Human Rights Travesties at the United Nations

An important message from Pat Condell that becomes more relevant as time goes on. 



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  • mrstarry76

    Couldn't say it better!

  • Mike

    This man is rich with the truth and has the guts to speak up as well. We need him instead of Obama!

  • Marty

    There's not much more to say except this: the un is a dhimmi organization that exists only to serve the interest of islamic violence and intimidation. The United States provides a fourth of the un budget and this money is basically nothing else than a jizya paid to islamic countries to give them the support required to continue to condemn America, Israel, and western civilization. Remember the old advice from the 1970s – get the un out of the United States and the United States out of the un. It made sense then and it makes even more sense now.

  • EthanP

    Pat Condell cuts to the quick. I wish I had his way with words.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Considering the UK's rapid slide into islamofascism, I'm surprised Pat Condell hasn't been arrested for defaming islam or hate speech or any of the other euphemisms for islamic blaphemy laws employed by the corrupt politicos that run the UK and Europe/Eurabia these days.

  • Ted G

    Go Pat!

  • Stuart Parsons

    Another good one from Pat.

  • Max Ben Aron

    Bravo Pat!
    Thanks to DH for posting him…how can we get him on a "mainstream" forum…o yeah, they eschew truth.

  • Anon

    If I could pull a Joker and interrupt mainstream media over the television to transmit an unauthorized broadcast to the slumbering masses, it would be a Pat Condell video. Can you imagine? Millions of liberal heads exploding simultaneously like watermelons at a Gallagher show. Children fainting, woman wailing, men stamping their feet and howling like dogs. Liberals so emotionally traumatized they don't even go to work the next day, they just wander the streets aimlessly, clutching their bed comforters and sucking on their thumbs like Linus from Peanuts,

  • gman213

    I don't personally care for this gut, he is an atheist who really enjoys mocking Christianity, but occasionally he seems to use the brain GOD gave him in a well intentioned way!