Muslim Hate Groups on Campus

Introduction: Muslim Hate Groups On Campus by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is a new Freedom Center pamphlet that exposes the radical origins and violent objectives of the main Muslim student organizations on our nation’s campuses. These organizations, principally the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine, are sponsors of the hate-fests known as “Israeli Apartheid Weeks” or “Palestine Awareness Weeks.” As Greenfield shows, they are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Several campus presidents of the Muslim Students Association have gone on to take up leadership positions in Al Qaeda.

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  • Felsen Stark

    Hatred, especially the hatred of the Jews is the 7th pillar of Islam.

    • Robin Rosenblatt

      Shalom, America is losing the Islamic Cultural War
      Simon Zelikman • I live in an area were the majority of my fellow Jews voted for Obama, and are hearing the same Media outlets that had no problem covering up Obama's pastor and church, who were actively against Israel, and collected money for PLO and Hamas, publicly. (This is a chargeable act of terrorism)

      The Muslim Brotherhood's "General Strategic Goal" For North America | Islam in America Right Side Ne

      Obama, a Card Carying Member of The Muslim Brotherhood
      He is NOT going to leave the White House willingly.
      US Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration (2011)

      ACT! for America founder speaks at anti-Shariah conference in Nashville

  • Steve Chavez

    Add Mormons and Christians to that list now that Mitt or Mitt will be the last man standing. Will Obama support the Mormons and Christians? He can't and won't but his base and Circle will be on the attack.

    To counter Romney's "Mormonism" we have to remind ourselves of Obama's support for "Muslimism" and especially by HIS BASE WHO WILL BE THE ONES IN OPPOSITON TO MORMONISM, and especially, CHRISTIANITY, taking their War on God to new lows turning America into Ann Coulter's "Godless" and replacing God and Jesus with the Great Allah and Mohammad who they dare not to criticize while at the same time FAKE JEWS will step up their attacks on Jews and Israel.

    Muslimism has Sharia Law which treats women much worse than "fifth class citizens" so I don't think the American people will fault Romney's faithful devotion to Mormonism especially now that we know he gave millions to his church as many of us who also give funds to our House of Worship.

    That being said, FAKE CHRISTIANS, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, AND ESPECIALLY ATHEISTS, will all of a sudden sit at the Right Hand of God to bring up NEWT'S INFIDELITIES and "unforgiveable sins" and make that their talking points to get real Christians to shy away "from the sinner and adulterer."

    • Steve Chavez

      Correction: "Mitt or Newt."

    • Blaze Pascal

      Much better a real Mormon than one of those completely BOGUS "Christians" you mention. My dog is more of a Christian. Besides, every single Mormom know or know of is a stellar upstanding citizen. I say it's high time for a Mormon President.

  • montlasky

    What can one say? The David Horowitz center has been espousing the problem for months. Does anyone care in the USA about what is happening to their Institutions of higher learning? Is this the USA of today that allows naked hatred to be part of campus life? Is protection of minorities now meaningless in the US? Is protection by the Constitution or breaches of the Constitution no longer the corner stone of the world's most powerful nation? Does it matter that the White House" is occupied by a President that would seem to agree with what is hapening on the US campus today?
    Will the coming elections make any difference to the "climate of hate" permeating all elements of American society when it come to the Jews and Israel? Is support of Islam and Islamists the order of the day in the US?
    It's an awful picture with "Dorian Gray" like brush strokes. It's SOS time in the USA and the world. Let's hope the"cruise ship" will have the right Captain on board the USS America after the elections in November!

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Millions of Christian Evangelicals can not be put into any catagory of hating Jews
      or Israel and they will make a big dent in the leftist push to keep Obama in
      Office for the complete ruination of America……………………………………William

  • ObamaYoMoma

    In addition, the notion that Islam is protected under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the constitution is absurd since Islam is not even a faith. In fact, the word “Islam” in Arabic means “submission” and the word “Muslim” in Arabic means “one who submits,” as all Muslims are required to totally, completely, and unconditionally submit to the will of Allah where the freedom of conscience is forbidden and where blasphemy and apostasy are capital offenses.

    Thus, what faiths similarly forbid the freedom of conscience and punish blasphemy and apostasy under the pain of death? The answer, of course, is none of them, which irrefutably proves that Islam is not a faith-based religion.

    Hence, if Islam is not a faith-based religion, then it isn't protected under the First Amendment of the constitution and therefore must be outlawed and mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, which in reality is non-violent stealth jihad for the purpose of demographic conquest to make Islam supreme, must be banned and reversed ASAP.

    Moreover, since Islam is clearly not a faith, then what exactly is it? It's a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology that masquerades as being a faith to dupe the gullible societies it targets for subjugation into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism via the eventual imposition of Sharia for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme.

    Indeed, if you look inside the Islamic world today you will see that all Christians and other non-Muslim unbelievers that live inside the Islamic world as less than second-class dhimmi citizens are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether throughout the Islamic world. Indeed, even Muslims are required to live under the strict and draconian totalitarian laws of Islam known as Sharia.

    As a matter of fact, Islam is far closer to Communism than it is to being a faith, as just like Communism, Islam seeks world domination, and the end result of Islam, exactly like Communism, is totalitarianism and lots and lots of misery.

    • Blaze Pascal

      Islam has a far worse record of conquest and cultural genocide than the West. Many millions have been destroyed in the march of the Muslim Empire, both in open conquest and in persecution. Non-muslim communities are still being squeezed out of existence in Muslim countries. The entire Medeterranian Rim was a thriving Christian civilization in the Roman style, and now it's a Muslim hell hole. Did that happen by itself? And today the goal is no different: Expand the Empire.

      • randy

        Look at the conquest and cultural genocide of native americans when christians stole north america.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          You know what Randy, I still celebrate it to this day. You should too Randy.

          • randy

            I believe you do. Canada would be better off to ban the christian religions for all the harm done the the natives in the residential schools.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            I feel Canada should ban you for being a self-hating unhinged loon.

  • SchlomoBagelbaum

    And a salami for your boy in the army!

  • Raymond

    Obama Admits That He's A Muslim.
    More than 63 million people (many who are illegals) voted for
    this monster.

  • Raymond

    Obama's 7 lies in under 2 minutes.

  • Fred Dawes

    All part of the one world plan to take down the USA Its normal when you see what this totally criminal government is. only a fool cannot see this fact and what is coming, the one world fascism which has a total hold on us all, we have been seize by evil under the name of laws which do no follow the laws of our bill of rights we are all the hostages of foreign bankers who want us dead,dead,dead and the muslim will help all he or she can.