Romney Rising — on The Glazov Gang

In this edition of The Glazov Gang, three distinguished guests shed light on the real meaning of Mitt leading the GOP presidential context. Our guests are: Sonja Schmidt, a conservative political analyst, Evan Sayet, America’s #1 conservative comedian and Kevin Hand, CEO and President of Hand & Associates. To see Part I of this three part series, which focused on the communist roots of Occupy Wall Street, click here. To see Part II, Jihad Denial, click here. Part III, Romney Rising, is below:

  • Gunner57

    Romney's not leading. He's only won 3 states to Santorum's 4 wins. I know about the delegates and Virginia etc. Do the GOP elitists think that they can have this Obamacare loving liberal and shove him down our throats? I'll die before these clowns force their communist health care upon us.