Mullahs, Doublespeak and Videotape

Watch a Mullah’s liberal face to the West — and his real face at home:

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  • Herb Benty

    Lying to destroy the" West"is an art to these mullahs. Much like Hitler( islamic idol) they are planning to take over the world and kill all non-muslims. Why are these people allowed into our countries? islamic adherents are clearly 5th column and dangerous to us. We would have arrested goosestepping Nazis who were eager to destroy us in the early 1940s why are we not listening to these satanic idiots???

  • davarino

    Remind me not to set foot in a muslim country. Pretty soon no one will have to set foot in muslim countries after we use up all their oil. Silly muslims, they have squandered trillions of dollars worth of oil trying to take over the world and next to nothing on modernizing their own countries. When its all over they will have to go back to selling camel poop for fuel and maybe sand for glass, and thats it. Why do we allow them to come here? We are being over run with infiltrators. Oh well, a flawed system such as theirs can never take over the world. It hasnt done it in 1400 years, why now.

  • Mike

    Regardless of any law I will always tell all people that islam is a false religion and their allah is satan himself. Jesus said "he is the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through him" Pretty simple. Nuff said!

  • jacob

    This is a question I've been asking over and over again…
    Why did we allow this immigration ???
    Were there then a shortage of small shops managers ???
    What good have they been to this country ???
    What progress have they brought…????
    They do not assimilate and their clergy are real troublemakers, preaching the destruction of their
    host country and its civilization….
    They have been nothing but trouble and GOD only knows what are they cooking against us….
    Most jailbirds have converted to their "religion"
    Therefore ….??????????

    • Perdo

      Why do we ALLOW this immigration you ask, the answer is better with another question: why isn`t anybody trying to STOP it? Most people are apathetic and too busy seeking entertainment to chase politicians and beurocrats around. For centuries the freemasons and illuminati and Shriners have been creating new age movements and christian cults to contest the true faiths and bring ridicule upon the truth. Those Shriners wear MUSLIM hats. It is they who through their beurocratic, political, and judicial high places who secretly are sneaking the muslims into our cultures because THEY KNOW that this will slowly eradicate christianity. This is their first prayer of the morning and last prayer at night, because they believe that Lucifer is a twin stronger god than the Christian God (who`s Son Jesus, both Muslims and secret societies oppose). And Freemasons know fully well that Allah is not the same God as the Christian God.

  • Anamah

    These guys are so crazy that seems comics acting, so ridicule all what they say, they can not be normal or be taking as serious people. Simply disgraceful!

    • aspacia

      Arafat played the same game and was very vicious and dangerous.