Eric Allen Bell Reveals His Mega-Mosque Mistake — on Fox & Friends

Eric Allen Bell shares how his eyes were opened while making a documentary in support of the Tennessee Mega Mosque:

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  • WilliamJamesWard

    I was amusingly speculating that the Murphreesboro Mosque was funded by Obama stimulus
    funding and now am questioning if this is not true, until the mystery is cleared up that will hang
    out in the realm of possabilities. Muslim Brotherhood in preparing for World dominance and
    Islamist slavery in America has a large start, the Tennesseans should build a Church and
    Synagogue on bothe sides if a pig farm is out of zoning. The large size speaks to the planned
    influx of more colonists from Islamoland……..Here in America we have no borders and
    phony immigration laws that allow the invasion of our lands given to us by our government,
    the biggest enemy Americans have………………………..William

  • Mel

    It does seem that the Obama administration is 100% complicit with the Islamization of America. Every decision he has made — both with respect to foreign policy as well as domestic — has benefitted not only Islam in general, but the Muslim Brotherhood in particular.

    • curmudgeon

      what the hell should we expect after electing a muslim president? not like it wasnt bad enough with george w "religion of peace" bush aiding and abetting muslims, and william jefferson "peaceful muslims" clinton initiating a war against a christian country to enforce islamic ethnic cleansing. no. it wasnt enough to have so called "christian" traitors in the white house. we had to have the real thing………a genuine infidel hating mecca bowing murderous muslim—–in the white house. god help us. we are a nation of fools.

  • Citizen Frank

    Get a haircut hippie.


      Tell him to lay off the candy bars too.

  • curmudgeon

    i wonder why it took a campaign of approval of the tennessee atrocity for bell to see that islam is a totally evil influence? even the most casual look at the history of the last 14 centuries would convince anyone that is not a murderer, robber, genocider, pedophile, and woman beater that islam is evil. where the hell has bell been the rest of his life?

    • Agnus Dei

      Perhaps we should be as tolerant as those in the homeland of the religion of peace – Saudi Arabia. There are no churches there. If I went there and prayed I would be executed.