Islamic Radicalization in America — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Dr. Nancy Bonus, Eric Allen Bell and Karla Moxley gathered to discuss Islamic Radicalization in America. All three parts of the three part series can be seen below. Part I deals with Islamic Radicalization in America, Part II focuses on Eric Holder, You Have a Problem and Part III involves a heated debate on Joy Behar Wants to See Romney’s House Burn Down.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  • a poet in India

    Come Here

    They drain you.
    They punish you.
    Not everybody on the boat spoke English.
    I dunno,
    Everyone in the class was talking about it,
    Your grandpa,
    Close relative.
    I’m a little deaf,
    Don’t remember.
    I told you:
    Let them come.
    It’s unbelievable,
    At a time like this
    On earth.
    You know,
    Bottle opener,
    There’s hope.
    Problem with you:
    You have a long tradition.
    I was just readin’ it.
    Things are complicated,
    Somewhere over there.

    Actually your office is one of the best.
    Bradford likes it.
    Now here he stole:
    I ask you,
    Poor fellow,
    The death of
    It’s a book of evidence,
    Definite bush,
    Within the
    “Nurse driven”.
    You can do it:
    A revised book of art.
    Gentlemen please,
    Don’t you think?
    Definitely leaves
    Golden tree.
    This is a nightmare
    For loved ones
    Your death struck.
    Thank you.
    It’s the only way
    Continued ex-president
    Extensive long arm –
    I couldn’t see out the window
    There were signs that said
    Keep this
    Speech art.
    Help me out agriculture.
    He’s my cousin.
    A gun belt,
    He’s not wearing one.
    How does who whoever look?
    Grab you
    The novel of textbook.
    It’s here you count oranges,
    Your beautifully crafted diagrammed poem.
    Hand him the clue.
    Did you use my print conflict
    There on the front survival?
    Mohammad asking.
    Pricilla Presley
    Needed shaving cream she didn’t use.
    Truth seeker,
    We’ll come back to this.
    I lost him.

    I need a Sunday.
    Come on,
    A nuclear bomb
    To those playin’ the game.
    You know not that popular
    You know what that means.
    Kinda heavy
    What do you guys
    Think about the world?
    Do you know what?
    It’s stupid,
    Our kind,
    Our people,
    All around the world.
    The odd approach.
    Almost everybody
    Would like that.
    We’re gonna make him.
    Oh you make us?
    Get out of here!
    You can’t blame them.
    Force them,
    Leave a comment.
    What is that sir?
    All freewill,
    You don’t find it in God.
    Of course,
    I wanna know about
    The non-Muslims.
    Your spiritual philosophy,
    How goes that song?
    Many things.
    I’m just concerned
    With who American
    Not Muslim.
    Does he wanna be,
    And join us?
    Conversations with a gathering bow.
    Now that’s
    Did you get that
    Young man
    Born a few Christians?
    That’s what I’m telling you:
    That’s human.

    (continued in next comment)

  • a poet in India

    The truth is
    You wouldn’t bother me with it.
    Use a carpet
    To understand its loveliness,
    A plastic liner
    To adapt to situations.
    Oh you don’t?
    There goes
    Kenny does it,
    Accepts you.
    True religion
    A spontaneous outpouring.
    Not so concerned
    With the parrot.
    Nobody likes the
    Grandma makes
    Carrying the newspaper
    To grandpa,
    And she wants him
    To cut the grass.
    Yeah open it:
    Change his girlfriend.
    I’ll do it.
    There are people
    King of a version.
    We’re gonna
    Flip it,
    See where it lands.
    It hits on you.
    You are the person
    That makes
    Your organ.
    Find it here:
    You’ve always known
    You have some of that suitcase.
    Okay, lock your door,
    Give ‘im your privacy,
    The inmost voice come in.
    Coming down.
    I was over things.
    I was things over.
    Stands up
    Your soul
    And tailor this to you.
    You gotta go
    Hear the tailor.
    This is deeper than skin,
    Than the world blows up,
    Than a pocket full of aliens
    Than you furnish gravity.
    Put ‘em up.
    What happened?
    An earth change.
    To do it
    Funny and easy
    Would that
    Mean wide and flexible?
    You’re quite right.

    Tryin’ to cut up short on the internet.
    Why did you come to America?
    I thought this was about freedom.
    Get ill-fired
    Cause we meet the story.
    What about the railroad?
    Big pressure –
    Could marry you.
    I do an island.
    Starrin’ ‘em
    With lots of discrimination.
    Here sir burn his milk.
    In your face
    For creatin’
    Body and sense.
    You have no business over here.
    Lockin’ the door.
    Guns without borders,
    That’s hungry.
    Of course
    Someone might go with her
    Causing the disturbance.
    Is that America’s honor?
    So much it’s pitiful.
    How much more big power?
    Find me the tree
    Where all this is put to sleep.
    Foot another reason.
    Don’t do it.
    I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Y’all get your act folder.
    What about rising to weep
    Hand custom made?
    Alert the security council.
    I love slow your uncle.
    Whichever state you want.
    I have a free wedge.
    Quick to judge
    Plagiarism is played
    She does just fine by herself.
    There’s a beer thirty miles up the road;
    Would you get that?
    What’s goin’ on?
    Jim Crow legislation,
    Even racial discrimination.

    I’m doin’.
    There we go.
    It’s funny,
    The file you’re watching
    Got bulletin board by
    A wind-maker,
    Fire also,
    Only seen as a deterrent to his society.
    Where are you?
    See how close you are,
    You don’t have present conditions
    Much longer.
    You got about
    My last day of troops.
    Today wants to talk to yah:
    Emergency overthrow
    Honor boy.
    The eyes of humility.
    Definitely that one
    Right now.
    What are you starin’ at?
    A bump in the road
    Much bigger than any other.
    I’ve got an account
    In a civil service grassroots program.
    Name us all.
    You had a bad dream.
    The nicest dream
    That can be done
    Walk this way:
    Look at the face of the earth.
    The volcano
    Leads us to it.
    Are you serious?
    Where are you?
    The bottom door.
    I’m done.

  • hammar

    Only Jesus Christ is Lord and God..all other faiths are nil! The Path to Salvation is Christ.

  • Crossbow87

    One piece of feedback I would give Jamie and other conservatives….stop analogizing what leftists do. Any time I read a sentence, "If a conservative said that….", I stop reading. No conservative has ever got a lefty to admit there is a double standard let alone agree that they should not do that any more. It is far more accurate to simply frame the tactic as a lefty diversion from the issues. Lefties do it because they can't win the policy arguments. Lefties do it because conservatives get lost in demanding they be nice and play fair. No lefty will ever play nice, accept truth and reality (unless God himself helps out) and will always do what they think they need in order to "win".

    • T.D. Snow

      One piece of feedback I would give Jamie and other conservatives is to continue analogizing what leftists do. No one cares if Crossbow87 starts reading or stops reading or does anything else for that matter.

      • Crossbow87

        Why so snippy Snow White?

  • Asher

    Keep the truth coming, this country does not want to be under Sharia law.

  • guest

    You miss the point, it is the goodness of God come to man through Christ Jesus that is the object. Christ does not condemn, it is we who condemn ourselves in the rejection of the reflection of his image first in our belief, then in our actions.

    The pivotal issue is to be found: in Jn 3:16 – what does "believe in him" actually mean. Is it a simplistic:: "oh, yeah he's the son of God; oh rah, but you gotta xcuse me cause I gotta go knock over the 7/11 cause I got no dough."

    Is it a mere acknowledgment of which he speaks? Or is it something deeper. A belief found in the adoption and joining/communion of His teaching with the core – the soul – of ourselves. A belief first to be found in the word, or the idea if you will; an idea that must penetrate to the very core of who we are — the very ideas that He first sought to teach, then to be exemplified by His practical living – his example – of what he gave us: first in word, then by action. For the word (the Idea), must of necessity come before the realization of action; as we do nothing with out an expected outcome.