Hamas: The Terror Elite

It’s déjà vu all over again.  Now, in November 2012, the violent Islamofascist organization “Hamas” has started yet another military conflagration, this time by firing nearly a thousand missiles into civilian areas of Israel.  Some of these missiles landed near the major population centers of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. All of this took place in spite of the fact that Israel long ago removed every last one of its citizens from the Gaza Strip and allowed Hamas to seize control of the area and convert it into an oppressive Islamofascist terrorist mini-state and rocket base.  As always, Israeli gestures of goodwill did nothing but trigger Arab aggression.  And as always, Hamas daily issues its Orwellian lies about Gazan “civilians” being “victims” of Israeli “aggression,” fraudulent claims that the anti-Semitic Western media and the campus Left devour and promulgate.

So just what is Hamas?  Is it a movement for Palestinian independence and self-determination? Or is it an al-Qaeda-like Islamist fascist organization seeking the destruction of everything civilized?  Dr. Steven Plaut’s penetrating pamphlet, “Hamas: The Terror Elite,” answers precisely these questions by delving deep into the group’s history and organizational structure. What Dr. Plaut reveals about the Left’s media darlings is both shocking and disturbing.

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Okay…here is some more edification re Hamas, the progeny of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. So, if you learn your lessons well, regarding the MB, then you will know exactly who/what Hamas is.

    By the way, here are their plans for America. They are NOT just Israel's problem!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://www.adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • erica

    Most of the original "Palestinians" – Jews,Christians and muslims ,were driven out or killed long ago. Jordan & Syria killed thousands of them and each subsequent muslim organization aka terrorist group,finished off the rest. 5 million people claim a "right to return" to Palestine but only 600,000 left and many of those were killed in Jordan .

    “Half of Palestinians came from Egypt and the other half came from Saudi Arabia,”
    Hamas interior minister, Fathi Hamad,on Egyptian TV.

    The PLO,HAMAS,Fatah etc are all fake Palestinians. Their goal is the same as it is in every muslim country ,exterminate non – muslims and take over the land. It's not about religion ,it's unadulterated greed.

    And if they ever succeed in annihilating the Jews then they will repeat what they've done in every muslim country ,turn the country into a ghetto and kill other muslims .

  • erica

    The known history of Gaza spans 4,000 years.
    Originally a Canaanite settlement, it came under the control of the ancient Egyptians 2800 BCE-2600 BCE
    When Egypt's economic interests shifted to the cedar trade with Lebanon, Gaza was abandoned and remained so until the local Canaanite population began to resettle Tell as-Sakan around 2500 BCE.

    "The Phoenicians were the Canaanites" was reported in the PBS description of the National Geographic TV Special on a study of DNA.
    The Phoenician gene in this study refers to haplogroup J2.
    J2 is known to be related to the ancient Pro- Semitic -Semitic-Jewish-Greek movements and is found mainly in Europe,the Middle East,central Italy, the Balkans and Greece.It is commonly referred to as the Jewish Levatine haplogroup .

    The 1911 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica finds the population of Palestine composed of so widely differing a group of inhabitants — whose ethnological affinities list of no less than fifty languages . In addition to the Jewish ,Assyrian, Persian and Roman elements of ancient times,the short-lived Egyptian government introduced Arabs into the population an element from that country which still persists in the villages.
    There are very large contingents from the Mediterranean countries, especially Armenia, Greece and Italy, Turkoman settlements, an Afghan colony ,tribes of Kurds,German Templar colonies ,a Bosnian colony and the Circassian settlements placed in certain centres by the Turkish government in order to keep a restraint on the Bedouins, a large Algerian element in the population still remains ,while the Sudanese have been reduced in numbers since the beginning of the 20th century.

    The disparate peoples assumed and purported to be settled Arab indigenes are in fact a heterogeneous community with no Palestinian identity and according to an official British historical analysis in 1920, no muslim identity either: The people west of the Jordan are not Arabs,only Arabic-speaking. In the Gaza district they are mostly of the most mixed races due to forced conversions of a multitude of races by muslims .

    There has never been a civilization or a nation referred to as "Palestine" and the very notion of a "Palestinian Arab nation" having ancient attachments to the Holy Land going back to time immemorial is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated upon the world. There is not, nor has there ever been, a distinct "Palestinian" culture or language, has never been a Palestinian state governed by Arab Palestinians in history, nor was there ever a serious Arab-Palestinian national movement until 1964.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    ."The land of Israel belongs to God, and He has decided to give it to the Jewish nation,
    in accordance with the covenant sealed on Mount Sinai, a covenant that no other nation
    was willing to undertake. After a long exile, we've returned home. We bear no malice toward anyone and seek no harm to anyone. But we will not surrender any portion of our land to foreign powers, and if foreigners rise up against us to destroy us, we will fight against them and, with God's help, we will destroy them."

    ~ Martin Wasserman


  • erica

    The origin of the term “Zionism” is from the biblical word “Zion”, used as a synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael). Zionism is an ideology which expresses the yearning of Jews the world over for their historical homeland – Zion, the Land of Israel.

    The coastal region of Israel came to be known as Palaestina (Latin) from the name of the Philistines. That name was extended to a larger area in the 2nd century BCE, with the establishment of the Roman province of Syria Palaestina.

    The Sea Peoples,were a confederacy of seafaring raiders from the Aegan and Europe who sailed around the eastern Mediterranean and invaded Anatolia, Syria, Cyprus, and Egypt in the Bronze Age.

    Among the Sea peoples identified in ancient records are the Ekwesh, a group of Bronze Age Greeks (Achaeans); Teresh, Tyrrhenians, ancestors of the Etruscans; Luka, an Anatolian people of the Aegean (their name survives in the region of Lycia); Sherden, Sardinians; Shekelesh, and the Italic tribe called Siculi; Peleset, generally believed to refer to the Philistines, who came from Crete with the Tekrur (Celtic -Greek Teucrians) .The Sea People are known to have settled permanently in the Levant. They established unified trading settlements and were known as the Philistines .

    The connection between Mycenaean Greek culture and Philistine culture was made clear by DNA testing and Archaeological finds at the excavations of Ashdod, Ekron, Ashkelon,Gaza and Gath.

    Prior to the 3rd Intermediate Period of Egypt from the (15th century BCE), names of semitic pastoral cattle nomadic peoples of the Levant appear, These were called the Shasu of Yhw. Sandars or "land peoples." Assyrian records refer to them as Ahhlamu or Wanderers. They were not part of the Egyptian list of Sea Peoples, and were later referred to as Aramaeans.

    8500-7500 BC the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) culture developed out of the earlier local tradition of Natufian in Southern Palestine, dwelling in round houses, and building the first defensive site at Jericho (guarding a valuable fresh water spring). The National Geographic Genographic Project linked haplogroup J2 to the site of Jericho, Tel el-Sultan, 8500 BCE.

    By the 31st century BC, writing, the wheel, and other such innovations had been introduced. The Sumerian Peoples of Mesopotamia (Greeks) were organized into a variety of independent City-states, such as Ur and Uruk, which by around 26th century BC had begun to coalesce into larger political units.

    Following the Muslim conquest of Syrian Palestine by Arabs,the national languages of Aramaic and Greek were outlawed and replaced by Arabic language.

    DNA studies concluded that genetic evidence coincides with historical accounts that the Arab Israeli and Palestinian population is descended from local Christians and Jews who were forced to convert [to Islam] after the Islamic conquest in the seventh century CE.
    These Christian and Jewish converts are descended from a "core population that had lived in the area for several centuries,many since prehistoric times."

    The Study found that the Arab Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Iraqis, and Bedouins have substantial gene flow from sub-Saharan Africa, within the past three millennia.

    The first Islamic Arab Palestinian nationalist organisations emerged at the end of the World War I after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Dominated by the Nashashibi family who militated for the promotion of a singular Arabic language,culture and Islamic laws for Syria and Palestine thereby excluding the non-muslim populace.Palestine at the end of WWI consisted of only the land now known as Jordan.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm no fan of Hamas. It's a shame the Israelis aren't going to blow every single one of those filth to kingdom come.

  • Mike

    Erica, thank you!

  • butpygmies

    "All of this took place in spite of the fact that Israel long ago removed every last one of its citizens from the Gaza Strip and allowed Hamas to seize control of the area "

    No Steve…not "in spite of," but rather "because of"

    • Mary Sue

      well, I'm sure the author was trying to evoke how a Leftist would look at the situation by putting it that way ("in spite of") and the resulting irony.