Eric Allen Bell on Fox & Friends, Part II

Eric Allen Bell shares how his eyes were opened while making a documentary in support of the Tennessee Mega Mosque:

Yesterday’s Appearance #1:

Yesterday’s Appearance #2 is here:

Monday’s segment is here.

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  • dave

    Eric is single handedly going to change millions of peoples attitudes. He is a brave man, and with any luck will be able to finally get it through to the left that this is a human rights issue/freedom of speech issue and not a 'right wing' or 'racist' issue. Well done sir!

  • dmw

    Yes. Well done — to both Erics!!!!

  • southwood

    I honestly think people like Eric Allen Bell, Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders are wasting their time. They are fighting a losing battle. The fact is Islam is God's punishment on the West for it's wickedness. Until Western nations stop promoting sodomite perversion, allowing millions of abortions, diabolical feminism, pornographic TV and film and other abominations, there will be no answer to the Muslim problem. It will just get worse. A confession of sin and turning to God are the only answers.

  • N. Albert

    Mr. Bell, Southwood is a nutcase who would be more comfortable in an Islamic state, where all his dreams would be realized. That said, I welcome you to reality and hope you will not suffer much for now being listed as a white racist terrorist.