The Secrets of Eric Holder — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Dr. Nancy Bonus, Eric Allen Bell and Karla Moxley gathered to discuss The Secrets of Eric Holder. All three parts of the three part series can be seen below. Part I deals with Islamic Radicalization in America, Part II focuses on The Secrets of Eric Holder and Part III involves a heated debate on Joy Behar Wants to See Romney’s House Burn Down.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  • gary fouse

    Why did Jay Carney say ‘That’s why WE have provided all the documents….”? in his latest press conference?

    He also misspoke when he said that Holder’s DOJ ended the Bush program Wide Receiver. Wrong. Mukasey ended it under Bush when they learned that despite putting tracking devices on the weapons and continuing surveillance with an aim to make seizures and arrests, some 300 weapons eluded surveillance and disappeared across the border.

    It is also instructive to note that there never was an attempt to cover up Wide Receiver, nor were there to my knowledge, any whistle blowers who came forward in WR. Maybe because there was no need to?

    No way local ATF agents conceived this insane scheme. It had to come from the highest level of DOJ and ultimately, the WH.

    If the last 48 hours is any indication, the claim of executive privilege and the contempt vote is now forcing the MSM to cover this story-even if they try to put their own spin on it.

    Gary Fouse
    DEA retired

  • CidW

    Funding for "gunrunner" was in the stimulus bill for those that haven't read this document.

  • RCCA

    Great program Jamie!

    • Jamie Glazov

      Thank you RCCA I appreciate that.