Islamic ‘Honor’ Murder and Leftist Silence

Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov recently spoke about the Left’s romance with Islamic jihad in Orange County to Newport Harbor Republican Women. The video of the Feb 23, 2012 speech, based on the speaker’s book United in Hate, is below:








  • muchiboy

    Hey,Jamie,how many names of Palestinian Muslim girls and young women shot and bombed to death by Israeli (read Jewish) weapons (read American) do you know? How many names of Palestinian Muslim mothers and their children ,victims of the Nakba,do you know? I thought so,Jamie.muchiboy

    • Poppakap

      hey monkeyboy, how many Israeli children and young women do you know that have been blown up by Jihadi suicide bombers and Katushka rockets? I thought so. The infitada receives its just rewards.

      • muchiboy

        Few Israelis have been killed by Katyusha or Kassim rockets.The Israeli children and young men and women killed by Palestinian terrorism (e.g.suicide bombers) is tragic,and the crime unconscionable.
        The occupation of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people by the Diaspora is the larger,more fundamental sin of either people.Jews,worldwide,should be ashamed of their nations actions here.Their denial,comparible to Holocaust denial and the Genocide of Armenians by the Turks,is disgraceful.muchiboy

        • Zionista

          ignorant moochi – the reason there are fewer Israeli deaths is that Israel does all it can to make its citizens safe. The arabs do almost nothing to make their citzens safer – in fact, they love it when there are many deaths so they can blame it all on the Jews. Let's hear what a sage like you has to say about the thousands of murdered and persecuted Christians all over the mideast today and Africa. I guess that's the fault of Israel – you ignorant troll.

          • muchiboy

            Let's see,the slaughter of Christians worldwide by Muslims cancels out the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Jews? May work for you,but not for me.muchiboy

          • truthteller

            Ethnic cleansing would mean there are fewer of the people being "cleansed". But there are far more non-Jewish Arabs living in the territories than there have ever been. This is simply a Hitlerian type lie adopted by Hitler-admiring Muslims. The only people who want to commit genocide are Muslims. Muslims are killing Jews, Christians, Hindus and each other. Everywhere there is a war , it is Muslims against some other group and innocent civilians. It was Muslims who shot children in the back in Russia as they ran for their lives from a school. In Russia! They deliberately shot and killed innocent little children. There is a sick ideology, a cancer that masquerades as religion. Islamist fundamentalism. It glorifies death. It is filled with envy and keeps its people in illiteracy and poverty.

    • dirt

      Do you know? Probably not, Palestinian civilians were killed by Hamas and Hezbollah by being their human shields!

  • joy52

    The 'chickens will come home to roost' with the Dems and their propping up of islam contrary to their policies about women and gays.

  • John Brandt

    Very powerful presentation.

  • Greg

    TIME for everyone in the world to stand up against the muslums and all who support them. This is not a relgion at all.We in america need to deam it a terrorist organization and outlaw it right now.I know the bible tells us to turn the other cheek.But it's time to stand up and fight.

    • randy

      Is that the same bible the christians had when they stole north america from the natives only to put the remanders on reserves?

      • LibertyLover

        That was then, this is now. Get over it…whatever it is.

  • Captain America

    To Mulchiboy:
    Islam has a 1400 year history of conquest, subjugation & ethnic cleansing The greatest genocide of all times was committed not by Hitler, Stalin, or Mao, but by the muslim invaders of India. Approximately 80 million hindus & 10 million Buddhists were MURDERED by your islamist murderer ancestors. Muslims raped, pillaged & plundered Europe, Africa, & Asia. It was arab muslims who first enslaved Black Africans & started the trans-Atlantic slave trade (ht ekoran condones slavery, you kaffir). And it was the muslims who took young black boys & castrated them to be eunuchs in the sultan's court. It was the muslims who kidnapped Christian boys & forced them to convert to Islam & serve in the Janissaries (not muslims, they weren't trustworthy enough). Islam is responsible for more deaths than any other religion, PERIOD. Islam has ENSLAVED more people than any other religion or ethnic group. Islam=Evil. Allah=Satan. The sooner the world is bereft of you devil worshipping murderers, the better. It's hot down there, so i hope you like Hell, because that is whre you & all muslims go.