Abedin Family Matters and Other Points of Hysteria — on The Brewster Gang

On this week’s Brewster Gang, Nonie Darwish, Susanne Reyto and Shari Goodman gathered to discuss Abedin Family Matters and Other Points of Hysteria. Below are all three parts of a three part series.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  • https://www.facebook.com/proquci.prodesse Proquci Prodesse

    Oh come on now folk,s call it for what it truly is eh… Its called the moslem "MI6" brotherhood…

  • https://www.facebook.com/proquci.prodesse Proquci Prodesse

    and… of course, AL CIAeda… we cannot forget them eh lol

  • jim274

    Its spelled Muslim and Alqaeda

    • kafir4life

      Actually, it's muslim and al's queers.

  • Michael M

    Is there any way you can make this headline and string of names and videos clear to those of us who are not insiders? What is this article about. Who is Abedin? Who's the hottie in the first image above? Thank you.

    • logdon

      'Who is Abedin'?

      That's precisely the point.

  • logdon

    Watching Martin Scorsese's bio-vid on Bob Dylan, No Direction Home, offers a great insight into leftism and its desire to control and command wherever it lays it's bossy fingers.

    Dylan, indentifying with the folkies and their Beat fellow travellers (or is it the other way around, beats and folk fellows)? actually redefined the genre. He brought genuine issues of civil rights to the fore at a time when segregation was still the norm in Southern states. He rose effortlessly as a musician and lyrical poet, far surpassing anything these dyed in the wool political activists in musician form could ever achieve.

    He was, in short revered as the new messiah and as soon as, in their misguided blindness thought that, as the Newport introduction clearly revealed, 'he was theirs', they started to dictate the terms.

    The paradox of simultaneously clamouring for freedom for blacks and freedom of speech for all whilst denying Dylans artistic shifts as pop heresy was lost on these quasi dictators.

    He states, ‘they thought that they owned me but by that time I'd got through the door and there was little they could do’, is revealing.

    Some things never change, actually I’ll revise that, they do and it gets even worse. Dishonesty is now the major tool.

    Whether its the dishonesty of omission or the dishonesty of the straw man or just the plain old dishonesty of ignorance, these people dissemble and obfuscate like they’re born to it and because somehow they convince swathes out there they got the new God on their side it’s swallowed whole with not one iota of critical thought.

    Remember Dylans’s ‘God on their Side’ was basically a tirade against self identification of right and wrong whereby the perp calls the shots and the whole thing is then hermetically sealed by establishment edict.

    I’ve got news, the Left is the new establishment and the MSM closes all their deals with a universal seal of approval.

    The whole thing has flipped 180 degrees whereby patriotism, real free speech and belief in America is painted as the domain of red necked, gun rack truck driving racists and the new good guys epitomised by the occupy crowd, the Religion of Peacers, and laughably Sandra Fluke who wants the government to pay for her copulatory capers.

    America is in the process of national suicide and on track not only to equal Europe in the grand lemming dash but to actually surpass that continent’s absurdities.

    We, across the Atlantic are on the cusp of a massive and siesmic sea change. Boundless state welfare has destroyed national riches whilst the largesse of unlimited immigration, particularly from the Islamic sphere, is in the process of destroying hundreds of years of glorious culture.

    The bloated EU diktat makers may not care but we do and resistance has grown from covert mutterings to full blown defiance.

    Obamas’s US is in the foothills of this self destruction and given four more years could actually come close to irrevocable self harm.

    However, as they may or may not have said in operatic circles, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings and to mangle the metaphor’s, I sense a Romney to the rescue parping of cavalry horns on the horizon.

    Newsweek has broken ranks with Nial Ferguson’s honesty and the Bachman quintet has certainly sent a shot across the bows of those who think that the Brotherhood is ‘mainly a secular organisation’.

    The worm is at bloody last turning and not a moment too soon.