Government Versus The People

The Democrats have pursued the agenda of an ever increasing government as a “progressive” solution to America’s social problems since the New Deal.  In the latest incarnation of this vision, on one side are the 1% of selfish conservatives who resist paying their “fair share” of taxes that the government could use to lift up the 99% who are “downtrodden”; on the other side are those who are “compassionate” as well as “progressive” in their belief that the state alone can provide an income floor and a reign of social justice.  Only one problem with this idea, as David Horowitz and John Perazzo show  in their new pamphlet, Government Versus The People: the tools of big government as wielded by progressive politicians have in fact “inflicted damage on America’s poor and minorities on a scale that can hardly be imagined.”  In this important pamphlet, Horowitz and Perazzo’s detailed argumentation shows how progressive policies in such areas as education, home ownership and affirmative action have damaged the lives of the poor almost beyond recovery and condemned many African Americans and Hispanics to permanent poverty.

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  • ★FALCON★

    Keep 'em dumb, poor and brainwashed – keep 'em voting Democrat.

  • davarino

    My God, stupidity run amock. What an insidious plan to destroy America, from within. Hopefully Mitt magically turns into another Ronald Reagan and the majority in both houses of congress is not squandered.

    Thanks David

  • umustbkidding

    Anyone remember Hurricane Katrina? The poorest people in the country and all of it was run by Democrats. With a governor that with held food and water from the people while they were contained in the stadium. "For their safety".

    • Steve Chavez

      These were also LAZY people who demand that the government take care of their every need so they stayed in the Eye of the Hurricane and then the National Guard had up to 30,000 sorties to rescue them from rooftops while school buses were ready to evacuate thousands. I also can't understand how there were NO GROUP OF LEADERS to demand order in the stadium BUT INSTEAD TRASHED IT as bathrooms were so disgusting, that they had to have HazMat crews in most of the stadium.

      Then you had massive looting by these welfare idiots but then the Democrats in the lame duck session in 2010 passed everything they could before the new cops came to power.

      Then the government gave most of these welfare idiots CREDIT CARDS OF UP TO A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS to help with moving to another city, or any need BUT INSTEAD THEY BOUGHT TV'S AND JUNK. Some people did leave to other cities including mine, Albuquerque, and people came out to help them with apartments but when they couldn't continue to pay the rent, they demanded more aid. Some people were rightly evicted and slept in motel rooms, again given another chance BUT THEY DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO WORK SINCE THEY WERE SO DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT WELFARE PROGRAM DUE TO THEIR LAZINESS!

      • Ar'nun

        I think the point is that they are lazy because the Government has made them accustomed to that lifestyle, all by design. A good companion article here is Daniel Greenfield's article on how the Democrats have shifted Demographics to fit in their model rather than change their model to appeal to the demographics.

        • Roger

          This is nothing new, Cicero warned about that mentality as far back as Rome when they were giving the mobs free bread.

          • ★FALCON★

            I can't wait to watch one hundred plus years of world wide socialist build-up collapse in less than the blink of an eye.

      • aleric_kong

        Don't forget drug gangs shooting at people being rescued by the National Guard helicopters.

      • mark cheshire

        i agree with you to some extent steve . im a brit out of work and desperate to find a job but what do you do when there is no work??please dont tar us all with the same brush.its bad enough at 50 y o getting it up the ass off our own gov without sweeping generalisations like your own.pray you dont end up in my situation.maybe it would change your outlook if you did. dont throw thebaby out with the bath water things are changing fast and for the worse the world over…we are not all the same. respectx

  • Steve Chavez

    DEMOCRATS are addicting everyone to HEROIN and once everyone becomes a JUNKIE, they have to go to the Democrats to get their FIX! 

    REPUBLICANS are the family of reason on the "INTERVENTION" TV Show trying to get their DEMOCRAT JUNKIE IN REHAB! The JUNKIE thinks they're okay and that their family are the crazy ones.

    The failure rate on the show is very high because once you're addicted to HEROIN, they more than likely relapse as they think life is better sleeping in their own vomit and misery which the Democrat Pushers depend on and will gladly give them their FIX in return their vote!

  • κατεργάζομαι

    "the 1% of selfish conservatives who resist paying their “fair share” of taxes"
    (many of whom routinely tithe more than 10% of their GROSS INCOME!)

    Speaking of deadbeats, and "selfish" deadbeat dregs of society………….

    Ever watch PBS's This Old House in New Orleans?

    ~How many Jimmy Carter, Habitat for Humanity volunteers did you see from the Black Community?
    …….How many Whites continue to sweat, and pound nails to re-build the Black Katrina community?

    ~ ~ 95% of Obama voters on FAT Tuesday "You-Owe-Me!" Parade.

  • BS77

    A few more Democrat cities on the edge of chaos: Oakland CA, Philadelphia PA, Los Angeles CA…..we have over 46 million people on food stamps, over 16 million children (under age 18) living at or below the poverty lline….countless millions unemployed…….it's pretty scary, but most people are in denial about current conditions in the US.

  • Gary from Jersey

    Add Newark, Camden, New Brunswick, Trenton, Jersey City and Elizabeth to the list of Democrat-run fiefs in just one state, New Jersey, then survey the other 49 to get a picture of just how cynical Democrats are. I wish a historian would chart urban demise beginning with Great Society programs that were designed to gather and keep the poor and blacks in these ghettos for the Democrats' benefit.

  • aspacia

    There was huge flooding in Iowa shortly after Katrina, and they received little to no aid–wrong color.

    • Western Spirit

      White people are the wrong color for aid because white people don' t riot or cause havoc.

      I once heard that black people are like gasoline and white people are like diesel. Black people go up in flames with little provocation while with white people it takes a lot to light their fire but once lit its extremely hard to put out.

      I don't know what it would take to light white people's fire, though, maybe their guilt is putting a blanket on it. I don't feel guilty. To me not to be made to feel guilty about what I had nothing to do with is healthy and normal while the Left''s pathological induced guilt is sick.

      And for that matter to not go up in flames is necessary for civilization to survive. But rewarding people for causing havoc is sick too.

    • Roger

      Remember the flooding in the grand old Opry house in Nashville? It didn't much attention either.

  • aleric_kong

    When Team Chicago talks about roads and bridges, they simply hope for a bridge collapse to kill as many people as possible so they can further expand their tribute economy and further entrenched themselves in their taxpayer funded six figure yearly salary jobs.

    Can we contract out public works, or remove union mandates without the NLRB suing everyone, or use innovative technology like public works bounty apps? Guess not, as Team Chicago must wet their beaks.

    Remember the I-35 bridge collapse in Minnesota? Brian Williams was like a kid on Christmas morning advocating more government spending even though design flaws and too much concrete work caused the collapse. Let's also forget the Big Dig, the largest government spending blunder ever, killed people shortly after opening.

  • evergreen78

    Here's a Life Lesson I learned a long time ago: We're not always helping people by "helping" them (even among our own friends and families).

    I just got through reading this booklet. It's very — very! — good. Also, these FreedomCenter pamphlets make great stocking stuffers at Christmas. (Really!)

    • Looking4Sanity

      "The best way to help the poor is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty."

      Benjamin Franklin

  • marios

    It is a great pamphlet. Thank you Mr. Horovitz for all what you do for this country and for us, people.
    Problem is that majority think that Obama just failed in both domestic policy and in foreign affairs. I think he and his accomplices (Dem's party establishment) destroyed country deliberately.
    It is main basis for revolution as per V. Lenin (leader of Russian 1917y revolution ) wrote in his works. The worth the better for successful revolution. Revolution can not be successful in prosperous country, independent people don't need revolution. That is why Dem's already 40 years work on making people be dependent from government. V. Lenin definition of Big Labor is "Unions are the school of communism".
    100 years ago Bolsheviks defined that to seize power they must capture telegraph, telephone and post offices. In modern world it means MSM and educational institutions. That is exactly what Democrats did. They created nowadays situation deliberately and BHO was chosen as the best candidate to destroy this great country.
    G-d help us to survive!

  • Ozzy

    Yes, America's poor was starving much more efficiently in by gone days.

    • reader

      Comnpared to the rest of the world, American poor have always been fat and happy.