Freedom Center Islamic Apartheid Conference: Q&A

Editor’s note: The following video is of the Question and Answer portion of the Freedom Center’s April 23, 2012 Islamic Apartheid Conference at Temple University. Click the following for video of panelists Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Nonie Darwish and Simon Deng.

Part I

Part II

Part III

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  • kafirman

    More proof that universities are the places where you pay exorbitant fees to learn lies and bellicose manners.

  • Schlomotion

    VERY amusing and informative video. I watched all of your body postures. First, Robert Spencer did make sure that he insulted everyone and then informed them that he was in control of the meeting before opening up question and answers. Then he kept cutting the mic. Then he shouted down Nonie Darwish as much as the crowd did. Most importantly, however, you could see how frightened and fragile this whole scam show got every time any male over six feet, two hundred pounds asked a question. I am concerned for the life of the fat black guy, as it was evident that Spencer's posse was trying to get ready to tase him. Most interestingly, the shaky, massive hired guard next to them was smirking at all of the presenters' claims and hovering weirdly, and repeatedly grabbing inside his waist belt every so often during a student question. It was obvious to me that they were itching to kill the black guy and also the tall white guy in the audience. It is clear that the Freedom Center conference is a money making scheme where they simply insult people and try to provoke a "defensive" shooting.

    This guy Conor describes Floyd (that's Floyd Resnick), the guy who does your and Ann Coulter's security detail. You should talk to Floyd about Mister Shaky Pants Waist Grabber Guy, aka the "NYCPS Close Protection Servant." He looks like a loose gun.

    • jordan ariel

      part 1

      the "fat black guy" as you called him, really just had no intention of shutting up. If i would have went as i had planned to, I would have wanted to tase him too. Apparantely he appears at every event like this in the area as Spencer recognized him.

      Spencer didnt shout down Nonie… he was in the middle of making a point that he wanted to finish.

      Kudos to the people who did not agree with the panelists but actually stayed to listen and were respectful. (even the ones who were respectful until given a microphone) (end of part 1)

      • jordan Ariel

        I dont recall anyone asking for money from the participants. With the possible exception of "buy my book", but i think just about every author in the universe does that. It's not like they took up a "love offering" or passed a collection plate around.

        I think a lot of people got fired up, and forgot that what the panelists were stating is that in America… sharia law hasnt taken hold… i believe there are Sharia courts in england already, and basically… to be considered a "good" or devout follower of Islam, you would obey all the aspects of Sharia law which the temple protestors do not understand… as they live in America and have more freedom than people in the middle east (save Israel) could dream about.

        I think the speakers did a great job, considering the caliber of people there… wish i could have made it… though my blood would have boiled… i'm sure.

      • Schlomotion

        I agree the black guy didn't want to shut up. That's what was all the more telling, because finally he did shut up, and Spencer waited until the guards were near him again and then called him a name and riled him up again, bemoaning the fact that the police hadn't dragged him out. Some other shill in the audience (the MC Serch lookalike) even came up and grabbed him by the back.

        • reader

          You are too the troll who doesn't want to shut up in order to filibuster and play the victimhood card, given the opportunity. Likewise, nobody is buying it.

    • crypticguise

      It's obvious to me that only an ad hominem will suffice: "You are an idiot".

    • RonCarnine

      Schlo, I see you are back again. If you would please do something other than throw insults maybe someone could actually answer you. It was made very clear that the Q&A period wasn't a time for a lecture from the crowd. Yet as soon as some of the audience got the mic, that is what they did. You don't make a point. The "fat black guys" body language was very aggressive. If someone harmed him, please send in the article. As a cop for 16 yrs. I can usually read body language, he was at the height of his rampage, working himself up to attack mode. If one of the speakers had been closer to him, he would have attacked. So if Spencer's "posse" was getting ready to tase him, if would have been for a good reason. Your whole statement, and it is a statement, not a question, is rude, insulting and pure speculation. Mr. Spencer and the whole crew had been invited to present a talk. It was their floor. If you or others, want to speak, you hire a hall or you get invited to speak, then you can rant and rave and insult all you want. But you contributed nothing to the larger question about some of the dangerous doctrines in Islam. But one thing you can't do, is insult away the 90% or more terrorist violence that is being committed by those adhering to Islam. That is what needs to be addressed.


        - 9/11
        – 1993 truck bombing of the WTC
        – Bombing of Pan Am 103
        – 7/7 2005 London transport bombings
        – Madrid train bombing
        – Bali bombing
        – Beslan school hijacking massacre
        – Mumbai India massacre
        – 2012 Toulouse France massacre
        – Saddam Husseins poison gas attack on the Kurds – 5,000 dead
        – Baby Assad of Syria troops killing 9,000+ dead
        – assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
        – richard reid sneaker bomber
        – Nigerian underwear bomber
        – Times Square SUV bomber
        – Death fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie
        – Death threats on Danish cartoonists over pen and ink drawings
        – Near nuclear war between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India
        – Beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl
        – Various other kidnapping and video taped executions
        – $100 per barrel Oil – Thanks OPEC
        – $4 per gallon gasoline – Thanks OPEC
        – 8 year Iraq / Iran war
        – Genocidal death threats by the Islamic Republic of Iran
        – Death threats against Europe by Muslims living IN Europe – see British Muslism
        – Honor killings of Muslim girls over "family honor" in the US too
        – Murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
        – Fort Hood massacre
        – Assad kkklan of Syria murder of over 9,000 Syrians AND the absence of "anti-imperialist", "anti-war" protests outside the Syrian consulate
        – attack on the 1972 Olympics and murder of atheletes
        – hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the murder of a wheelchair bound innocent
        – Current Day Slavery in Sudan (Darfur) and Mauritania
        – Empire State Building observation deck murders
        – Muslim-Only city of mecca in saudi arabia
        – wahabbi / salafi fascism
        – Luxor Egypt massacre of tourists
        – murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt
        – synagogue bombings in Turkey
        – church bombings in Nigeria
        – church bombings in Pakistan
        – mosque bombings in Iraq

      • Schlomotion

        I can't imagine a world in which Robert Spencer gets to be a belligerent, condescending prat, tells off a bunch of people and then successfully manages to avoid being replied to. I watched the video. I watched him try to dictate how the reaction to his lecture was going to be allowed to take place. I watched him threaten to take his ball and go home to mommy if people didn't restrict themselves to only asking things that would allow him to lecture them and insult them more. He did it on purpose to invoke ire. The point is that Spencer's scam is very fragile in nature and his illusion of control is an easily broken hypnotic spell.

        Yes. The black guy's body language was aggressive and he talked too long. That is because Robert Spencer began by calling him names and also no less because the guy in the audience knew Robert Spencer already, knew his schtick, knew his condescension. He was right in saying we are past that point. They weren't born yesterday. Spencer wasn't there to enlighten, he was there to scrape in some cash, insult some people, pretend to be an enlightener and intellectual, and exploit the open-mindedness and idealist naivety of some unfortunate and nice college students. I don't buy into your justification for Spencer's bodyguards shaky aggressiveness. From what I saw, if the guards had gotten beaten up, that would have been with good reason. Spencer uses fighting words and hides behind strongmen. That is exactly like Elijah Muhammad. Spencer has duplicated the Nation of Islam, except that his means of controlling discussion is STILL a clone of his old boss, Robert Avakian. I really have to reiterate the part where after being obnoxious and degrading to his audience, after trying to be the master-sadist, he kept threatening to go home if things didn't go exactly his way. He's a great big baby.

        • RonCarnine

          Schlo, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I read your comments and at the very beginning of the Q&A period Spencer made it very clear that it was for questions only. He also made it very clear that if it degenerated to outburst lectures and insults he would shut it down. There was nothing wrong with that. The first guy up, "the fat black guy", took off and away we went. Now you cannot blame Spencer for that. The black guy wasn't there to learn, he was there to disrupt the proceedings. As far as his security team, you can't blame them for being a bit nervous. I don't know if they search everyone coming in, but it is still very difficult to stop someone from bringing in a weapon. I didn't see anything in the behavior of the security people I would censure, that is a very difficult job if someone really wants to harm the person you are supposed to protect. I take it from your comments that you have never had to do that job. As far as Spencer being there to "scrape in cash" and insult people there are much easier ways to make a living. If you are not enlightened by Spencer or the others, the problem lies with you not them. When I read Spencer's book on the Crusades, I checked every reference and read as many of the books he recommended as I was able to find, and I found him to be correct every time. I even read the biography of the Austrian Muslim "The Road to Mecca" that translated the Koran that CAIR gives away. This author states that Islam was ruined when the oil money started to flow in. Mr. Spencer does know his stuff, you might not agree with his conclusions but he genuinely is an expert on his topic. Anyway, the "fat black guy" and a few others were there to disrupt the conference. To a large part they succeeded or we wouldn't be having this discussion. Anyway, take care of yourself and I'm sure we'll talk again.

          • Schlomotion

            Spencer said it would be for questions only, but then he belligerently insulted everybody before opening the mic. I can certainly blame him for that. I can blame him for being condescending, patronizing, high-strung, and demeaning and then hypocritically expecting calm, cheerful, energetic, and agreeable questions. I can blame Pamela Geller for clucking like a chicken and calling people Nazi.

            You're not going to convince me that vilifying Muslims, berating college students, and calling people names is not a cushy job. You are also not going to convince me that four men patrolling a small group of benign, idealistic, naive, pacifist, coed college students is a hard job either. You can't make the job look harder or more dangerous by claiming that nobody knows, there could have been a weapon! That cart has led the pony for too much and for far too long. The ones with the weapons ARE THE GUARDS. The nervous guards. The ones with the open minds and the pointed questions were the students.

            I was enlightened by Spencer. Not by his arguments or persuading though. I was enlightened as to the true nature of the anatomy of his scam. My question would have been: " Why does David Horowitz pay you in excess of $350,000 per year to say things that sensible people would spit on the Ku Klux Klan for? What makes your group uniquely exempt from being called out for being well paid racists, religious bigots, and xenophobes?"

  • diann

    This is a way, and you brave people are on the front lines. May G-d protect and guide you always.

  • jordan ariel

    Wow. Just watched the Q & A..

    I went to temple university, but was unable to graduate due to health and financial issues. I was unable to leave work early enough to attend the discussion.

    Pamela, Nonie, Simon, and Robert… i dont know how you all did so well. Just hearing the loudmouth wanted me to tear his vocal chords out.

    The best was Evan, the Jewish guy talking about the oppressed palestinians. Actually the best was the 4 pannelists laughing when he said that.

    They should have explained Mohammed Al Dura case, they should have explained the Jenin "Massacre", or how hamas stole food that was given to the people during cast lead.
    Unfortunately there has been a lot of inbreeding at temple university since i left, because man some of those people protesting were stupid.


    The moron in the audience in Video #3 spouts the same old talking point of checkpoints to screen people entering Israel from Islamofascist dominated territories.

    Every airport in the world has checkpoints for the same reason as Israel. To prevent terrorists from attacking civilians.

  • H&R_ Barack

    RE: Freedom Center Islamic Apartheid Conference: Q&A

    ANSWER: The Marxist media grievance theater's – Star Wars bar scene.

  • cybergatis

    I hope the security staff didn't get paid! They did nothing!