Jamie Glazov Targets the Left’s Jihadist Romance on GBTV

Frontpage’s editor Jamie Glazov appeared on GBTV on May 30 to discuss the Unholy Alliance between the radical Left and Islamic Jihad. Host Erick Stakelbeck filled in for Glenn Beck.

To watch the clip, click here.

  • Tom T.

    Right on Jamie! Well said. Love that conviction.

  • Paula Schmidt

    Thank you Jamie for your passion on behalf of the victims of Islamic gender apartheid. Please keep up the brave fight!

  • Western Spirit

    in this world of duaiity it is obvious that moral equality between faiths and cultures is ridiculous. how people can believe such crap is unbelievable unless, of course, if you don't believe in God then you can't believe in evil either.

    in fact, that makes anything you want to do acceptable including murder, rape, pillage and mayhem.
    this is the main reason people don't believe in evil they'd have to believe in God, too, the judge of our actions who deals out consequences for them. and the left what to do as it pleases without consequences for anything.

    which makes believing in God a moral necessity and judeo-christian ethics without peer. and without peer means nothing is equal to it.