore such facts.

    • mlcblog

      Ignore Schlomotion.

  • john doba

    Rock on, David H.! It is so bracing to get the benefit of your massive knowledge.

  • Anamah

    Wonderful to have you fighting our fight David. So one more time, thank you so much dear friend.

  • dave

    Schlomotion is here to pour cold water on everything and create a bad vibe, that's it. He/she is impervious to reason and factual evidence. Moreover he/she is not interested in the truth. I used to be exactly the same until I realised that the left has become like a dogmatic religion which cannot be questioned. The irony is that I have changed sides BECAUSE I still have the core values of what I thought the left stood for. But since they have got into bed with Islam, they have shown themselves to be completely disingenuous and actually very dangerous as they are really only interested in bringing capitalism down and 'winning'. They don't care what takes it's place, so long as the rich 'lose'.


      The left getting in bed with murderers is nothing new.

      Socialist Stalin in bed with Socialist SHlTler

    • Schlomotion

      Congratulations on your metamorphosis. Disagreeing with Zionists and blacklisting doesn't make you a leftist though.

      • Roger

        No, just a useful idiot.


        Schlock, Non-Muslims AKA (kafirs/kuffars/infidels/dhimmis) agreeing with Islamofascists, Islamoimperialists DOES make you a leftist.

  • dave

    Anyway what I wanted to say was a huge thankyou to David for helping me, and many others articulate without apology, truths which the left cannot continuously think they can suppress. It's time we all stand up to these bullies. Nuff respect David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looking4Sanity

    David Horowitz is an American hero. A blazing torch of truth in a sea of darkness, and a shining example to all that change IS possible!

  • allan harris

    It is time for David Horowitz and other Jewish racists to ask themselves what they did to contribute to the mass murder of 77 students in Norway who were learning to reject the Horowitz hate of Islam acted out by Anders Breivik. If Horowitz refuses to admit his complicity in this massacre and accept his responsibility for it, then he should be held accountable for the consequences of his hate.

    • stern

      Ah yes, it was the Jews. It's always the Jews for you, isn't it, allan harris?

      • allan harris

        Only the racist Jews. Or the Jew who murder and torture. Are not the Jews human, do they not bleed when pricked? Do not the Jews hate like other humans?

        • Roger

          I wasn't aware that the killer worked for the Jews, I do know he was tired of the muslims and the systematic rape of white women.

        • reader

          And how many other "human" peoples you're accusing of murder and torture, troll? Are you concerned about Arabs tortured and murdered in Gaza by HAMAS for as much as suspicion of collaborating with the Israelis, or for selling their property for the Jews? I bet this is just fine with, you, troll.


      Happy Eternal Nakba allan hairyass!

      FYI, the Jews aren't raping the entire world with $100 per barrel oil or hijacking planes and flying them into buildings.

      Get back to your bunker and dream of your fuhrer SHlTler.

      • allan harris

        True, the Israelis are only raping and murdering Palestinians and murdering defenseless people on flotillas trying to bring food to people in concentration camps.

        • Roger

          Why not make up something original.
          It's hamas that blew up a school bus.

          And the IDF wasn't hiding behind kids the way they did in Gaza.

        • rachaelamb

          Goodness,I have never seen a concentration camp that looks quite like this.
          or this.

          • allan harris

            Sigh!! If ONLY Israel would let journalists into Gaza to show the world the truth. Oh, wait….there is one underneath a bulldozer…guess he didn't get the memo.

          • rachaelamb

            There's no journalists in Gaza? Then what are all those pictures of the Hamas and Jihad gang members in black hoods and the women in burkas? With captions like "in Gaza city Hamas militants marches to protest". There's journalists in Gaza all the time.

            All those Youtube videos of the open air markets in Gaza overflowing with expensive merchandise like designer jewelry, perfume, fancy clothes,candy,cakes,fruit, meat, and steaks, are real,and there's plenty more like them. There's no humanitarian crisis,in Gaza,in fact, it's just the opposite ,obesity is one of biggest health problems.

            Arab men are the 10th fattest and Arab women from Gaza and the West bank are the 3rd fatest in the world.I find it ironic that there is a supposed humanitarian crisis in Gaza,and yet according to the UN[no friend of Israel by any means] Gazans are amongst the most obese people on earth. They obviously aren't lacking food. Your nothing but a Jewhater, and a Jewbaiter who comes here for 1 reason to try, and be divisive and cause anger.

  • David

    Mr Horowitz it is time for people in authority like yourself and others who love truth and the nation of Israel to realize that truth is loosing in the public forum. I live in South Africa and do not have the means or influence to change this distortion of truth except in my immediate circle of contact and the thing is most people do not give a £%$.So what to do? This is all I can say. You and others in your position must start to focus on bringing the truth…reality…fact based history…into the public arena. If I did not know the truth about Israel and the fairytale palestinian nation I would probably also hate Israel, but God in his goodness alowed me to spend time in Israel and get to know both sides of the story.Brake down the myth of the UN and international law. These things will come to their appointed ends but everyone will have to answer for his loyalties and actions very soon.Remember..For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Is anything to hard for the Lord.

    • Whatsinaname

      David Horowitz has been bringing the truth to the public arena for years now. I'm glad you have finally awoken, David from South Africa. Now you and others in your position must start to focus on all the past articles, television appearances, retreats, university appearances and other assorted events when Horowitz has bravely and unashamedly brought the truth to the public. The fact that you have only started listening is something you and not Horowitz must concern yourself with. The U.N. has been discussed on this website numerous times, as has Israel and a host of other topics. Check the back issues and you will see. And please, save the preaching for those who need it and WANT it. May the Lord in all his righteousness give you a brain, dear child, for you need one post haste.

  • Ozzy

    Go David. :: ))

  • Jim

    Think the hate Israel and hate Jews movement is not relevant to White Christians? Guess again. The left wing totally swamped by business support of conservative movements has had to hang on to the gung ho faction of Islam in order not to drown in the sea of nothingness.
    If you are familiar with the propaganda of the left then you know the Bell Tolls for Thee also.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Incredibly Islamist shills forward themselves in blithe and mealy mouth fashion to ameliorate the
    Palestinian question and try to show that as reasonable individuals that there is blame on both
    sides but moreso that of the Jewish State. That David illucidates their fraudulent positions quickly
    and clearly and with strength of what comes from righteousness, it stops the lies and false
    positioning and brings the imposters up short and leaves them with no further recourse but to
    make blatant idiots of themselves and they know it. Congratulations David, your are greatly

  • Richard SIlverstein

    Boycott the boycotters! Terrorize the Terrorists!

    Tar and feather the tenured traitors!

    • spotter

      I do hope the irony got through to some contributors, but I doubt it.

  • Youssef

    Christians teach that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that his perfect sinless sacrifice is the only way for us to receive eternal forgiveness and life.

    Read more:


  • dougjmiller

    Good ad. But money is tight. Please don't waste a penny of it on the NY Times. They are the enemy. Let them go out of business. Secondly don't give space and time to those who want us dead. Let them pay for their own time and space. By presenting their trash you waste opportunity and give legitimacy to our enemies lies and deceptions.

    • salty

      Man, what world are you from? This is the best spent money I have seen in my lifetime!

  • Israel Chai!

    The intellectual dishonesty of leftist Jew-haters–in whose tawdry ranks reside, sadly a number of self-hating Jews–knows no bounds. Ironically, the rhetoric of the left echoes precisely the "traditional" bile of the right: as always, the target, the epitome of evil remains the Jew–usually characterized as a "Zionist"–as if the latter were objectionable. Such is the state of "liberal" academia–suffused through and through with hatred of Jews and hatred of Israel.

  • Antinakba

    Allen Harris and/or Schlomotion:

    Losers like you will sub-consciously always be grateful to Jews. Thanks to the Jews, morons and good-for-nothing's like you will always have someone else to blame for real or invented ills, will always deposit on others your own failings and will always find the real culprits to be others rather than your own ignorance, incompetence or plain stupidity.

    Jews provide you with the means of blaming everything that you and the likes of you despise, on a people that can be despised equally by communist and capitalists, Christians or muslimes (sic), rich or poor, literate or illiterate, black or white. That's the beauty of Jews, that anybody can blame them about everything and on anything. Too bad for your ilk that Jews have started learning to fight back, and that you cannot tolerate.

    Your hatred makes you believe that Jews control the world's wealth, but you seem oblivious to the (undeserved) opulent riches of sheiks and otherwise unimportant chieftains in the arabian peninsula. Jews control the press, but you fail to see their lack of control in the biased AlJazeera, and CNN, and PBS, and NPR, and NYT, and BBC and almost any other major "news" agency throughout the world. Jews control the foreign governments, but if you would "follow the money" you'd discover filthy saudi petro-dollars in almost every Western government. Jews sank the Titanic, Jews invented the Holocaust, Jews caused the global warming, Jews caused the new Ice Age, Jews enslaved blacks in Africa and Jews liberated blacks in Alabama. Jews cause the droughts in the world and Jews are the reason floodings take place. Thank God for the Jews, so versatile and so capable that even little people like you are beyond blame, as Jews can take the blame for all your short-comings.

  • Noevil9

    Not surprised nor amused by Horowitz or NYTs. Your ways of defending the indefensible about Israel/ Jews are always expressed in a misleading manner by twisting and fabricating realities or facts. You need to change your ways, and seek integrity and honesty sometimes. Read "The International Jew" published here in America,and written in the 1920s. There are questions that have been put out in the open, and yet ,we are still waiting for a honest Jewish person to honestly answer them . Most( I said Most ,not all) Jews hate every body, and then come to claim that all others hate them, and not heir DEEDS. This is getting old, and Horowitz, with his New York Times need to look for other ways beside deception and wild imagination to respond to peoples concerns, and Israels deeds being exposed. Enough of the racism and Anti-Gentiles,it's taking us down to a disastrous end. The Jews/Israel perfection,and can do no wrong, has expired . Let your own good deeds speak louder than your slander and black mail., Others will follow.

  • Eyes open

    you are a very, very sick man Mr. Horowitz and it either influences your opinions and writings or you use them to justify what can only be called delusion as it is painfully obvious that facts and history have no place in your brain.
    Why do Ilan Pappe, Uri Avnery and many other Israeli Jews completely contradict you? It is very sad that a group of people suffering from mass and multi-generational PTSD are able to raise a ruckus far out of proportion to their importance.

  • Shakina

    well done!!! Thankyou!!!

  • Shakina

    It’s about time that so called "Academics", arrogant hypocrites who claim to care about Indigenous people and yet when one Indigenous people is succeeding in having back what’s theirs (Israel within the borders or Jordan Egypt and Labanon), they try to destroy it. These are the guys who pretend to care about Native American's and other peoples who have been discriminated against, all the while pretending to be against the status quo when in fact they just want to keep the status quo and are too uninsightful to know that their freedoms will be challenged and it’s not just Israel's problem. These so called "intellectuals" as they like to think of themselves really are a bunch of coward stupid arrogant religious dogmatic people. Yes, everybody knows there are the Jews who support the mantra of hating Israel and Jewish rights

  • Shakina

    Yes, everybody knows there are the Jews who support the mantra of hating Israel and Jewish rights; they do so religiously with the Left wing dogmatic story. There are a handful of reasons for this and different types but the kind who try to step on Jewish rights just because they've decided to assimilate and not have a homeland, these are the worst kind, the kind who don't care if they give away everything even if it means other Jews will miss out, like someone selling your family home without permission from the rest of the family so that they can be well liked and be seen to be "nice" people. These "Academics" listed in this add need to grow up and realise that there is a big difference between the way Jewish politicians criticise one another for the love of Israel, all human rights and how to protect the homeland and the crap that the Boycott hate speech is, which is ignorant, careless and vile.

  • Shakina

    These Academics like to act like they care about the Arabs when in fact they just want to give them sugar. These so called "Academic" "adults" need to grow up and get real and the universities who support them need to as well. Course, they would like to stick to their high horse. They can keep their cushiony jobs and spread hate because they really don't care about Jews Indigenous to the Middle East, about Jewish Refugees from the Holocaust and the Middle East and North Africa. It's time we actually really cared about people and made the tough decisions to solve the situation rather than fuelling the problem. Muslum and Arab governments need to take responsibility for the Muslums (mainly Arabs) that have been dissplaced in the conflict and take in their citizens, look after their own people and stop blaming Israel for their own problems.

  • Shakina

    Meanwhile, everybody needs to remember that the oil/wealth/power politics cuts all ways and the Kurds know that, since they should have gotten their state! Just another group uncared for by the dogmatic left story. Stop being in sporting teams and start sticking up for what is right, even if it is harder initially, whether it's in the 'left' team, 'middle' team or 'right' team. Sometimes great sacrifices need to be made to set things right. Thankyou, Love is greater than peace and it is the goal. We can do better than peace, for without Love there is no true peace! Love & Light!!!!

  • Michel Richy

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