Muslim Brotherhood in America

Introduction: The Muslim Brotherhood in America by Robert Spencer is a new Freedom Center pamphlet that shows how the Muslim Brotherhood has targeted the United States for subversion.

It is well known that the Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al Banna, who became an avowed admirer of Hitler, is the godfather organization for the terror group Hamas and has become a dominant player in the changing politics of Egypt, Libya and Syria. Less well known is that it has also created a presence in Western countries with an eye toward creating more space for Islamic extremism there.

Robert Spencer, a nationally recognized expert on Islamism, shows in this pamphlet how the Brotherhood has been active in America for decades, and bolstering its power and influence with increasing momentum over the past few years. The MB acts through “fronts” such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and especially the Muslim Students Associations (MSA) — which the FBI has documented it set up as part of a “stealth jihad” to make U.S. public opinion and social institutions more vulnerable to the inroads of radical Islam.

In Muslim Brotherhood in America, Spencer outlines the history of the Brotherhood’s secret efforts to establish a presence in the U.S., dissects the organizations it created to spread its message, and explains why its hidden agenda could succeed.

To read the pamphlet, see below. To download the pamphlet, click here. To order the pamphlet, click here.

  • BLJ

    I don't trust any Muslims. Never have, never will. They are my enemy.

    • TAB

      I counld not agree more. They are commanded by their teaching to befriend us. We are commaned by God to watch and listen to what others say and do.

    • cindy1955

      I kinda feel the same way because they hatr us, how can you be friends with someone that hates you??? I pray that they become Christians then we can be friends and even family. But not as muslims. This sounds hard and cruel but that is why God destroyed entire villages and towns to rid the nation of evil. The young will grow up and take the fathers place. I don't think we should kill but don't let them in this xountry. DON'T send out tax dollars over. No support!!!!!!



    • Fred Dawes

      250,000 MUSLIM IN Hitlers army but most run-away when the UK/U.S. Army showed up and all run-away when the old USSR/Red Army came down.

      Most muslims will always run-away from good and right thinking people.

      • TAB

        They run and they hide… typical of them.

    • UCSPanther

      Louis Farrakhan, is that you?

    • mrbean

      Any relation to the late Barbara Jordan. yoknowatahmsayin (smacking lips loudly metttt…metttt..metttt)

    • Captain America

      please crawl back to the dungheap you crawled out of. You have no place in civilized society. May 1o,ooo sand fleas infect your scrotum (Karnak the Great).


    kill the skinheads and the klan along w/their children

    • Fred Dawes

      so you are a hated?? how about La Raza and the race hate black gangs??? go back to mexico and live in black/brown river of SH@@

      • mrbean

        Yassah, dat wat dah referen Farrakann dun tolt youse. Yassah, kill awl dem blue eye debils fuh Allah un Elijah Moe in dah spaceship.

    • heathazrealm1

      The Klan has openly supported piss poor behavior by Muslims.
      The Klan is limp and exudes no power.
      Get over the past and focus on today and the future.
      Its funny how leftist focus only on inequality/slavery and demand we learn from them.
      Yet they fail to delve further in history,as the would realize history is about to repeat itself and they will pay for it just like you or I
      The white men and women are the coming minorities who the vicious and vile Islamists will enslave.
      We need to get the Muslims and insidious Islam/Sharia in check.
      Step one: Toss the treacherous seditionist born a Muslim thereby an apostasy or using taquiyya.
      As we have learned lying like a rug is all he has done from day 1.

    • vladdy

      What do you think this is, the 1920's, or a Hollywood movie? If you're going to be worried these days, it should be about black beatdowns and muslim caliphate backers. Can't believe we're facing such danger and some people are fighting ghosts and stereotypes.

  • BLJ

    Brad sucks and he knows it.

  • maghrebchristians

    The crack down in Syria is beginning where the U.N. have said there must be a solution in Syria today. Please read what Robert Ford has said.


    • Fred Dawes

      In this war from 9-11 today 10 million muslim have been killed by muslims not americans or un troopers.
      The Syria war is a bankers war; the one world bankers want one thing million and someday billions dead, its a system of total madness and total corruption and the future has only mass death if the bankers are not stopped.

      START With Alex Jones see infowars

  • Fred Dawes

    This is total madness but ask why is this government under obama and bush allowing 90,000 muslims to come here each 4 weeks each month?? all from poor muslim countries?? all go on welfare at once.

    people got to start to ask why, the reason why this government wants millions of poor muslims here is to use the force of millions to take down the walls of freedom and to kill its people and that has always been the plan see Alex Jones and understand who wants out nations death.

    • BS77

      Please edit your comments, use proper grammar and spelling. Your posts are nearly incomprehensible.

      • Fred Dawes

        why??? ITS NOT A "ENGLISH"…. CLASS Love you keep up the great work!! I wILL

        • BS77

          it's not AN English class

          • Fred Dawes

            I am just a poor monkey but i own my own home and my car and have little money but can buy what i want when i want,can you?

  • mrbean

    Dead Man Walking John McCain has just returned from Egypt where he (accordingly to his MSNBC friends) successfully negotiated the ransom uuhhh errr bail of 5 million dollars cash of our tax money to allow the illegally detained Americans to leave Egypt. Appeasement to the Muslims once again.

  • Goemon

    Alex jones is a fool who doesn’t see the true threat of islam.

    • NorthStar

      Alex Jones isn't a fool. He's making money off the fools.

  • jacob

    I'm not a bit surprised about Muslims immigrating in droves, as it seems the most useless and biased
    US govmt. department, FOGGY BOTTOM has been giving them out visas like going out of style…
    Then again, it must be due to orders from the same President who in his infinite wisdom, claimed we
    are indebted to the Muslims for our independence….which accounts for how many thousands of the so
    called "Palestinians" did he allow to immigrate into the USA ???
    Now, what are going to do the day the Brotherhood decides to drop the stealth way they slowly but
    surely are taking over and decide to go for broke ???
    Are we going tro start from scratch the way we did after Pearl Harbor…????
    When are we going to send to hell the accursed Political Correctness and its adherents ????

  • Flowerknife_us

    Fundimental change=changing sides__

  • Saltire

    Muslim Brotherhood… organization that is clothing itself to be a sheep, while remaining a wolf. Very dangerous organization.

    • Fred Dawes

      obama and the world bankers need this BS Muslim brotherhood its being used by the powers to be to in the long run come after the west.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Less well known is that it has also created a presence in Western countries with an eye toward creating more space for Islamic extremism there.

    Uhm…I beg your pardon, but covert and deceptive non-violent jihad for the purpose of infiltration and stealth demographic conquest is not a product of Islamic extremism. Neither is violent jihad. Instead, it is a product of mainstream orthodox Islam. Come on…no wonder Americans are so dumbed down, they are being brainwashed on what is supposed to be mainstream right wing websites.

    which the FBI has documented it set up as part of a “stealth jihad” to make U.S. public opinion and social institutions more vulnerable to the inroads of radical Islam.

    I have news for whoever wrote this idiotic garbage, the existence of radical Islam as opposed to the existence of mainstream orthodox Islam is a false PC multicultural myth. Indeed, if I'm wrong and the incompetent writer of this moronic garbage is right, then show us the texts of radical Islam so that we can compare it to the texts of mainstream orthodox Islam, and at the same time prove that the incompetent writer of this moronic garbage is right and I am wrong. Please excuse me though if I don't hold my breath waiting.

    Anyway, the biggest problem is not the Muslim Brotherhood. The biggest problem is the prevalence of PC multiculturalism throughout our society, which enables covert and deceptive non-violent jihad, such as mass Muslim immigration to the West for the purpose of infiltration and stealth demographic conquest, to occur throughout the West today completely under the radar and totally uncontested and unopposed, and as long as that manifestation continues unabated, we can only expect for the Muslim Brotherhood to become more and more a force as mass infiltration into our societies increases.

    As a matter of fact, because of PC multiculturalism, the overwhelming vast majority of Americans today erroneously believe that the primary threat emanating from Islam is violence. However, that is completely false, as covert and deceptive non-violent jihad is employed astronomically far more prevalently relative to violent jihad and therefore constitutes an exponentially far greater existential threat to the peace and security of the West.

    Of course, when you have incompetent writers like the one who wrote this moronic garbage, it is easy to understand how so many people can be so damn confused.

    • NorthStar

      Are you actually stupid enough to insult the credentials of Robert Spencer?

      A man who knows more about Islam than you will ever learn in your entire miserable useless life?

  • Kevin Stroup

    There is NOTHING hidden about the MBs agenda. They tell you what they intend to do. In fact, as ObamaYoMoma says, the Koran tells you what the agenda is. Can we please dispense with the radical Islam B.S. There is on Islam and it is totalitaraian and anathema to Western Civilization. Death to Islam. F&^k Mohammed.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Check out Fema Camp Footage Concentration camps in USA

    • mrbean

      Ooooohhh,,, they coming to get us ho ho ho hee hee hah hah

      • Fred Dawes

        you are like the jew of 1933

    • Fred Dawes

      Yes this has been know for 20 years why people do not act against this camp system and its government is totally nuts the government of bankers will someday use it against the people that are not the new jews meaning the new political hated and the new jews are all white.

  • BS77

    The West better wake up and smell the coffee………..our immigration and border policies are threats to our nation.

  • Fred Dawes

    The Muslim BrotherHood is a tool being used against us all. It was setup by the USA AND THE UK To be used for the bankers and at some point against the American People, it is already being used in the UK.

    • bob m

      I do agree that "culture" credits are being moved about on the board games in high places… to the credit of big power debt …as a current in waters…. the trillions in debt of america are being bought and traded in "mysterious ways… doors open…close .
      no wonder the "working class bumsteads of yesteryear are astonished… their influence …if they ever had any real influence is being traded off for cultural futures shares in the great monopoly board of the worlds financiers… time to pray.

  • Cicero

    The default setting on granting visas to enter the USA is that NO MUSLIMS GET THEM. We need the equivalent of a McCarran Act to bar all Muslim entry and allow for the deportation of all Muslim currently in the country. If they are believers, they believe in a totalitarian ideology subversive to the Constitution of the United States and seek to subvert it in order to institute the barbarous regime of Islamic law. Only true apostates would be eligible for entry or those who undergo extensive investigation by intelligence agencies to make sure their apostacy or personal version of Islam deviates from anything approaching what is considered normative among the Faithful. Islam is not only incompatible with American values and law; it represents their violent antithesis and aims at the overthrow of Americans values and law.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If the election in November maintains the status quo America will continue to slide towards oblivion.
    If Obama is retained, the Muslim Brotherhood will have access to more of our Government agencies
    and subvert more than they have done to date. Only the ending of the Obama debacle and a total
    revamp by removing leftists from our institutions of education, government jobs and if possible society
    by deporting them with Muslims could give us and American future. The battle is on and it will get
    bad, very bad as time goes on and I wonder just how many Americans even realize the magniture
    of the problems………………………………………………………………….William

  • maghrebchristians

    “Women without a veil deserve to burn in hell.” — Adel Almi, head of The Centrist Association for Awareness and Reform.

    Tunisia has introduced new Islamic police, this is a massive change for Tunisia. What would people say?


  • Darryl

    Thank you Robert Spencer!!!

  • cindy1955

    Bring our boys home, don't give another dollar to the muslim brotherhood, and deport any in this land who get into even the smallest trouble. I would like them all gone. Only because they want us dead and they all have the same belief system. So what would make them different from the ones who bombed our buliding??? It's not that I hate them, it is that they hate me. I'm a Christian and I try to be good to all people, they can do as they want until it comes to infringing on others. If they want to believe in allah instead of God hey that is their right, they can be sent to hell according to God not me.. I would nor like to see that I wish none would perishend. They don't feel the same way, if you don't believe what they believe then they want you dead. A giant difference.

  • TopAssistant

    The Muslim Brotherhood wrote a plan to destroy America and was uncontested in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008 and the appeal, therefore, it is a fact by law. Why hasn’t the Senate and House held hearings on it? Why don’t you take the time to ask your politicians if their priority is our National/Homeland
    Security and the protection of our Constitution or????? Go to Amazon and for $5.00 you can purchase the plan and then send copies to all of your politicians, including your mayor, council members, county supervisors, state and national level figures. An Explanatory Memorandum: From the
    Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America (Center for Security Policy
    Archival Series) [Paperback] Mohamed Akram (Author), David Reaboi (Author), Frank J Gaffney Jr (Preface).

    Read a couple of paragraphs from their plan. Are they a friend of foe?

    4 – Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America: The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in
    eliminating and destroying 282 the Western civilization from within and
    “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers
    so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other
    religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge
    and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to
    perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final
    hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.

    17- Understanding the role and the nature of work of “The Islamic Center” in every city with what achieves the goal of the process of settlement:

    The center we seek is the one which constitutes the “axis” of our Movement, the “perimeter” of the circle of our work, our “balance center”, the “base” for our rise and our “Dar al-Arqam” to educate us, prepare us and supply our battalions in addition to being the “niche” of our prayers.

    This is in order for the Islamic center to turn – in action not in words – into a
    seed “for a small Islamic society” which is a reflection and a mirror to our
    central organizations. The center ought to turn into a “beehive” which produces
    sweet honey. Thus, the Islamic center would turn into a place for study,
    family, battalion, course, seminar, visit, sport, school, social club, women
    gathering, kindergarten for male and female youngsters, the office of the
    domestic political resolution, and the center for distributing our newspapers,
    magazines, books and our audio and visual tapes.

    In brief we say: we would like for the Islamic center to become “The House of
    Dawa”’ and “the general center” in deeds first before name. As much as we own and direct these centers at the continent level, we can say we are marching successfully towards the settlement of Dawa’ in this country.

    Meaning that the “center’s” role should be the same as the “mosque’s” role during the time of God’s prophet, God’s prayers and peace be upon him, when he marched to “settle” the Dawa’ in its 287 first generation in Madina. from the mosque, he drew the Islamic life and provided to the world the most magnificent and fabulous civilization humanity knew.
    This mandates that, eventually, the region, the branch and the Usra turn into
    “operations rooms” for planning, direction, monitoring and leadership for the
    Islamic center in order to be a role model to be followed.
    You can read an online copy here: