Sharia in the U.S.A. — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Tom Trento, Dwight Schultz and Josh Brewster gathered to discuss Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, Michigan. Below are all three parts of a three part series.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  • jm323

    Oh, did "Muslims stone Christians in Dearborn" with plastic bottles and other trash (and the occasional rock or piece of concrete)?

    But, WHOSE free speech rights were really violated? I mean considering that an Arab American group obtained a permit to use a specific space for a specific period to put on an Arab festival (not a Muslim festival, there are Christian Arabs in Dearborn afterall); and that this other group of "Bible Believers" invaded the venue and then began shouting vitriol at participants through a loudspeaker system?

    Go to Youtube and find "Arab International Festival 2012 Dearborn" posted by 'buddyfisher1' to see an unedited version. just watch the first few minutes for the context that is missing from Tom Trento's edited clip (of above).

  • Infidel

    righJMt here!

    JM, who are you kidding? Occasional rock or piece of concrete? That's the typical responce of a muslim responding to someelse's view point! Violence is about all you muslims understand. Take your koran and your hate and go back to your home land.

  • jmm

    The Christian group doesn't represent all Christians. They were being rude and insulting. However, this is America, and even individuals with distasteful messages have freedom of speech. If you don't like what someone is saying, then in America, you walk away, laugh, and or ignore them, but you don't have a right to assault them, and shame on the Deerborn police dept. for not arresting the rock and bottle pelting teens, and their parents. Since, as some have pointed out, that there are Arab-Christians in the community, I would suggest at next year’s "Arab" festival to rent a booth. The ideas of Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian tradition easily refutes and defeats the bellicose and hateful ideas of Islam.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Highly doubtful that you understand anything real about Islam at all. Ask yourself why detractors try to claim that the Quran was copied from the Bible… "80% of it is exactly the same!" Wouldn't a rational mind stop and think before making a comment like this: "easily refutes and defeats the bellicose and hateful ideas of Islam. " There is no hate in Islam.

      • jmm

        There are certainly elements of beauty and wisdom in the Koran, but it says nothing new that is already found in the New Testament or the Jewish sacred scriptures. The 20% that is different is bellicose. It instructs, the followers of Mohamed to literally use force upon the unbelievers to impose the tenets of his faith. Yes, I know that there are some Muslims that read the violent passages metaphorically, but the problem is that all of the four schools of Islam i.e. Sunni and Shiite etc, interpret the Koran as the very words of God, which are applicable to the present time. Thus they interpret it literally. There are bellicose writings in the Jewish sacred scripture and Christian New Testament, but mainstream Christianity does not interpret all passages literally. All the major schools of higher biblical criticism point to some passages as historical and contextual, others are metaphors, and still others are analogical. The theology of the Judeo-Christian tradition is not the same as Islam.

      • jmm

        In addition, there is a big divide ontologically in the essentialism of Christianity and the voluntarism of Islam in regards to the very nature and essence of divinity. Essentialism says that a human action i.e. one of the ten commandments, is right because of the essence of the moral principle has an intrinsic necessity that makes the principle true in and of itself; derived from the absolute logical mind of God. Thus in essentialism God cannot lie, or do evil, or make 2 and 2 =4, or make murder murdering an unbeliever something good, because murdering for revenge or jihad is something evil in and of itself. The voluntarism of Islam, says that God's will is what makes something good or evil, and thus it is arbitrary. Thus under voluntarism, if God tells one to marry a 6 year old girl and consummate the marriage at age 9, then this is good, because God wills it, or says so. But, that makes God into a kind of Cosmic Saddam Hussein, with an arbitrary and illogical mind. But, this is contrary to the nature of what would constitute the nature of an Absolute Being with all perfect attributes of truth, goodness and beauty, if such a being does exist.

      • jmm

        Correction- "Thus in essentialism God cannot lie, or do evil, or make 2 and 2 =4," – essentialism says that God cannot make 2+2=5 or a 7 sided cube, or a microwavable burrito to heavy for him to lift, as all of these things are non-sensical and have no reality. An absolute Mind that is perfectly good, true and beautiful cannot contradict itself- for then it wouldn't be absolute.