Honor Killings Grow in the West: Islam’s Gruesome Gallery

As Islamic honor killings continue to rise in the West and on U.S. territory, our media and higher literary culture remain completely silent about them.

While our own president gets personally involved in the Trayvon Martin case, joining the race hustlers that have set out to convict George Zimmerman based on narrative, not evidence, the world is waiting for him to breathe one word on behalf of Islamic honor killings victims.

In this context, the editors of Frontpage believe it is an important time to rerun Honor Killings Grow in the West: Islam’s Gruesome Gallery compiled by modern day freedom fighter Pamela Geller, the editor of Atlas Shrugs.

Below we provide a link to the gallery. We also run Frontpage editor’s recent speech in Orange County on behalf of Islamic honor killing victims, in which he explains the Left’s callous and heartless indifference to the suffering of Islamic women under Islamic gender apartheid.

We encourage all of our readers to get involved in bringing attention to the terrible suffering of Muslim women under Islamic gender apartheid and to call out the Left on its shameful effort to push Islam’s victims into invisibility.

To view Islam’s Gruesome Gallery, click here.

See Jamie Glazov’s speech on honor killing victims and the Left’s silence below:

  • rssg

    Honor killngs in Western countries are a function of increased Islamic immigration. Does anyone dare to offer the obvious solution? Ok, I will. Reduce Muslim immigration. Period.

    • al g

      So in order to stop honor killings you want to stop immigration? this sounds like a bad solution! how about creating mandatory American culture integration courses?

      PS; I am getting a very racist vibe from this website!

      U.S. Army Vet
      Go Barack!

      • Texas Infidel

        Another federally funded B.S. program to waste taxpayer funds. It is not our job to fix them. Do some research on Islam, caliphate, stealth jihad. Do some research on what Europe has experienced with their Islamic invasion and see what is soon to come to America. Research what positive, world changing inventions or culturally enhancing items have come from the middle east, other than Israel, in the last thousand years. Understand that all cultures are not equal. Liberals believe some fairy tale about Utopia where everyone ride unicorns down rainbow roads sprinkled with pixie dust. Enjoy your delusion.

      • dihaj

        Basically trying to integrating other race or culture into US is a racist comment since it deems the US culture is greater therefore it deserves to be integrated into. It's also racism trying to submit our culture to other foreigh culture.

        It would be more proper to say if other culture or race wants to be integrated into our society, let it happen, but if other culture or race doesn't want to be integrated into our society, then let it not happen.

        • Jan P

          Of course Aemrican Culture is superior to a culture that stones women for unapproved sex, cuts off hands and feet for theft, hides women so they look like moving tents.

      • aspacia


        Peruse Numbers USA for some facts regarding immigration. BTW, my maiden name is Candelaria, but my paternal side of the family has been in the USA since approximately 1590.

      • Cry and Howl

        Amen! "Go Barack" straight to hell!

      • Eastern

        Army vet? Which army?

      • strayangel

        I'm getting racist vibes too. Very blatant ones. Why is it called "Islam's Gruesome Gallery" instead of "Honor Killings Gruesome Gallery"? Try doing that with any other religion except Islam and seeing how fast your hatred is called out. Bashing Islam has almost become a sport.

        For the author:
        Honor killing, or better yet use some term like femicide that removes the word honor from it, is prevalent all over the world in all communities. The word "honor" may not be used but the theme is the same. It stems from perceiving women as property in need of control instead of as free agents capable of managing their own lives.

        Did you know, for instance, that a defense of honor plea was legit for Brazil till 1991? Perhaps you would like to know how murderers continued to get away with femicides under a quite similar plea even after the law was done away with? Temporary insanity or crime of passion ring a bell with regards to the US? Do you know anything about Hindi "Honor" Killings in India? Please, next time instead of writing in a flash of righteous indignation, consider learning about your subject first.

  • maria

    Stop Muslim immigration must be stoped at all. We have to demand it at our House representatives, Senators, etc. Muslims kill each year more than 100,000 Christians in the world. Only Christians, Hindu, Jews, etc all non-Muslims should be granted right to immigrate to our country. if we want to survive, of course.
    Islam is murderous cult, political ideology to conquer all the world and establish Caliphate. All non-Muslims, kufirs, infidels in their language, have only choice "convert or die". It is 7 century wild cult which is never will be compatible with Western values. No more Muslims and tough law against any terrorists activity up to death penalty. All of it could be implemented if BHO is one term Pres
    if BHO is one term Pres.

    • al G

      Wasn't this what the Nazis did with the Jews? Christians and Jews committed their atrocities and I am not talking about the crusades, remember Ireland and the IRA or the Sabra and Shatila massacres! terorrists are crapy and no one likes them but hate will always generate hate! Instead of stopping immigration we should fix our education system that does not provide any cultural awareness or even a decent education.

      U.S. Army vet
      Go Barack!

      • Snow White

        Didn't Saddam Hussien's uncle, who fled to Germany after the Europeans conquered and occupied the middle East after their siding with Germany in the First World War, colaborate with Hitler to genocide the Jews? After he helped set up the extermiation camps he was sent to Yugoslavia as head of a SS unit made up of Muslims , to get even with the Serbs who had stopped the Muslim invasion from the East of Europe 500 years earlier. Bill Clinton rewarded the Serbs 500 years later by accusing them of ethnically cleansing Yugoslavia and sending US trops over to force the Serbs to cede most of their country to the Muslims ,who immediately began really ethnically cleansing the country of all non Muslims No it wasn't the Christians who genocided the Jews in Germany . and it certainly wasn't the Jews who did it. It was a madman, Adolf Hitler who got his really grusome inspiration from a bloodthirsty Muslim mandman.

        • aspacia

          You are referring to the Mufti of Jerusalem, and most Arabs are interrelated. This intermarriage has and is causing a huge amount of birth defects.

      • sod

        A vet could know better about the history, Stop muslim immigration has nothing to do with gasing muslims.

        Fix our education so our children know more about the founding fathers' commitment to Christian values and the truth about Islam and Mohammad that all dhimmis dare NOT to say it out loud.

        • aspacia


          I do not believe he is a vet. I grew-up in an Air Force neighborhood, and not one neighbor spoke like this fraud.

      • aspacia


        You do not know history. Nazis rounded Jews up and housed them in death camps. They would not allow Jews to flee, and the West was just as culpable because we would not allow them sanctuary in our lands.

        I am a high school teacher, and basically students are taught awareness of other cultures, but not own European heritage. You know, the heritage that provided the foundation for our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Our founders were fighting for their rights as Englishmen, but few know this fact.

        Go Back Barack, you have already increased the damage WBYA created by 5.

        BTW, you are probably not a vet.

  • btims

    In this time of a weak economy, high unemployment, all immigration (legal and illegal) needs to be reduced. Illegal immigrants need to be deported and that means 15 million or more. Deportation is the only correct solution for the crime of illegal immigration.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think there should be more interest in honor killings. It might help future victims.

    • aspacia

      Our media is covering this crime up as domestic violence.

  • maria

    al G is not vet but, I bet, he is Muslim. As Muslim he lies and it is mandatory to lie infidels for them by Koran. Mohamed said "war is deception". So they follow and lie, decept naive or ignorant Westerns to fool them. Never trust Muslims or at least, be very skeptical to whatever they say as their goal to advance Islam using all means including LIE, facts distortion,etc. There was majority (about 80% ) Christians in Lebanon (from 1949 till 1980th) and now is only 30 %. Why? Muslims killed Christians mercilessly as actually they do and did in all countries all history for 1400 year when their cult Islam was concocted. Sabra and Shattila was Lebanon Christians respond to those Muslim murderers. Muslims is killing other and the same time pose themselves as victims.
    It is their culture, their tactic and we should be aware. Leftists media supports them to spread lie, unfortunately.
    They (leftists/socialists) don't understand that they dig their own grave by doing so.

  • maria

    dihaj as immigrant don't want integrate into American culture. If he is as Muslim loves and values so much his own culture why did he come to this country? Everyone who does not want to integrate have to GO BACK. Why don't we Westerns immigrate to Muslims country but they invade ours? They don't want to integrate as they want dominate in country which was built by Christians, Jews, and other but not Muslims. They are not able to build prosperity in their muslims countries and, as always, come to what don't belong them to conquer. They are supremasists and racists but blame other. Disgustings tribe.

  • Florencio Urbanic

    Very apt analogy, Carlos. I describe the role of marketers is “earning the trust of strangers.” That’s a lot like dating. But as you point out, the lucky vendor gets to get married to a customer. As we know in our own marriages, the work does not stop then. One must keep working on that relationship.