Islamic ‘Honor’ Murder and Leftist Silence

Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov recently spoke about the Left’s romance with Islamic jihad in Orange County to Newport Harbor Republican Women. The video of the Feb 23, 2012 speech, based on the speaker’s book United in Hate, is below:








  • diann

    Well done Jamie. Thanks for posting this.

  • Ricardo

    We know who Matthew Shepherd is. I have been vilified as a "Muslim-hater" for bringing attention to the demonstrably oppressive nature of Islam as it is practiced. This version of playing the race card shouldn't silence us. Instead, those who truly care about "social justice" should be inspired by this name-calling. In what countries is being homosexual punishable by death? People lacking convincing counterarguments resort to name-calling. To remain silent in the face of political correctness is to defecate on those who have paid the ultimate price securing and defending our freedom. LAN ASTASLEM!

  • UCSPanther

    It is very ironic: The Left claims to be for feminism and gay rights, but yet they try to coddle a group of barbarians that are virulently opposed to both.

    • fiddler

      Very Ironic. It proves they have no real moral center.

  • aspacia

    No many individuals, both left and right lack a moral compass.