In Memory of Andrew Breitbart — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, three distinguished guests reflected on the passing of a torch bearer in the darkness and a dear friend of the Freedom Center, Andrew Breitbart. We decided to take the short clip from the show that dealt with Andrew’s sudden, tragic and untimely death and run it separately. He is in all of our thoughts and prayers. The clip of this discussion is the first one below. It is followed by the three-part series in which it took place: Part I deals with Money for Hostages, Part II focuses on Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Romance, and Part III sheds light on Iran’s Plans to Execute a Christian Pastor.


In Memory of Andrew Breitbart:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Yes, losing Andrew Breitbart is a serious blow to those among us lamenting the self-destruction of Western Civilization. We will remember his gusto and his fearlessness. For a while. But, I can't help but notice that history is not kind to the leaders of failed resistance movements. How many statues were built for those who worked against the corruptions of Rome? Are there monuments in Russia to the reformers opposed to Lenin? I don't know, but it seems like once you have a leader who needs no permission to kill a citizen, the war is over. Any remaining noise is just noise, no? All is not lost though, the epic collision between the leftists and Islam will eventually provoke the rebirth of civilization. And that is cool.

    • Carol

      "Epic collisions" are NEVER "cool." By definition they are destructive and HOT. This sort of "bring it on, let it happen" passivity really disturbs me about people on our side. We are NOT over. We absolutely will prevail against the enemies of our Judeo-Christian civilization. Vast hordes of us will not stand by, stand down, give up. Never. I will never give up. We will never give up. Here is the quick version: We win. They lose.

      • W. C. Taqiyya

        I don't see or hear your vast hordes Carol, but I'm glad you're optimistic and I hope you are right. As for passivity, I suppose refusing to subsidize the slimy bureaucracy is a form of passive resistance. But how many others are willing to do even that much? I thought so. And if you help pay for the bullets, are you not just as guilty as the trigger puller in chief? Be that as it may, thank you for replying and for your wonderfully hopeful attitude.

        • truebearing

          More people identify themselves as conservative than liberal, and the number of radical leftists is even less. They are a minority trying to rule the majority. They key is to rouse the sleeping masses and make clear what they are about to lose.

          I'm not much for the pre-emptive surrender strategy. Frankly, I'd rather die fighting than persist in a living hell.

          At some point, evil trips itself with its unbridled ego. Call it an "unforced error." The Muslims , like the Leftists, worship power, but neither want to share power. Their alliance is bound to unravel. My guess is that they will begin to discredit each other and alienate the majority of people, at least in this country. Europe, however, seems to have as little common sense as it has testosterone.

          Perhaps we are destined to participate in the great eschatological struggle, but one way or another, we need to fight those who seek to spread evil ideologies of enslavement. That is what Breitbart was all about.

      • W. C. Taqiyya

        P.S. It was the rebirth of civilization that was cool. Sorry for not being clear, my bad.

  • Lucy

    I miss Andrew Breitbart so much. Beyond words. Still so sad. Thanks for honoring him x

  • truebearing

    Breitbart threatened the Left in many ways. They couldn't intimidate him. They couldn't shame him. They couldn't hide from him. And he didn't let them control HIS language. He understood their linguistic assault on our culture and used their tactics on them. If they killed him with some undetectable poison, it would be in character for the Left, with their penchant for procrustean method. They always end up resorting to violence of some kind.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is sad to lose such a brilliant voice for conservative thought and values when such a great need
    for it is ever present in our decaying society. The loss of Andrew Breitbart makes clear the saying,
    "only the good die young"………..RIP Andrew…………………………………William

  • Whos_John_Galt


    ….his overweening Alexander HAIG-style "I AM IN CHARGE HERE!!!" new MODS are total jerks!!!!!

  • Fred Dawes

    He was murdered on orders from Obama he had alot on Obama what happened to the video that was to come out the day he was murdered? heart attack my butt.

  • dragonfly